Smith’s challenge is staying prepared

Alex Smith is “one snap away” and he’s been trying to remain prepared with plenty of mental reps since the beginning of the regular season. I spoke with Smith yesterday about his approach to being a backup and working during the bye week with new receiver Michael Crabtree.     * * *   Smith will throw some passes to Michael Crabtree today at the 49ers’ practice facility. Crabtree is…

October 15, 2009

Catching up with Jed York . . . finally

Niners president Jed York spoke with me today for a podcast about “Hammer”-ing out a deal with Michael Crabtree. I also asked him if going through this process will affect how the 49ers draft in the future. He also addressed the current 49ers season and the team’s proposed Santa Clara stadium. Also . . . on Tuesday, why did he avoid me at the hotel where the negotiations were taking place?  …

October 8, 2009

Michael Robinson talks transition to RB

Niners special-teams captain Michael Robinson might see a more signficant role on offense Sunday against the St. Louis Rams, as he becomes the backup at halfback and fullback with Frank Gore out for a couple games. Robinson is the subject of today’s podcast as he discusses the changes he had to make with his eyes after moving from quarterback at Penn State to running back in the NFL.     *…

October 1, 2009

Question Lady wonders about contract extension

Who are the 49ers targeting for a contract extension? The Question Lady wants to know.   Such players as Vernon Davis and Patrick Willis have every reason to see what happens with the potential of an uncapped year in 2010 before agreeing to long-term extensions with the 49ers. Willis could receive guaranteed money in excess of $25 million with his second contract.   Davis is just now beginning to show…

September 29, 2009

SF’s third-down failings

Do you want to know why the 49ers lost today to the Vikings? They were abysmal on third downs. (And, yes, Brett Favre’s game-winning TD fling came on a third down.)   Defensively, the 49ers allowed the Vikings to convert 50-percent of the time (10 of 20). And, offensively, the 49ers were a staggering 0-for-11 when faced with a third down. If they convert one of those third downs, they win…

September 27, 2009