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Twitter posts seem out of character for Willis

When the 49ers drafted Patrick Willis in 2007, he was a shy rookie who kept his mouth shut and did everything asked of him. Three years later, he’s a soft-spoken three-time Pro Bowl player with a blue-collar work ethic. He does his talking with his performance on the field. He has never said anything controversial […]

Closer look at 49ers’ run defense of ’08

The 49ers were pretty good statistically against the run this season, as they tied for 13th in the league in yards rushing allowed per game. They were eighth in the league in rushing average, surrendering just 3.8 yards per rushing attempt.

Singletary’s strength? Definitely on third downs

The burden of proof was on Mike Singletary when he took the interim position on Oct. 20. Many in the organization felt the 49ers had to hire an offensive-minded head coach at the end of the season, so the club would not run the risk of repeating one of the big problems from the Mike […]

Bits and pieces from the 49ers’ first half

Today in the paper, I touched on some of the highlights and lowlights of the first half of the 49ers’ season. (And before any of you get started, I wish to remind you that I wrote every word of the article, but I did not write the headline.)

Is Seahawks game a must-win for Nolan?

When looking at the schedule prior to the season, it was easy to predict a four-game losing streak at this point.   After all, the 49ers stood little chance at Saints, home against the Patriots and Eagles, and then back on the road against the Giants. Right?

Niners defense has been a disappointment

We’re roughly one-third of the way through the season. (Actually, we’re 31.25 percent of the way through the 49ers’ 16-game schedule, but who’s counting?) So this seems like a perfect time to take a step back.