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Lawson never considered skipping minicamp

Manny Lawson finally spoke today, and there was little fire, no brimstone, and certainly no militant demands for more money. The fifth-year linebacker supposedly is upset with his contract, which calls for a base salary of $625,000 this year, but his feelings sounded more like mild disapproval during his first discussion with reporters this offseason.
Asked if he is dissatisfied with the contract, Lawson answered: “Not dissatisfied with it, but you know, everybody wants a new contract. I wanted to be here. I wanted to be a San Francisco 49er. I would like a new contract, yes.”

Lawson’s here, but it doesn’t mean he’s happy

Manny Lawson, the 49ers’ disgruntled linebacker, is in Santa Clara for the team’s three-day minicamp. But that doesn’t mean everything is hearts-and-flowers on this front.
Lawson remains unhappy with his $625,000 salary for 2010, the final year of his contract, and his long-term plans are clouded.
“The 49ers are going to do what they feel is in their best interest, and Manny will do what’s in his best interest,” the player’s representative, Jonathan Feinsod, said early this afternoon. “Manny would like to be a 49er for the rest of his career, but that’s obviously not the 49ers’ plan right now.”

Does Vernon Davis have time for football?

Couldn’t I just be Vernon Davis for 24 hours? The 49ers tight end leads such an action-packed and glamorous life, he must have a few premieres or ribbon cuttings to casually toss to the rest of us slobs.
Just check out a few of Davis’ Twitter posts from the past week.
10:33 p.m. Friday: “Thanks to Jim for letting me use his 30million dollar home tomorrow to for my fabulous pool party.”
10:00 a.m. Saturday: “Thanks to Porsche for giving me their new 4 door to drive around. I think I’m in love,”

One day before minicamp, no word on Franklin or Lawson

The 49ers’ minicamp warms up at 1:45 tomorrow afternoon with media access in the locker room. The question: Who, exactly, will be in that locker room?
As I mentioned yesterday, there is no word yet as to whether professionally disgruntled NT Aubrayo Franklin or LB Manny Lawson will be here. The issue was not resolved today, at least not by coach Mike Singletary.
When I asked Singletary whether Franklin or Lawson would show, he answered: “As far as I know, I have heard that Aubrayo will not be here, which does not bother me one bit. If Manny is not here, does not bother me one bit. Those guys are working.”

The 2-minute drill — and who cares if it’s June?

In the grand scheme of things, a 2-minute drill in June, with key players missing on both sides of the ball, is about as meaningful as a Battle of Gettysburg reenactment in Fresno. But to those of us starved for action during the NFL lean months, it was the climactic conclusion of Super Bowl XXIII all over again.
The 49ers ran the 2-minute drill twice at the end of practice today, moving the chains and the huddle down the field as they went.

Notes and observations from the 49ers’ final OTA

After the 49ers’ final organized team activity (read: voluntary practice) of the year, coach Mike Singletary said, “I thought the offense got better. I thought Alex (Smith) did a great job executing the offense.” But the defense may have won the day. Here are some notes and observations from today’s activity…

Franklin, Lawson are the mystery men

The 49ers will assemble Thursday afternoon, just as they will Wednesday morning, but the vibe will be a little different. Thursday marks the start of a three-day minicamp. Attendance is mandatory, and it will be very interesting to see who is here.
Of the four defensive regulars who have skipped voluntary practices this offseason, cornerbacks Shawntae Spencer and Nate Clements are both expected to arrive Thursday. They simply prefer to work out on their own this time of year.
The other two, nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin and outside linebacker Manny Lawson, are the big question marks this week.

Notes and observations from today’s practice

Notes and observations from today’s voluntary practice in Santa Clara…
• RB Michael Robinson, absent Monday, was back at practice today. TE Vernon Davis remained elsewhere. He tweeted about running “the biggest hill in San Jose” and filming a movie. The other missing 49ers were the same ones we’ve gone without all offseason: NT Aubrayo Franklin, LB Manny Lawson and CBs Shawntae Spencer and Nate Clements.
• WR Brandon Jones (ankle) and T Matt Kopa (foot) did not practice. DL Kentwan Balmer and CB Will James were limited to position drills. After practice, LB Travis LaBoy and FB Brit Miller stretched while their teammates ran.

Notes and observations from today’s practice

Notes and observations from today’s voluntary practice in Santa Clara…
• NT Aubrayo Franklin, OLB Manny Lawson, and CBs Shawntae Spencer and Nate Clements continue to skip the voluntary OTAs. TE Vernon Davis and RB Michael Robinson were absent today, too. DL Kentwan Balmer took part in individual drills for the first time this offseason, while WR Brandon Jones (ankle), CB Will James (pelvic bone) and T Matt Kopa (foot) continue to rehab. Rookie RB Anthony Dixon did individual work but no team period. And the big news: LB Patrick Willis was back in team sessions for the first time this offseason.

Another confident CB: Karl Paymah

Karl Paymah has been a fixture at cornerback with the 49ers’ first team recently. Shawntae Spencer and Nate Clements have been avoiding voluntary practices, and Paymah has been one of the big beneficiaries.
I talked to Paymah during this last round of OTAs. If you read my piece on rookie LeRoy Vann, you got a glimpse of a brash young athlete (even the gold teeth seem to fit the picture). Paymah has a much quieter demeanor, but underneath he seems to be just as confident.

Notes and observations from today’s practice

Notes and observations from today’s voluntary practice in Santa Clara…
• Finally, the first intra-squad wrestling match of the spring, as OLB Parys Haralson scuffles with, I’m pretty sure, TE Delanie Walker. Other players jumped in before it escalated. Coach Mike Singletary was not the least bit amused. The whole team had to run lines for the transgression.

Manusky goes hoarse yelling at 49ers’ defense

Friday will not be remembered as the greatest day ever for the 49ers’ defense. Yesterday, the team ran 60 plays in red zone during team period and scored 3 touchdowns. Today, the offense scored 4 touchdowns in its first 20 plays.
But it wasn’t just the yardage or scoring. The defensive unit looked discombobulated.