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Walker is big cheese in game of cat-and-mouse

In the game of chess that takes place between offensive and defensive coordinators, Jimmy Raye will make the first move. Then, the 49ers will eagerly see how the Seahawks respond.   That action and reaction might shape tomorrow’s game.   You see, 49ers tight end Delanie Walker should be a big factor in the game […]

Two days of review for 49ers before Packers game

Unlike most practice weeks when the 49ers finish the bulk of their preparation on Friday, the club wrapped up their significant on-field work today.   The 49ers will now have two walk-through practices – short review sessions — before hitting Lambeau Field for Sunday’s game. The club will have a walk through tomorrow morning in […]

Niners offense isn’t sure what Packers’ D will show up

The 49ers are on Day 2 of practice-field preparations for Sunday’s game, while the Packers hit the field for the first time in Green Bay to get ready for the 49ers.   The 49ers’ coaches got a nice head start for preparing to face the Packers. Jimmy Raye did a lot of film study before […]

Raye’s thoughts on ‘spread’ and run game

The 49ers’ run game is about quantity, not quality, 49ers offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye said. That’s why he said it’s difficult to draw any conclusions about the run game from the 49ers’ loss to the Colts. In that game, Frank Gore had just 13 rushing attempts.   I asked Raye today about the spread offense […]

Digit system speeds Crabtree’s learning

When Norv Turner brought the “digit system” to the 49ers in 2006, it signaled a change in offensive terminology for the organization after more than a quarter-century with the Bill Walsh’s fabled “West Coast Offense.’   In Walsh’s old system, it might have been impossible for a wide receiver, such as Michael Crabtree, to show […]

Re-opening the Favre-inflicted wound

Warning: If you don’t want to be reminded of the 49ers’ last-second loss to the Vikings, try to occupy yourself for a few hours until I post something new.   It’s time to turn the page on Brett Favre’s game-winning touchdown pass to Greg Lewis . . . just as soon as we try to […]

Raye: Defense will dictate if 49ers throw

Niners offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye said the 49ers are not going to change their offensive approach with Glen Coffee taking over for injured halfback Frank Gore.   He said if the 49ers end up throwing more to the wideouts on Sunday against the Rams, it’ll not be due to the fact that the 49ers have […]

Singletary and game management

Singletary and game management   Mike Singletary had a Hall-of-Fame career as a linebacker. When he decided he wanted to get into coaching, of course, he worked on the defensive side of the ball. So what does this man know about game/clock management?