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Top 5 moments from training camp

The Niners are no longer in “training camp mode,” as Jim Harbaugh would say. They’re in a process of transitioning to regular-season mode. But before we all change our modes, let’s relive the highlights of training camp. Here are the five most interesting moments of Niner camp 2011: Harbaugh takes player reps. One minute he’s […]

Colin Kaepernick’s footwork

SANTA CLARA – Jim Harbaugh did not invite reporters out to practice until 2:30 p.m., so I missed most of the players stretch, so I won’t be able to report on that for you today. Sorry about that. But I did get to see the quarterbacks warm up. When I got out to the field […]

Talkative Harbaugh assesses his team

A talkative Jim Harbaugh assessed a good chunk of his roster after practice, giving more praise than he’d given all of training camp. Here’s the complete transcript, courtesy of the 49ers. On whether he has a snap count for his starting offense for Saturday’s game: “It will be fairly similar to last week.” On whether […]

Stock up, stock down

SANTA CLARA – For the last open practice of the year, the 49ers scrimmaged as far away from the fans as they could. There’s a north and a south field at the Santa Clara complex, and when the fans come they sit around the south field. Usually Harbaugh makes the team practice on both fields. […]

Patrick Willis praises the defense

SANTA CLARA – Patrick Willis spoke for a few minutes after practice. He had big praise for two of the starting linebackers, and for a surprise backup cornerback as well. Here’s a transcript of that interview. Q: Would you say the team has worked harder this year than last year? WILLIS: I would probably say […]

49ers who like it hot

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers just ran out to practice in shorts and shells. It’s 80 degrees in Santa Clara and I’m glad I’m wearing shorts as well. Some players are wearing extra clothing, though, which boggles my mind. I’m from the east bay, and my idea of perfect weather is 70 degrees with a […]

49ers revised practice schedule

The 49ers have changed their practice schedule today and there will be no player availability from noon to 1 p.m. as there usually is. All player inteviews will happen after practice today, around 5:30, so stay tuned later in the day for some major bloggage. Anything happens in between I’ll be right on it.   Follow me […]

Fangio assesses the 49ers defense

SANTA CLARA – Vic Fangio was the podium speaker today after practice, and here’s what he had to say about his defense. This transcript is courtesy of the 49ers. On his assessment of DT Isaac Sopoaga: “He was rusty the first couple practices, which was to be expected from the long layoff and the injury […]

Violence in practice

SANTA CLARA – The competitive portion of practice was brief but it was also violent. The offensive lineman took turns trying to prevent defensive linemen and linebackers from sacking a ball boy who was standing behind them in the pocket. Every time the coach yelled “hut,” the players collided and their helmets crashed. It was […]

Josh McCown speaks

SANTA CLARA – Josh McCown, the 49ers newest quarterback, spoke after practice. Here’s the complete transcript of that interview. Stay tuned for my notes from practice. Q: They certainly didn’t ease you into practice today, did they? McCOWN: Yeah, I jumped right in, it was fun. Why not? It’s indicative of the whole camp, I’m […]

49ers sign Josh McCown

SANTA CLARA — According to Matt Maiocco, the 49ers have signed 32-year old Quarterback Josh McCown. Quarterback news seemed imminent when Jim Harbaugh walked out to practice with the current third-string QB, Jeremiah Masoli. The two were discussing something, and ten feet away Trent Baalke and Alex Smith were discussing something sternly as well. Right […]

Joshua Morgan on the new offense and his new name

SANTA CLARA – Joshua Morgan, not Josh Morgan, spoke this afternoon on Harbaugh’s new offense and how it impacts the wide receivers. He talked about the increase in slant routes from previous years in particular. He also told the story of why he wants to be called Joshua instead of Josh. Here’s the transcript of […]