Chip Kelly: “I don’t believe the energy is lacking on the defense.”


SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Chip Kelly’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

What is there to glean from what you saw on film after last night’s game?

“I think the course of the game, the point that I talked to the team about, there were too many explosive plays on the defensive side of the ball. And then offensively, we had the ball three times in the red zone and came away with zero points. We fumbled on the one. We had a fumbled on the 10 and then we had a fourth-and-one that we didn’t convert. And against a team like New Orleans that you know is going to score, you almost have to kind of match them and our ability not to stay with them, I think, really hurt us at that point in time.”


It seems like for much of the season it’s kind of been the same stuff, the mistakes on offense, your guy’s turnovers, giving up the big play. How do you change up the message to stay fresh with the players?

“I don’t think the message changes. It is what it is, so you can’t say it’s something different. You can’t fumble the ball on the one-yard line and the 10-yard line and then try to talk about something different. The turnover battle in this league, in college, in high school, or whatever, if you lose the turnover battle it’s about 85-percent that you’re going to lose the football game and that’s where you have to emphasize ball security. We work on it, but we have to continue to understand that as a player that when I’m entrusted with the football I need to make sure at the end of the play I still have the ball. But, those are the plays that when you’re playing a good team, and obviously with [New Orleans Saints QB] Drew Brees as good a quarterback as he is directing that offense, that we can’t go down there three times and not come away with any points at all. If that happens, we don’t have a real good shot at winning that football game.”


ME: 49ers defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil talks about being a relentless defense. Your run defense is not relentless. Why is that?

“I don’t think overall the entire group is playing good as a group. There’s too many big plays that are occurring on the defensive side of the ball in terms of allowing big runs and we’ve got to do a better job of that.”


On the big run that you guys allowed, the 75-yarder, what went wrong?

“We had a blitz coming from the left and not everybody slanted. It was coming from the right actually and not everybody slanted to the left. We had a guy go in the wrong direction up front, so we had an open gap that we shouldn’t have had an open gap in.”


Eight games into this. Just generally, can you point out areas where you think your team has improved through this season?

“I think in certain aspects. I thought if you look at yesterday’s game, I thought our kickoff return did a really good job. Getting [CB] JaCorey Shepard back there I think we averaged, in the three that we returned, we averaged over 30-yards a return in that aspect. Some of the positives from yesterday, I think the big plays on the offensive side of the ball showed up. Things that we need to do to stay in football games. [WR] Quinton Patton I thought had a good game. He had six catches for over 100 yards. [RB] DuJuan Harris in terms of getting his reps and getting in there, I thought really showed up positively. We’ve been really trying to look for that other running back with [RB] Carlos [Hyde] and I think looking at DuJuan’s play yesterday, did a nice job in terms of not only the run, but the pass, had a real good game catching the ball coming out of the backfield, but also did a really nice job I thought running the football and keeping us productive, so we weren’t just a one-dimensional football team. So, I think there’s some positives from those aspects.”


Now that your team is not going to make the playoffs, what are your goals for the rest of the season?

“Our goals are just, it’s a weekly deal. So, we’re looking to, it’s us against Arizona and our matchup with the Arizona Cardinals and trying to win a game this Sunday down there in Arizona. That’s what we talk to them about. We don’t talk about really long-term goals because that stuff will take care of itself. What you need to really take care of is on the weekly basis; who you’re playing against, who you’re matched up with, your preparation in terms of what you’re getting ready to do. It’ll be our second time facing Arizona. They are slightly different. They’ve got a couple guys that are banged up. We have a couple guys that are banged up. So, it’ll be a little bit different game than it was the last time. You expect to see [Arizona Cardinals QB Carson] Palmer instead of [Arizona Cardinals QB Drew] Stanton. So, there’ll be a little bit different attack I think from their standpoint maybe throw the ball a little bit more. Our goal right now is just the Arizona Cardinal game and that’s kind of how we’ll approach this week.”


After the Bye Week, DL Arik Armstead had some time to rest. He still wasn’t able to contribute yesterday. Have you thought about putting him on IR so that he can be prepared for next season?

“There’s no thought. Arik has gone to the doctors today. I meet every Monday with our trainers at 1:30 as I’ve done since the season started. So, we’ll sit down and go over everybody that got injured in the game yesterday and talk about what went on with them and then what is the diagnosis of what they have and what’s the prognosis and how we’re going to handle that.”


Sorry, he’s going to get–?

“They do that every day. I meet with our trainers at 1:30 every Monday after every game or every Friday if we play a Thursday game or on Tuesday if we play a Monday game.”


So, nothing out of the ordinary for him? He’s not getting an MRI or anything–?

“Well, he got hurt. I have no idea what it is. I meet with the trainer at 1:30 and they tell me what went on. But, I know he didn’t finish the game, so he’ll be in for treatment today. Anybody that didn’t, that got hurt in the game the day before always comes in for treatment and then [49ers vice president of football operations Jeff Ferguson] Ferg updates us on the status of everybody at that point in time.”


WR Torrey Smith has been dealing with a back injury over the past couple of weeks. Do you see that manifesting itself in his play?

“Yeah, I think yesterday Torrey was hobbled a little bit and we actually kind of got [WR] Aaron Burbridge and [WR Rod] Streator in there for him, but I think you could tell he was hobbled and couldn’t go. He does have a back and it hasn’t been for a couple weeks. Really this is the first time it’s shown up for us in a game and it did affect him in his play yesterday. That kind of hurt us a little bit losing him as a weapon. It was good that QP and [TE] Vance [McDonald] could step up a little bit in the pass game to kind of offset that loss of Torrey. But, not having Torrey at 100-percent changes things a little bit out there.”


ESPN reporter Adam Schefter reported over the weekend that your representatives are telling any college teams that might be reaching out to you that you’re staying in the NFL, you’re an NFL, you’ll stick it out here. Is that accurate?

“It’s always been accurate. And I don’t have any representatives that are telling anybody anything. I haven’t talked to a college since I’ve been in the NFL and that’s not my goal. My goal is to be the head coach of the 49ers and that’s what I want to do. So, I don’t know why that’s a new, it surprises me that that continues to be a new story. It’s been the same story since I left four years ago. So, I’m not looking to go back and that’s what I’ve always said. So, I don’t know why it’s still a story.”


When you were out briefly this last offseason, was that a decision you made in your head that, ‘I want to be an NFL guy. That’s it.’?

“No. I didn’t have any opportunities at any other level. This is what I looked at when I was out, but there was nothing at that time either. I think when you get done in the NFL season, when we get done in late January, there’s really not any jobs open at the college level. So, I would have taken anything. I would have loved to take a job at a newspaper or media or anything.”


We don’t pay that well though.

“I wasn’t in it for the money. I don’t think you guys are in it for the money. It’s for the love of the profession and the passion that you have for. It would be the same thing for me.”


But, is the NFL where you, that’s the level–?

“Yeah. That’s my job and that’s what I’m here to do and that’s all I’ve ever tried to do. Whatever job I have is that’s the job I want and that’s the job I’m going to do. So, that’s the way I’ve always been. I just don’t know why, I’m surprised it keeps coming up. I don’t know why it keeps coming up.”


Why did you invite Nike chairman and CEO Phil Knight to the game recently?

“Phil’s come to my games in Philly and it wasn’t a story. Phil’s a great friend of mine. So, the fact that a friend of mine came to watch one of my games, when we played the San Francisco 49ers with the Philadelphia Eagles, he came to the game here. That wasn’t a story when I was coaching in Philadelphia. So, I don’t know. I have a lot of friends that come to games, but no one writes stories about them.”


ME: I want to follow up on my question because I don’t think you answered it. Why is the energy in particular lacking on the run defense?

“Yeah, I don’t believe the energy is lacking on the defense. I guess maybe I didn’t understand the question, but I don’t believe the energy is lacking on the defense.”


Then, what is lacking?

“I think execution is lacking on the defensive side of the ball in terms of being able to shut opponents down. We’ve got to do a better job tackling. We’ve got to do a better job when we have a blitz on or we have a slant on, that everybody’s getting to where they’re supposed to be and taking care of their responsibilities.”


This is the middle of the season. Isn’t the job of the coaching staff to by the time have instilled those basics? I mean, I’ve been around football and I know that part of defense is desire, is wanting to do it, and I’m curious at why at about the middle point that desire doesn’t seem to be expressing itself.

“Well, I don’t think it’s a desire. That’s maybe where we differ on your view of it or my view of it. So, I don’t think it’s a desire aspect of it.”


So, is it teaching?

“Is what teaching?”


Is the problem that your coaches are not teaching the players well enough?

“Yeah. I think, obviously our job as coaches is to put our players in positions to make plays and we’re not doing a good enough job of that right now. I’ve said that since anybody’s asked me that question.”


Jim O’Neil was up in the booth this week. Did that work well? Do you think that’s going to continue?

“I think he liked it. We visited, I watched film with the defensive staff this morning, but we haven’t broken down everything. We’ll continue to meet a little bit this afternoon, but that was his decision. He felt that he could see the game a little bit better from up there. So, I agreed with him. I think he felt like he could see the game a little bit better from up there. So, we’ll talk a little bit more during this week to see if that’s how he wants to continue moving forward.”


This team is on pace to allow the second-most yards and second-most points in NFL history. So, when you say, in speaking about the defense, it’s got to be coached better, it’s easy to read that as an indictment of the leader of that defense, Jim O’Neil. What would you say, I guess, in support or as a vote of confidence–?

“Well, I think everybody, there’s not one person that’s in charge. So, it’s not like Jimmy comes around and says, ‘We’re doing this, this, this and this.’ We’re all involved in it. Every coach we have is involved in it. I’m involved in it. Our D-Line coach, our linebacker coach, our secondary coach, Jimmy, our outside linebacker coach, we’re all involved in what goes on on the defensive side of the ball. So, I don’t look at it that way that there’s one person.”


Would you say he’s doing a good job?

“I don’t think any of us are doing a good job on the defensive side of the ball.”


Do you have a theory, do you have a thought about firing assistants midseason? You haven’t done that heretofore in your career. Is there a reason why? Do you think that it just wouldn’t make a difference?

“Yeah, because again, I don’t think there’s one person responsible for what has transpired on the defensive side of the ball. I think there’s all of us have contributed to that.”


Do you anticipate adding CB Will Redmond to the roster tomorrow?

“I have no idea. I’ll meet with [general manager] Trent [Baalke] later on today and we’ll figure out where we are. Again, a lot of it depends on spots available, to who got injured in the game yesterday, what goes on with those guys. So, there’s a lot of moving parts to what goes on in terms of can you add guys to the 53 or not add guys to the 53.”


Coach O’Neil and players have talked increasingly that just the game plan’s becoming simplified and pared down and those things. Have you had a voice in that? Have you suggested that, ‘Hey, let’s simplify’–?

“Again, it’s the entire staff. There’s not one suggestion that comes from one person or another person. It’s all of us together trying to put together a plan that will let our players go out there and execute so that they understand what their assignments are and then they go out and they execute their assignments.”

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  1. Chip’s college offense drains the defensive batteries and doesn’t give them time to recharge. That’s why he won’t admit they lack energy….

    1. I thought for sure Chip was going to be able to change his system, adapt to the NFL game. Instead he’s remained as he was in Philly.
      The only thing we can hope for is a college program like OU to come calling and Jed let’s him go.

        1. Kelly is overmatched in the NFL. Just look at the Eagles improvement overall and on defense compared to last year. Baalke is overmatched as a GM -as you state with your lack of talent. Jed is overwhelmed as a President and tries to tinker with things he Has no idea about. He surrounds himself with people that are not football people and are yes men. Also as he displayed with Harbaugh he is too sensitive and can’t deal with strong personalities–look at the two week& meek coaches he hired after Harbaugh.

        2. Disagree. They are hustling, celebrating when they make plays, etc. They just aren’t talented or well coached. When you see the same thing week after week after week it’s pretty clear the coaches aren’t getting the job done

              1. Yup, After the D held up and the Saints missed the FG the offense held the ball for 69 seconds. The Saints then scored a TD.

                In week 1 the D was swarming and pitched a shutout. Granted they still had Ray Ray and Bow but the energy hasn’t been there since.

                When you have a historically bad D you need to keep them off the field as much as possible. Instead our D will probably play the equivalent of 18 to 19 games. SMH

              2. 67.6 plays per game in 2015

                71.3 plays per game in 2016.

                Those 4 extra plays per game are really gassing them.

              3. Jack Hammer, the defense is on the field almost 10 minutes more per game than the league leading Cowboys. As we all know, defense expends a significant amount of more energy than the offense.

                These injuries hindering Wilson’s mobility might be a blessing in disguise….

              4. The defense is worse than gassed, though. Its entire mentality and attitude is soft from the beginning of the game. Opponents impose their will on the 49ers’ run defense all game every week.

              5. They no longer sharpen the iron, nor do they climb the mountains. The bully is now the kid without any lunch money….

              6. So what Razor. They are on the field for a total of 17 seconds more per game than they were a year ago, yet they are much much worse.

                This defense has a talent issue and a coaching issue.


                A soft defense is a coaching and player issue. It’s not an energy issue.

                Maybe our definitions of “energy” are different.

              7. Yeah, I think we’re using energy differently. We basically agree. It’s a coaching and player issue. Kelly and O’Neil cannot instill a relentless mentality in their defense. Don’t need talent to play with a relentless mentality.

              8. Blaming the offense for the putrid defense is wrong. If they are gassed which I doubt its because they can’t get off the field. Not once this year have they gotten a three and out on the first series of the game. Armstead and Buckner gassed that’s laughable. This defense has no heart, no killer instinct, no leadership, and really banged up. Offense has its own issues but blaming the demise of the defense is not one of them.

              9. So what Razor. They are on the field for a total of 17 seconds more per game than they were a year ago, yet they are much much worse.

                You just rebuked your “so what”, because back to back years ranking next to last and dead last in TOP has a cumulative effect, which is quite evident on the field to my layman’s eyes. This defense is whipped butter….

              10. The 49ers three and outs are at 43.6%, the absolute worst in the NFL. If an offense can’t move the chains on a consistent basis, guess what? The 27th ranked defense in yards allowed per game gets to go back out on the field. The defense ranks first in being on the field, RIGHT where the Eagles ranked in 2015. Coincidence, now that’s laughable….

              11. Razor,

                You started this thread by blaming Kelly’s offense for putting the defense on the field too much, when in reality the difference is 17 seconds per game. Now you’re reaching because you dont want to admit you were talking out of your @ss when blaming the offense.

              12. What explains their inability to stop anyone on the first possession of the game which they have an entire week to get ready and rested. The second position is no better and they possible can not be tired yet. If you want rest stop the other team. The offense gets leads the defense hides. This defense sucks and have no one to blame but themselves.

              13. Razor,

                You started this thread by blaming Kelly’s offense for putting the defense on the field too much, when in reality the difference is 17 seconds per game. Now you’re reaching because you dont want to admit you were talking out of your @ss when blaming the offense.

                17 seconds per game ranks dead last, just like the Eagles in 2015. Coincidence? Check your own ass. I also did not ever in any of my responses attribute sole blame for the play of the defense on the offense….

              14. Both units suck and it works both ways. Defense needs to make stops and offense needs first downs. That’s what winning teams do. We don’t we lose. All is good Razor.

              15. “Chip’s college offense drains the defensive batteries and doesn’t give them time to recharge.”

                That pretty much reads like you are blaming the offense for the time the D is on the field, thus causing them to lack energy.

              16. “just like the Eagles in 2015.”

                That’s funny because the 2015 49ers had the exact same defensive time of possession.

              17. “Chip’s college offense drains the defensive batteries and doesn’t give them time to recharge.”

                That pretty much reads like you are blaming the offense for the time the D is on the field, thus causing them to lack energy.

                Maybe you missed my statement in response to Grant Cohn below:

                Grant Cohn November 7, 2016 at 2:32 pm
                They lack energy and talent and coaching. This defense is the opposite of relentless — it’s soft.

                Razoreater November 7, 2016 at 2:38 pm
                Exactly, it’s not an either or question, Grant….

                That’s funny because the 2015 49ers had the exact same defensive time of possession.

                They ranked right above the Eagles in 2015, next to last. Why don’t you ask if the Eagles defense misses Chip Kelly?

              18. Eagles skyrocket up the charts to number 2 in TOP in 2016, up from dead last in 2015. I seriously doubt the Eagles defense misses Chip Kelly, Jack Hammer….

              19. Again, who cares? You blamed Kelly’s offense for the amount of time the D is spending on the field yet the 49ers D last year had the same TOP as the Eagles, and it’s almost the same again this year. Kelly has little to do with it.

      1. They don’t lack energy

        SF is Rock Bottom in TOP 25:31, for perspective, the Cowboys are on top with 33:09
        Trust me when I reiterate, they most certainly lack energy.

        They lack talent and coaching


      2. Hammer:

        Would you say that is true on both sides of the ball? If the defense were even half-way decent, they might have won the game yesterday (admittedly, four turnovers still might have killed them). It still seems to me that the DL is too tall and doesn’t play with a low enough pad level. Offensive lineman are some of the smartest guys on the field. All they need to do is use leverage on our DL. It would be really interesting to know if the DL fared better with Dorsey at NT instead of Dial. I was watching on a very small screen so I couldn’t tell who was in.

        1. From Matty B:

          “Arik Armstead’s shoulder flare-up limited him to six snaps. Tony Jerod-Eddie (32 snaps) mostly filled in on base downs while rookie Ronald Blair (24) got into the game in the substitute packages. Their combined contribution on the stat sheet: One tackle by Blair.
          At nose tackle, Glenn Dorsey had his busiest outing. He had entered the game with just 64 snaps this season but played 46 against New Orleans and finished tied for third on the team with six tackles.”

          Not sure of Dial’s numbers, but I’d think Dorsey probably played better.

          Read more here:

      3. This entire debate on whether the D lacks energy or not misses the point in my opinion. The 49ers d-line is weak at the point of attack. Period-end of story. The 49ers can play with the highest energy level in the NFL but they’ve drafted poor run support players and they employ a scheme that exposes their weakest points. Thats a bad combination. The last two #1 draft picks are liabilities in the run game. My contention is they are too tall so NFL lineman get under them and control them. Draft reports on both indicated they need coaching and development to be good run stuffers in the NFL.

        PFF Scouting Report on Buckner:

        Biggest concern:
        • Does not anchor well against double teams. Power teams can create movement at the point of attack
        • Part of his inability to anchor is due to size, will play with high pad level at times and get moved off the spot
        • Can run right at him

        SB Nation Draft Profile on Armstead:
        – Not an explosive first-step pass rusher
        – Little production at Oregon (though some of it had to do with scheme – was asked to two gap a lot)
        – Technique is all over the place/pad level gets way too high too often
        – Change of direction ability (despite what combine numbers say) doesn’t show up on tape consistently

        At this point, we’re seeing all the weaknesses of both players and none of the strengths and that’s killing the defense. That’s a joint effort between Baalke, Kelly, and O’Neil to reach such incredible depths of futility in building an NFL defense.

        1. You put a player like Dontari Poe in between The Twin Towers, and I would contend the run defense would improve across the board….

          1. Either Poe or Brandan Williams from the Ravens. Both very good D tackles. Would be very important for Buckner and Armstead. Then add a Hightower or Timmons with Bowman and you have a soild front 7. Add Myles Garrett to the front and you have one of the best units in football. Package multiple second Rnd picks to the pats for Jimmy G and we are looking much better. And of course fire the whole front office and coaching staff and relocate Jed and we have something to look forward to. Until then we will continue to be the Browns of the west coast but worse.

            1. I’ve seen Myles Garrett play multiple times in person. Once in high school and several times in college. He is absolutely amazing. His speed and body lean on rushing the passer reminds me of another A&M product – Vonn Miller. He’s much bigger than Miller but he has all the same speed and athleticism. He also has a motor that doesn’t stop and is a team first guy. I would be ecstatic if the 49ers could get him. I like Lynch ok but he’s the kind of player who looks great on a bad D but looks average on a good D. Lynch is a piece of the puzzle. Garrett is a centerpiece.

          2. Poe is certainly a great player but the 49ers are giving up 193 Rush yards per game. Thats 50 yards more than the next worse rush defense in the league, Cleveland. Interestingly, the worst rush defense in the league last year was Philly but they only gave up 135 rush yards per game – 60 yards a game better than this years 49ers. I don’t think Poe makes a 100 yard per game difference to return the 49ers to respectability in the run defense. Perhaps injuries are hampering Buckner and Armstead but the truth is they’ve been horrid against the run this year. In the offseason the 49ers definitely need to find the middle anchor but these 2 guys need to be coached up or next year will be another long year for the defense. Biggest issue I see for the offseason are all the team needs being entrusted to a GM who got you into this mess to begin with. The team needs to expend high value draft capital on offensive skill position players and the defensive front 7 needs a total overhaul. That’s a several year project.

        2. Agree with you Houston. They’ve got athletic guys in spots where they need more plugger types that can free up the backers.

          They are both better suited as DE’s in a 4-3 scheme.

          1. And maybe that’s Baalkes arguement to ownership at the end of year. He drafted these guys but they were not used appropriately!
            The coaching staff and GM are clearly not on the same page.

            1. I questioned your belief that Chip would be able to change and adapt his scheme at the beginning of the year.
              My apologies, you were dead right!

              1. Baalke should have been fired instead of Harbaugh. Baalke should have been fired with Tomsula. Still waiting for the ‘Fire Baalke’ banner to get clearance for take off, let alone for him to actually be sacked….

                Yorks sell team to Donald J. Trump

                Trump fires everyone, hires Mike Shanahan as GM. Mike hires Kyle as HC. Kyle hires Mike Vrabel as DC. Mike trades for Garoppolo, then trades down to pick ten and selects Carl Lawson….

            2. I’ve debated this point a few times. But most on the blog believe that it is better to have a separate GM and HC. Sure it works if they are on the same page, but Baalke was/is not on the same page with Harbaugh nor with Kelly. Look how quickly it has led to a dumpster fire of a team. With each passing day, I’m more convinced that Jed and Chip have an agreement (probably not explicit) that Baalke is gone at the end of the year and Chip and Tom will be able to build the roster as Chip sees fit. That’s why there is no urgency to undertake any action (trades by 11/1, firing coaches, etc.). While I don’t believe they are trying to lose, I don’t believe that there is any urgency to win. In their minds, if they win that’s fine, if they lose also OK because it increases draft capital.

              1. I don’t think it’s a matter of who Baalke fits with. It’s more about the fact he can only draft a small number of positions with any kind of effectiveness. He drafts the same positions over and over while ignoring bigger needs until day three. In the few instances he’s taken a skill position player before day 3, he’s failed miserably. You can’t build a talented roster if the GM can’t identify talent beyond 2 or 3 positions. That is why Baalke should have been relieved of his duties a long time ago.

              2. I also agree with his limited ability to draft. But I strongly suspect he doesn’t put enough emphasis on the positions that the HCs would like him to draft and that has led to conflict. As a counter argument you can point to Kap as a Harbaugh pick, but I’ll counter with the large number of CBs he has picked over the last few years while ignoring much needed positions like WR/QB. On a similar topic: do you believe Baalke letting Delanie Walker go was a large source of friction between him and Harbaugh?

              3. Rocket,

                You have put it very well. However, unlike you I didn’t feel that Baalke “should have been relieved of his duties a long time ago”. I was a supporter of Baalke all the way through 2013 draft despite some mild misgivings about drafting injured players in early rounds. I recognized is limitations on drafting on offense but I thought that he would work with Harbaugh and Roman to pick on offense. By 2014, I was beginning to be alarmed by his ignoring of the offense in draft and FA, and his high failure rate in the drafts overall. I wanted him gone along with Tomsula.

                Baalke is basically a DB scout who has no feel for personnel for an NFL offense. He never grew into his GM role, and his ego would not accommodate help from others who can recognize talent on offense. He’s as good as gone. It makes no sense for the ownership to allow him to make major trades or contract extensions.

              4. Cubus,

                During the days following Delanie’s departure, I clearly remember reading in a column by one of the Matts that Niners made an offer to Delanie that pretty much matched Titan’s offer. But Walker wanted to start in order to rack up numbers that bring him a third contract. I don’t think that either FO or the fans wanted to trade Davis at that time so that Delanie would start. Maybe Bill Walsh would have had that sort of foresight, but not Baalke or most GMs for that matter. Where did you read that Delanie’s departure was a source of friction between Harbaugh and Baalke?

              5. Mood:

                Just speculation on my part, which I’m apt to do as my irritability increases with each loss. Thanks for the clarification.

              6. Considering Harbaugh turned Walker into a key contributor right out of the gate, I’d say it was a point of contention between he and Baalke for sure. As to Baalke’s indifference over certain positions leading to conflict, I’d say Harbaugh working out a deal for Boldin with his brother was a clear message saying: “if you aren’t going to find me a WR, I’ll do it myself.” Kelly was just grateful to get a job, and I doubt he rocked the boat over personnel much if at all which left Baalke 100% unopposed for the second year in a row, and well look where that has led us.

              7. Mood,

                I exaggerated a bit in saying a long time ago. It just seems like a long time because the last two seasons have felt like an eternity. Your time line actually follows similar to my own in regards to when I felt Baalke was doing a poor job and should be replaced. I felt he should have gone instead of Harbaugh, but the lack of impact from his draft picks when key players retired and complete whiff on the 2012 draft cemented my thoughts. Drafting the same player in the first round two years in a row was just icing on the cake.

          2. Well that’s an indictment of Baalke. Your’e saying he spent 2 fairly high draft picks on guys who are best suited to run a 4/3 scheme only to have them play in a 3/4 base as more or less interior lineman? Not sure I agree with that. Neither Buckner or Armstead appear to possess the speed to rush the passer from the edge IMO. I think both project to be interior lineman. Problem is both are poor against the run and need to be coached up. Having said that, looking at what the 49ers have done with Tank Carradine it wouldn’t surprise me 1 bit if you’re right.

            Can you imagine a trip to the pet store with Trent Baalke. He’s the only guy in the world who would pick out a Siamese cat hoping to turn him into a German Shepherd.

          3. We talked about this a few weeks ago and I feel the same way about Buckner and Armstead. They played in a 3-4 in College but struggled against the run even then. They are far better suited to a 4-3 imo. However having both doesn’t help even if the team were to switch to a 4-3 as they are almost the exact same style of player and neither is a top level pass rusher. If they could find a team willing, I’d trade Armstead and take Garrett in the draft to play opposite Buckner, with Lynch as the 3rd guy in the rotation. That would allow them to draft or sign DT’s to play between them who compliment the system instead of being forced into a bad fit.

  2. Chip – “I didn’t have any opportunities at any other levels.” And “I would have taken anything.” Jed you and Paraag could have got Chip for far less money.

    Is the problem that your coaches are not teaching the players well enough? Chip “Yeah” At least he didn’t say yeah yeah.

    So the coaching staff doesn’t teach techniques but they blame execution? WTF!!! Take your weak sauce back to Oregon Chip.

  3. Just what is needed in times of stress. A leader how says “Again it is the entire staff”
    Coach,It takes a village, Kelly.

  4. The problem with the defense is the lack of execution?

    No, I saw the defense getting executed all game. They were eviscerated. They were destroyed. It was a massacre.

  5. I have to say that I’m disappointed in Chip’s seemingly “devil may care” attitude. What happened to the “buck stops here mentality” and we’re going to get this right. Every week it’s the same problems with no resolution in sight. It’s almost as if he knows he won’t be fired and that Baalke will get all the blame.

    1. I agree cubus. He can’t be this incompetent right? He is tanking to make Baalke look bad and to get a high draft pick. If that Gamble/Kelly power play doesn’t work he wil go back to Oregon.

      1. Trump will be looking for something to do Wednesday morning. Sell the 49ers to him and he’ll make them great again!

          1. Trump reminds me of Jerry Jones. I read somewhere that Trump recently tried to purchase the Bills. Jed would not be a part of Donald J. Trump’s 49ers, Believe Me…; > )

              1. That indicates Jed York is a man though; I only see a little boy trying to be like his parents.

    1. That would be ideal. I would settle for Ellison or Mark Cuban. If the NBA didn’t have a salary cap the Mavs might have 5 to 10 rings by now.

    2. Jed says to Parrot Poe:
      J:Yeah let’s sell the team that makes me so much money that my kids kids will never have to work a day in their life.

      Poe Parrot: Huh? What do you mean, a storm is coming?

      1. Prime, they still would not need to work a day in their lives, even if Denise sells the team.

        Prime. I am surprised. You, yourself were the one who admitted that Kaep took the league by storm. Nice of you to remind me of the genesis of that storm reference.

        Don’t worry, I plan on reminding you that you said it every time I can.

    3. I would love for that to happen but why would Denise sell? Denise and John are not football fans so they don’t care about the win loss record. They just care about the bottom line and the stadium (plus the NFL TV contract) is producing a boat load of $$$$$ for them year after year.

      Remember after Eddie’s legal problems, a deal had been reached between Denise and Eddie which would have given Eddie the 49ers and Denise / John would gave gotten the rest of the family business. Unfortunately for us 49er fans, John York ran some numbers and realized that the 49ers were the most valuable part of the family business. He went and told Denise to get the 49ers and let Eddie have the other business instead. Eddie was in such a weak position after getting involved with that crook down in Louisiana that he had no choice but to agree to give up the 49ers.

      Once Denise and John got their greedy mitts on the crown jewel of the family empire, there is no way in hell that they will ever let the 49ers go. We are stuck with them.

      1. For anyone to suggest or hope they sell doesn’t understand football or business.
        This is a multi billion dollar business with a legacy lasting for decades. No chance the Yorks sell, UNLESS you can convince every single 49er fan across Earth to stop following them.
        Maybe Sebnnoying knows how to do that?

        1. Prime,

          I acknowledge that it is not likely and probably won’t happen. The Yorks are all about money and don’t give a crap about the fans and what we say.

          However, Denise is a York in name only. She was embarrassed and angered by the banners last year. She doesn’t like to see her son publicly humiliated. That gives her 4,000,000,001 reasons to sell.Prime,

          I acknowledge that it is not likely and probably won’t happen. The Yorks are all about money and don’t give a crap about the fans and what we say.

          However, Denise is a York in name only. She was embarrassed and angered by the banners last year. She doesn’t like to see her son publicly humiliated. That gives her 4,000,000,001 reasons to sell.

  6. I myself do see an improvement ‘this year’ on the offense. WR’s and TE’s are getting open and often. That’s been an issue for most if not all this century. A competent QB would be having a field day.

    1. If the Cowboys win this year, that will tie them with the Steelers at 6 Super Bowls. While the 49ers languish at 5….

      Four teams I don’t want to see win anymore Super Bowls. Steelers, Cowboys, Patriots and Packers….

        1. Yea, they got one so not worried about them. I’d hate to see them get another, but if they went up against Brady again or the Steelers, I’d have to root for the Seahawks….

  7. “We had a blitz coming from the left and not everybody slanted. It was coming from the right actually and not everybody slanted to the left. We had a guy go in the wrong direction up front, so we had an open gap that we shouldn’t have had an open gap in.”

    Heck, Chip, you cannot even remember as the HC from which direction it was coming, so how do you expect the players to remember which direction to slant. Try using “L” and “R” terms for the direction of the slant – like Lou/Ron; Lee/Ram; Lug/Rok; Lakeside/Riverside and then ink an “L” and an “R” on the gloves of the players hands in case they forget which way is which!

  8. When you were out briefly this last offseason, was that a decision you made in your head that, ‘I want to be an NFL guy. That’s it.’?

    “No. I didn’t have any opportunities at any other level.

    And with your pitiful performance this season, you will have no opportunities elsewhere. Maybe Windsor H.S. might be a good landing spot!!! At least you are close to the wine country and can take a few tours in your spare time.

    1. He thought he could succeed without him. He thinks his offense can succeed with anyone. This year proves that his offense can only succeed if he has speedy WRs and a time machine to go back to a time when his crap scheme hadn’t been figured out yet.

    2. Kelly CUT DeSean Jackson! Now that was brilliant. Baalke will never be the worst GM in history. Kelly sealed that one in just one year.

    1. Hayne was hacked, not his fault, just like when he was cut on the team bus.

      Do not know how he is doing, but I guess he is doing well enough to be doing community work with students.

      1. seb,

        I agree Hayne got screwed last year. I would have gave him more reps at hb and on returns. But come on, he was hacked. Not buying it.

            1. Prime, I still preferred Anthony Lynn before the hire.

              Chip is a good fit for Kaep, but it sure seems like Baalke is meddling by controlling the roster. It should not have taken so long to start playing DuJuan Harris. I wanted him on the 53, along with Garrison Smith.

              Running the no huddle hurry up with quick snaps was just parroting Chip, but I also was intrigued by Gus Malzahn, and his system. I give them full attribution.

              Why did I tout Lynn? Because he is a former Niner and has won 2 rings. He has some of that Walsh influence, so maybe the Niners can get back to the West Coast Offense philosophy.

              1. Seb we’re already maxed out on losing. Can’t have more! Keep is just taking up space now. Having a defense and losing 3-0 is an improvement.

  9. Once again the Seachickens commit penalties that are not called. How much has the poor officiating contributed to the downturn in viewers watching games?

    1. How much has the poor officiating contributed to the Seahawks entire run going back to the replacement refs?

      Poor officiating against the Saints cost us home field. The Niner Hawk NFC Championship game that year was one of the worst called games ever.

      Seattle and Cheat Carroll are overrated.

  10. The officials said it wasn’t roughing the kicker. Ha! Pete Carroll said it wasn’t intentional and can’t believe anyone would think that. I see politics in his future….

  11. Sherman is a real piece of work, staring down Ryan and talking his crap. Man, I’d love to see someone lay him out….

      1. No but I hate Sherman and Pete Carroll’s insidious dirty play tactics much more. I don’t have a lot of familiarity with Rex Ryan or his brother. His dad on the other hand, I’m quite familiar with. Why? Did Rex hit his mother or something I don’t know about, Grant?

              1. Rumors a year or 2 ago that Saban was a bit unhappy in Bama land. Apparently, the wife didn’t feel appreciated by the locals when they complained about not winning a national championship. Saban could possibly be had by another opportunity. Having said that, I don’t think Saban would be successful in the NFL. His schtick is much more conducive to success with college kids.

              2. I doubt Saban would be interested in the 9er job at his age. The Niners are a massive rebuild project and I would imagine Saban would want to take over a team closer to contention.

              3. Grant, and they say I am delusional.

                This will take a total rebuild. Randy Cross thinks it might take 4 years.

              4. Pete Carroll led the Seahawks to the playoffs his first year in Seattle, and they had zero talent when they hired him.

              5. He would make them better no question, but they are a long way off from being a contender and I don’t see Saban at his advanced age wanting to spend 3-4 years in an NFL job before seeing the fruits of his labor. For him to leave Alabama, I would imagine he would need to see a chance to win a Championship within a couple of years. That is likely what interested him about the Giants. They had a SB winning QB, great skill players and the money to spend in FA to help the defense. He has none of that here.

              6. He would have a ton of cap space the 49ers have to spend and the No. 1 or No. 2 pick in the draft, plus control over personnel which he likely wouldn’t get anywhere else. Perfect fit.

              7. Pete Carrol was a former Niner coach, and built a team that was specifically designed to beat the Niners. He also had the acumen to poach Niner rejects. He also had the insight to pick 5th rounders and UDFAs that worked out well.

                Saban was gift wrapped elite players, and does not need to acquire talent. Yes, he does well when every player is NFL ready, but coming here and rebuilding with Jed as his boss will be a daunting challenge.

              8. Carroll was gift wrapped elite athletes at USC. That didn’t mean he couldn’t identify talent, which he clearly could. Saban also can identify talent.

              9. Ton of cap space? So what? Baalke had a ton of cap space, and decent players still avoided the Niners like the plague.

                Elite FAs move because they will get a better paycheck, and also they want a ring. I see rings as a fond memory, with no anticipation for more. The Niners need to win a game before I will feel hopeful.

              10. Players would love to play for Nick Saban. Other than Bill Belichick, Saban may be the most respected football coach in the world.

          1. Just curious Grant,

            After Pete the Cheat called that pass at the end of the SB did you lose some of that respect. I wondered if he was going senile.

              1. You mean ONE? You can’t count USC I thought the NCAA stripped those for Pete the Cheat cheating lol Then he left USC in shambles lol

              2. RING not RINGS.

                In fairness to Harbaugh he had Trent Baalke as GM and Pete Carroll has one of the best in the NFL

            1. Just think he had Marshawn Lynch in the back field and called for a pass at the 2 yard line LOL Pete the Cheat basically lost the SB just by his decision

          2. Oh because the 49ers are the type of team that will open up there wallets smh Yeah I guess Pete the Cheat Carroll is a good coach, obviously now he has the 13th man(refs) on his payroll.


          3. So Nick Saban is your choice the same coach that failed in Miami then returned to college because he couldn’t handle it. Yes Saban is a good college coach and so was Chip Kelly lol

            1. Chip Kelly is a bad comparison. He needs to go back to college (or high school) and evolve. Nick Saban has gone back to college and evolved, just like Pete Carroll. Bill Belichick is a good comparison as well.

              1. Who’s comparing? I’m saying as bad of an NFL coach Chip Kelly has been with the 49ers through 8 games he did have success in college Saban hasn’t done nothing in the NFL and that’s because he had way more talent in his time in Miami then Chip does in SF

              2. I’ll say it again like I’ve been saying Harbaugh would not win 4 games with this roster PERIOD! Neither would Saban or Carroll. Don’t confuse the 49ers defense to the Seahawks defense it would be laughable to compare LOL

                One more thing Grant I could argue Alabama’s defense is more talented then the 49ers defense and that’s saying something.

              3. Tomsula won 5 games with almost an identical roster, so yes those three coaches could win at least 8 games with this roster, just like most of you thought Kelly could before the season started.

              4. Saban is too smart to come to the Niners.

                He knows he has an easy job because they have a huge recruiting advantage. Elite players come to Bama because it is a good way to get drafted.

                Going to the Niners that is bereft of talent, then have to deal with Jed and Baalke, is a good way to destroy a career.

              5. I agree he wouldn’t come here to work with Baalke. But there’s nothing more he can accomplish in college, especially if he wins the national championship this season.

              6. I had Chip Kelly winning 6 games but that was before free agency and the draft, did I know the 49ers wouldn’t spend a dime in free agency to upgrade the roster? I mean we all knew Baalke was going to mess up the Draft because we’re used to that by now. The 49ers had the second most cap space in the NFL and didn’t do a thing to upgrade the roster I bet Chip didn’t see that coming lol Just look at the Browns it’s a similar situation to the 49ers why can’t Hugh Jackson win a game? Not because he’s a bad coach he just doesn’t have enough talent to compete in the NFL. So you can spin it how ever you want but I know the Truth that’s why I state the Truth Ha

              7. No one thought the 49ers’ run defense would be historically bad when the team drafted DeForest Buckner. He is a talented player being used incorrectly.

              8. I watch the Draft every year and when Buckner was picked Jon Gruden even mentioned that the thing that worried him about Buckner was how he got pushed around in the run game he even talked about how Buckner got dominated by Jack Conklin from Michigan State but I do hope he improves by next year. Regardless Grant you can’t say that Baalke is not to blame for this horrible roster.

              9. No one thought the 49ers’ run defense would be historically bad when the team drafted DeForest Buckner.

                I did not predict it would be historically bad, but I said from the moment O’Neil was hired by Kelly that the run defense was going to be even worse than in 2015. You do not couple a DC who cannot coach a defense to stop the running game of the opponent with a fast paced offensive only capable of quick strikes or three and outs. Anybody with actual intelligence could tell that was going to be a recipe for disaster. It does not matter who is or would be on defense; the result would wasily be the same.

            2. Yes Tomsula won 5 games but I don’t know about an IDENTICAL roster tho? So your saying A Boldin and 16 games of Bowman wouldn’t have made a little difference? Boldin sure does look good with the Lions right now I’m just saying. Umm No, Harbaugh and Saban wouldn’t win 8 games with this current roster. Harbaugh barely won 8 games with Willis, J Smith and Borland who was having a defensive rookie of the year season. Can’t fool me Grant nice try.

              1. Will Redmon back to IR we hardly knew you lol

                TRENT BAALKE THE WORST GM IN SPORTS HISTORY!!!! The fail draft picks continue. If I was Chip Kelly I would resign as HC

              2. Yeah his done just like he made the winning catch last week lol Bowman was not done didn’t he lead the NFL in tackles? Maybe not the Bowman of old but compared to Bellore Willhoite and Hodges’s he’s a probowler.

      1. Sherman is a great asset for any team. He’s a very good player at his position, has high IQ (both football and otherwise), and knows how to get into the head of both fans and players of the opposing team. I wanted him drafted by the Niners after watching him rapidly but effectively transition from receiver to CB in his junior year. But he and Harbaugh hated each others guts.
        Niners need a player like him –these choir boys are not cutting it.

  12. That last play should’ve been a PI on Thomas but that’s the CheatLink for you SMH The Bills totally outplayed the Shehawks so once again the 13th man(refs) prevails

  13. First and foremost the Niners are an attraction, they have to sell tickets, parking revenue, and refreshments to make money. But I noticed the stadium seemed one half full last week. Now why is it 1/2 full? Is it bad beer, lousy Tacos, too expensive, or is it the lack of patriotism shown by a not very good QB? If it’s the latter I’d do something about it before the team is worth only $125, 000 that’s what owners who are not afraid of their shadow do. They get rid of the cancer like a good doctor would.

  14. I have not posted since last year as o have been in another part of the world.Boy its only got worse has our smouldering dumpster.I can’t believe the mess that this once great team is in.

  15. “I don’t want to overstate the Niners’ most recent grotesque loss, but perhaps San Francisco should fold the franchise and sell ice cream.

    The Niners are devoid of talent. They can’t stop the run. They don’t employ a legit NFL quarterback. And it was always backwards and irresponsible that the team fired the great Jim Harbaugh because he couldn’t play nice in the sand box with some coworkers. Remember when the Niners were a consistent Super Bowl contender? It was only a few years back. Seems like a century ago. Meanwhile, Harbaugh has Michigan in the thick of the national title hunt. Interesting.
    The panic meter is in the abyss, on planet delusional”

    By Adam Schein

    Cracked me up – fired because he wouldn’t play nice in the sandbox. Sounds about right.

  16. Watching UNDISPUTED right now Shannon Sharp and Skip Bayless are pointing out how the Bills got hosed by the 13th man(refs). Talking about Sherman getting away with roughing the kicker and refs not resetting the play clock for the Bills after the refs would not let the Bills snap the ball until there was 3 seconds, also showing the video of Sherman totally knocking down a WR before QB Taylor threw the ball lol

    Shannon Sharp points out the same thing happen against Julio Jones that would’ve set the Falcons up for the game winning FG and also mention the FAIL MARY against Green Bay.

    Shannon Sharp is quoted as saying “Why does this keep on happening in Seattle!” Skip Bayless agrees.

  17. OT, but I hope everyone votes today.

    This is the most important election in my lifetime, and the fate of the free world may hang in the balance.

    Just decide who you want to have the nuclear codes. Personally, I do not want the next president to send any more Htwaits on a one way mission.

    1. I’m happy to see that there hasn’t been any scuffles at the precints. Civility is key to a healthy democracy. Good job America.

  18. Anyone remember Baalke stating with conviction that Will Redmond would play in 2016? I do. Another Redshirt pick from the king of ACL. Is there any doubt Chad Kelly will be a Niner if Baalke is retained as GM?

  19. Well, it looks like Baalke took my advice, but screwed it up again. He tried out players from future opponents, but he did not target the right players. WRs from the Pats and Seahawks may help Kaep, but they are crying for help on the defense.

    Baalke, with his 45 millions in cap space, should be poaching DTs and ILBs.

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