Exhibition opener worth watching

Every year the NFL sends a memo to its 32-member teams reminding them that people are actually paying to watch the preseason games. And every summer, 32 teams understandably ignore the plea to give substantial playing time to their starters.

July 7, 2009

Niners reporting dates set

Coach Mike Singletary said at the conclusion of organized team activities that the 49ers are behind many of the top teams in the league because they: a) don’t have a starting QB named; b) have their seventh offensive coordinator in seven years; c) they need to work out their depth chart at WR, and d) have a head coach who has not spent a full season on the job.  

June 26, 2009

Two measures 49ers took to improve pass rush

It all starts defensively with the pass rush. The best secondary in the world is going to look pedestrian if the opposing quarterback can sit in the pocket all day. Without a pass rush, a defense is not able to generate as many turnovers. This is the subject of today’s question.  

June 21, 2009

Why playbook must remain on 49ers property

Today’s question is in reference to the blog item I posted earlier this week. Rookie offensive lineman Alex Boone was behind his new teammates because NFL rules prohibited his participation in 49ers workouts before Ohio State staged its graduation ceremonies.

June 20, 2009

Lotsa intrigue with deepest WR group in club history

It’s not the best group of receivers the 49ers have ever assembled. Obviously, Rice and Taylor trumps all. But this is the deepest the 49ers have ever been at wideout. (And if you don’t believe me, try to name seven better receivers who have been on the roster at the same time.)

June 14, 2009

Q&A: Maclin makes sense, but doubtful he’ll be around

Tonight — coincidentally, it was right around bed time for the kids — I took part in a live chat with the fans who gathered at 49erswebzone.com and 49ersparadise.com. Thanks to my wife for handling the tucking-in duties without me.   Here are some excerpts from the chat. The full transcript can be read at 49erswebzone.

April 20, 2009