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Top 10 training camp performers

Before the 49ers play their first preseason game tonight, let’s look back at the first 12 practices of training camp and identify the top performers so far. Frank Gore. He’s worked as hard as anyone in training camp, and he’s clearly the best player on the team. Patrick Willis. When he practices he raises the […]

Harbaugh on the state of the team

SANTA CLARA – Jim Harbaugh gave an impromptu interview next to the field after practice. He said he was only going to give us a little, but he gave us much more. Here’s the complete transcript. Q: How pleased are you with the last few practices? HARBAUGH: Very pleased. Not 100 percent perfect, not 100 […]

Braylon Edwards on acclimating

SANTA CLARA – As Dashon Goldson answered reporters’ questions, Braylon Edwards sat patiently next to the interview, waiting for his turn. When he got the chance, he was eager to talk. Here’s the complete transcript of what he said. He mostly talked about the acclimation process, but towards the end he makes some interesting comparisons […]

Dashon Goldson on free agency

SANTA CLARA – Dashon Goldon spoke to reporters after a post-practice weight-lifting session. Here’s the complete transcript of that interview. He spoke candidly about free agency, his opportunity in New England, and his reasons for returning to the Niners. Q: Why did you come back? GOLDSON: I got a lot of advice but I knew […]


SANTA CLARA – Today was the lightest practice of training camp, and here’s what I mean by light. Harbaugh ended the practice at 4:55 today, 35 minutes earlier than usual because “the tempo was so good,” as he explained afterwards. At no point did the first-team offense play against the first-team defense in 11-on-11 drills. […]

How Frank Gore starts practice

SANTA CLARA – Frank Gore begins practice by himself. Some of the other star players, like Vernon Davis and Braylon Edwards, they get one-on-one time with coaches. Not Gore. Everyone leaves him alone, including the other players. What else is there to teach him? He’s a master of his craft, and he picks up schemes […]

Curtis Taylor Q&A

SANTA CLARA – Third-year safety Curtis Taylor, who may or may not make the team this season, spoke to a group of reporters today in Santa Clara. Here’s the complete transcript of that interview. Q: How difficult is it for you to practice with so many different safety partners? TAYLOR: It’s not difficult at all. […]

49ers podcast

SANTA CLARA —’s Edward Cole interviewed me over the phone yesterday about the 49ers. We talked about the play-calling in camp, the preseason game on Friday, and the depth chart as it stands right now. Here’s a link to that podcast. Enjoy.Click here to listen to the podcast   Follow me on twitter @grantcohn.   […]

Vic Fangio on his defense

SANTA CLARA – Here’s the complete transcript of Defensive Coordinato Vic Fangio’s post-practice interview, courtesy of the 49ers. Enjoy. On whether Aldon Smith is a little more advanced than he thought he’d be at this point: “He’s had his flashes and I think that’s what you’re seeing, that he is flashing his ability, which gives […]

Phillip Davis on his blessings

SANTA CLARA – Phillip Davis, the undrafted rookie cornerback from Tulane, doesn’t exactly get the star treatment to begin practice. He’s part of the scout kickoff team, which means he runs wind sprints. He runs about twenty of them, back and forth, one after another, and then he gets to participate in defensive back drills. […]

Trent, Trent, and Jim’s football symposium

SANTA CLARA – The first morning practice of the Niners’ training camp started today at 9:15 a.m, but the earliness didn’t deter a slew of famous spectators from showing up. Dashon Goldson walked out to the field around 11 a.m. wearing a San Francisco Giants hat with an orange bill. Players and coaches greeted him […]

Alex Smith on practice

This is what Alex Smith had to say after his best practice of training camp. The transcript is courtesy of the 49ers. On Coach Harbaugh saying it was probably one of the best practices of camp and whether he felt so as well: “It’s definitely the best I felt like. We’re taking the necessary steps. […]