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Comparing players

Jim Harbaugh says he doesn’t like comparing players. I do. So, here are my comparisons for the top wide receivers in the upcoming draft. I’d like to read your comparisons, too. Sammy Watkins: Torrey Smith. Mike Evans: Marques Colston. Odell Beckham: Golden Tate. Brandin Cooks: Tavon Austin. Marqise Lee: Victor Cruz. Kelvin Benjamin: Plaxico Burress. […]

Grant what i'm drawing from this post is there wo'nt be a single bust or disapointment out of the top 11 WR's [Grants to... - old coach

Justin Gilbert’s stock sliding?

Good news for the Niners — draft gurus are down on Oklahoma State cornerback Justin Gilbert. Todd McShay recently dropped Gilbert from the 11th-best prospect to the 24th-best prospect on McShay’s big board. If the Lions pass on Gilbert with the 10th pick, should the 49ers trade up to the 11th pick and draft him?

I believe we need to get a top notch corner, if we could pull a trade and get CB-Justin Gilbert. RIght now we have a goo... - Stee

Raiders go all in to win now

This is my Friday column on the Raiders. 49ers fans — feel free to skip this. I wrote off the Raiders 15 minutes after free agency began, wrote them off as soon as general manager Reggie McKenzie let franchise left tackle, Jared Veldheer, sign with the Cardinals. The Raiders will be lucky to win five […]

Personally, The oracle of humble wisdom that is The Snake thinks Bobby Knight said it best to Grant. errr...No, wait...... - Cold Snake

Left field

Every year, Trent Baalke makes at least one draft pick that comes out of left field, like the A.J. Jenkins pick or the Vance McDonald pick or the Corey Lemonier pick. Predict one player Baalke will pick out of left field this year, and explain your reasoning for the pick.

I don't believe we'll be taking Sefaris-Jenkins but I do know he'll go much sooner then the rankings have him.... - Coffee's for Closers

Replay aims to set things right

This is my Wednesday column about instant replay in baseball. WARNING: This is not a football column. 49ers fans — feel free to skip this. OAKLAND – Wednesday afternoon during game 1 of the A’s doubleheader against Cleveland, Indians third-baseman Carlos Santana threw out A’s catcher Derek Norris at home plate. Norris slid and got […] - Grimey9er

Replacing Carlos Rogers

Carlos Rogers signed with the Raiders on Monday. Who do you think will replace him on the 49ers’ depth chart? It’s possible the 49ers could make Tramaine Brock the left cornerback, Eric Wright the right cornerback and Perrish Cox the nickelback. But it’s more likely the 49ers will draft a cornerback early in the upcoming […]

The Ravens own the rights to McLain no matter when he decides to return. You can't just "bring him in". The Ravens would... - Reply Todumass

Four-round 49ers mock draft with trades

These are the picks I think the 49ers will make in the upcoming draft, not necessarily the picks I would make if I were picking for the 49ers. Trade pick No.30 to the Jaguars for pick No.39 and Jacksonville’s third-rounder in 2015. With pick No.39, the 49ers select JORDAN MATTHEWS, WR, VANDERBILT. The Jaguars trade up […]

Crabs is top 10 Boldin(because of age) is top 20 We have cooks as a possible starter..COOKS!!! R u kiddin me...we nee... - pete4mtx

Report: Chris Culliver arrested allegedly for felony hit-and-run

This is troubling news. According to reports, Chris Culliver allegedly hit a bicyclist with his car this morning, and then Culliver fled. The San Jose police eventually arrested him. To read the full report, click here.

When u take into consideration that the bicyclist was barely injured and the fact that culliver is a niners DB I'm sure ... - matt

Report: Eagles release DeSean Jackson

The Eagles just released DeSean Jackson. This report may have something to do with why the Eagles released him. Which team, if any, do you think will sign Jackson, and why?

or better yet; Where's my two dollars!!... - Coffee's for Closers

Kap needs instruction, not negotiation, from his coach

Here is my Thursday column on Jim Harbaugh’s logic and Colin Kaepernick’s earning potential. I had to laugh at some of the things Jim Harbaugh said Wednesday at the NFL’s owners meetings in Orlando. Harbaugh said Colin Kaepernick is “one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL,” and he deserves the big bucks. “I think […] - mary

What makes a QB great?

What is the No.1 quality that makes a QB great? Obviously, he can’t have any major weaknesses. But there are good QBs who have no major weaknesses, too. So what makes a QB great? To me, a great QB has to make other players better. That’s the No.1 quality of a great QB. If you’re […]

Mark Sanchez is also 4-2 in the playoffs................ and ............ and ...... - MJ

Jackson timing on coach defies reason

This is my Wednesday column on what Brian Scalabrine’s demotion means. WARNING: This is a Warriors column. 49ers fans, feel free to skip this. Mark Jackson doesn’t realize how weak he made himself look. On Tuesday, Jackson dumped one of his assistant coaches – Brian Scalabrine. After dumping him, Jackson told reporters that he’s “just […]

Interesting column Grant, had no idea, but I do not follow basketball at all. My favorites sports are Hockey and Footbal... - Neal