Chip Kelly: “I don’t think Colin (Kaepernick) takes over any room.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Chip Kelly’s Thursday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


How about OL Anthony Davis? Has he made any progress in the concussion protocol?

“He’s in the concussion protocol and until he gets released to us there’s nothing to update. He’s just in the concussion protocol and we’ll see where that goes and how he responds to what they’re doing with him.”

Will he be on the field today in a no-contact shirt or anything like that?

“No, he hasn’t gone through the whole concussion protocol to get to that point yet.”


Do you know how he got a concussion?

“In practice last Thursday. In a padded practice.”


I thought there’s no contact in pads and stuff. Am I wrong about that?

“Yeah, you’re wrong about that.”

So there was contact?

“There’s one padded practice a week.”


And he got hit in that one?

“Yeah, in that one padded practice last Thursday.”


Did you see it?

“I did not see it.”


ME: Why is your offense averaging only 3.2-yards per carry right now?

“We’re not running the ball effectively overall as a group. I think the combination of you’ve gone against two pretty good defensive fronts, you’ve got to give the other teams credit at times. It’s not always us. There’s two teams out there, so I think obviously we knew what the strength of the Rams and their front was and obviously when you go against [Carolina Panthers LB Luke] Kuechly and [Carolina Panthers LB Thomas] Davis and [Carolina Panthers DT] Kawann Short and [Carolina Panthers DT] Star Lotulelei, but we’ve got to do a better job for us to be successful on the offensive side of the ball, running the ball.”


With the passing game, did you expect, or what do you guys have to do to get the tight ends more involved in the passing game?

“I don’t think it involves anybody. It just involves who’s available and who’s open. Some people take away one aspect of your passing game, but then the slot receiver gets more catches that week. Then they try to double the slot or take away an outside receiver and then someone else is available. I think when our tight ends have been called upon, we used them a lot more in the preseason, but it seemed like people weren’t covering the tight ends in the preseason and now as we’ve gotten to here they’ve gotten some attention. Although. [TE] Vance [McDonald] did have the one 75-yarder against Carolina that was a positive for us. For us, they’ve all got to be involved and I think all five options when you’re throwing the ball have to be there because the defense is going to be able to, no matter who it is, take someone away from you. But, if they do take someone away from you then you have to be able to have some other guys step up in those situations.”


You talked about Seattle’s scheme yesterday. They’ve been running that same scheme for years. What’s it say about that defense, the fact that they’ve been able to do that same scheme for as long as they have and still be really effective?

“Well, I think the one thing that gets overlooked, it’s the players. You can run any scheme you want, but if you don’t have the players to execute that scheme and what they’ve done and [Seattle Seahawks general manager] John Schneider and [Seattle Seahawks head coach] Pete [Carroll] have done is gone out and got people to execute that scheme. You’ve got two All-Pro players in [Seattle Seahawks DE] Bennett and [Seattle Seahawks DE Cliff] Avril up front. You’ve got two All-Pro inside linebackers. You’ve got three All-Pro players in the secondary. You’ve got seven All-Pro football players and it’s not like the other four aren’t very good players either. But, I think they’ve done a great job of identifying what they’re looking for and going out and getting the pieces to fit into what they’re doing defensively. This has always been a player league and the game of football is a player’s game. It’s about your personnel and do you have the personnel to execute because anybody can implement a scheme and say it’s not the, the scheme is one aspect of it, but then being able to get the players to fit into that scheme I think is what Seattle has done a great job of.”


Following up on that, how much does Seattle Seahawks FS Earl Thomas kind of make that go just as much cover-three and everything they do? How does he fit?

“When you have a free safety like Earl that can cover sideline-to-sideline, the ability to be a middle closed team consistently, almost all the time, it plays to his strengths. He has such great range. He can help both corners. He’s such a great run defender and even though he looks like he’s lined up deep, when the ball is run he’s at the line of scrimmage by the time the ball gets to the line of scrimmage. So, he allows them to play a certain type of scheme. But again, you have to have players that fit into it. Again, you’ve got to give John and Pete credit for going out and getting those guys. Again, probably seven All-Pro guys on that defense that you’re going to face.”


What are you seeing out of OL Trent Brown through two games since he’s still relatively new to the starting lineup and how does he do run blocking-wise?

“I think Trent’s been really good in our first two games. Obviously it’s really his first two games with us and his chance in a new system, but I think he’s adapted really well to what we’re doing. I think he’s been equally good in both run blocking and pass blocking. There’s always fundamental things because he is new to the position. He’s not scratched the surface in terms of how good he can be. That’s the exciting thing about him, because he has such a high ceiling. But, you continue to see the little teeny things and the little and teeny improvements that go on on a weekly basis, that he may have gotten beat on this move in the third preseason game, but he didn’t get beat on it in the first game. Saw something a little bit slightly different in the first game against the Rams and then you didn’t see that when we get against Carolina. He continues to get better on a weekly basis and we’re really excited about what trajectory he’s headed on right now.”


I’m sure you know that QB Colin Kaepernick is on the cover of Time Magazine.

“Yeah, [49ers vice president of communications] Bob [Lange] told me before I got up here.”


I know you’ve said in the past that he certainly has the right to do it. But, what are your feelings about how this has really just taken off nationally?

“Well, I think it’s an issue. You look at what’s gone on in Tulsa and Charlotte in the last two nights; it’s an issue that’s at the forefront of our country in that it needs to be addressed, it needs to be taken care of because what’s going on is not right. I think, again, he’s shedding light on a situation that is heinous and shouldn’t happen in this country. We all have inalienable rights as a citizen of this country and they’re being violated and that’s what I think Colin is standing up for.”


How has he done budgeting his time? He’s kind of been a model–?

“Again, a question for him about modeling his time. When he’s here, he’s doing football and when we’re here from 8:15 when we get here in the morning, until 5:00 when we leave, he’s at every meeting, he’s done everything, there hasn’t been anything, ‘Hey, coach I need time because I’ve got this going on.’ He hasn’t done that. He understands what his job is and he’s balanced it really well and I think he’s managed it really well. He’s focused. He’s dialed in when we’re at practice. He’s dialed in when we’re in meetings.”


How do you feel when he takes over the locker room and he talks about his concerns, which are valid and important? I think specifically about after the Rams win, when you beat the Rams, and he was talking about injustice in America and I believe some of the players were uncomfortable with that. How do you feel when he takes over the room?

“I don’t think Colin takes over any room. I think it’s–“


Oh he did after the Rams game.

“I can give you my opinion of what I think. I think he’s asked questions about a subject and he’s answering those questions.”


He should turn down. He should say, ‘Talk to me at another time.’ I was in the room. Were you in the room at that time?

“Yeah, I walked by in the locker room. I’m in the locker room.”


Anyways, so we disagree on if he took over the room. Do you think it’s appropriate that he should be talking about those things after a win?

“Yeah, I do. When he’s asked a question, I think he should answer what his feelings are on those questions. If you don’t believe that’s a thing then maybe you shouldn’t ask him those questions.”


I didn’t ask him those questions.



We have a fundamental disagreement then.

“That’s the great thing about this country, isn’t it?”





With former NFL RB Marshawn Lynch no longer being on that offense, what have your impressions been on Seattle’s running game so far?

“We never scouted them with Marshawn, and I’m a huge fan of him. I think he’s one of the best running backs to ever play in this game. Probably happy we’re not going up against him because of what a great talent he is. But, the two guys in [Seattle Seahawks RB Thomas] Rawls and Seattle Seahawks [RB Christine] Michael have done a really nice job in fitting into that scheme. They’re similar in terms of they’re hard, downhill runners that are trying to break tackles. They’re not dance around kind of guys. They’re physical, downhill runners that are going to attack you and try to get past the first line and into the second level of linebackers before you know it and I think that’s kind of the model, you know again, what Pete and John are looking for, they do a great job of getting themselves the players that fit into their schemes and that’s what they do. Both those running backs, I think, have done a really good job of that.”


Did you watch last November’s game this week or was that a game you watched in the spring, when the Niners went up and Thomas Rawls ran for a ton of yards?

“We watched all those games. So, probably watched about 10, 10 of them. You know, when you’re playing a team and it’s early in the season, you have to go back to last season to watch because there’s not a lot that you gain out of the preseason in terms of your breakdowns and what they’re doing because a lot of people are just doing evaluations, not putting game plans in. And so, they really only have two games for us to watch this year, the Miami and the Rams game. So, when it’s the same coaching staff and similar personnel, then you’re going to go back and look at games from last year. So, we did look at those games.”


Does Seattle Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett pose a unique challenge to your defense?

“Yeah, well, I think not only our defense and our special teams because he’s such a dynamic returner in both punt and kick returns and then the fact that he’s really starting to emerge as one of their deep-ball threats to go along with [Seattle Seahawks WR Doug] Baldwin and [Seattle Seahawks WR Jermaine] Kearse and [Seattle Seahawks TE] Jimmy Graham. I think he’s got an added dimension, really kind of burst upon the scene as a returner but has now really kind of started to flourish as a receiver. So, he’s a guy that you know, as we do and we’re going through our scouting periods and looking at what we’re doing, he’s a guy that we always kind of have to know where he is just because of his ability to beat you over the top.”


It looked like Jimmy Graham got closer to a full workload last week. Is there something your guys can take away from playing bigger, physical targets last week that maybe can help them–?

“Well, he’s similar, that’s a good point. He’s similar to [Carolina Panthers TE Greg] Olsen in terms of what he does in the passing game because you can flex him and leave him as a single receiver on the backside and he’s going to garner your attention. There’s times where you’re going to have to double him to try to take him away. He’s such a big body that he can body you on play where you think you have him covered but he’s got such length where he can kind of body you up. It’s a little bit of his basketball background where, you know, he can body you up and you can throw the ball, just like when you’re in the low post and you’ve got to kind of throw it over the top. He’s got a great feel for body position on defenders because of his basketball background. So, he’s certainly somebody, again, in the passing game I think it revolves, it starts, really you’ve got to find where the tight end is and then obviously look for the Baldwin and Kearse and Lockett after that.”


Did you know much about G Zane Beadles when you got here and what have your impressions been of him?

“Yeah, I mean, I knew who he was. Been in the league for a while. Was with Jacksonville. I knew coming out of Utah. You know, understood what type of player he was. We just thought when we acquired him, we just got a solid, steady veteran that has played a lot of football in this league. When you’re looking around at the state of offensive line play in general in this league, a lot of guys are plugging young guys in. It’s such a position where experience is so beneficial to you. The tricks and nuances that occur on the offense line I think are huge in terms of what you have to do to be really successful there. So, for us to be able to go out and get an experienced veteran like Zane and kind of shore up where we were at the guard spot. You know, we knew, obviously, we had [T] Joe [Staley] and Trent at tackle, but we were really kind of unsure where we were at guard. So, to be able to get a veteran like Zane to come in here and really establish himself on that left side with Joe has been a huge bonus for us and I think he’s seen so much because he’s been in the league for a while. You know, he doesn’t really get frazzled. He’s very, very consistent in his approach. He’s got a great work ethic, but the one thing about Zane is he’s the same thing every day. It’s a consistent, professional approach in terms of how to be successful and how to work at it.”


I think he’s missed one game since high school. Have you talked to him about how he stays on the field?

“Knock on wood that it does. I don’t want to jinx him on that. But, again, when you talk to Zane a little bit about his background, how in tune he is to his workouts in the offseason, what he does with his body, how he takes care of himself, what his recovery protocols are, he’s been very, very advanced and has kind of approached it as this is his job and everything he does revolves around making sure that he’s healthy and is on top of his game. You look at what you just said, missing one game since high school is kind of a measure of showing you what he does in terms of putting himself in that situation so he isn’t on the injured list and isn’t in the training room all the time.”


With the talent that Seattle has offensively and yet they haven’t done anything production-wise in those games against Miami and LA. How dangerous are they with you guys going up there?

“They’re dangerous. I think, obviously, [Seattle Seahawks QB] Russell [Wilson] got hurt and wasn’t 100-percent. He played and still put up some pretty good numbers. You know, they just didn’t get the conversions in the red zone and came away with field goals. But, you always have to be aware of where they are because of the talent they have. When you put Russell with Graham and Kearse and Baldwin, Lockett and guys like that that are obviously, you’ve got to know exactly what they’re capable of doing. Sometimes, you kind of take a dip, you’re in a little bit of a rut and then you bounce out of it. But, they have the skill and they obviously have the ability to bounce out of that from an offensive standpoint. So, our defense has a big challenge going up there and playing those guys.”


What’s it say about DL DeForest Buckner, just the fact that, and you guys have had some guys banged up along the D-Line, but for him to lead you guys in snaps along that unit, what’s it say about him so far these first two games?

“Yeah, really happy with Buck in terms of his development. You know, one of the reasons we drafted him is we felt that he could come in and play right away and have an impact and I think he’s show that. From even when I recruited him in high school, he was always, there’s a maturity to him and a sense of calm to DeForest where nothing was ever too big for him. You know, he played as a true freshman and that wasn’t really too big for him. He played at a very prominent high school over in Hawaii. I think he’s very comfortable in what he can do and I think he understands that and sometimes, guys have to get into the league, get settled, see things for the first time, experience things a little bit then say, ‘Alright, take a deep breath. Now I understand what’s expected of me and go,’ where DeForest has been one of those guys who’s always seemed a little bit mature beyond his years and there’s a sense of calm and a sense of poise to him where, he came in here even from day one when we had him after the draft, we just jumped right in and seemed like he fit right in and seemed like he had been here for a long time.”

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      1. Yeah this sounds like a cover up to try to keep some trade value. I don’t think Davis will play another game for the Niners. Kudos to you Grant for suggesting that we should trade him last month. You didn’t get much support for that on here but you were totally right.

      2. Was it Lowell?

        Who ever it was, the irony is inescapable!.

        The reporter himself, brings up the subject (of Colin’s media coverage) during this most recent press conference, thereby DIRECTLY contributing to the continuing narrative and taking up Chip’s time, as well as the rest of the conference attendees, and then he has the “CHUTZPAH” to infer that Colin is the one who is “taking over the locker room” and continuing to make his protest the center of attention.


        1. Can we all agree that, whomever the reporter who asked that question (about Colin taking over the locker room) was, ought to take a good, long look at themselves in the mirror?

          I’m not speaking about you personally Grant, but we live in a day and age where our media goes out of their way, 24/7, to sensationalize the way they cover any and every subject they deem “newsworthy” even when they are doing our country a great disservice (Donald Trump anyone?) in the process.


          1. The reporters were doing their job when they asked Kaepernick those questions, and Kaepernick was doing part of his job by answering them.

          2. You should be taking notes. He’s the last of the real journalists. The new generation is a bunch of stenographers with no courage.

            1. Last of the real muckraking 2-bit journalists- he was the same in the Sporting Green before you were born. Pathetic attention seeker. Now known as a troll or click bait— Damn, after 10+ years of Maiocco, Branch and you I finally have to post!

          3. I would support Donald trump before ever watching the 49ers ever again. their system is broken as Obama and hildabeast try and come up with more worthless ideas on how to run and take over more of our lives with more government. chip Kelly has changed the way he coaches because the pros cannot do the same thing the college kids can. they question him they don’t have the work ethic because money has corrupted many of them and are too good to be tired or winded on the field. they actually do one play and then call for someone to come in and replace them. terrible.

        2. It sure sounded like Lowell. I know that Lowell is big on being told by an athlete that he’s not going to answer Lowell’s questions.

          1. Of course it was Lowell he’s upset that there’s no locker room friction this year with the 49ers so he gets bored and trying to create one

        3. WTF? Why not ask those questions. It’s one of the biggest stories in the country. A reporter wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t ask the question. It’s up to CK to defer the questions and tell the reporter to speak to the players who just won the game. That’s idiotic to suggest the reporter shouldn’t ask the question of Chip. The reporter is correctly pointing out the obvious discord that could come from a backup taking over a winning locker room to talk about his personal mission. I also think Chip is WAY underestimating the damage CKs actions can lead to.

          1. Good point Hou. The organization says it’s not a distraction but it clearly is. Baalke and Chip will soon grow old with it. He’ll be released along with Anthony Davis by seasons end!

    1. Deadspin article lol “Chip Kelly Backs Colin Kaepernick, Terrible Columnist Fusses Like A Baby” Looks like Pops was the one arguing with Chip while throwing a fit

    2. Does it really matter AD is done he just doesn’t want to play anymore I think the only reason he’s on the team is to collect as much money as he can. It’s odd to me for a guy that took a year off still can’t get on the field. I don’t think there was a concussion and Chip knows it AD just wants to quit again

      1. Of course. More to the point though, did Kaepernick hold court after the Carolina game?

        After the Rams game it was all about the media finally being able to get his response to Dilfer’s comments from the day before.

        1. You used to be a football guy Jack and now you do drive bys with Prime and others. Backlash if Kap didn’t talk to the media???? Your response is that HE HAD AN OBLIGATION to respond to Dilfer?? Your’re kidding right. He’s always stood at the mic and been completely forthcoming in his interviews about football. Not. Oh, that was the old Kap that answered football questions with one syllable words and grunts and I can’t get into that. I once thought that the nonsense would stop when the season began but now I see that it won’t be until we have an NFL caliber team again.

          1. Some issues are bigger than football.

            And I never said he had an obligation to respond to Dilfer. What I said was part of his job responsibilities is talking to the media.

    1. CFC asked Grant a similar question about a week ago and Grant replied something to the effect that “he didn’t have time to teach him how journalism works.” This is their crack and they’ll stay on it till its not drawing attention any longer.

    2. Grant,

      You’re right, I don’t know where your dad is going with this? I can’t read his mind. That’s why I originally asked the question about why you two keep bringing it up.

      If you felt that I was being disrespectful please know that I wasn’t.

      He’s seen things that I haven’t so while I may not agree, I do like reading his opinions on various topics and respect his work.

    3. Jack – Are you serious? When they tried to talk to Kap he clammed up and fed them nonsense. Now he wants to use them to advance his agenda, which may or not be about playing football. He wants to bust balls with the journalists, its a free country right. But when turn around is fair play, or like my kids say it’s Karma, happens, you want to get all touchy feely. Let me summarize, Journalist asks question and Kap can’t talk. Kap wants to talk and welcomes journalist to do his PR for him. It’s like Grant said, wait until you see where this is going. The way the 49ers are playing, the competition between Lowell Cohn and Kap is more interesting than the games. Let’s talk about the over and under on when the Cohns get even.

  1. Chip is in denial or delusional if he doesn’t recognize that it’s a distraction to the football. No matter how noble or necessary Kap’s cause is it still has got nothing to do with football.

    1. I don’t think Chip is denying it’s a distraction PhD. I think Chip is saying that Colin wasn’t the one who walked into the locker room and grabbed all of the reporters microphones out of their hands in order to take over the media coverage after the game.

      Of course Colin is getting media attention because of his protest, as well he should.

      However, that doesn’t mean that all of the reporters with media credentials, whose job it is to cover the actual game, ought to be ignoring every other aspect of the game, including the players in the locker room who actually, you know, MADE PLAYS during the game, in order to cover Colin’s protest in the process!

      While I was initially a bit annoyed at Colin for making his personal statement during the course of a team event (although my views quickly changed, and I am now proud of the stand Colin took, and his actions proceeding his initial protest), I am almost always ashamed at the way the media handles these types of events.

      I place far, far more blame on the media, and the way our local and national media conduct themselves when it comes to reporting news, than I do Colin Rand Kaepernick, who took a bold stand for justice, highlighting a national problem, and standing for something bigger than the game of football itself!

      Racism, and social injustice in this country is unfortunately only part of the story:

      1. That was a good article, 49. Thanks for posting. While I agree with it in general, and agree with the author’s conclusions, it does ignore how vulnerable cops are to false charges…the reason (or maybe “excuse”?) for the blue wall in the first place. But I think that concern pales in contrast to the writer’s point. I’ve often had the same feeling about the Muslims who know, but won’t speak out about their violent and murderous “brothers”. They, for my money, are a key part of why a demagogue like Trump can rise so quickly by generalizing about the whole group.

    2. The 49ers are not the only team with players talking about this issue. It’s across the league and across sports as well.

      At some point people need to realize that it’s not 1986 any longer.

      The stuff those coaches dealt with is a lot different than society in 2016.

      1. I find it interesting that now that a lot of players from a lot of teams are making a similar stand as Kaep, the narrative has gone away from how Kaep sitting or taking a knee is a distraction to being how Kaep answering questions at length about it is a distraction.

        1. Scooter,

          The narrative in SF is coming from only 2 guys, and the questions today were about an event that took place 10+ days ago. Those questions should have been asked last week.

              1. I am just commenting on the verbal fencing.

                You are right, LC can also turn a phrase, but he can also steer a conversation.

              1. No need for modesty, Hammer. We know you had a brief journalistic career with a weekly column you coined, “5 Burning Questions”….

              2. No modesty intended. How could I be a journalist when Grant can so easily intimidate me to the point that I misspell words?

              3. No modesty intended. How could I be a journalist when Grant can so easily intimidate me to the point that I misspell words?

                Just remember, journalism is 80% mental and 40% physical….

            1. Grant, if I came across at all disrespectful towards you or your father, I apologize. In no way was what I wrote meant to be personal. I was making a point about the media in this country in general.

              I grew up in the Bay Area. I have been reading, watching, and listening to your father for many, many years! I want to be clear. While I don’t always agree with your father, I respect your fathers work, and I think Lowell is a very talented reporter and journalist.

              And if I didn’t respect you, I wouldn’t be on this forum contributing to this blog.

              1. And without sounding fake or like I am sucking face, I happen to know for a fact (without getting into details) that your father has integrity as a journalist, and I cannot say the same for everyone else in his profession.

              2. >>unlike some other people with opinions in this business.

                Ooh, do tell. Throwing some shade on the beat writers? Care to name any names Grant? Come on, take a stand.

            2. Grant,

              This non journalist would love to know where your Dad is going with this because it sure seems like an attempt to create a distraction by continuing to focus on something that wasn’t a distraction.

              1. Rocket – this is about an ownership (the Yorks) who want journalists who are unpaid PR personnel in exchange for certain perks. In other words, you print what we want you to print and we will award you with access for us to spread more propaganda. We might even pay for your lunch. (unlike Kawakami) In their own way, the Cohns are the antithesis of this and if you want to really understand the 49ers you have to take everything that comes out of 4949 with a grain of salt and mix it with a large helping of what the Cohn’s produce. IMHO they are the best antidote for the constant stream of Jed-$xit.

              2. WTH is wrong with you people? The journalist is trying to create a distraction? That is just plain dumb. I am no apologist for journalists who create friction to drum up interest in their columns but this story is a huge story so coaches and players should expect questions probably for the entire season. Chips irritated response pretty much proves the point about Colin Kaepernick’s primary achievement this year which is causing a major distraction. For the life of me, I can’t see how anyone could be so obtuse as to not see CK’s actions as a major distraction with the potential to divide the locker room and sabotage the season. A good journalist has a responsibility to ask those questions.

              3. Houston,

                It wasn’t a huge story at all. Nobody but Grant and Larry Krueger mentioned it, and it was a reference to a player walking by and mumbling something which got blown completely out of proportion. Did you read any other reporters asking questions about this at any time? It’s only a story if the media makes it a story and the questions asked by Lowell sure appear like an attempt to reignite something that happened a week and half ago that nobody really cared about.

                Chips irritated response was obviously in regards to Lowell continuing to press the issue. He gave his answer and that wasn’t good enough apparently. Lowell then went so far as to tell Chip what Kap should have done. This is nothing new. Lowell likes to stir things up and quite often people get frustrated with him.

                Maybe Lowell has a smoking gun somewhere, but so far there is zero evidence that this has caused a distraction. There have been no rumors of player unrest other than the reference to the player mumbling as Kap was answering questions which Lowell then turned into players being uncomfortable, and a few have said it has actually brought the team closer together. The fact a number of other players around the league have followed suit should show you there is solidarity not just on the Niners, but with players on other teams. This is only a distraction for those that want it to be because of their dislike for Kaepernick or their desire for drama.

              4. WC,

                I’m no supporter of the Yorks, but this really has nothing to do with them imo. It’s really about individuals being offended by the stance Kap has taken and trying to create a narrative that doesn’t exist.

              5. Yeah, Colin Kaepernick is kneeling on the cover of Time Magazine but no one is talking about it. No one should ask the players or coaches about the reaction to Colin’s post game presser in LA. No one should report anything they witness in the locker room related to a teammates reaction to Colin’s media grandstand. You’re a real genius. Thanks for your witty retort. It was brilliant and I’m a better man for reading it.

              6. Well we can discuss it or you can throw a tantrum; up to you.

                The focus wasn’t on the Time Magazine cover. If it was I would understand it. There was one question about that and then the line of questioning turned to something that happened 10 days ago that nobody else either saw, or thought enough of to mention. The time to ask those questions was right after it happened. The team is preparing to play the Seahawks and Kelly is getting asked by one guy about something in the rear view mirror that didn’t even register on the radar. I don’t know about you, but that is more of a distraction than the act itself imo.

              7. Even Larry Krueger, the guy Grant got the IM from that he used in his piece, is saying the lineman wasn’t frustrated with Kaepernick but rather the media.

                He just said it right now on the radio.

              8. Tantrum? Thats funny. I was just pointing out the incredible depths of your delusion. I think you guys need to look in the mirror. For those of you who agree with Colin’s protest you are very quick to blame anyone and everyone else for being a distraction while at the same time saying Colin is not a distraction. You have absolutely no idea why Lowell is asking the question but you are quick to label him a troublemaker trying to manufacture discord. Your criticism of a reporter asking obvious questions to a coach who is at the epicenter of a huge story in the NFL that reaches throughout our society is mindnumbingly idiotic. Whether the player was frustrated with CK or the media is beside the point. Asking Chip about the locker room and players potential reaction to the attention CK is receiving is a very basic and logical question. To criticize the reporter in this instance is more revealing about your support for CK’s cause than it is about the reporter.

              9. You don’t get it or you don’t want to get it. The player walking by the media scrum in front of Kap was not a big story. It was an IM by Larry Krueger that Grant decided to expand on. Lowell then linked to Grant’s article on his blog. That was it. I have no problem with any of this. What I find to be ironic however is that Grant and Lowell have been pushing the distraction agenda since it happened and yet nothing has transpired. Then 10 days after this incident Lowell is making it a story again by not only questioning Kelly about it, but giving his opinion on what should have transpired. If you can’t see he’s trying to make the story then you are naive or just want to see it happen.

                The story has been about Kap’s anthem protest. That is not what the questions were about. If you can’t see the difference between the two I can’t help you.

                I support Kap’s right to protest yes, but I’m not turning a blind eye as to whether it’s a distraction. If there was actual proof of it being a distraction I’d be open to exploring that, but there isn’t, at least not at this juncture. I simply found it ironic that the distraction story being pushed here is really more of a distraction than the act itself. Lowell is and always has been a great writer. I enjoy his insights and his stories about the old days, but he likes to push buttons sometimes and that appears to be what he’s doing here.

              10. JH: I’ll always be honest so don’t post stupid comments and I won’t have to point out your idiocy.

                Rocket: I get it perfectly. It’s you who doesn’t get or doesn’t want to get the point. You typed,

                “The story has been about Kap’s anthem protest. That is not what the questions were about. If you can’t see the difference between the two I can’t help you.”

                If you don’t see that this story has many facets with the Anthem protest being only part of the story then I can’t help you. When a player chooses to do something that has nothing to do with the game and will get national attention while playing a team sport then part of the story is the impact on the teammates. Did CK discuss his protest with his teammates prior to making the decision to sit? Did he consider the impact on his teammates? Did he consider the obvious media frenzy that would happen after the protest? Did he consider that he should let his teammates enjoy the glory after a win instead of absorbing the media glow himself? If there was a reaction from a teammate in the post win locker room then what were Chip Kelly’s thoughts on the possible discord the distraction is causing?

                This entire anthem protest is causing a major distraction on the team that anyone with an IQ above that of a gnat can see. The backup QB who did not play in a 49er win received the most media attention in the post game locker room. If that doesn’t register as a distraction to you then I’m not sure you can be helped.

              11. Nope. I often differ in opinion with people on this blog. I don’t think Baalke is a good GM. Some people do and I don’t think they are idiots. I think Navarro Bowman has seriously lost a step and is playing more on guts and instinct than ability right now but some people think he is still great. I don’t think they are idiots. I don’t think the Colts will make the playoffs but some people do and I don’t think they are idiots.

                I think if you can’t see Colin Kaepernicks Anthem protest is a distraction then you are an idiot. I think if you criticize a reporter about asking the head coach about players reaction to Colin Kaepernick then I think you either have an agenda or you are an idiot. It’s an obvious distraction and it’s a national story so reporters should ask questions and the head coach should expect to field those questions. Expecting anything else is simply asinine.

              12. If you don’t see that this story has many facets with the Anthem protest being only part of the story then I can’t help you. When a player chooses to do something that has nothing to do with the game and will get national attention while playing a team sport then part of the story is the impact on the teammates. Did CK discuss his protest with his teammates prior to making the decision to sit? Did he consider the impact on his teammates? Did he consider the obvious media frenzy that would happen after the protest? Did he consider that he should let his teammates enjoy the glory after a win instead of absorbing the media glow himself? If there was a reaction from a teammate in the post win locker room then what were Chip Kelly’s thoughts on the possible discord the distraction is causing?

                Stick to the topic at hand. Yes there are many facets to the anthem protest, but we are talking about questions Lowell asked in regards to a player being frustrated as he walked by a media scrum in front of Kap after the Rams game. As it turns out there really wasn’t a story. As Jack mentioned, the player was rolling his eyes at the media and not much more. Then there is the fact that the questions are being asked long after this took place when it barely registered with anyone.

                Did you read about how the media in Carolina swarmed Kap after the game against the Panthers? I didn’t, in fact there wasn’t much said about Kap at all before or after that game other than some surmising he may get a chance to play soon. Where was the distraction? Have you read or heard rumors coming out about the team being divided with players actually being mentioned as the source? I haven’t. Was there a report I missed about players feeling like Kap stopped them from enjoying the win over the Rams?

                I can’t answer your question about what Kap was thinking and neither can anyone else. Only he knows, but here’s what we know to be true:

                He has been bothered by it for some time and posted things on Twitter that didn’t get much attention.

                He sat through two anthems before anyone even noticed and drew attention to it.

                He answered every question posed to him and explained his stance.

                He talked in front of the entire team so they could understand where he was coming from

                He has received support from his teammates, coaches and owner publicly and has not gone out of his way to take attention away from the team. He simply answers the questions when they are asked as he should.

                This entire anthem protest is causing a major distraction on the team that anyone with an IQ above that of a gnat can see.

                You can’t seem to respond without insults. That says a lot about you. Also please enlighten us with an example of exactly how this is causing a distraction? Where is the distraction other than a couple of media members continuing to ask questions about non issues? Where do you see or hear stories about players being angry or not being able to focus because Kap (and Reid btw) are kneeling during the anthem?

                The backup QB who did not play in a 49er win received the most media attention in the post game locker room. If that doesn’t register as a distraction to you then I’m not sure you can be helped.

                It was a Monday night game that was nationally televised which means media from across the country were there. Many wanted to ask questions about the protest which is to be expected. Even then all that came out of it was a comment from Krueger that he saw a player walk by and say something. As it turns out the player was referring to the media hoard, not Kap. The following week it was back to normal.

                The only thing going on here is people like yourself trying to make it a bigger deal than it really is, because if you can believe it’s dividing the locker room, you can also believe it adds more credibility to your disdain over what he’s doing.

              13. Yup. Asinine is a good one. I was saving “lunacy” as the coup de grace but I won’t need it.

                Rocket, I’m not reading that. When I want to read War and Peace, I’ll ready War & Peace. Let’s just call a truce. I think you’re wrong to criticize the reporter. You think I don’t understand basic logic. Got it. We can move on now.

              14. Darn and here I was just trying to make it easier for you to read by including your points I was responding to you. Oh well suit yourself.

              15. When I taught argument and critical thinking to my college classes, I used bigfoot “researchers” as an example of confirmation bias. Such individuals are a great example because their thinking seems empirical and logical to themselves (and to a degree, to some others, at least superficially) but is actually so permeated with a priori assumptions and non-externally motivated opinion (belief) that the apparent empiricism is significantly co-opted by the individuals’ belief systems. In a sense, bigfoot folks bring bigfoot with them to such an extent that it is nearly impossible for them to conceive of any explanations other than the one they already expected to see, and they will subconsciously manipulate the data to fit both their belief and the desire to be empirical, not realizing that their efforts are really antithetical to empirical investigation.

                What we have here is a bigfoot problem.

              16. Rocket – I was trying to deal with the journalism aspect that I thought was the topic being discussed. In other words, the focus seemed to turn to Lowell’s interview of Kaep, a backup QB whose topic was his protest position, not football. My point is that I see an irony here because Kaep has historically been very guarded with all of the media answering questions with single syllables, grunts and “I can’t comment”, while acting like he’s being tortured by a million ants. Now that he has something that he wants to share with the world, of course there is no limit to his cooperation. Most journalists, and especially the Cohn’s, do not see themselves as minions for people who want to get their version of the story out to the public (that was my reference to the Yorks who want journalists to be like their own PR staff, only not on the payroll) My sense is that is where Lowell is going with his story but I could be wrong. No reasonable person will criticize the stance Kaep has taken. However, many reasonable people can and are criticizing the means in which it is done, and I would personally add, the unintended consequences which are inevitable. (i.e. riots, looting, beatings, property damage, etc. I hope there is no one on this board who condones the lawlessness that has occurred in Charlotte)

      2. Isn’t Eric Reid right there with Kaep, taking a knee? Hasn’t he also responded to questions about it? Is he a distraction too?

        1. Yes, and there’s others who have raised fists now too. I think all told there were 5 49ers protesting in some form last week Scooter.

          Kaepernick started it, but there’s athletes all over doing it now.

    3. You’ve got an article about players “being frustrated with Kaepernick” based completely on a second hand report, and now the guy who was used as the source has come out saying that the frustration was with the media. That pretty much means that this whole thing is written with nothing at all to back it up other than opinion.

  2. Is it a distraction? well, they won so it did not distract them very much.

    Did he have reporters surrounding him? Well, they were just doing their job, and considering he was put on the cover of Time, and there were 2 more police shootings, at least one in cold blood, it is highly relevant.

    I think we should turn the tables and ask his detractors if they think he is worse than wife beaters, rapists, and child beaters. They seem to excuse those players, but vilify some one for decrying injustices.

    Some may question his methods, but no one can deny the impact. The wheels of justice, while slow, do turn to an inexorable conclusion. Peace and justice will come to this land when police officers cannot use the Blue Line to kill innocent people.

  3. This is absolutely a distraction to the team from a very selfish perspective from Colin Kaepernick.
    The lockerroom is a sanctuary for these guys. It’s there way of forming a brotherhood and when reporters are in their sanctuary asking these non football related questions, it’s a distraction.
    Every city the team travels to now they will be met and have to answer these protest questions one of their teammates started, using the team as a platform to do so.
    I know the guy is not a good football player but now he just futures his case that he needs to move on!

    1. Kap is not on soap-box and inviting the media to surround him with questions. He is not a blowhard broadcasting his cause like the Rev. Al Sharpton or the quickly fading into obscurity Rev. Jesse Jackson.

      Kap is conducting a silent protest that brings attention to a national issue that won’t go away until the finger pointing and blame game stops and real dialogue begins with the intention to bring about change in this area starts.

      Don’t be fooled, the national media loves controversy. They milk, and in some cases actually give life (with constant attention) to many of these situations.
      This is a small example, but can someone tell me why Ryan Lochte is on a national tv show at the moment? Media loves and feeds off of controversy!

  4. I blame Baalke. He should not have had that ‘Good’ conversation with Kaep telling him to keep his head down, and not be uppity.

    Everyone could see how Kaep responded.

    1. Baalke’s silence amid York and Kelly’s public support is loud and clear. He has made many mistakes, but his biggest might be allowing Delanie Walker to walk….

      1. “Baalke’s….made many mistakes, but his biggest might be allowing Delanie Walker to walk….”

        Just saw a write up about this yesterday because Del Rio was questioning why he’s still not in SF.

        They’ve never replaced that threat. It was why some of us kept banging the drum for Fleeener in the draft but we got Jenkins 2 picks ahead instead.

  5. Kaepernick is a selfish a clown right now.

    Colin, if you are reading my posts like Chip does, you’ve made your point now, move on. Its about the team now, not you, use your stance outside of football. Just because you are the back up now, its still about the team. Go work on your game instead of your bad fro loser!

      1. Not at all. This is about the money for him this year and the notoriety. At some point Chip is gonna have to peel his nut sack back and let this cancer walk.

      2. Grant … plu-eeze …

        Before you can categorically profess
        as to what’s in a man’s heart …you need
        to walk a mile in his shoes !

          1. What’s his deal? Why use the team as a platform? Hold court right outside the stadium. The fact your teammates are around you don’t think the media wants their perspective?
            MW, its a non football related issue, meaning its a distraction from the every day workings of a football team. You know, what this thing we read about all the time is about: FOOTBALL!
            Walk in his shoes my fanny!

          2. Tune from the past…

            If I could be you, if you could be me
            For just one hour, if we could find a way
            To get inside each others mind
            If you could see you through my eyes
            Instead your own ego I believe you’d be
            I believe you’d be surprised to see
            That you’ve been blind

            Walk a mile in my shoes…

      3. Grant, that was because they made him play while injured and stabbed him in the back. Everyone saw how JH was treated, and they saw that Kaep was next. Everyone else feared for his job.No one wanted to befriend Kaep and be cut on the team bus.

        His capacity to forgive amazes me, and makes me like him even more.

        1. His teammates didn’t make him play injured. His teammates didn’t stab him in the back. Some would say Kaepernick stabbed Aldon Smith in the back, then turned his back on the rest of his teammates.

          1. The FO had a lot of influence on the team, and reports say that she broke off the relationship and was unattached. Aldon was the one who imploded, and he lost 100 million dollars over a woman who did not want him.

            I will not defend her too much, because I think she is unduly influencing him, but Kaep did not intend to stab Aldon in the back.

            Kaep left to get medical attention away from the team doctors. That says a lot. Kaep was ostracized and backstabbed, and his team mates were too worried that they would be next, so it is perfectly understandable why Kaep was shunned.

            1. Kaep shunned them when he was the starter last season. Ate lunch by himself. Walked through the facility with his headphones on and talked to no one.

              1. Like I said, he was a dead man walking. They all saw what happened to JH, and knew that Kaep was a JH favorite.

                Baalke made it clear that he did not mind letting 11 starters walk, and he was determined to eradicate any sign of JH. Heck, they even removed JH’s statue from the museum. Look where it got them.

          2. “….Some would say….”

            That phrase is a TMZ cop-out .. Grant ..

            You need (at least) .. TWO CONFIRMED sources
            to make a story …
            That’s one of the first rules they teach you
            in Journalism 101 …

            Grant … do you have two confirmed sources
            for that statement ?

              1. Razor …

                while I half-agree with you on the
                “unnamed sources” .. phrase ..

                journalists (typically) refuse to actually
                name .. their sources .. under
                their 1st Amendment rights .. and
                sometimes … they even go to jail..
                to protect their sources ..

            1. What surprises me is that people keep talking about “journalism” here. Grant was an English major. He is a blogger, and his blog has never lived up to journalistic standards. And it’s not supposed to…as long as we all remember the difference. He’s totally entitled to his biases, opinions, and poor predictions. If you’re reading this blog for facts, you’re in the wrong place. And by the way, I find his writing often interesting, but the reason I come here is for the comments. Once I took a deep breath and realized the above, it put things into a much more pleasant perspective.

              1. Do you remember when Grant’s dad in the middle of a CSN interview broke from answering a question to belittle Colin Kaeprnqick’s mom for tweeting in support of her son? Can you imagine how petty you have to rip a mom and suggest she isn’t comp able to Alex Smith’s mom? Seriously! These are not journalists. These people with a platform looking to get a rise and drive hits to their websites. Calling out Momma Kaepernick is just little minded bullying from the tv.

        2. Actually,
          Colin shut it down for the season, refusing to play with an injury that is commonly played through. The fact that he chose to do this only after being demoted for poor play, tells a lot about who comes first in his mind between him and the team.
          I understand why he did it, but these type of things are not easily forgotten by players.

      4. I think it is pretty clear that Eric Reid cares about Colin Kaepernick. Is Eric just stupid and an outlier; or is he a courageous leader who reflects what other teammates are too insecure to exhibit?

  6. This is what I have to say about CK, BLM Anthony Davis, and Time magazine, F them all,
    Niners finally win in Seattle Sunday! That’s all!
    Oh and F the seahaks too! Ok that’s all!

  7. Im wondering if lowell, grand and tim krapakamee can all take a knee. Either that or an over the head fist pump will do just fine.

  8. I know this game is early but you gotta tip your hat to Belicheck. The Pats know how to put guys in a scheme and have success.
    It’s unreal how this 3rd string guy is moving this offense.

      1. No kidding. That was an absolute beat down. Texans are a good team and they were thoroughly manhandled and outcoached. Belichick may be the greatest coach ever. The only issue with him is his teams sometimes peak at the wrong time – usually around the 3/4 mark in the season. If they stay healthy they can win it all. I still pick the Steelers over them but that was impressive last night.

  9. It’s sad that the Cohns keep on being a distraction in the locker room.
    Not only do they know what ALL the players feel without asking them, they also condemn the HC who stands behind ALL of his players!

    1. Your spot on Dee it’s because they hate Kaepernick and have some kind of personal vendetta against him for what ever reason, funny how they don’t attack Eric Reid who’s also taking a knee smh Could you imagine if Chip Kelley didn’t back Kaep the Cohns would have a field day with it because that’s what they want a divided locker room

  10. For what it is worth, here is how Senior writer and editor covering the 49ers for The Niners Wire & Contributor to Associated Press covering sports in the Bay Area, Chris Biderman, saw the locker room events from his perspective:

    “Non-sports media where there to cover Kaepernick. That’s what happens when a football player becomes a story that transcends sports. Kaepernick answered questions that were asked of him. If he hadn’t, he would have been bashed for running from the cameras. It was startling how quickly the media hoard surrounded Kaepernick, considering he didn’t have an impact on the game. I, and other reporters there to cover football, went to talk to other players that played larger roles in the 49ers’ win. I never saw a player get so much coverage after participating so little in the game that just happened. If that situation was unique to me, it certainly was unique to the players in the locker room. The strange scene in the locker room that night was a result of the media battling to fit Kaepernick’s face in a camera frame. Players didn’t seem annoyed Kaepernick was ‘hogging’ the spotlight, which has been indicated in other places. Players seemed vexed at so many reporters with cameras were sprinting through the players’ space to get a shot of the back-up quarterback after the story had been ongoing for almost three weeks. The media in that room treated the situation like it was brand new – because it was to a number of them. Kaepernick only spoke to one reporter Aug. 26 when the story broke in the early morning following a late preseason game. I disagree with the idea that the attention surrounding Kaepernick is hurting the 49ers’ team dynamic. Players have told me, on and off the record, they don’t see it as a point of conflict. Based on today’s presser, neither does Kelly.”

    “As Kaepernick and Eric Reid have said, over and over: This protest is bigger than football.”

        1. IMO, DP, this is an issue I think you agree has two valid sides:
          1. Side One: There’s cause to protest, and the cause is as just as it gets.
          2. Side Two: Protest but without dissing the flag or national anthem. So many have died to defend them, including so many blacks.

          Seattle’s response was genius — stand but lock arms.

          As for Lowell, you know that he likes to make waves. As a HC? Too many moving parts for the vast majority of guys.

          1. George,
            A while back I asked Grant (he said he is Jewish) if he would stand for the German Anthem during the Nazi period and he said NO.
            So yes there are 2 sides to protesting the national anthem.
            If it affects you on a personal level, it’s different then when you are not singled out. Kap has been posting on twitter for months (I’ve read this, I don’t tweet) about this and nobody paid attention. He went one step further, without shouting, burning the flag, turning his back (like the NY cops did) or stomping on anybody else’s opinion.
            Frankly, I think he’s been very calm and respectful about this and that part I admire about him! He adjusted the sitting to kneeling and isn’t calling anybody names who disagrees with him. Unlike the other side….

            1. Dee, I paused when I read your words about the German Anthem during the Nazi period, because I am Jewish as well. Also, your words, “if it affects you on a personal level, it’s different then when you are not singled out,” because I am white. I wish I had a magic wand to make the discrimination and pain go away.

      1. Grant, is that a journalist’s LOL? Or snarky blogger LOL? Or a regional publication contributor’s LOL at a national news organization for giving us an alternate take that conflicts with yours? Should we know where you are going here? Or is this simply some sort of Cohn vendetta at play?

          1. That post made me laugh. The truth will come out at the appropriate time. … D. Trump

            Grant if that was intentional, it’s classic.

      2. I agree with Grant. Oh ,how I miss the Glory Years reading the Chron with Caen and Cohn; they were must reads.

        Nowadays, I am offended by the likes of Killion and Kawakami, and in this age of a million sports bloggers who possess minimal skills, the air is thick with chaff.

        It is refreshing to come to this site and not be assailed with the drek, although some of the posters provide tons of dross.

        Grant is like a breath of fresh air, even though some of it is hot, but he is light years better than the Branchs, Matts and Lynchs of this world.

        I appreciate good writing, that is why I am here. The rest are meh.

  11. Lost in all this hubbub about CK, and now Kelly’s supportive remarks for Colin’s stance is an older story, one that even the people who wrote and opined about it then aren’t bringing up now.
    Remember when it was “known” that Kelly was a racist as HC in Philly? Remember how he hated uppity black stars? Remember how he sided with a white boy who made stupid statements instead of firing him, because, you know, Kelly is a racist?
    Those opinions were wholly wrong then and were contested widely, but still hung out there, morphing from ‘questions’ to muttered innuendo. Now where are those writers and talking heads? Hmmmmmmm? And where are those now who challenged that notion originally to remake their point? Big time professional journalists with the wisdom and context of experience? I’m reading people patting themselves on the back………..
    When I originally read Grant’s (2nd hand) account, I wondered if Kilgore’s comment wasn’t mostly directed at the media circus. I wasn’t there either, but Biderman’s account seems reasonable.

  12. sebnynah, you are hella rude bud. How disrespectful of you to act the way you do. Hide behind your computer and talk junk little man. I bet face to face you don’t act this way. Show some respect.

    1. So you are defending Killion and Kawakami?

      Why dont you say the same thing when others are spewing hate ad nauseum.

      Those are the true cowards, hiding behind the cloak of anonymity, Talking smack and bloviating with bombastic bilgewater.

      1. I like Kawakami and Killion for the most part. The only thing that I find odd about Killion is that she has big problems with 49ers’ domestic issues but spews nothing but love for Hope Solo.

        1. Killion is OK with her Player profiles, but has less sports knowledge than Primate. She should just stick to covering the Giants

          TK is just another TrollD, or maybe he IS TrollD.

          1. That’s silly. He writes his opinions just like those you suck up to. I’m a bit surprised you don’t like him since he’s been writing a lot of good stuff about your hero lately.

          1. Mood,

            Just different opinions and points of view. That’s all. I tend to like to see what everyone is saying even if their view doesn’t mesh with mine.

          2. Mood,

            Can’t speak for Jack, but I read everybody and what you are missing out on is balance in reporting. Kawakami can be overly negative of course, but he often has insights that others don’t, and when you put all the different perspectives together from every writer, you are better able to understand what might actually be going on.

          3. Yeah, they both write about the personalities, team and FO politics, but not much on football. I think that’s why I stopped reading them because I began to use my limited time to learn more about the game, never having played it myself.

            On a different note, now that I get the NFL network, I watched Inside the NFL yesterday after a gap of over a dozen years.I enjoyed the Len Dawson years and the Bob Costas era little less, but the crew I saw with Boomer, Irvin and Marshall grated.

              1. Jack, I much prefer the old school too, like two-person pregame shows. Nowadays these crews, with more onstage than the E-Street band, just annoy.

  13. The damage to the 49ers brand is done and is going to be long-lasting. If you’re on the far left and you think the BLM movement is angelic and about nothing but justice for innocent victims, you’re sadly deluded. You haven’t empathized at all with the plight of police who work in America’s most crime-infested neighborhoods, and have to make decisions you’ll never even have to imagine. If you want to tie their hands behinds their backs, the 49ers brand is now synonymous with your naive views.

    1. “…..the 49ers brand is now synonymous with your naive views….”

      “Naive views ..?” … really ?

      Dude … Kaps protest isn’t about the vast majority
      of police officers … He understands that part .. but
      instead… he’s protesting the cops … like the one in
      Tulsa .. who shot an unarmed man .. who had his
      hands up the entire time …
      This man was shot .. apparently ofr his car
      breaking down !

      Either you’re not paying attention … or ..
      your prejustices prevent you from seeing
      someone else’s point of view ..

      Grow up !

      1. Your portrayal of Crutcher as an innocent, law abiding citizen, presenting no threat to a police officer is either uninformed or intellectually dishonest. The man disobeyed like 20 commands, was acting like he was high on PCP, and has a rap sheet a mile long. Does one have to be a racist to imagine how the female cop did feel her life was in danger?

        1. She had a gun and he was unarmed with his hands in the air. If she felt so threatened by an unarmed person, she has no business carrying a gun so she can be the judge jury and executioner.

          She profiled him, and it was all caught on tape. He died because his car broke down. She was the one who made those unreasonable commands. Maybe her better response would have been to sit in her patrol car with the windows up and call for a tow truck. Instead, she got out of her car, approached him, made unreasonable demands, and shot him. She then did not deign to give aid to a wounded person.

          1. So you’re saying people don’t need to obey officers’ commands? Or only when people feel the commands are reasonable?

            Let’s say this is put into law. Citizens are now free to disregard officers’ commands. Can you imagine any unintended consequences of this bright idea?

            1. When they use commands that are unreasonable. The dudes car broke down. No need to come at him with guns drawn. In America, he was innocent.

              When some one has his hands up, he is not reaching for a weapon. Shooting an unarmed person should be illegal in this country, no matter who is holding the gun.

              1. I’m not talking about this particular case at the moment. I’m just asking you what, if any, negative consequences you can foresee of allowing citizens to choose when they want to obey police officers’ commands.

              2. I told my sons that they should obey every single command that a sheriff’s deputy gives them, because if they do not, they may be shot multiple times.

                I think that the police should have better training so they do not get to make unreasonable commands, then execute innocent people in cold blood. Then use the excuse that they were disobeying a command to slaughter some one, or claim that they feared for their safety, and get to unload their gun at a safe distance.

              3. >>I told my sons that they should obey every single command that a sheriff’s deputy gives them, because if they do not, they may be shot multiple times.

                That’s the same thing NYC Mayor De Blasio told his son (De Blasio is married to an AA woman and thus has mixed race children). Then the NYC PBA came down on him like a ton of bricks for “disrespecting” the police. Actions like that from the police union are what Kaep speaks to.

            2. Maybe there should be more training in non violent conflict resolution. They had a helicopter overhead and he was surrounded by cops. He was not going to escape, and she approached him shouting unreasonable commands. They profiled him and dehumanized him by just letting him lie in his own blood while they just stood around. That is a reality, but it is not justice.

              Laws should protect ALL innocent people, not rogue cops.

              1. Let me ask you in return. Do you think that a cop gets to make a command, reasonable or nor not, then use that disobedience as an excuse to shoot an innocent person with his hands in the air?

    2. Oscar Grant was shot while restrained and on his belly. He was shot in the back, and the creep who did it was vigorously defended by the Blue Line, even though it was a heinous cowardly act.

      Thank God this new atrocity has produced a first degree manslaughter charge right away. Before, they may have swept this incident under the rug, but with the glare from the spotlights, they had to act swiftly and appropriately.

      I am glad that Kaep has exposed the fact that Justice is not being served, and there needs to be better training and beter protocols. In Santa Rosa, a guy with a screw driver had 4 officers unload their guns at him. Near Sebastopol, a boy with a Swiss army Knife was shot 4 times in the chest at point blank range.There should be a one shot rule, and mandatory body cameras that cannot be turned off.

  14. My predraft 49er QB pick was Jacoby Brisset. Of course they ignored me, instead reading Seb’s First 11 draft selections and 1st 15 scripted plays he faxed off to 4949 Centennial for the 12t 3 games.

    Pats, Brisset 27-0

  15. Practically nobody picks the Niners vs. the Hawks.
    Law Vegas Odds: Seahawks -11.

    SB Nation: Nobody out of 10
    ESPN: 1 out of 10!
    CBS Sports: Nobody out of 8 Nobody out of 6
    USA Today: Nobody out of 5
    Elliott Harrison, Seahawks 30, 49ers 10
    Greg Cote, Miami Herald: Seahawks 24, 49ers 9
    Dennis Manoloff, The Plain Dealer: Seahawks 23, 49ers 9
    Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News: Seahawks 33, 49ers 6
    Neil Greenberg, Washington Post: 49ers cover +9.5
    Pro Football Talk: MDS Seahawks 30-10, Florio Seahawks 15-12

  16. TomD’s 49er vs Hawks Prediction:

    Hyde gets injured due to Kelly’s continuous inside zone run calls up the gut.

    This put Gab’s on an Island with 2 receivers who spent no training camp with them, just picked up off the street. 2 and 3 weeks ago.

    Michael Wilhoite is exposed as a fraud in both coverage and as an ILB

    12th man becomes a factor after Sherman takes one to the house while knowing on last year’s Turkey drumbstick Jed gave him.

    Hawks 38-3 over the 49ers

    Where Did it All Go Wrong? The Rise and Fall of Chip Kelly

    1. Im a huge fan of better rivals.
      They obviously put in work to understand the nuances of the game and expectations from the positions they speak about. I really enjoyed their breakdown of Chip Kelly’s offense, his base plays and their limitations.

  17. The 49ers defense was exposed last week, and I expect the Seahawks offense to explode in this one. The 49ers allowed 529 total yards on defense last week so Seattle should light up the scoreboard in this one.

      1. Even though the Seahawks’ offense hasn’t been scoring points, it has possessed the ball. The Seahawks have run 139 plays in two games, seventh-most in the league. Their time of possession of 33:02 is ninth. Of the 139 plays, Wilson has been in the pocket for 75 of them.

  18. Tom I just have to ask: what is it you are trying to accomplish with all this? Everyone knows how you feel and everyone has a right to comment, but why spam the board with stuff from other sites and redundant material that just echo’s what you’ve already posted? Seems like a waste of time and energy when you can just say you think the team sucks.

  19. Sebynah, there’s no way to have any kind of dialogue with someone who is unwilling or unable to listen/read carefully. If you have things you want to say, just say them, but why engage me in a faux dialogue? The question you answered (that I didn’t ask) was “Should cops make unreasonable commands?”

    The question I asked was “What, if any, negative consequences you can foresee of allowing citizens to choose when they want to obey police officers’ commands?”

    1. Alan, picking and choosing which commands to obey may seem salient to your argument, but I am saying that police commands need to be reasonable, respectful and appropriate.

      If they are reasonable, respectful and appropriate, they should be obeyed, but the whole idea that they must be obeyed or that gives the police the right to shoot is something you cannot ignore or avoid.

  20. Back to football, I hope Chip gets creative. I want to see more counters, sweeps, reverses, fake reverses, rollouts, screens, draws and even the flea flicker. A fake pitch with the naked bootleg may catch them off guard.

    Running the Zone read and mainly handing off will not get the job done.

    Since Baalke is insisting that they play Beadles, otherwise, his FA crop would be a total bust if he sat, they should play Beadles at RG and let Garnett play LG, his strongest position. Maybe Garnett will help get the run game going.

    Niners should go bunched set to get their base defense in, then quickly go 4 wide the next play and send them all long.

    On defense, I want to see some timely blitzes by the safeties, because RW seems to be able to elude the LBs. However, since he seems hobbled, a delayed blitz by Bowman may be very effective.

    Finally, I will repeat that I hope Chip wants to win so much, he will not sheathe his most powerful weapon. Let Gabbert start, but also let Kaep play. Even if they use him as a decoy, he could be very effective.

  21. Grant,

    If your dad was in the locker room and saw the scene and how it was effecting the other players in the room why did you choose to use the IM from Krueger instead?

  22. For the fools who want Collin Kaepernick to start against the Seahawks this is his outstanding numbers lifetime against them 88-of-165 ,961 yards, 3 TD, 9 int, 48 carries, 342 yards, 0 TD , 2 lost fumbles

    1. I also remember BG looking pretty solid against the hawks last year…. if we actually had a Run D in that game we would have had a shot.

    2. He won’t start until he’s back physically, unless Gabbert goes down in the next few weeks. I think the earliest we’d see him would be against the Bills, but more than likely the Saints game is the target date….

    3. Thank you. I’m betting if Gabbert goes up and puts a solid game together and wins its all going to bed! And I’m talking this kaep talk.

    1. They’re 3-0 with Brady coming back in a week. Fortunately they have a long week to get someone ready to play this final game without their actual starter. Why can’t we even have 1 QB?

      1. I wonder the same thing, Mid. I think the Patriots are good, but I don’t think we will know how good until the end of the season. Their schedule is starting to look pretty creampuff, other than the Steelers and the Broncos (and the Jets’ defense).

  23. sports is fantasy, sports takes us out of our daily lives and gives us something outside of ourselves to root for, to feel a part of. It brings together men, women and children of every race and every socioeconomic status. We deal with injustice, racial and sexual discrimination, bureaucracy, sickness, death, divorce and various calamities on a daily basis. We don’t turn to sports to contemplate these issues. I turn to sports to get a break for a couple hours from these issues.

    I have nothing against kapernick or what his message is. My comment has nothing to do with the content of his message. But when I turn on sports tv or get on a sports blog I don’t want to read about his political views. I want to read about football. I don’t want the reporters to ask him any questions outside of football. I want to read about why chip Kelly, aka singletary, ran Hyde down the middle, 40 times with gaining a yard each time.

    He can use his status as a football player to convey his political opinions in time magazine, cnn, at a political rally, talk show, etc etc. I am all for that. If we are living in ignorance for the entirety of our days and football was the only way we would contemplate these issues then maybe it would be the right forum. However , If as a nation we are living in this level of ignorance then it is a sad day when we have to turn to Colin kapernick to enlighten us.

    1. You might be better off reading a good book, but be careful which one you pick. Some of them contain the great issues of mankind.

      1. Grimey’s enthusiasm for the story faded as soon as he found out that the officer that shot Keith Scott was black, that Keith Scott was a felon with a long criminal history and that Keith Scott did in fact have a gun and was asked to drop it numerous times. He was too busy feeling bad for Scott’s brother, who was blaming the entire white race for his brothers death and labeling all whites as “Devils.” An eyewitness flat out fabricated the story of a white officer executing a weapon less Scott, yet she was so focused on lying that she didn’t realize Scott’s gun was on the ground in the picture that she took herself and posted to her Facebook page.

          1. I meant no malice with my post Grimey. My point is that better things happen when we focus on our similarities instead of our differences. I haven’t seen a lot of that lately. As I posted before, I lived 2 miles from the shooting and have a lot of friends in the area. I just spoke to one of my best friends (who is black) and he says that people are now claiming that “the white cop” really did the shooting. I just hope that people can cool down and wait for the facts to come out. Because of my personal connections with the area, I can’t describe how sad I am about all of this. My personal problem with Kaep is that when there is a need to come together, I think he has done a good job of driving us further apart.

            1. I’ve read a bunch, but said nothing about what’s going on in Charlotte. So I’m in the wait and see mode too WC. Frankly however, I don’t care that you have a black friend or what your personal issues with Kap are.

              My reply was to BigP who is on the warpath and has assigned a bunch of opinions to me so he can have someone to be angry at.

              1. I’m sorry that you and Whine came to an impasse. That in itself is a sign of the times. You and Big P have understandable differences.
                Wow. I’m so distressed. Look, 1st off, I do not seek and do not want a society without cops. Seriously, I don’t trust us; we need cops.
                Still, the status quo must not stand. Not just about black suspects, but the use of lethal force MUST be re-examined. This is so very much an issue of appropriate use of lethal force and rules of engagement. Unfortunately, black people,do suffer the most from this problem. I wasn’t pleased that CK brought this into a locker room and into the stadium; but, too late. The issue is critical and urgent.
                I was a Marine in Vietnam during Tet 68. That was an urban conflict. We Marines (over-sexed, underpaid teenage killers) in68 had better fire discipline than sworn officers in the USA today. We were trained to break things and kill mofos. Yet, we adopted a different fire discipline when deployed to Hue city. Our local cops can’t dial that in? KMA!

        1. Big P why don’t you finally just commit yourself? You have gone bananas lately dude! I told you, find a human to make contact with and get er done sir! You need it big time!

  24. Grant, would it be fair to say, in your opinion, that Kaep’s protest isn’t what is really dividing the locker room, but is more to do with a rift between Kaep and a segment of the team last year?

    It was widely reported last year that Kaep didn’t have many friends on the team, and wasn’t liked by many. It sounds like you believe the protest and his attitude have deepened the divide between himself and many of the players. I can definitely see that scenario being true, but really that comes down to Kaep not getting along with his teammates and not really about his protest. If true, just another reason the 49ers should have gotten rid of Kaep this offseason.

    1. Maybe you have forgotten how Kaep has been controversial from the start. Kaep was a JH pick, and Alex was very popular among his team mates. The decision by JH to keep Kaep starting even after AS recovered from his concussion almost split the locker room, and created lots of tension.

      2 years ago, the Niners went 8-8 and missed the playoffs. JH was ‘Mutually Parted’, and Kaep lost his biggest booster. The team disintegrated, Kaep lost a ton of players who backed him, and we had last seasons’ dumpster fire.

      Kaep, being a JH acolyte, was a dead man walking, because Baalke wanted to remove every vestige of JH. Baalke started the rumors backstabbing Kaep, and did not have enough insight or awareness to see that Aldon would implode, which basically doomed the season because they lost their best pass rusher.

      Baalke went back on his word, and did not do much to retain veteran leadership. He also made terrible roster judgments, and insisted that Devey play because he traded for him. He also insisted that Pears play at RT, even though Boone would have been the better choice.That only succeeded to get Kaep injured. He, and the doctors told Kaep to ice his shoulder and made him play while injured, which was another stab in the back. Kaep became so injured, he had to have 3 surgeries, but I remember many posters who said that Kaep was just fine because it was not his throwing shoulder.

      However, I could see that Kaep played like he was injured. They finally benched him, then berated him for going to Colorado, away from the team doctors, to have his three surgeries. Kaep felt used and betrayed, and saw plainly how Baalke treated him so horribly with the leaks and smears.

      The 49er team doctors are a bunch of quacks. They totally missed diagnosing the injuries, and told him to play, even though we all could see that Kaep was limited. In fact, the team doctors have a sordid history. One even killed himself after it was found out that he drugged and raped people. Maybe they can get some new ones, but so far, the old ones are not only incompetent, they are venal.

      Now we have a perfectly healthy Gabbert, who bounces passes, is inaccurate and makes bad decisions. Those same things got Kaep benched, but many are saying that Gabbert is such a swell guy, they will overlook his deficiencies. Gabbert, if he had an ounce of character, would admit that he is hurting the team, and should volunteer to allow Kaep to compete. Let Gabbert start, but once he does not lead the Niners to a score, he should let Kaep lead until Kaep does not lead them to a score. Then Gabbert can try again. Chip should just continue the competition this way, and success will be rewarded.

      Chip is the key. He is solely responsible for Kaep still being on the team. He promised Kaep a fair competition, and kept his word when they split reps with the first string. Kaep, with his slight setback, could not fully compete, and I am sure that Baalke had his hands in the decision. Baalke has done everything in his power to favor Gabbert over Kaep, but Gabbert has shown that he is not superior to Kaep with his play on the field.

      I have no doubt in my mind that Baalke told Kaep to keep his head down and not get uppity. Baalke probably laid down the law and told Kaep to not protest and focus on football. I also believe that Kaep gave Baalke one of those Michael Phelps death stares. We all have seen what Kaep’s response was to that ‘GOOD’ conversation.

      Is Kaep a distraction? No, especially if they win. If they lose with Gabbert, it is hard to blame Kaep for being a distraction when he is not even playing. Now they are saying that they do not want Kaep to play because they are afraid that if he gets injured, they will have to pay him his full salary. If they are so cowardly to worry about paying Kaep, even though he might help them win, they should fire the person who wrote that contract. I wonder who did that?

      Baalke is the bigger distraction. Last year, after kicking JH to the curb, he became a 400 pound gorilla and micromanaged the roster and meddled with the coaching. His MO of spreading leaks and smears are what threatens to tear the team apart, AGAIN.

      Chip is the key. If he can stand up to the bully Baalke, the Niners may win despite Baalke’s obstreperous behavior. If the Niners win, it will because of Chip, and I will not give Baalke any credit. If they lose, I will Blame Baalke.

      Baalke is the true cancer in the organization, and Jed should heed John Madden’s advice. He said suits are cheap and easy to replace. It is a lot harder to replace coaches and players.

      Chip is the key. If he wants to win, he will play Kaep, even for only a couple of series. Gabbert, with his play on the field, has shown me that he is not the answer. Chip, if he wants to win, will not sheathe his most powerful weapon- a Super Bowl QB.

      1. The biggest danger about concussions is what happens when there are additional concussive blows that occur to a concussed player. A concussed player does not have the quick reactions or agility to avoid further hits, so when another Blow occurs, it can have lasting damage, or be fatal.

        I remember Steve Young. he was suffering from concussions, and hen he was leveled because of a missed block, it did not look too bad, but he was out like a light. He very easily could have had lasting damage because of the accumulated effects. Troy Aikman, too, yet both players were not included in any concussion studies by the NFL.

        So how does the NFL deal with concussions? They schedule Thursday Night Games with 3 days rest.

      1. I am not going to take any side on Davis, but the link I provided supports the likelihood of another concussion occurring for an athlete who has had a previous concussion. Whatever opinion I have towards Davis must be set aside for that evidence.

        1. I see your point Mid, I would probably feel the same way if Davis hadn’t already retired and recently contemplated retirement again.

  25. How should the Niners counter the Seahawk defense? By staying disciplined, and do not give up the big play. They should not blitz like crazy. They should expect that they can get pressure with a 4 man rush, and play a strong zone that keeps everything in front of them. Dial up a few unexpected blitzes, but mainly stop the run first, then get after the Smurf. They should not blitz like crazy, and leave their corners on an island, Carolina exposed the weakness to that strategy.

    On offense, they should line up Kaep in the back field. Just the fact that he is on the field will make the defense key on him. He would be a good distraction. Gabbert should pitch the ball to Kaep, and he has the option to continue rolling out and either throw a pass, lateral it back to Gabbert, or take off running the ball.

  26. Interesting clues left by Grant in terms of his father’s investigation. LC is in the process of getting people on record in public forums. LC’s informants, reliable or not, are assisting him in his “prosecutorial” process. Lowell has no constraints and can work any and all angles- I assume he is as cryptically indicated by Grant. Lowell’s process seems reasonably sound and as we all know a good process leads to a supportable outcome. I am in a wait and see mode. From personal experience, I know educated and skilled people tend to do their best work when highly motivated. Lowell appears highly motivated at this time.

    1. What? He’s going to totally prove that Kaep is a disruption in the locker room? To what end? Just so he can say “I won”? That’s journalism for you alright.

  27. Rib, I suggest taking a what and see approach. I haven’t a clue what Lowell is doing or working on, does it really matter in the finally analysis? I don’t believe it does . The table is set by Grant the ole double team. Personally, I find the process intriguing. Depending on who you ask, we may never know the truth the outcome will forever be tainted.

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