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Q&A: The run game

Q&A: The run game When I dipped into the mailbag this morning there seemed to be four topics, in particular, that dominated the thoughts of 49ers fans. Therefore, over the course of the day, I’ll post Q&As on each of those issues. First up: Jimmy Raye’s offense and the run game.

Q&A: Lawson must earn third-down role

Q&A: Lawson must earn third-down role   The 49ers are taking it easy today, as they have just an afternoon special-teams practice scheduled in Santa Clara.   I’m going to take it easy, too. But I’ve set aside a few minutes to respond to some questions submitted this morning.

Crabtree starts camp far behind other 49ers wideouts

We could not believe he was still there?   You hear just about every team in the league say something similar to those disingenuous words after making their selection in the first round. And while the 49ers probably could believe Michael Crabtree would still be available with the No. 10 overall pick, they had every […]

Exhibition opener worth watching

Every year the NFL sends a memo to its 32-member teams reminding them that people are actually paying to watch the preseason games. And every summer, 32 teams understandably ignore the plea to give substantial playing time to their starters.