Johnson aims to improve unsightly numbers

There are so many ways to say the Niners offense has been ugly this season. There’s this: Andy Lee’s punt total (17) tops their first-half scoring total (16). Or this: Alex Smith’s interception total (5) tops their touchdown total (4). Or, you might prefer: Opposing defenses have scored as many third-quarter points (7) against the Niners as the Niners offense has scored against them.

September 30, 2010

Bell cow might get a break under Johnson

Mike Singletary said today he never considered firing Jimmy Raye until after Sunday’s game. It’s probably safe to say some of his players might have harbored such thoughts long before their head coach. In fact, after listening to some of the Niners today, it’s not absurd to wonder if a mutiny might have occurred if Raye had remained on staff much longer.

September 29, 2010

Hints of optimism surround Johnson’s promotion

Don’t get me wrong, none of the 49ers were publicly celebrating the firing of offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye today. But it didn’t take a super sleuth to read between the lines and sense some optimism with a new man in charge. Mike Johnson, 43, the former quarterbacks coach who will assume Raye’s duties, is a 10-year NFL assistant, serving as a wide receivers or QB coach with the Chargers, Falcons,…

September 27, 2010