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Report: 49ers file tampering charges against Jets

The 49ers have filed tampering charges against the New York Jets for having illegal contact regarding unsigned draft pick Michael Crabtree, the New York Daily News reports. The newspaper cites “sources.” According  the report, the 49ers may believe the Jets contacted Crabtree’s agent, Eugene Parker, to let him know they’d be interested in trading for […]

Crabtree surfaces . . . or does he?

Michael Crabtree broke his silence last night. The unsigned 49ers draft pick made an appearance on national TV, seemingly suggesting to Lou Holtz that he is having difficulty with his agent.   On a segment called “Ask Dr. Lou,” Crabtree asks of Lou Holtz: “Dr. Lou, what advice do you give players when dealing with […]

York offers to meet with Crabtree, Parker in person

The 49ers have certainly taken the high road in the contract impasse with receiver Michael Crabtree while holding firm to the belief that the organization is treating the No. 10 overall pick fairly.   And if the Crabtree and agent Eugene Parker believe the 49ers have acted out of line in their contract dealings with […]

Report: Niners lowering offer to Crabtree

After I posted a poll question on my blog last week, a high-ranking 49ers official expressed the following sentiment about the results: “Interesting.” It sure appears as if the 49ers are going with poll option No. 4 – “Move on without him. Lower contract offer, and try to trade rights after March 1, 2010.”   […]

Crabtree parameters set?

Crabtree parameters set? It’s a reasonable question that has been posed in the past day: Now that the Nos. 9 and 11 draft picks have signed, will that help the 49ers reach contract terms with Michael Crabtree, the No. 10 selection?

Crabtree discussion continues

Crabtree discussion continues   Over the past couple weeks I’ve spoken to dozens of individuals – none of whom wanted their quotes attributed to them – about Michael Crabtree and the 49ers. There was a theme that quickly developed.