NFL’s anti-tampering policy

There have been a lot of questions about the NFL’s anti-tampering policy, and what it all means. Hopefully, this will answer a lot of questions.   Here it is, folks, the official NFL anti-tampering policy, as it pertains to players: * * *  NFL Players. No club, nor any person employed by or otherwise affiliated with a club, is permitted to tamper with a player who is under contract to…

September 22, 2009

Rules regarding unsigned picks

For no particular reason, this evening I decided to peruse one of my favorite reference books. Let me tell you, it’s a real page-turner. It’s called the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, 2006-2012. Again, there was nothing that inspired this bit of reading, other than my quest for knowledge. But I did find myself focusing on a certain chapter entitled, “Article XVI, College Draft.”

August 27, 2009

Kick above the top of upright is not reviewable

Just received word from the NFL Office in New York on what happened when 49ers coach Mike Nolan challenged David Akers’ 38-yard field goal on Sunday. The kick gave the Eagles a 27-26 lead midway through the fourth quarter.   My first question to league spokesman Randall Liu (via email) is whether the play was even reviewable.

October 13, 2008