CB or WR with the first pick?

My gut tells me Trent Baalke will draft a cornerback, not a wide receiver, with his first pick in the upcoming draft.

What does your gut tell you?

I don’t think any CB in this draft, other than Darqueze Dennard and Justin Gilbert, is worth a first-round pick. Maybe Baalke can trade down a few spots and get his cornerback in the second round and pick up a draft pick for 2015.

If Baalke does take a CB with his first pick, which one do you think he’ll take? My gut tells me Kyle Fuller.

    1. Because Ray Mac produced little, and i don’t know if tank plays his side or J Smith side. We have depth on the line, but in order to protect our secondary we need studs on the line. We were great in the secondary with Rodgers and Brown, with a great pass rush. So i believe if we sign Brown, we stick to our scheme and go after a dominant pass rusher

    2. I’ve been SCREAMING for a Big Physical WR like Evans or Benjamin.

      49ers need a Big Target to Checkmate the Seahags Secondary. The Key of winning in the NFL is to score TD’s when you get into the Red Zone not FG’s.

      1. it’s not the WRs that are the issue in the red zone. don’t fall too much in love with big WRs. guys like Benjamin are either Andre Johnson or Jon Baldwin. They’re big guys that aren’t that quick or fast. The difference is the ability to learn how to run precision routes and adjust to coverages in order to get open. It’s what’s between Benjamin’s ears that will determine how good he’ll be in the NFL.

        1. I beg to differ,

          Both Evans & Benjamin are bigger @ 6’5″ and better athletes than Baldwin. Not to mention stronger.

          1. i agree folsom! give me that big target for the red zone. richard sherman is as tall or taller than crab, vd and ab. we need someone taller than sherman! period!

            i love mike evans and his 4.53!!!!
            benjamin needs to improve his 4.62 at his pro day or he will be deemed to slow for my liking

          2. Yes, that extra 1/2″ to 1″ makes all the difference… I can’t help but laugh when people say Evans and Benjamin are more athletic than Baldwin. Baldwin’s combine results were superior to both those guys.

            1. Scooter,
              Baldwin may have had very good combine numbers but those have yet to translate onto the pro level. Baldwin does not belong in the same sentence as Andre Johnson as one poster recently wrote.

              I would love to see Baldwin rise to the occasion because that would dramatically change our need to draft a WR in the early rds but at the moment there is a strong chance that Baldwin could become a TC casualty.
              That would be sad (for him), because he certainly has the measurables that most here feel we need to challenge Seattle.

              Jack Hammer said a month ago that the WR’ that have given Seattle (DB’s) problems are actually the speed WR’s (also smaller) and the numbers bear that out.
              So with that in mind we could safely conclude that we have enough physical type WR’ and now need to focus on speed WR’s.

              But I say that with trepidation because that is what we were supposed to get with AJ Jenkins and we see how that turned out.

              1. AES, that athleticism showed up in his play at college. He’s a very good athlete for a guy his size. He just isn’t a good WR because he hasn’t learned how to get separation in the NFL, and has inconsistent hands.

                Seems to me that a lot of people can’t understand how a guy like Evans or Benjamin could fail because they are so big and are decent athletes for their size. But at the end of the day they are still WRs, and if they don’t learn the nuances of what it takes to play WR it doesn’t matter how big they are. Every receiver, big or small, needs to understand how to get at least a little separation. For big WRs that includes understanding how to use your body to box guys out and gain position. And inconsistent hands for a WR is a death knell unless they make up for it by getting open almost all the time.

                Also, you’ll note in affp’s comment he used Johnson and Baldwin in the same sentence to highlight the massive difference in what you can get from these big guys. If they are good they are very dangerous and heard to defend. If they are not, they are generally terrible and very easy to defend.

          3. I hope baakle goes all the way up to get Evans, if not then go after Benijamin ,
            the niners need one of those two.

  1. Same. I think they should go WR, but my gut is definitely saying CB. And its also saying they will trade up for Justin Gilbert.

    1. There we go Scooter. I said earlier that a trade up to grab Justin Gilbert is not out of the question. I admit that his very impressive showing in the combine has severely biased my thinking. So with that caveat, I am so sold on this guy that I think he is worth a move up if the deal is not out of line and particularly if he falls to mid first. If he falls to late first then a jump up is a no brainer — for this amateur.
      That also assumes T Brown is not resigned. If he is then I think they go back to best available. Then I see them grabbing a few DBs in middle rounds as this is a fairly deep group in the draft, this is a week area for Niners and, finally, you can never have too many DBs.
      BPA also assumes Harbaugh does not have somebody he secretly covets……, like that Aldon guy a couple drafts ago. If he sees what this amateur sees, Gilbert could be that guy this year.

      1. The funny thing Bruce is that I don’t like Gilbert as a prospect that much. I’d prefer Fuller. But I can see Baalke falling in love with the size/ speed combo and potential Gilbert brings.

        Personally I think they should go WR in the first round though.

        1. Sully and Scooter did you see this guy in the combine? I watched the whole darn thing and no single player has ever impressed me as this guy did. Ever. This guy ran his drills with a level of rare perfection I have never seen before. Perfection on fast wheels is what I saw.
          Okay so I am guilty of putting to much weight on a combine performance. Yet he has good game film that only got better with time so what is the rub. I just see upside written all over this guy.
          Maybe I am blinded by his combine performance and they should not jump up to him. Maybe I will give you that. But, frankly, if on May 8 he falls to them and they don’t take him a shoe is going through my expensive LCD.

          1. Wasn’t overly impressed by his film. If he’s there at #30 and they take him I’d be fine with it, but I don’t think he is so good as to be worth trading up for.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if Baalke sees it differently to me.

            1. I wonder if Harbaugh on the field at the combine had the same impression that I had at my long distance flat screen? If so then they grab and maybe reach for the guy Gilbert.

    1. Every team in the league says they’re drafting the top player on their board. In reality, every team in the league drafts based on need.

      1. not true. but they try to line up BPA and need as much as possible. either by reaching a bit or trading up or down.

  2. On defense they have chosen to build the D-line. The Db’s are interchangeable parts. For this reason they will go WR in the first round. Our Db’s were average at best but our D line was good enough to mask the weakness. Go weak at WR and you saw the results during the first half of the season. Not even worth asking, it’s obvious.

    1. BPA is always best. However if Brown does not get resigned I think that forces need into the thinking.
      It should already be a priority area. This has been the most glaring need on team only made worse by recent departures. As you point out, D back field has been carried by D line and backers. Time to change that.
      There is reasonable depth in the draft class so DB could be the focus in the mid rounds if they don’t get a falling star such as Gilbert and instead find a best availabe WR or DL. In later rounds they should pick up more than one to increase odds that one is a nugget that pans out for those Niners.

  3. Matt Maiocco says the 49ers reached out to Golden Tate….

    “The team showed interest in free agent Golden Tate, he said Wednesday on a Seattle radio show after signing with the Detroit Lions.

    The 49ers reached out to Tate, who explained to the KJR radio audience he could not do that to Seahawks fans. More than likely, he could not pass up the reported five-year, $31 million offer that the Lions made him.”

  4. I predict they surprise everybody, trade up a bit and take Nix.
    Nix is a cross between Wifork and Ngata.
    Imagine the Dline then!
    CB isn’t as important when QBs don’t have time to throw and no pocket to throw from…

    1. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying in my recent mock draft pick for the 49ers. Our draft picks are hardly ever predictable. That’s why I could see this being a possibility.

    2. i don’t know how far Nix would have to fall for them to consider it. But if Nix fell far enough, nabbing the top Nose Tackle/Left End in the draft wouldn’t be a bad thing.

      1. the starters are either aging and/or on 2 year contracts (Dorsey has 1 year left). only Tony Jerrod-Eddie is a reliable back up and I don’t think anyone thinks he flashed enough to be a potential starter. Carradine is basically a rookie, so they don’t know what they have with him. Dobbs is just a guy that has flashed a tiny bit of quickness in preseason and plays special teams. But he’s easily replaceable.

        you can never have too much talent on the D-line. Nix could play End and Nose.

          1. 2 years left on his contract. coming off of injury. not yet proven (he’s started like 2 games…didn’t even finish the second game). he’s basically another big question mark. a promising question mark but still a question mark.

              1. Seriously? ONE TRAINING CAMP and you think a guy’s spot on the depth chart is set in stone? I guess you know the classic football coaches’ rule; “you dont lose your job due to an injury”. I just cant say that with a straight face.

              2. that’s strawman’s… my point was that we have 2 very capable guys and the guy who beat out those guys to start the year last year, so to say we lack depth at the position is false. we have MUCH bigger needs

        1. Plus this is a 3 – 4 where a solid nose is of utmost.
          Okay so maybe I won’t throw my shoe through the LCD if Nix falls close to them (unlikely). but I will miss my Gilbert.

    3. In related news…Vince Wilfork has asked to be released.
      Teams will be falling all over one another to sign this cat!

    4. I agree. I think they’ll take Nix but only because he will be there. Hes the BPA, and theres no point in selecting the 4th best WR Or CB with the 28th pick.

  5. Trade up from 30th and 3rd round and 7th round or LaMichael James and select Justin Gilbert.
    Then in the 2nd Round we could select Jordan mathews
    other 2nd Round we could select kyle fuller

  6. My gut agrees. Given our Neanderthal offensive philosophy and the fact we have no shut-down corner, it would be a waste to draft a wide receiver with our first pick. He might hardly see the field in 2014, whereas Gilbert might start right away.

    1. We’d have to move into the top 15, at least, to grab Gilbert. I’m not sure a team drafting that high would want to trade picks with us and miss out on drafting one of 20 or so of the best players available.

      1. I’m not sure either, of course, but it’s happened before. A struggling team would need the additional picks and also be able to save money by not drafting so high.

  7. Something to keep in mind:

    The 49ers have done a good job so far in FA plugging immediate holes. They no longer have what you would term an immediate need for starters or high snap count roles heading into the 2014 season, barring injury. However, for 2015 they currently have 2 CBs under contract (Brock and Morris) and 2 WRs under contract (Boldin and Patton). The 49ers will likely be drafting 2 players at each position, and I would be shocked if they didn’t take a CB and WR with 2 of their first 3 picks.

    1. I agree with u scooter. I also like Steve idea. If we can move up and somehow get Gilbert in first round. And 2erd round get. Jordan Matthews or pick up Allen robinson and Davante Adams in the later 2erd round ,early 3erd rounds . And grab our center of the future by moving up in the 4th rd. Whats the need having all those other picks for they will be riding the beach. We need guys on the field .not in Street clothes. Holding clip boards

    2. Scooter I agree. Two areas that are thin and needy. But what if a Nix at nose should fall to them. I think need (CB and WR) are omnipresent but Best Available trumps.

      1. Dorsey, Williams, Dial and Jerod-Eddie are fine to cover the NT spot. No need to spend a 1st rounder on a player like Nix that won’t be a 3-down player. I’m definitely fine with taking a DT/DE though, to strengthen the rotation. The 49ers D is reliant on a stout run D and good pass rush, and any DL that solidifies both I’m all for.

  8. offense struggled last year, not defense. even with a “below average” secondary we did fine. wr is the boggest need. move up to take either cooks, Benjamin, or evans. hell, lee might even drop to us. look what happened to allen last year because he was injured during the year.

  9. I’d say a trade down first, but if they are sitting there at #30 they’ll likely take a DL who has fallen due to a run on WR’s and CB’s.

    If they stay at 30 and pick a CB, I think it’s one of: Verrett, Roby or Fuller.

    1. Trading down does not seem likely with the top talent this year and fact that they need game changers rather than filling lots of holes like the Raiders. But still is possible if they are not happy with players at 30 and more importantly the deal is just too good to pass on.

  10. I hope for a trade up and a huge un-Baalke like move to get Mike Evans but as George said “our Neanderthal offensive philosophy” wouldn’t utilize him anyway.

    That being the case lets load up the secondary!

    1. If this draft is as deep in defensive backs as people say, this could be the start of our defense becoming smothering. I hope they do, as you put it, “load up the secondary.”

    1. Harbs needs to lock Roman in a closet for a week this offseason until he comes up with several sweeps to the right side so Iupati/Miller/McDonald get some nice shots at Mr. 25.

  11. If the 49ers pick-up a good free agent WR then they could trade back and draft a cornerback in the second round. This move will also bring extra draft picks for 2015.

    1. I don’t really see any FA WRs that fit our need. We have 2 of the best possession WR’s in the game, and are in need of a deep threat. Are you seeing any receivers who fit that bill?

  12. My gut tells me that we’ll grab a WR. I think he’ll move up the board too, definitely in the 1st round, but maybe in the 2nd round too to grab a CB. It would only make sense to grab a long term solution at WR. Boldin won’t be around much longer, so we need to grab a guy that can play opposite Crabtree. Plus it would give us 3 high quality WRs long term.

  13. My gut says that they very publicly met with Brandin Cooks so they want someone else to pick him. That tells me it will be a Wide Receiver other than Cooks. I don’t think that, with this deep draft, they will trade up. They will want future starters with their 1st, two seconds and two thirds to keep the cap space down for the big contracts to Kaep and Aldon. I’m hoping Kelvin Benjamin falls. Red Zone Weapon.

    1. My gut tells me the 49ers like Cooks, but he will get picked before the Niners pick.

      That’s probably why the 49ers went to Robert Herron’s pro day today.

      1. Respectfully disagree. If they liked him they would avoid him, just like they avoided Eric Reid. My gut tells me they feel snake bit about drafting short receivers like A.J and Kyle Williams. Although, personally I think that Cooks strength makes up for his lack of height, I don’t think this is what Balke is thinking.

            1. 30
              WR BRANDIN COOKS
              OREGON STATE
              WR KELVIN BENJAMIN
              FLORIDA STATE
              RB CARLOS HYDE
              OHIO STATE
              BOISE STATE
              C TYLER LARSEN
              UTAH STATE
              TE XAVIER GRIMBLE
              S DEZMEN SOUTHWARD
              OT JUSTIN BRITT
              K CAIRO SANTOS

              1. I’d be very happy with that razor. Lots of good value in there.

                Kudos on the Dezmen Southward pick too. That’s a size/ speed/ athleticism combo that is sure to tempt Baalke.

              2. imo with pick 220 or 222 I’d go after the LG out of UTAH. Jeremiah Tofaeono #76. could possibly swing him over to C as well. Was a team captain for the Utes, so he has little bit of leadership qualities! A pulling guard reminds me a bit of the Samoan Bulldozer we have on our team Mike Iupati! seen a nice YouTube video on him.

      2. Its been Baalke’s style to “reach” (trade up or stand pat) to fill the primary need in the first. Once the targeted player is secure, wait for to fall BPAs later.

        I Baalke likes Cooks, I would not be surprised if Baalke chucked a 3rd rounder to secure Cooks at a “reach” spot in the top 20-26 range.

        Some think if there is a first round receiver “run”, Baalke will grab BPA and secure a WR on day two.

        1. Sorry about that. What happened to my grammar? I blame it on a difficult childhood (and editing errors).

  14. I think we resign Brown…

    As for the draft I think it will be fluid. I think they will trade up if the value is there… so if someone slips to a reasonable spot, they will grab that value. I agree it will be a WR or CB. I am leaning to WR b/c CK will get paid and you can’t do him like you did Flacco… give money and no talent around to throw to…I’m thinking future…

    I don’t expect Crabs back next year. Boldin should really be a third option, that make 1-2 key first downs a game and blows up a few games a year b/c teams forget about him and don’t adjust. I wonder if we sign a value vet, and draft two WRs.

    Camp Class 2014:
    Value vet
    Rookie1 (rounds 1-2)
    Rookie2 (rounds 3-5)
    Unsigned Rookie (someone who should of been drafted but TB was eyeing as a sleeper)
    Perhaps Osgood if we don’t overpay

  15. My only guess is that Baalke will be predictably unpredictable.

    I did read on ESPN today that Kiper, in his latest mock, has the 49ers taking Klye Fuller (CB) at 30. Bill Williamson, who writes the 49ers blog for ESPN, suggests Davante Adams (WR) at 30. (http://espn.go.com/blog/san-francisco-49ers/post/_/id/5774/analyzing-kiper-3-0-49ers).

    Fuller strikes me as a bit of a reach, but so does Adams. Don’t get me wrong – I like Adams. I think he would be a great replacement for Crabtree if Crabtree leaves, but I do not see him going first round in this draft.

    Furthermore, with respect to the 49ers, Adams’ measurable are not significantly different than the WRs currently on the roster:

    Adams – 6’1”, 212lbs, 4.56 40, 32 5/8” arms, 9’hands
    Patton – 6’0”, 204lbs, 4.53 40, 32 7/8” arms, 9 3/8” hands
    Crabtree – 6’1”, 215lbs, 4.54 (unofficial) 40, 34 1/4” arms, 9 1/4″ hands
    Blodin – 6’1”, 220lbs, 4.72 40 (I cannot find arm length or hand size)

    Adams might be a bit more explosive than Patton or Crabtree, and he certainly is faster and more explosive than Boldin, but he really does not give the 49ers a different type of receiver than the three they have now. Also, playing against horrible Mountain West defenses may have helped his numbers in college, so that needs to be considered as well.

    I will say, though, that I have always liked the way Adams plays, and I think he will be a good NFL receiver. I was surprised that his arms are not longer — he always seemed to be snatching Derek Carr’s high throws away from defenders — but they may have had something to do with the CBs in the Mountain West.

    1. I forgot to include that Davante Adams had one of the best vertical jumps at the combine — 39.5″. That does separate him from Crabtree, Patton and Boldin.

  16. Cardinals agreed to terms with WR/KR Ted Ginn, formerly of the Panthers, on a three-year contract. I guess we get to face our old deep ball threat twice a year now.

    1. Unfortunately, Arizona has had a sneaky good FA period.

      Along the O-line, they sign a top-flight LT, they get an upgrade at RG in Larson, plus they’ll get back their injured 1st-rounder from last year to play LG.

      RB Dwyer ran hard for the Steelers last year, and will take over short-yardage duties in his rotation with Ellington.

      Ginn improves their 30th ranked kick return game and gives them a mediocre deep threat who is reaching his prime.

      And they still have a little money to spend…

      1. True that, but the Cards had the cap room to do it.
        Niners did not and also have MO of going for a few bargains during costly free agent period to make sure they still have cap room to pay those impending rookie contracts and any gems that get cut during trim down to final rosters. That is where holes are filled and deals are found.
        Cards might just run the table a bit too early and come up short.

  17. I think Baalke goes BPA. I don’t think he stays still though. He’s either going to move up or back. There is no clear need going into the draft, which it is ideal. I think he rides the draft and watches his board. If there is the chance to move up and grab the player he wants without overspending, I think he does it. If not, he stays put or moves back. I know the draft value chart has no meaning, but he usually “wins” on those points.

    1. Hmmm I think so too. However, if the lame Lambs select Sammy Watkins at 2, then the Niners will adjust to go top for a trade for a top 2 CB, at any cost.

  18. walter thurmond III ~
    “Great visit with Gus and the Jaguars Organization, some good people. They’re headed in the right direction. Now off to San Fran.”

              1. I have no idea at this point. Things will clear up a bit in about a month. Until then we are shooting in the dark.

        1. From PFF,

          “Among CBs with 200 coverage snaps in slot in 2013, Walter Thurmond ranked 5th allowing 0.85 yards per snap, and 7th allowing 69.5 QB rating.”

      1. Not particularly big…not particularly strong…not particularly fast…sooooooooo…(shrugs shoulders)…

  19. I encourage you guys to watch tape of Gilbert. Not a sticky coverage guy like Verrett.

    As for WRs, I like both Benjamin and Cooks. Not sure we have to move that much to get one, as it’s rare for a 1st round to have that many WRs taken. Obviously Watkins and Evans will go pretty early. And who knows where Lee goes at this point.

    1. But he improves with time and demonstrates a skill set that can only keep him getting better. In addition he has a good work ethic. Big upside on this guy. That is why he will go early — probably Detroit at 10. Then we look to BPA.

  20. My gut tells me Brown comes back and they go WR in the draft. And I think they trade up to get him.
    I was hoping for Revis. And I’m hoping for browner. If none of those three happen then ill say CB and they will trade up to get him. Basically my guy is tellin me they trade up in a big way this year.

    1. If we sign Browner as a starter, we’d really have to commit to full-time press coverage. He’s a liability off the ball.

  21. So what is the possibility of shopping Iupati this off season considering we can’t sign him to an extension? Call Mckenzie and ask for next year’s 1st and a third this year? What do you think?

  22. I feel like we as fans have been asking “WR or CB with the first pick?” nearly every draft since 2006. Only twice has it gone that way (both WRs, no CBs in round one).

    I’m going to guess it’s neither. It’s going to be completely surprising, it won’t be at pick #30 (I expect lots of movement throughout the draft) and we will then spend at least a year arguing over it.

  23. I like Fuller at 30 I can get with that good size instinct with Donatello’s (that’s what I call him because he is a secondary artist) hell be a beast. If we go cb itll prob be for nickel and I think roby is best suited but im good on Fuller. I would love to take Jordan Matthews with 30 though.

  24. In one sense its always BPA. You can look at a draft and make some guesses of who goes where and who might be there, but you need options. The year they drafted Vernon they didn’t know if they’d get him or AJ Hawk depending on GB. Oh, and then one year Crabtree fell to them. It just depends.
    If the right guy falls within a predetermined range, they make a pitch to go up and get him.
    In THIS draft, I’d guess there are a couple more WRs than CBs they value highly in the 1st round, but they’re not locked-in.

  25. He could trade up for Evans with the Giants at 12, and still get a very good corner in Breeland with his late second round pick…..

  26. Looking 2014 and down the line…

    Most WR take a year to develop to play at the NFL scheme level – especially with the Niners heavy WR blocking schemes.

    Crabs will be gone in 2015 and/or the Niners need leverage to resign him. Boldin will be gone in 2016 and/or maybe 2015 depending on production vs. cost. And who the hell knows about Patton or Baldwin – they ain’t seen much turf time yet.

    The Niners can’t invest at $6M+ Boldin and Crabs at $12M (yes, he will go for the $$$) in 2015. Too much $$$ for the WR group. Got to turnover Crabs and Boldin into younger cheaper WRs, while paying for Kap.

    SO, given the above facts (well IMHOs)

    The Niners should draft two WRs now. One top talent red-zone killer and one field stretching, speed merchant. I say 2 of the first 3 picks. Provided they do an AJ, they should find solid talent for Boldin to tutor and Kap to grow up with by 2015/16. While keeping the budget in line. And picking talent specifically to line up against the Seahens.

    Yes, they should choose CBs. Ideally one in the top three picks and one or two in the late rounds. Got to get a pool of CBs and see who breaks out.

    They will have next year for a stud DL. RMac and Cowboy plus the rooks and backups can rotate the DL and stay fresh enough as a unit to compete through 2015/16.

  27. Thurmond III visiting the niners. I say we sign. Good size and experience covering the slot.

    Baalke’s drafting a big reciever.

    1. I hope we get at least one big experienced DB in free agency. There are too many good ones to watch them go by and draft a young guy.

  28. Did Antonio Cromartie sign anywhere? I know he is 30 but in an era of “big CB with long arms” he fits the bill and played damn well the past 3 years. Maybe in a few days if no one bites we can snag him on a friendly 1 or 2 yr deal

  29. AdamSchefter

    “Patriots free-agent WR Julian Edelman is scheduled to visit the 49ers on Friday, per source. SF also interested in Giants WR Hakeem Nicks.”

      1. I’d definitely prefer they go the draft route for a WR. If they did sign Edelman of Nicks, it could make for a very interesting draft of purely BPA.

        Would they look at trading Crabtree if they got Nicks?

        1. Nicks is more injury prone than Crabtree. I don’t think the Niners would want to rely on Nicks as a starter.

          If Nicks or Edelman signs with the Niners, I presume it will be a cheap, one-year contract.

          1. Boldin, Crabtree and Nicks would form one of the slowest WR trios the NFL has ever seen… all good WRs in their own right, but too much of the same for my liking. I don’t really see the point of having all 3 of them.

          2. Edleman makes more sense. He’s the second receiver they’ve shown an interest in this offseason that is also a return man.

              1. Edelman has averaged 12.3 yards a return plus three TDs over the last five seasons. James averaged 10.9 yards last season.

        2. I think they would Razor because both Edelman or Nicks could be cheaper than what Crabtree is currently getting.

    1. Sweet! Don’t let Edelman leave without signing a contract. And this doesn’t mean that the team can’t still grab a WR or two during the draft.

        1. James hasn’t earned any playing time while Edelman would be an instant contributor (just as long as Kaep looks hs way.

  30. For the people who use their cell phones, is there a link I’m missing that allows you to skip straight to the bottom.

      1. I hope we don’t get Nicks….It seems we get a banged up receiver every year
        this is a train wreck waiting to happen with an injury prone receiver.

  31. I think a lot of decisions will come during the draft that first day depending on players climbing or falling. The right BPA falls and the 49ers may make a move up — say in the late teens or early twenties. But if that doesn’t happen, they will either stand pat or trade back a bit to a team wanting to get back into the 1st round and still be able to grab players on their board they have high grades on.

    Do any of you think they would draft Eric Ebron if he fell to #30?

  32. Despite all of Walsh’s wizardry, all of Montana’s talent, all of Craig’s high stepping and all of Rathman’s toughness… the Bears 46 defense frustrated the 49ers.

    Then came Jerry Rice. Jerry pierced the 46 like a dagger. Jerry was the missing element. Jerry killed the bear. Jerry changed everything.

    There is a picture on my mind. I can’t shake it. It’s a first and ten photo of Seattle’s defense stacking 10 players close to the line. Only a single safety off the line. Its not the 46, but the “we dare you to throw over us” idea is the same.

    To get that sixth Lombardi the 49ers MUST get a top level WR. Not just a solid “number one”, but a real weapon. In your gut, do you honestly think your draft crush will be a dagger in the heart of Seattle’s 10-in-the-box scheme?

    I’m usually against selling the store to trade up. The new rookie cap makes year 1-4 players essential for overall cap management, so smart teams covet those 2nd-5th rounders. Also, this is a “deep” draft with talent to be had well into day two. But if the 49ers can’t kill 10-in-the-box, they won’t win the Super Bowl. Period.

    Depending on how the top of the draft falls (and what the 49ers do in free agency), I’d make offers to trade up for Watkins. The answer might be “no”, but teams like Oakland are in desperate need of multiple picks.

    But that won’t likely happen, so with the 30th pick (or within reasonable trade up distance) I’d go…

    - Receiver if the “run” on them is light, leaving choice pass catchers available at #30

    - BPA if the run on receivers is so heavy it bumps fantastic players down to #30. Grab Donte Moncrief later.

    - Another receiver on day two. If the 49ers drafted a big WR day one, then a quick WR on day two (or visa-versa)

    1. Hate to steal your thunder on this one, but the Giants soft cover 2 gave Walsh more fits than any other D in the 80s. It’s very simple, the 49ers need at least 2 CBs, 1 S, and 1 or 2 WR on rookie deals out of this draft. Otherwise their cap becomes unworkable very quickly. The rest is gravy, so to speak.

    2. Couldn’t agree more. Moncrief is a stud, by the way. He moves like Cordarelle Patterson, and has decent hands. Jordan Matthews is also legit – he’ll be a solid #2 in the NFL right away. Cooks takes the lid off – he’s someone who requires safety help over the top – but he won’t win jump balls… Benjamin is basically the exact opposite – he’ll rarely create separation but will dominate CBs on jump balls.

      For Kap, he needs a guy like Benjamin as an outlet. If his first two reads aren’t open, knowing that he has the jump ball as an option (assuming the safety isn’t there) would provide a much needed third option that doesn’t require great field vision. Benjamin also fits the mold of a bully at WR to support the run game. Dude is as big as the top TE, Ebron.

      1. Don’t Bolden and Crab already provide the same type of outlet? Big, strong WRs Kaep can throw the ball too even when they are covered? Why would he need a third guy to provide exactly the same type of skill set?

        The 49ers need a WR that can clear out the safeties from the box to open up more running lanes and create some room on underneath routes to Bolden and Crabtree. I don’t see much value in another big-bodied WR that Kaep can lob contested balls up for.

  33. I think they go CB in the draft…patton showed a lot of spark last year and would work well with Boldin amd Crabtree…i dnt think its the wide receivers that have been a problem in the past, i think its more Greg Romans passing system..the guy can run the ball great but his passing playbook is dedicated to matchups and one target…i think our wode receiver combination is great right now i wouldnt mind edelmen in the slot, but as far as the draft i would go CB forsure…do any of u guys remember jacobs from the practice squad?? He showed some talent last pre season…i wouldnt count him out.

    1. AJ just might be a steal for KC. He was getting more play as the year went on. Guy we got in return was a total bust.

      1. respectfully disagree – Baldwin had few opportunities, and actually made a few beautiful leaping, contested sideline catches, only with half a foot out of bounds. He has all the ability in the world, and could probably provide a servicable outside target. I’d prefer the promise and greater size of Benjamin, but Baldwin is no cupcake, and provides a different skill set. Jenkins got beat out by Patton, so he added no value as #4 WR w/ no special teams ability.

  34. You ca’nt make any accurate predictions untill the FA signing period is over. One thing for sure if the 9ers sign Edleman they wont be drafting a wr with their 1st pick and if they sign Thurmond they wo’nt be drafting a CB with their 1st. If they dont sign either a WR or a CB i think they will draft Verrett at #30. If Grants predicted “run” on WR’s happens in the 1st rd its possible we pick BPA and shock the world

  35. Edelman is going to want serious money.
    Does anyone think Ballke is going to pay this kid big to return punts and be hardly-used, 3rd WR???
    Also, his stats as a WR ARE somewhat inflated…I mean, he had Brady throwing to him.
    Just saying…
    Oh, and a big N-O on Nicks.
    What about James Jones on a short, cap-friendly contract?

  36. I love it when trolls get brave whilst hiding behind their monitors from the comfort of their Mom’s basement.
    We got you Iggy!

  37. CB Chris Cook signed with the 49ers KNBR just reported.

    I don’t know much about him. I have heard he has great physical tools but they have yet to translate to on field performance. I wonder what the terms are.

    1. The fact that he doesn’t have an interception is concerning to me. But I’d prefer him to make solid tackles instead of giving up the big play. But he also gave up a lot of touchdowns.

  38. Yes, we should bundle some picks and trade up. We’ll need to cut from the roster as it is and have a couple of *last* years picks still to hit the field for the first time, so quality trumps quantity and there’s no point in drafting 10 guys who’ll be with other teams by pre-season. Grab Gilbert—who’s the most gifted athlete in the entire draft and the surest bet for a shutdown corner, and who’s also a talented kick returner—and the much underrated Donte Moncrief for WR, anything else is gravy. We can probably get a great deal on a medical redshirt again, like CB Aaron Colvin (should be avail in 6th or 7th).

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