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Will the 49ers’ be Brady’s Bunch in 2011?

My Twitter friend ED49ERS asked me an interesting question yesterday: Do I see Tom Brady coming to the Niners next season if the Patriots don’t extend his contract?
First reaction: Get outta here. We can’t assume that every Hall of Fame-bound player is headed to San Francisco. What, no trade for Adrian Peterson? Second reaction: Hmmm. This scenario doesn’t seem out of the question.

Nate Davis wants to know playbook ‘like it’s my name’

On the surface, Nate Davis wouldn’t appear to be in any better position right now than he was a year ago. Last May, Davis was firmly entrenched behind the guys competing for the starting quarterback job, Alex Smith and Shaun Hill. Flash-forward a year and Davis is still No. 3 – now behind Smith and his primary backup, David Carr.
Speaking last week at the 49ers’ OTAs, however, the second-year QB said the feeling was a night-and-day difference.

49ers examine using pick on Clausen

Constructing a mock draft is like assembling a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces have to fit. I’m having a difficult time with one player in particular: Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen.   Before the trade that shipped Donovan McNabb to Washington, I had Clausen going to Mike Shanahan with the No. 4 pick. Conceivably, he could […]

Delving into the 49ers-McNabb issues

Veteran quarterback Donovan McNabb is on the trade block, in case you haven’t heard. He is the subject of rampant speculation. Many believe all the 49ers need is solid quarterback play to be among the contenders in the NFC.   But there are no indications the 49ers are interested in acquiring McNabb from the Eagles. […]

Why Alex Smith deserves York’s vote of confidence

Quarterback Alex Smith was given a vote of confidence from the 49ers team president this week when Jed York declared, “Alex is our guy.”   York made his remarks a couple weeks after the 49ers attempted to strengthen their quarterback position with the free-agent signing of David Carr, whom the 49ers awarded a contract very […]

Growth of Nate Davis continues behind the scenes

Alex Smith is making huge strides in the minds of the 49ers’ decision-makers toward entrenching himself as the starting quarterback in 2010. But there are plenty of folks who liked what they saw from rookie Nate Davis in the exhibition season. Just to refresh, Davis showed a certain knack for playing the position after being […]

Singletary explains why he described Smith as ‘meek’

If you listen to coach Mike Singletary and offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye speak about Alex Smith, you never hear any mention about a need for the quarterback to improve his physical skills.   But there are other issues on which the coaching staff seems to focus. On Monday, Singletary said, “Alex is such a humble […]

No. 1 goal for 49ers in final six games

With six games remaining in the 49ers’ season, there are a lot of significant issues that face the team.   Playoffs? OK, the 49ers have a 4-6 record. It’s silly to even talk about the playoffs of this point.   The first big question that must be answered before the 49ers head into the offseason: […]

Revisiting the Smith, Rodgers visits

The two quarterbacks are forever linked. After 4 ½ seasons in the NFL, the past three weeks are the only times they have both been starters for their respective teams at the same time.   On Sunday, the 49ers face the Packers in a game with huge NFC playoff implications. The time seemed right to […]