Carlos Rogers: “Alex has had a lot of chances that some other players would never get.”

Carlos Rogers spoke on KNBR Thursday evening. Tom Tolbert asked Rogers if he felt sorry for Alex Smith. Here’s what Rogers said.

Q: Knowing what Alex Smith has gone through here in San Francisco, and seeing what he’s done, and seeing what he had to go through to get to the NFC Championship game and then being the fifth rated passer this year in the NFL, do you sit back and think I know how he feels, and I can sympathize with a guy like that, who had to go through what he had to go through and then got relegated to second string because he got hurt?

ROGERS: “I sat around and thought about that. I looked at it many different ways, just on how Alex feels.

“No.1, this is a business. We can’t never mistake that this is a business. Coaches, owners, players – you’re going to do what’s best for yourself, what’s best for the team, what’s best for your family. One thing I was always taught when I first got in the game is you’re going to love the game – you love playing football, you’ve been doing it since, I mean, I was eight – but the game don’t love you back like you think it do. It’s nothing against nobody – that’s just how it is. It’s a business.

“I felt bad for Alex and what he’s been going through in San Fran in his years, but you can look at it different ways:

“Alex has been going through a lot.

“Alex has had a lot of chances that some other players, some other coaches, some other quarterbacks would never get.

“Just being in Washington where they talked about how bad Alex was – and I don’t know, I was on the outside looking in – he’s still here. They still stuck with Alex. A lot of people never would have got them chances. They talking about how bad you are, how bad you been playing or how bad the team is – being that he was a top pick – they usually get rid of those players. They usually get rid of those quarterbacks. And this organization, this team has stuck with Alex throughout thick and thin.

“And now, it’s just a decision that Coach made. He was a quarterback. He played for years. He knows quarterbacks and he’s with those guys. That was his decision. I’m glad that he’s in that situation where he can make that call so he can answer all the questions and take all the pressure. That’s something that us players can’t do. We can only rally around whatever player is out there playing, and go forth and try to make the best of it.”

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