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Rounding out the 49ers’ first-round draft board

In my feeble attempt to confirmation that I was 100-percent accurate in my rankings of the first 14 players on the 49ers’ draft board, I placed a call to a team spokesman in Santa Clara just moments ago.   On the other end of line was uproarious laughter. “No, I can’t confirm that,” I was […]

The options narrow as No. 13 nears

In trying to reconstruct the 49ers’ draft board that I saw in a dream last night, the first 10 names came off relatively easy.   This is where it gets difficult . . . just as the 49ers are ready to make a selection with the No. 13 overall pick.

Reporter’s dream: Getting glimpse of 49ers’ draft board

Imagine for a moment that your job is to cover the San Francisco 49ers. You’re walking through the team offices when the door to the mysterious draft room swings open just wide enough to catch a complete glimpse of the board on the other side of the room.   The image is fleeting, but you […]

Key offensive comparisons on draft day

The perfect first day of the draft – assuming they keep their picks at Nos. 13 and 17 – would consist of help for the offensive line and the secondary.   Yesterday, we gave a couple either/or situations the 49ers could face on the defensive side of the ball. In this entry, we shift to […]

Key defensive comparisons on draft day

The 49ers have the Nos. 13 and 17 picks – in case you didn’t already know that. Certainly, the 49ers could trade up a couple spots if there’s a player they really love. But what if all those players are gone and there are only a lot of players they like?   The 49ers could […]

Baalke expects at least four 49ers picks to become starters

As the 49ers approach the upcoming draft, director of player personnel Trent Baalke expects to net at least four eventual starters among the team’s eight draft picks. That’s because the club has four of their picks within the first three rounds.   “We always go into the draft with this mentality: When you’re drafting in […]

How Ginn acquisition might influence 49ers’ draft

If the draft falls perfectly for the 49ers on Thursday in the first round of the NFL draft, they end up with an offensive tackle (Anthony Davis?) and a defensive back (Joe Haden or Earl Thomas?).   The 49ers have two picks next Friday, too, when the second and third rounds are held.

Best, Gerhart not expected at 49ers pro day

The 49ers are holding their local pro day today. This is not a day for the top local players to show their stuff. Players such as running backs Toby Gehart (Stanford) or Jahvid Best (Cal) or defensive standouts Syd’Quan Thompson or Tyson Alualu (both from Cal) are not expected to attend, according to a variety […]

Draft is not 49ers’ only option to acquire safety help

The 49ers will get help for the defensive backfield in the upcoming draft. They might even get it in the first round. Look for them to focus on cornerback, though, and not safety. This is not to say that safety help is not coming for the 49ers. If they do not get a safety during […]