Top 5 49er storylines

This is Grant Cohn, but some people call me Iggy. You can call me whatever you’d like. I’m your new 49ers blogger. I’ll be reporting and tweeting every day from training camp in Santa Clara as soon as it opens, whenever that may be. Until then, I’ll join Bob Padecky and Phil Barber in providing you with some blogging snack food to whet your appetite for the upcoming NFL season….

July 24, 2011

Players respond to 49ers’ coaching change

In the wake of a coaching change, NFL players are expected to (1) express respect for the outgoing coach, (2) praise the new guy in equal measure, (3) utter the words “you understand this is a business” and (4) express confidence in management. The 49ers checked all the appropriate boxes Monday – not surprising when you consider that the players who addressed the media were handpicked by the team.

December 27, 2010

Bell cow might get a break under Johnson

Mike Singletary said today he never considered firing Jimmy Raye until after Sunday’s game. It’s probably safe to say some of his players might have harbored such thoughts long before their head coach. In fact, after listening to some of the Niners today, it’s not absurd to wonder if a mutiny might have occurred if Raye had remained on staff much longer.

September 29, 2010