49ers likely to receive one compensatory draft pick

The 49ers will likely have nine draft picks this year, as the club expects a late-round compensatory pick – most likely in the seventh round.   That would give the 49ers nine picks in the draft. The 49ers have their own selection in each of the seven rounds of the draft, in addition to the Panthers’ pick in the first round. Compensatory picks cannot be traded. The NFL typically announces…

February 1, 2010

Solari’s task: Get a rookie ready to start in 2010

New 49ers offensive line coach Mike Solari will have the responsibility, beginning the weekend after the draft, of getting a rookie ready for the starting lineup in 2010.   At least, that’s what I anticipate for the 49ers’ new offensive line coach.   It’s a job that offensive line coaches across the NFL have every season. And they almost always deliver. In fact, offensive line is the closest thing to a…

January 22, 2010

53 underclassmen declare for NFL draft

The NFL announced this morning that 53 non-seniors have been granted special eligibility into the 2010 draft, which will take place April 22-24.   Last year, 46 players declared early for the draft. This year’s total matches 2008 as the most underclassmen to be granted eligibility after fulfilling the league’s three-year eligibility rule. (A college player must be three years out of high school in order to be eligible for…

January 19, 2010