Chip Kelly on Colin Kaepernick’s weight: “Whatever you want him at, I’ll tell him that’s what he can be.”

This is the transcript of Chip Kelly’s Monday conference call from Orlando.

Q: Do you have any update on Shayne Skov’s injury?

KELLY: No, we don’t. I know he’s gone to get an MRI. He’s not back yet.

Q: OK.

KELLY: Or, I think he may be back, but we don’t have the information back yet.

Q: Obviously, winning the game takes precedence over everything, but are you encouraged by the way you were able to move the ball against the Dolphins?

KELLY: Yeah, but even more than that I’m just disappointed in how we really hurt ourselves in that game. On the drives that we’re stopped, all but one of them were our fault. We had the fumble in the red zone, and then a couple times some penalties put us back, put us in some long-yardage situations so it was tough to get out of those. But, I thought the offense did a nice job. Just wish with 475 yards of offense you could have more than 24 points.

Q: What kind of progress have you seen from Colin Kaepernick?

KELLY: Like I said yesterday, he’s just got more experience. He played starting the Buffalo game. It’s natural for anybody the first time playing in our system, our first time getting an opportunity to coach him – he has made a progression from game to game where you see improvement from him, which is what you’re looking for. I think that part of it is positive. I think in all facets – there’s not just one facet…It’s in everything – his pocket presence, his accuracy, his understanding and knowledge of protections and all that stuff. I think he has improved since the Buffalo game.

Q: From a physical standpoint, you had said back in August and September that you still hadn’t seen the 2012, 2013 version of Kaepernick. Does he look now like the guy that you watched on the T.V. those years?

KELLY: No, he’s still not where he was. I think back then, he was between 225 and 230 pounds. I don’t think he’s near that now. So, no to that answer.

Q: Is it possible that he never gets to that level and he can function well at a new weight?

KELLY: I don’t know. I’m not concerned about that right now.

Q: He got hit pretty hard on that last tackle. Did he suffer any injuries to his legs the way they buckled, or maybe upper body?

KELLY: No. He wasn’t on any injury list today. So, no, from what I understand.

Q: The run defense was an issue for many weeks, but they played really well yesterday. Was that the most positive thing you saw from the defense yesterday, and what’s the most concerning aspect of your defense going forward?

KELLY: I thought our run defense played well yesterday. When you hold (Jay) Ajayi to 45 yards, one of the premier backs coming in, I think our guys did a good job. I thought they tackled well, by and large. But on the negative side, some of the pass-coverage stuff, we’ve got to do a better job just contesting balls. There were guys there, but we need to make a play on the ball when it’s in the air.

Q: What have you seen from the pass rush? Obviously you’ve played without Aaron Lynch for eight games, but did you expect more from those guys stepping in?

KELLY: No, we got what we expected out of those guys.

Q: Are you satisfied with the pass rush?

KELLY: I think we’re getting good effort from the guys that we have.

Q: About what time did you guys get into Orlando last night, and how is everybody settling in? And what’s the scene like there for you?

KELLY: Umm…what time did we get in. I have…I dunno. Eight? Nine? Something like that? Everything in the hotel is great. Great setup. It’s just like a normal Monday for us.

Q: One more Kaepernick-weight question. Do you want him to get back to 225, 230? I mean, is that…

KELLY: Whatever you want him at, I’ll tell him that’s what he can be at. I’m good with his weight right now. He’s not going to gain 35 pounds or whatever he needs to gain that quickly. We keep getting that question. I’m not concerned about his weight. I mentioned it at the beginning just to say where he was physically. But, I’m not really concerned about his weight.

Q: How do you feel about the way Rod Streater stepped in and played in Quinton Patton’s absence?

KELLY: I thought Streat did a real nice job. He does a good job after the catch and has been playing really well for us on special teams. So, we were happy with the way Streater played.

Q: You guys have gained almost 500 yards in two of the past four games. Is that related to Colin, is everyone getting on the same page, understanding a new offense, or what do you attribute those pretty healthy numbers to?

KELLY: Nah, I just think our guys are doing a better job and doing the things that we need to do to execute offensively in this league. It was only Colin’s sixth start in this system. It’s good to get a healthy Carlos – he’s been banged up since the Buffalo game a little bit. I think against the Patriots he was healthy, and in this game he was really healthy. We’ve been fortunate with our health in the offensive line. Really everybody that was available to us on the offensive line was there. And I think they played hard.

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  1. Kaepernick’s improved pocket presence was one of the first things that jumped out to me. There’s no denying it, but it’s the consistency that hasn’t manifested itself as of yet. To me, Kaepernick looks like he’s about 215 pounds….

  2. No questions about the lack of urgency when they were ten points down and there was five minutes left in the game? The softball press corp strikes again. Yea Skov’s injury would be at the top of my questions list. SMH.

        1. He is definitely picking up his urgency in the political battle with Balke. That’s why I believe he will stay. Balke gets the boot.

    1. There are a few of them in there for sure. The self preservation battle is well under way. Shouldn’t be long until the Kelly is losing the Locker room and isn’t using the players properly whispers start to come up on a daily basis.

          1. Seems that way. And that’s what Jason Cole reported, for what it’s worth. And that’s why I think Kelly would be more than happy to go back to Oregon.

            1. If Kelly does leave for a College job, I can see Jed letting Baalke escape the noose again to hire that 30ish HC you were referencing earlier. It would be only fitting with the way they’ve done things around here.

            2. Grant–

              With respect to Baalke and his body of work i.e., players and coaches–have you ever seen anything like this in all of sports?
              Closest i can come to is the mgmt. of the big three automakers some years ago………………

            1. He gets a little angry when the name Gabbert or Smith comes up, along with a few others in here. We should take up a collection for a case of snickers…;>)

              1. The best offense for old wind up: Arena League!

                Take Osweiler too! Point is, there’s not enough good quarterbacks out there. You guys got any up there? Maybe we can do a trade….

              2. Rebuild, he does not need defending. He knows what he is talking about. You and Seb have this uncanny love affair with a QB who has shown a few flashes here and there and pretend he is something special.

              3. Being on the other side of the Kaep/Gabbert divide, Jack was holding his jock strap, citing how horribly Kaep played last season, and how much better Gabbert was, especially in the leadership department.

                Prime’s unbridled hate for Kaep made Gabbert to be way superior and the only choice for starter. Prime declares Kaep is only good for the Arena league. I am surprised he did not mention the CFL, which he likes more than the NFL.

              4. Prime, the only love affair happening in this blog is your’re past and present interactions with Seb that has lasted almost a year. Your wives would leave you guys if they saw how much attention you guys pay to each other.

              5. Gabbert didn’t “win” anything. He was anoited by Baalke. That “competition” against a quarterback already behind the eight ball due to 3 offseason surgeries was merely a formality….

              6. Win/Anoint, whatever. I said he’d be the opening day starter. He was. Get over it.

                Kaepernick’s last 16 starts, 3 wins.

                Gabbert’s last 13 starts, 4 wins.

                Kaeptain Flash is a highlight machine without the results.

              7. Jack conveniently uses stats to bolster his case.

                Maybe it is more illustrative to point out over all records.

                Kaep- 31-28 with a 4-2 playoff record.

                Gabbert- 9-31 and never sniffed the playoffs.

              8. Probably not. In the realm is NFL QB’s these guys are both far below average.

                We are debating two of the worst QB’s in the league.

              9. Over the last 2 years Gabbert has more wins with the same team as Kapernick.

                Kaepernick had a tremendous start to his career, but is 10-20 in his last 30 starts, including 3-13 in his last 16.

              10. Perhaps. Doesn’t change the fact that these guys are in that bottom feeder category.

                If you guys want to cheer for a guy with a .333 win percentage over his last 2 years and be excited about almost winning be my guests.

              11. Jack, if they clean house and open up the doors and windows to air out the stench, then I would get excited. That’s what I said I believed needed to be done, and I haven’t changed my mind….

              12. Jack, maybe you have not noticed, but Kaep had success early on, but Baalke systematically dismantled that team, and was incompetent to find talented replacements. Both QBs did not do well with no supporting cast, so to blame Kaep solely for his losses totally ignores the fact that he did well with good players surrounding him.

                The fact that Kaep generated over 400 yards of offense the last 2 games means that he is not as horrible as you want him to be.

              13. Hmm, I forget who was the one who was touting Driskel. Might have been Mid…..

                Nope. I thought the team should have kept and developed him, but I never touted the guy once.

              14. “Kaep generated over 400 yards of offense the last 2 games”

                That’s false.

                And again, the yards are meaningless if they don’t generate points. And over the past 6 games the 49ers are averaging fewer points.

                There’s been no improvement where it matters, the scoreboard.

              15. TK excerpt I found humorous:

                For instance, if I was an owner with a GM who told me that Blaine Gabbert was the team’s best QB when that clearly was not true, I’d fire that GM on the spot; yet that is pretty much what I believe Baalke has been arguing since the start of last offseason.

                Oh, and if that GM and his subordinates then campaigned for Christian Ponder, I’d fire everybody involved. Yet that ridiculousness happened just a few weeks ago.

                You just gotta laugh….

              16. I thought Gabert should start and had no problem saying it. I also thought he needed to be benched because the coaches had to seem to be trying.
                I still don’t see much difference in their play… when considering their opponents and production.
                This just shows how terrible our QB’s are… but don’t worry the next Andrew Luck is in this draft… ohhh wait:(:(:(

              1. RAW

                What a pack of old women….what a gossip-fest….I’m with you Jack, though that won’t make any difference to this bunch of’ “” Ï told you so”‘ experts…make that Jackasses…like pirannha in the school hoping not to bleed in front of the others…..

          1. “It’s not. I stated that he’d played better in 2015 and would win the job. Which he did.” Hammer

            Gabbert didn’t win the job, Kap was awful in 2015 and lost the job by default. The fact that Kap won the job back this season only shows the futility that has become the 49ers QB position.

            1. You’re splitting hairs. I said he’d be the starter opening day and he was.

              Your logic is a little flawed however. If Gabbert only took over the job because Kaepernick was awful in 2015, then Kaepernick did not win it back. He simply took over because Gabbert lost the job by default.

              1. Good point Jack, Gabbert also lost the job by default, but the debate between Gab and Kap is made with a thin line. They both suck, but for the time being it looks like Kap will hold down job until our next QB is ready.

                Trubisky (1st rd) my personal best QB but will be chosen by Cleveland if they continue to lose.

                Kizer (1st rd) may slip out of top 10 because he’s had some inaccuracy issues this season.

                Watson (2nd rd) he could actually blossom in this offense.

                Mahomes (late 2nd to early 3rd) I like this guy. He is similar to Watson’ style of play but has better size and is more accurate.

                Kaaya (late 3rd – 4th rd) Kaaya has some good QB skills but I would be concerned about his size/weight.

                Prime put it best – there is no Andrew Luck (high-end) QB’ coming out this year. All we can hope for is that one of these QB’s (if drafted) can be a Russell Wilson, Zak Prescott type that plays better at a NFL level.

        1. Yes. He mostly has been terrible in the second half of games, and his yards-per-attempt average is lower than it ever was under Harbaugh.

    1. Seb-

      You think along the same lines as a cult member. It’s been so long since you’ve seen someone who has shown consistent promise as QB for the team, your wasting your life/energy on Kaep/Gabbert?????????

      That rookie QB for Denver looks miles better than what we have. Throws a Joe-type ball………….not a Kap ball.

  3. Colin Kaepernick 2016 splits
    1st half: 71.9 comp%, 7/2 TD-INT, 9.9 ypa, 121.4 QB rat
    2nd half: 44.8 comp%, 3-1 TD-INT, 5.0 ypa, 65.1 QB rat

    1. Chip Kelly needs to look in the mirror and see the reflection of inept halftime adjustments staring at him right in the face….

      1. Razor, I did see adjustments, at least. Before, the lack of adjustments were maddening.

        They did abandon the running game. I wished they would have stayed more balanced, but being behind kinda forced their hand.

        I fully agree that the hurry up offense was slow and inept.

    2. Yeah Kap’s been awful in the second half for the most part. Yesterday was the first time his second half play was in the same neighborhood as the first half.

  4. Kaps is definitely improving.Just watch the film,forget the name.will he keep improving?will it be enough to stay relevant?these I have no clue but I’m willing to stay tuned see how he finishes year.the d is weak,put D. johnson in there,damn Bethea is slow play ward or D johnson try something.

  5. I wonder, is Chip really throwing Baalke under the bus, or is he more outlining the team had a loooong way to go talent wise even before he got here, and one offseason isn’t sufficient to fix all the problems?

    I only ask because it seems odd for Baalke to say where the team is at is on him a couple of weeks back if he felt Chip was throwing him under the bus. I suspect both guys may actually be more in lockstep than we want to believe.

      1. Heck, they should just build a brand new stadium at Candlestick, and let the Raiders take over Levi’s

        Bet the Raiders fans would like that more than them moving to Vegas.

  6. Doug Williams said his receivers didn’t care how the ball got there, they just caught it. They’d always tell him, “get it to me soon, so I can make a move”….

    1. Cassie, that reminds me. Did you see how Miami rolled out Tannehill? I wonder why the Niners could not do the same thing with Kaep. Obviously, their goal was to contain Kaep in the pocket. Niners should not let the defense shape them.

    1. Best part: “Beyond the box score, he was making plays in clutch situations late in the game. Aside from the final play…”

    2. “his combination of speed and arm strength can still combine for a decent game every now and then”

      Perfect commentary for an inconsistent player.

  7. “You guys have gained almost 500 yards in two of the past four games. ”

    I didn’t realize it was this much. To me this seems to indicate some hope for Kelly’s system. It certainly muddies the waters as to whether or not it is the system or players. Also, Kelly seems to be taking no responsibility for the defense. With a stronger 49er defense……

    It will be interesting to see if his offense can rack up yardage against the Seahawks. If it can, whether we win or lose, it will seem to me that he may be adjusting his system for more success in the NFL. To be determined……

  8. “….He does a good job after the catch and has been playing really well for us on special teams. So, we were happy with the way Streater played….”

    a veiled shot at Baalke .. perhaps ?

  9. Just to show that it’s not personal I’m here to say that the last play of the game was not on Kaepernick. Aside from not being built like Ben Roethlisberger I’m not sure there was anything Colin could have done with that play to make it successful.

    First, the primary breakdown came from the player our awesome GM traded up to draft. Garnett’s inability to even momentarily contain Suh was the first and most significant cause of that play’s failure. The receivers needed more time to get open, more on that in a second, and Kaepernick was already having to avoid Suh’s rush by the time he finished his drop back. Lazy drop back, yea but long legged QB’s usually do. So yes it didn’t help but it also didn’t contribute to the breakdown.

    Second, this was not a good play call. By the time Colin was being flushed out of the pocket there were 3 receivers all clumped together in the middle of the field and one that was breaking to the left sideline through the end zone. Because none of them can create separation all of them were blanketed. Even the running back coming out of the backfield who should have helped out Garnet with Suh instead of running his pattern ended up right underneath the glom of receivers in the middle and was easily covered when Kaep was scrambling looking for a receiver before getting past the los.

    Third, Vance McDonald must have been looking for his mommy in the stands because as Colin is heading for the goal line instead of turning and blocking somebody he continues running his route towards the end of the end zone. Thanks for helping out Vance.

    If Garnett had pushed Suh outside rather then inside Colin might have been flushed to this left and if so the receivers would have had more of a chance to make a move to get open by moving over to the left side of the end zone where there was more open space.

    As it was, with Vance not helping out by picking up one of the defenders Colin’s only move was to try and run over a couple of defenders and unless you’re Ben Rapistberger who’s almost more linebacker then he is QB build wise few would have made that touchdown.

    1. Actually, as I was reading about the Millennium Tower sinking year by year into the landfill the article appropriate to a discussion of the 49ers.

        1. Baake on the Dolphins Offense: They shorten the game, they do what they need to do offensively, they keep their defense off the field as much as they can.

          Baalke on the 49ers Offense: First of all, we have to run the ball effectively on first and second down. We’ve got to be able to run play-action on first and second-down. We’ve got to get first downs on first- and second-down and not wait until third.

          1. Funny that everybody in the world/NFL knew Kelly ran a fast pace offense that put stress on the defense in Philadelphia for 3 years and yet our great GM didn’t know that before he hired him lol

            1. Festivus will be a huge event this year at the Niners front office. The Airing of the Grievances will be long and detailed. I see both Baalke and Kelley are in training for the Feats of the Strength. Gamble and Jed may have ringside seats and rubbing their hands in anticipation but Mama York in the shadows has her own plans……

    1. Grant your digging for a story when there’s nothing there. What Baalke is really saying or trying to do is make excuses for why he should still be the GM.

    2. Baalke: “I’ve been watching the college games a lot right now. The free agent market, getting that lined up. So we’re spending a lot of time doing that. We’ll have the scouts come in December. There’s a lot of prep work going into the next two, three months after the season ends.”

      Hey Grant it sure doesn’t seem like a guy that’s to worried about his job.

      1. Truth – It’s pretty clear that what is driving us all nuts is Jed is not doing his usual leaking. Everyone (including Baalke) is being kept in the dark. I think Uncle Eddie has been talking to him and there’s going to be a very big surprise in the future. The blog is full of “he can’t to this or that and he won’t do this or that”. Jed is going to shock us all.

    3. 1. Disagreeing with statements from the staff, who claim the alignment on D has been the same all year.
      2. “They shorten the game…” something Kelly obviously doesn’t -and has never- done.
      3. “First of all, we have to run the ball effectively on first and second down. We’ve got to be able to run play-action on first and second-down. We’ve got to get first downs on first- and second-down and not wait until third. We’ve got to stay out of third-and-long situations. Teams tend to heat it up a little, bring a little more pressure at you, we’ve got to do a better job of getting the ball out of our hands quickly when they do.” That whole paragraph is filled with shots at Kelly.

      More importantly, however, Baalke doesn’t seem to fear for his job at all. As evidenced by the following lines:

      “I’ve been watching the college games a lot right now. The free agent market, getting that lined up. So we’re spending a lot of time doing that. We’ll have the scouts come in December. There’s a lot of prep work going into the next two, three months after the season ends.”

      This is bad, bad news.

      1. No, that was more throwing the whole team under the bus, he was not talking scheme, he was talking execution.

        When Baalke declares that the scheme never changed, he is delusional, because it went from allowing 200 rushing yards to allowing Ajayi 45. Something must have changed. Grant points out gap integrity, but Baalke never heard of that term.

        Hmm, getting first downs from first and second down plays is pie in the sky. In the real world, they grind it out all 3 downs to attain 10 yards. Baalke has a -run it on first and second downs to make the third down play easier- type of philosophy. Gotta establish the run, but when teams stack the box, it makes running a whole lot more difficult. Then the team is confronted with third and long.This resulted in 0 for 11 third down conversion rates.

        Get the ball out quickly into the play makers’ hands? No, Baalke was just quoting me.

  10. Can’t wait until we reach the day where I don’t have to think or hear about Baalke, Kelly and Kaepernick… I would include Jed but we’re stuck with the idiot unless Denise suddenly gets a clue. Only Jed York would bring these 3 stooges back next year…

  11. Baalke: We’ve gotten ourselves in situations where we’ve been stressed, especially at the inside linebacker position and it’s cost us some games

    50 million in cap space during free agency before the season started and now he says this smh

    1. Baalke- ‘We are happy with our LBs, that is why we did not pick up a FA or draft an ILB.’

      Now with Ray Ray Armstrong and Bowmen down, the Niners sure could have benefited from a little depth.

      Yes, it cost them games, and I am glad that Baalke is taking all the blame.

  12. Bay Area Sports Guy: Tim Ryan might as well been giving Trent Baalke a massage during this interview.

    Baalke’s mouth piece lol

  13. Every since “gap integrity” was addressed we have been getting torched through the air.

    Ward has been bad or average all season. He is usually a step behind faster WRs and has trouble with taller WRs like Benjamin. If there ever was a time to move him to safety it is now.

    Bethea is finished, Brock has been overrated for years. We will see with Robinson going forward.

    Johnson is … Johnson never sees the field so who knows about him. I don’t know if Johnson simply can’t play or if he has been denied playing time due to inept coaching.

    Hopefully Reid has played his last game as a Niner. A scared S is a liability.

    1. 80, they needed to tighten up those gaps so the opponents cannot run roughshod over the Niners. They needed to have better gap alignments, maintain gap integrity and dominate with gap control. Ajayi had 45 yards, and that gave the Niners a chance to win.

      I totally agree that the DBs need assessments and changes. They should move Ward to safety, replace Bethea with Cromartie, and move Tart to hybrid LB/S.

      Let Johnson play against their tall receiver, and rotate Brock, Robinson and Reaser to keep them fresh.

      I vote for Baalke meddling with the personnel, not inept coaching.

      1. seb,

        I wasn’t complaining about gap integrity. It was a good adjustment by Grant/ O’Neil. I was simply saying that since we got better against the run teams have exposed our secondary for what it is. When teams could gash us the secondary wasn’t tested. That gave the false impression that we were good or at least decent against the pass. Sadly, we just have more holes to fill.

        1. Yep, they sure need better pass rushers, so the DBs are not expected to pass protect all day.

          You are right. They are not playing them in the proper positions, or are not using them correctly. I want to see changes.

  14. Looks like Kelvin Taylor was just released from the practice squad only to be replaced by another RB so there’s another Baalke pick gone…. Surprise!

    1. As a fan, I will give them a pat on the back, because they played like warriors.

      Of course, they should win, but that outcome was way better than being blown out by 19 points.

      The Niners do not need medals, they need rings, and this was a big step in the right direction.


      1. The 49ers allowed and scored almost exactly what their averages are for the year. The excitement over “steps in the right direction” is silly.

        1. Jack, since this team is 1-10, I am grasping at straws. Any good news is welcome. It gives me hope that they have turned the corner, and may actually win a game or two.

          See you still spouting statistics, but I am glad that they have not totally imploded, and with Kaep redeeming himself, there is hope for the future. They can concentrate on using their first picks to shore up the defense, instead of gambling on a hit or miss QB. Even if they continue losing, the 2018 QB draft class may contain that franchise QB of the future.

            1. Jack, in the Seahawk game, it was over before the first quarter ended, Pete Carrol took pity on the Niners and took his foot off the pedal.

              Going from allowing 200 yards rushing to holding Ajayi to 45 yards was excellent news.

              Yes, Kaep failed to score, but he made the Niners relevant again. Miami was breathing a deep sigh of relief at the end of the game, and I was speculating to my son if they should go for two if they scored.

              I will take that any day over being confronted with a 3 score deficit and musing about garbage time.

              1. Who cares. They gave up 31 points which is their average. They were down by 3 scores early in the 4th.

                They slowed down the run, but were burned by the pass instead. They gave up 4 long touchdown drives.

                Kaepernick was mediocre at best until the game got out of hand.

                The 49ers are no where near relevant unless you’re talking about having a terrible record for a high draft slot.

                The bad thing is, they play the Bears this week. Another team that is awful. They may even win, which would prove only that they can beat other awful teams.

              2. A win at this point only hurts us. 1. In keeping this FO together. 2. In draft position. Not just the top pick but picking high in every rnd. This is a must loss situation. Hate to say it but that’s for the best for this franchise.

              3. Naw, losing just begets more losing. They need to win to start a winning culture.
                Walsh wanted to pick last, and he still did well. Cleveland picks near the first every year, and still sucks.

  15. Ruminating about all the roster moves, I am glad that Baalke followed my advice and picked up players from future opponents. Harper was a Patriot, and maybe his intel helped keep the game close until the 4th quarter.

    Chris Jones was a Dolphin, and the Niner D line was stout. Jones played over 20 snaps, so that pickup was a good move.

    Baalke still is being cute, and picked up another ACL player, but at least he is trying. Still, the Niners should poach a couple more players, especially against future opponents. Wish the Niners had picked up the DT the Seahawks waived, because the Niners could have grabbed him over the playoff bound Patriots. He also missed on Christine Michael, because the Niners had second rights with their dismal record. They should have waived Taylor for Michael, but they waived Taylor anyways for another RB.

    I hope Baalke keeps scouring the waiver wire, and poaching players is a good strategy, especially for a desperate 1-10 team.

  16. If Kelly is still HC, what I would like to see in the offseason with FA and draft.

    1. NT – controlled angry, a must
    2. 2 ILB – starters one must be a beast tackler other fast afoot
    3. RB – one who does not dance the jig before running, squares his shoulders and runs downhill, fast, good blocker, good vision, elusive

    4. WR – fast, sure handed, wants the ball, good route runner,
    5. C – been wanting one for three years. Most important O-line position
    6. TE – Seeing the emergence of McDonald I lowered the need.

    LT needs to be addressed
    DB needs to be addressed

    QB. I just don’t see one in the draft or FA or painting his house. As much as I despise the current starting QB on a personal level, I can’t let that personal feeling interfere with what I think about his football acumen – he has none. He will be back for at least another year.

    1. The problem is do you bring back old wind up at 14.5 million? I think that is a terrible idea. Regardless of cap space, he is not an every day NFL starter and should not be paid accordingly.

  17. Niners should look to poach Freddie Bishop LB from the Jets, Josh Keyes from the Falcons, Isaiah Johnson ILB from the Rams and Kenny Lawler WR from the Seahawks.

    Apparently the only round Baalke should be allowed to pick players is the second. Bad enough that we only have 4 of 9 first round picks still one the team with only 3 currently contributing but the failures in the 3rd and 4th round are why this team is so depleted on talent. Out of 18 picks between the third and fourth round there is only ONE starter among them. 18 picks, one starter. Please for the love of God would some reporter please put those numbers to Trent and ask him to explain if he thinks they sound good. 18 picks, one starter between the third and fourth round. Oh and who’s that magical player…Patton.

    I don’t want to hear another peep about Chip until we get a GM in here that doesn’t completely piss away our draft picks.

    1. Trent, you’ve had 18 picks between the third and fourth round since taking over as general manager. Currently between those 18 players taken only one of them, Quinton Patton is a starter for the team. How can a draft and develop team possibly be competitive when you only draft one starter out of 18 players taken in the middle of the draft?

    2. I saw that earlier and was going to post it for the exact same reason. Anyone who tries to defend Baalke – and there have been a few on here – should copy that link and refer to it anytime they feel the need to sing his praises. It’s not only the misses that have killed the team. It’s the fact that there are zero high impact players taken in the first two rounds either. This is a team with a few ok to good players at the top surrounded by backup and borderline NFL caliber talent. He has destroyed this team with poor drafting and FA decisions.

      1. And so how can Jed York possibly let Baalke re-shape his team with potentially the top pick in each round? You are rewarding failure that way.

        Its the same as people saying Kap is getting better. He is not! He is putting up good numbers when the games are out of reach. He still has awful mechanics. Relies on his legs more than his arm. Crumbles drastically late in games, and now we should bring him back to? I’m sorry but none of these 2 failures makes any sense to me!

        1. Any rational Owner would have fired him by now Prime. Unfortunately we have the one owner who is in love with his GM to the point of not caring about the on field product. The only reason you bring back Kap is if you are planning to keep Kelly around for another year and don’t want to draft a QB unworthy of the first pick. While I don’t see Kap as anything other than a place holder, the lack of a Franchise caliber QB in the upcoming draft may force the Niners to wait one more year before going that route.

          1. I think it’s a soild plan if they choose to keep the FO and staff together. I would take out Falk and replace with Mahomes. I’m not impressed with Falk especially for a Chip system. I do think they will target Timmons. At NT I would look at B Williams from the Ravens. In Rnd 1 I would love Garrett but I believe we win a couple pointless games. If we pick at 4-5 I would target Mike Williams. If we pick in top 3 I want either Garrett or Allen. Blue chip talents.

          2. CFC,

            Not great but then look who did the selecting. I don’t agree with everything laid out in Krueger’s plan, but most of it is pretty solid. This roster needs an infusion of talent before it will be in a position to compete on a weekly basis. They can shorten the contention time line with smart FA additions and by taking the top talent available in the draft instead of reaching for need.

            As to Krueger’s ideas, the top talent in this draft is overwhelmingly on the defensive side of the ball so going offense with the first pick is a non starter for me unless they trade down. Maybe a WR or QB in the second, but an ILB is a big need to. I don’t see Falk lasting until round 3, but if he did, I would run to the podium and hand in a card with his name on it. He’s another guy who may return to school though.

            I’m not all that excited with the idea of Kap being the starter for another year, but I don’t see the franchise caliber QB we need in this draft. Trubisky is now getting attention as the #1 guy and he’s started for less than a year. It’s a poor class at the top and taking a QB at #2 if they finish and stay there would be a colossal reach.

            Some of the players he listed as FA signings are questionable due to age or character questions with suspension issues, but there are definitely some good names to go after.

            Draft defense on the surface sounds terrible because they have seemingly done that forever, but in this case I think it’s the way to go, at least with the first round pick.

            The key to all of this is predicated on not letting Baalke run another offseason as a GM.

        1. Sound strategy. Kreuger does have good scouting skills.

          Instead of Alshon Jeffrey, who I think will ask for less to get on a playoff team, I think the Niners should target Michael Floyd, Brian Quick or Cordarrelle Patterson.

        2. They just need to trade back a couple times to stockpile second round picks, and I would follow that blueprint.

          The important thing is to fill all the holes with Free Agents. They did not do that this season, and it shows.

          Also, ditch the ACL strategy because that is like buying a used car that was totaled, but fixed up.

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