Chip Kelly: “Everybody can improve on their mechanics, and that’s what everybody tries to do.”

This is the transcript of Chip Kelly’s Thursday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


Can you just tell us how RB Carlos Hyde has looked in practice?

“Yeah, to be honest with you he looks the same way he looked last week. He’s running around. The difference I think is he’s in a blue jersey, so there’s no contact. From my understanding it’s how he can take contact, but you can’t hit him right now. So, him and the doctors and [49ers vice president of communications Jeff Ferguson] Ferg will get together at the end of the week and make a determination on where he feels. I didn’t really see anything last week, but again how you’re treating him in practice is a little bit different. But, he looks like he has range of motion. Probably a better question for him than me, but he’s looked good so we’ll see.”


I guess it’s not your area, but how do you determine if a guy who doesn’t have contact in practice can have contact in a game?

“That’s between the doctors, Ferg and Carlos. One thing I know is that coaches never weigh in on an injury front and says, ‘I think the player can handle it.’ It’s really a medical decision.”


What have your impressions been of K Phil Dawson since you got here? Is he unique in any way as far as kickers you’ve come across?

“Yeah, I can’t say enough good things about Phil. I think he’s awesome. Just starting number one from his approach. I don’t know if I’ve been around, regardless of position, a person that takes his individual job to the level that Phil takes it to. The amount of work that he puts in to be so special at his craft. I don’t care if Phil was a kicker or an inside linebacker or a defensive end or whatever, he has it down. He’s been in the league a long time for a reason. He’s not around because he’s just a good guy. I think, you’ve watched him kick, we’ve trotted him out there it’s 50-yarders, it’s whatever. It’s the wind in Buffalo. It’s everything. And then my conversations with Phil honestly, part of just my respect for him is we rotate our captains at every position except for Phil. And, I tell Phil, ‘You call it.’ He knows, he can tell you exactly what time the wind picks up in stadiums. He came to me on Tuesday, ‘Alright, coach we’re going to Buffalo. Let me talk to you a little bit about the Buffalo stadium. Here’s the history of this stadium. This is the way the wind blows. It’s going to blow this way in the first quarter.’ I mean, to the point, ‘Phil, you go out. You tell me what we’re doing, which way do you want to kick. How do we handle that?’ I think it’s just how dedicated he is to being what he is and I think it’s something that all of us, whether you’re a coach or whatever position you play, is how focused he is on being the best that he can possibly be. And, I think his demeanor, his mindset, he’s as good a teammate as I’ve ever been around.”


He is your special teams captain for the rest of the year?

“He’s our team captain, and again, voted by the players. Every position is voted by the players and there was no question with Phil in terms of him being that. But, I think he’s one of those kickers that transcends that position. He’s not just looked at as a kicker I know by the coaching staff and by the players on the team. It’s just the utmost respect of him of if you want to talk about what a professional football player should act like, Phil Dawson is what a professional football player is all about.”


Have you seen him between quarters go out onto the field to gauge the wind?

“I watch it, I kind of marvel at it. To have a guy like that, it’s one of those where you don’t weigh in. You just tell me, it’s kind of our ongoing joke, tell me what you want to do. And, he’s always right. It’s awesome to have that and then just his perspective from being around teams for such a long time. You just talk to him about dynamics of different locker rooms he’s been in. His experience. He’s a wealth of knowledge. He’s really been great for me to have around.”


I think DL Glenn Dorsey played 46 snaps on Sunday. How has he reacted to that workload this week?

“It’s been good. We’re hoping that, all injuries every individual is kind of different in how they come from it, but I’m hoping it’s almost he’s kind of gotten over the final hurdle and has really done a good job, because I think just from his play, I thought he played really well on Sunday. To have a guy like that, a veteran like that in the middle of that lineup will help us sure up some things over there. He has responded well and I think it’s key getting a full 100-percent healthy Glenn Dorsey back is a real positive for us.”


How has WR Quinton Patton developed since you’ve gotten here?

“You see him, obviously, just as he’s gotten better and more comfortable in our scheme. The one thing I love about QP is just the energy that he brings every single day. He’s a very consistent person. He’s the same guy every day and he’s a high-energy guy every day. A lot of times, it’s easy to be the same guy every day if you’re kind of like this, but to be high every single day that take a lot of energy. And, he has it. He certainly does a great job of it. I think he just has a better understanding and really a comfort level in terms of what we’re doing now and you’re starting to see his numbers kind of increase as the season’s gone along. But, I think it’s really his comfort level in terms of what we’re doing and I have seen him grow. Hopefully, we’ll continue to see him grow more.”


Do you feel like he’s becoming a reliable target for your quarterbacks?

“Yeah, no question. I really do. I think our quarterbacks feel comfortable with him too knowing that they’ve got someone like QP and they’re kind of on the same page with him.”


Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians said yesterday he thought QB Colin Kaepernick looked like the guy he was a couple years ago. Obviously, you’ve talked a lot about his physical condition, but when you go back to that game Sunday, was that the closest you’ve seen since you’ve been here of Kaepernick being that guy he was?

“Well, I was never here with him. So, I can’t compare him. The Kap I know is the Kap, really for me, that started in the Buffalo game. So, that’s my growth process with him. It’s not fair for me to compare him to where he was before. I know we’ve had a long back and forth about where he was physically. I think you can talk about that. Obviously, he wasn’t where he was from a weight standpoint and a strength standpoint, but what he was asked to do in another system, I don’t know how he was asked to use or all those other things. So, I don’t go back and look at old tape and try to see where he is now compared to where he was before.”


His mechanics have been scrutinized ad nauseam over the years. What do you see when you watch him throw the ball? Do you wish that he did things differently or are you OK with how he throws?

“I don’t think you can wish that people do things differently. Everybody kind of has their own unique mechanics of how their body works. They’re not robots that you can program them to all throw the ball the same way. There’s certain biomechanical limitations or strengths that everybody has and that works for them. So, how one person throws may be slightly different than how another person throws. But, at the end of the day is, how is the ball coming out? At what time is it coming out? What velocity does it come out at? And I think that’s all different. You look at the PGA Tour, and I don’t think there’s anybody that can replicate [professional golfer] Jim Furyk’s swing, but when the club’s at impact, the club’s at impact and he’s a tremendous golfer. I think that’s kind of where it is. [San Diego Chargers QB] Philip Rivers has a little bit of a different delivery, but there’s not a coach in this league that wouldn’t take Philip Rivers, you know what I mean? I think sometimes people get caught up too much in that is that, well, he doesn’t have, it doesn’t look the way it looks with another guy. I’ve also seen quarterbacks that look and you watch them drop back and throw it’s as pretty as possible and then all of a sudden, you see it and it’s 10-yards over the guy’s head. But, if you just looked at the quarterback throwing, you’re like, ‘Wow, that’s a really good ball,’ and then you look at the other end of it and go, ‘That’s an awful ball.’ You know what I mean? So, I think sometimes that gets scrutinized too much. Everybody can improve on their mechanics and that’s what everybody tries to do, but I think it’s kind of harmful if you try and drastically change someone from a mechanical standpoint.”


CB JaCorey Shepherd said yesterday when you called him and talked about him coming here to the Niners, I think he said one of the happiest days of his life or something like that. It meant a lot to him. Did you sense how excited he was and why, obviously you had a history with him, why did you think of him and want to bring him here?

“Well, when we had JaCorey when I was in Philadelphia, he was going to be our starting nickel and then unfortunately for him and not through his fault of his own, he hurt his leg. And I think he was on track to become a starter for us and we thought very, very highly of him when we were there and then all of a sudden when we lost [CB] Chris Davis and they’re talking about nickels available out there. When that name, one of the first names that came up and said I had experience with him. I think we jumped at the chance. He’s a guy that I think fell a little bit in the Draft because he had hurt his hamstring before the Combine and didn’t really run at the Combine. Obviously, everybody wants to know how fast is somebody. That’s the biggest thing and when he didn’t run at the combine, you watched his tape and was very, very productive. Was coached by [former University of Kansas defensive backs coach] Dave Campo, former NFL coach, at Kansas. He raved about him. So, all the reports you got back on him was a really good player. I understand the trepidation with people not knowing really what his time in the 40 was because he didn’t run. When it got to his pro day, he was encouraged to run. I don’t think he was 100-percent healthy and I think he ran 4.7 at his pro day. Did all the drills and did a really nice job, but I think he slipped in the Draft just because of that 40 time. That wasn’t really indicative of how fast JaCorey is. So, we felt like when we got him, he was a tremendous player. I don’t know what went on after I left. But, when he was available, especially at the point in time when he was available, I thought he’d be a great fit. You love his make up, you love his approach to the game. Very smart, very intelligent football player. So, we felt like we got a really good player and I think he’s starting to show that from a special teams standpoint and as we get him integrated in the secondary. The kick return stuff, we knew he did in college, but we had [Philadelphia Eagles RB Darren] Sproles and a couple other guys. So, we weren’t really using him as a kick returner in Philly. So, that’s kind of a bonus I think. But, it certainly was very productive for us this past Sunday.”


How do you see him fitting into the secondary? Where do you see him fitting best?

“A lot of it is mix and match, matchups, who you’re playing. I think he’s getting more comfortable with our system. Almost everybody does the same thing in the National Football League, but it’s called, the terminology’s a lot different from place to place to place. So, it’s his comfort level with that. But again, like I said, he’s really smart. So, I think he’s picked it up fairly well. So, we’ll see as he continues to grow here.”


Early on when you were hired, at the Combine you talked about you and general manager Trent Baalke were really like minded from your football view, perspective. Obviously, you talked about meeting with him daily. Has that continued and do you feel like that’s been a really good partnership?

“Yeah, I do. I think we see the game similar in terms of how you’re supposed to be, how you’re supposed to be stout up the middle, how you’re supposed to, what we’re looking for in players in terms of how that works. So, we don’t differ on what we value in a football player. Toughness, physicality, all those other things. I think that’s first and foremost on Trent’s list. That’s always been first and foremost on my list.”


He’s been, perhaps you’ve heard, under scrutiny and criticism. You’ve talked about you want to stay here, you’re committed to the Niners. I’m assuming based off what you’ve said you want to Trent to stay with you–?

“Yeah. I mean, we’re all under scrutiny. We all understand that. That comes with the territory, but we’ve got to all do our jobs.”

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  1. Chip is getting better at dealing with the press. He sounds less prickly and he didn’t take the bait on the Baalke question. Now he needs to get better on the field.


    “Last month, Jim Nantz of CBS blamed a half-empty Thursday night stadium on traffic problems in Santa Clara, as if the locals don’t realize the importance of leaving extra time to get to the stadium on a weeknight. Those “traffic problems” will continue if the fans think the 49ers aren’t trying to become competitive. For now, it’s hard for any reasonable 49ers fan to believe that they are.”

  3. Glad Chip is improving his PC skills. Did not see the presser, but I hope he has stopped being a motor mouth, and I like that he did not dodge questions. He should be a little less expansive with his answers, but I am glad to read his thoughtful answers.

      1. At least with Tomsula, he flat out said hat any criticism should be directed at him, because he is the HC. Chip acts like he can talk his way out of the problem.

        Yes, he should just say that it is hard to win in the NFL, and the Niners have not put together a full game for the last 7 games.
        He should say that they need to play together as a team, and his job is to get them prepared, focused and energized. It is incumbent on him to put the right players into positions to succeed. The problem is, I do not see him doing that. He should do something desperate like putting Brooks in at MLB. He should not only play Skov, he should start him. Why not put Garnett at LG, his natural position. Put Beadles at RG, so he can help Brown, who is in his first year as a starter.

        I am sorry, but Bethea is hurting the team. Insert him on the nickle, but start Cromartie if Tartt is limited.

        Heck, start the new DT. I do not recall his name, but he may give the team a spark. Then Chip should tell that front line to attack, and maintain gap control.

        I want Chip to sound optimistic, but also realistic. He should say that the Niners need to improve, stop the unforced errors, and play together as a team. He should tell us that he is trying really hard to get the players in the right position to succeed, but so far have not done a good job. Chip should accept all the blame for the defensive ineptitude, and pledge to concentrate on fixing the defensive problems. He should say that he is desperate enough for a win, he has people scouring the blogs for ideas.

        1. How does Chip talk his way out of the problem? He answers every question as best as he can without throwing his team under the bus. He knows this is the worst roster in the NFL because even we know it. He just doesn’t want to make excuses. What I don’t get is that people actually believe that if Harbaugh was still here with this current roster he would win games lol No he wouldn’t! He went 8-8 in his last year with proven veterans like Gore, Willis, J Smith, McDonald, A Smith for some games not to mention Borland who was having a rookie of the year performance. Now does Chip have some blame? Yes he’s the HC but is he responsible for this roster? No! Baalke is, it was well known that Baalke was responsible for the roster and all he does is continue to draft players like Will Redmond that can’t get on the field smh It’s unbelievable that this guy still has a job after the way he’s been drafting. I find it hard to believe that Chip won’t at least check out other jobs that can get him out of this dumpster fire. I’m going to stop already I’m getting depressed.

          1. Truth, Chip started out by correcting our own Grant Cohn, saying that he runs a Zone Read instead of a read option. Snarky answer, and a big put down.

            Sounds like he wanted to be the smartest man in the room, and made sure everyone knew it.

            Now, after going 1-7, he does not sound as smart. Deflecting more questions about not being familiar with the term gap integrity, because he calls it gap assignments, when the important thing is gap control, just shows that he is parsing words in a combative belligerent manner. It makes him sound smarmy.

            Chip did not even try to answer questions. At least he did not use the Singletary excuse of having to look at film, but when he would not answer questions about player’s health because he had not talked to Fergy yet, he just showed how out of touch he was and how clueless he is about the player’s health when he should be more intimately involved and informed.

            Make excuses? That is all he did. He needed to be more upstanding and forthright like Tomsula, and tell the world that he is responsible.

            Grant was so right when he said Chip, with his excuse-a – rama, sort of threw Baalke under the bus. Baalke deserved every word of criticism, so I did not mind at all.

            I watched the game last night, and they showed Ozzie Newsome. The players he acquired are a stark contrast to the players Baalke acquired. 53 players that Ozzie selected went to the Pro Bowl. Staley, the lone Niner that made it to the Pro Bowl last season, was here before Baalke.

            1. If a reporter is going to ask such a specific question, shouldn’t he use the correct terminology?

              And was Kelly supposed to just let the incorrect terminology stand?

              It’s funny to me when snarky journalists get their feelings hurt when they’re on the other end of the snark.

              1. I have not played a snap of professional football in my life. I am just an ordinary fan, and even I have read about gap alignment, gap assignments gap integrity and gap control. Football 101.

                Parsing the terms to avoid answering the question is smarmy and self defeating. Did he think he would look smarter if he did that? He should have just answered the question, because the lack of gap integrity or control as others have defined it, is at the crux of why this team has allowed at least 240 yards rushing for 3 straight games.

                Not maintaining gap integrity allowed Bellore to not only lose gap control, at times he ran out of the gap assigned him and blocked his own players from making the tackle.

                A 1-7 HC should not use snark at all because it makes him look even more clueless. He should be humble and contrite instead of bellicose and belligerent.

              2. I believe the “Read Option” vs “Zone Read” controversy happened before the season started, so there was’t anything to deflect at that point.

              3. Hit, it was his whole demeanor. Back then, he was the alpha dog, sounding cock sure and strutting his stuff. He disparaged both Cohns and singled them out for his snark, refusing to even answer Grant’s questions.

                Yes, being 1-7 took the starch out of him, but maybe he should have started out by calmly, civilly, succinctly and thoroughly answering all the questions.

                Chip owes Grant a one on one interview, and then we can all see the chips fly. Grant made O’Neil look clueless. Wonder how he would do with Chip.

        2. Hey Seb… Still promoting the idea of Kaep being a self-aware gentleman and turning the riegns over to Gabbert when he (Kaep) feels he’s playing poorly; and vice-versa?

          Such a civilized approach to winning football.

          And, I’m certain Chip “has people scoring the blogs for ideas.” Imagine if blogs were available when Walsh was coaching. He could have done even better!

          1. Cassie, I still wanted the beginning of the season to have started out as a QB competition, because Gabbert would be exposed as Gabbert was, and since Kaep threw for 400 yards last game, he has shown to be the better QB that gives them the best chance to win.

            Blog posts? They were not invented when BW was coach, but I bet he would have been the first to embrace new ideas, no matter where they came from, especially if they help the team win.

            Since you haunt my posts, I am sure you saw that I advocated that the Niners invite the stacked box, then swing out a pass to the flat for DuJuan Harris. Looks like that plan worked out well after he scored a TD.

            1. Oh yes Seb, and I won’t forget your advice for DBs…grab legs of opposing receivers, lift them up, and carry them out of bounds should they catch a pass…

              1. Cassie, yes, I like that one, too. In fact, I saw Norman lift ODB Jr up in the air and carry him towards the side lines.

                If the DB cannot prevent the catch, it is good strategy to prevent both feet from touching in the field of play. should be prepared for along the side lines, but maybe the DB coach has more important things to think about, like how to stop the run.

              2. Hey, Seb-skov…………….

                I predict the sun WILL come up tomorrow-sometime in the morning. So let it be written–so let it be done!!!!!!!!!

                And if it happens, I can then point it out to you……….

                But, as you say, you have the hide of a rhino, the brains of Einstein………..what else?

              3. Saw, congratulation on predicting something that everyone, even Jed would be able to predict. Now try something harder. Predict a play that you think the Niners might use to help them score a TD.

                2 games ago, I said that the Niners should let Kaep roll out. He did that, and threw a TD pass to Draughn.

                I predict that they will try to contain Kaep in the pocket,because Ariens said that Kaep is scary good, and the players admitted after a game that containing Kaep was their plan. Niners should do more designed rollouts.

                It does not take a genius to predict plays, just good football knowledge. Impress me.

  4. As bad as Kessler is, the Browns at least have a project to develop at QB.
    If Baalke was smart he would have had a perfect opportunity to develop a QB for the final 8 games. Instead we get more of old wind up or Ponder as something to look forward to.
    Terrible long term planning!

      1. Chris Collinsworth keeps raving about Terrell Pryor saying he could get about 12 to 13 million a year in free agency after the season.

    1. Worse than terrible. I’ll bet you never see any employee of any endeavor perform so terribly and keep their job as Bulky. Not in the private sector.

    1. Take it a step further…..try Dr. john’s “Lonesome Guitar Strangler”
      (The mere mention of old Frank Zappa made me grin)

      PS-Holiday question:
      What exactly is it that makes old dudes think that driving their 1941 Ford light tractor in the Veterans’ Day Parade is honoring Vets? Is he going to come over and mow the lawn or harvest the oats for us? Just asking…..

    1. They are Scooter. From the article:

      Every NFL team has requested information about Kaaya, who is considered among the top draft-eligible quarterbacks (along with Clemson’s Deshaun Watson, North Carolina’s Mitch Trubisky, Notre Dame’s Deshone Kizer and Washington State’s Luke Falk).

      1. I meant the six teams showing the most interest. I am sure every team is checking out every one of the top name prospects to varying degrees.

    2. Most of the 6 teams singled out already have a vet QB that is their starter meaning they are likely looking for an option after the first round to groom for a year or two. I doubt Kaaya gets any guarantees on being a first round pick so he may go back for his Sr. year.

      1. And to the many vets we have on here, thank you for all you’ve done and know that we are forever grateful for the sacrifices you have made for us.

    3. I agree Scooter. He’s not a good fit. For the teams that are interested he has good arm strength with touch when necessary, can make all the throws, inside and outside.

      Concerns, effectiveness under pressure and consistency.

      One thing that gets overlooked when scouting Kaaya. He does have elusiveness. Not much but he is more fleet of foot than Brady orr Manning.

  5. Rob Rang of CBS has the 49ers taking Myles Garrett DE Texas A&M with the 2nd pick of the draft. Luckily he’s only 6-5.

    1. If the Niners can get Garrett, they have to get him and miss out on an elite ranked QB. No Trubisky Kizer or Kayaa.

      Maybe Watson will be available, but maybe the best strategy is to wait for Davis Webb or Cooper Rush.

  6. So looks like most people agree the 49ers shouldn’t take a QB at #2 (assuming the 49ers have the #2 pick) and the choice should be Garrett or trade down.

    However, what happens if the Browns decide to take Garrett, and the 49ers can’t find a trade partner willing to give up much for #2? Which is quite feasible, since Garrett is clearly the best prospect, most people don’t believe there is a franchise calibre QB available, and it would usually need to be for a QB to encourage a team to make a monster trade deal.

    In such a scenario should the 49ers still trade even if the deal doesn’t net them much? Or should they make the pick, and if so who? The best prospects after Garrett are probably a DT (Allen), DBs (Peppers or one of the CBs), the next tier edge guys (Barnett?) or perhaps a RB (Fournette). 49ers have spent their past 4 first round picks on 2 DTs and 2 DBs. Do they go that route a fifth year running?

  7. In my opinion Scooter Allen is the perfect piece to put between Armstead and Buckner. He would help tremendously.. He would be my choice. RB early is not gonna happen. Hyde is a very talented back that you don’t give up on. Take a back latter on because you can find a quality back in every draft. Especially in a great RB draft. Allen is my first choice, followed by Mike Williams. A true #1 Wr has been needed since the T.O days…I would not trade down from 2 unless it was a great haul. I believe Garrett and Allen our big time prospects.

    1. Allen would seem wasted playing as a NT. He’s more of a DT than NT. And on passing downs you would likely be taking one of Armstead, Buckner or Allen off the field. One way or another, you are wasting one of your first round DL.

      I wouldn’t be keen on a RB at #2, nor a WR. If people don’t want to reach for a QB, why reach for a WR? Very weak WR class.

        1. Williams has first round talent, but I wouldn’t take him top 10.

          If you are trading back into the teens, would you take Williams over a QB?

            1. If you are trading for Garoppolo you are likely doing it before the draft, and so yeah, no need to take a QB. Though I still think people are being optimistic they could get him for a 2nd round pick.

              If the 49ers move down to the teens a better pick for mine would be an ILB. Foster or Cunningham. Or an edge player like Lawson.

              1. I’m not a fan of Lawson. I believe he is too light to play in a 34 as an outside backer. Foster is very good. Brings that physical presence that our Defense lacks. Haven’t seen too much tape on Cunningham but hear good things.

              2. Lawson is jacked up. Very muscular build, around 255-260 lbs. So not sure what you are basing that on. Well in the range for most OLBs in a 3-4.

                My main issue with Lawson (aside from the knee), is he looks short with short arms.

              3. A Little better lemionier. Not big on him. I think we need more of a blue chip prospect. Garrett and Allen are a cut above. I think Allen can play anywhere on the D line and be very disruptive..

              4. Very true Scooter it is part of the fun. It’s nice talking draft with someone that knows what there talking about. Helps get through this horffic season.

    2. I’d take Allen, try to trade Armstead and switch to a 4-3. If Garrett is the top talent in the draft, Allen is 1A.

      If you can find someone willing to trade up and give the appropriate compensation in return, then that becomes the way to go imo.

      1. Yeah, I’d look to trade down. Wouldn’t need to be the usual truck load of picks either. I would be fine with a top 10 pick and a 2nd rounder.

        Failing that I don’t know what I would do. Allen makes sense on talent, but 3 DTs in 3 years is silly. Fine, they can trade one, but I don’t think they’d get a lot back for Armstead after this past year. And moving to a 4-3 they would still need a NT/1T. Allen isn’t a NT. So you might actually be ending up with two former first rounders without a position. Unless you think Buckner or Armstead can play DE.

        Basically, if they don’t get Garrett, the 49ers could be in a position where they either take a guy that doesn’t fill a need on a team with plenty of needs, accept a trade back that many would consider substandard for the #2 pick, or reach for a player. Good times.

        1. I’d move Buckner to DE. Allen is a penetrating DT who would be a force much like Aaron Donald is for the Rams.

          I get what you’re saying about drafting the 3rd DL in a row, but you can’t compound a mistake by making another and passing on a premiere talent to reach for something else.

          Too early to guess how much demand there will be for the pick. There may be some teams that want to move up for a guy like Allen or Peppers.

          1. You think Allen is Donald like? High praise. Can’t say I see it personally. He’s very good, but I don’t think he’s elite. I think Peppers is a better overall talent.

            1. Your crazy if you think Peppers is a better prospect. A tweeter LB/SS that comes in at 6’0 205… He would be a horffic pick. He has made plays at Michigan no deny that. But Allen is a much better pro prospect.

              1. I’d be happy with Budda Baker, and trading Reid. Love to get SJIV to replace Brock. I’d then move Ward back to his natural position of Safety. Budda/Jimmy as your Safeties, Robinson/SJIV as the outside corners and Redmond as the Slot. The 49ers secondary would be golden for years….

              2. No matter what, the Niners should be targeting the Bama players. They are NFL ready.

                Maybe they should trade back to get another second round pick and select Reuben Foster.

              3. I believe the Niners secondary will be one of the best in football in the next couple years. Robinson, Ward are good. Redmond has a ton of talent. It’s time to start Tartt. I agree Reid should be traded. I think we can get a third in return. Getting Allen or of course Garrett could make our defense one of the best in football if we can find a MLB to pair with Bow… Oh and a whole new coaching staff would help :)

              4. All three of the guys you have mentioned need to stay healthy first RAW. I think all three could be good, but the jury is still out on Robinson and Redmond with the former needing to show he can be a challenge to top end WRs and the latter needing to get on the field. Adding Peppers to the mix can only help those guys.
                Right now I believe Allen is a better fit for a 4-3 defense. Also, it is hard to justify spending three straight first round picks on the DL.

              5. It’s easy to forget Allen is a senior and Peppers a sophomore. Peppers looks like an incredible athlete with good and improving instincts. Allen looks like a well refined technician and good but not elite athlete for the position. Allen will likely make a more immediate impact, but in terms of talent, Peppers looks better.

              6. Well I think it’s a little to early to mention them as injury prone players. I agree they need to stay healthy but you can say that about a lot of players. For a team that needs everything but secondary help, it would be crazy to take another one when picking this high in the draft. Peppers can be a productive tweener but I do not see him being any better then Deon Bucannon. Who is soild but not special. Allen, Fornettte, Williams and possibly Watson should be chosen before Peppers. For this team, the best case scenario would be Garrett. It’s looking less likely that the Browns are going to win a game.

              7. Does that mean you viewed Charles Woodson, the one who Peppers is being compared to, as a tweener RAW?

              8. With all do respect he is nothing close to Charles Woodson. Not even on the same planet.The only thing they have in common is that they both attended Michigan.

              9. You are the only one I have seen that denies that comparison RAW. Google his draft comparison and you will see Charles Woodson pop up quite a bit.

              10. I told everyone on here last year that the pick would be Buckner. I will tell everyone here all off season that it will not be Peppers. He is not what this team needs. I can careless about what people compare him too cause Woodson was on a different level. This guy is called a tweener cause he is too small for LB and doesn’t have great coverage skills for a true free safety.. I think he will be a productive pro but not a top shelf prospect. Just my opinion.

              11. In my opinion, Peppers is mix between Charles Woodson and Tyrann Mathieu, and that is someone the 49ers could use in their soft FS position.

              12. Personally I think he is more Polamalu like. Not just saying that because he was recently compared to Polamalu by a scout either. Been saying it all year.

                Peppers has excellent coverage skills for a safety. Excellent. And he’s an excellent run defender. Hell be the most talented player in the draft after Garrett. If the 49ers took him, a creative DC could use him, Ward, Reid and Tartt in multiple ways.

              13. I can definitely see that comparison Scooter. I agree that Peppers is the second best talent after Garrett in the upcoming draft. If the 49ers are not able to trade down, then taking Peppers would be a great consolation prize.

              14. Allen is a better talent than Peppers imo. Not to say Peppers isn’t a good player, but he is being overrated for what he does imo.

                Allen is playing in a two gap system and excelling, but as a penetrating 1 gap DT, I think he could be really special. My comparison to Donald was in regards to how disruptive he can be as an inside rusher, but he’s bigger than Donald. Maybe Fletcher Cox is a more apt comparison for him as far as size and pass rush ability.

                And I’ll say it again, if you decide who to draft based on what you’ve drafted before, you’ll make more mistakes. The mistake was made in drafting Armstead imo and you can’t go back an do it over again. Taking a lesser player in the first round is a sure fire way to wind up where we are right now.

              15. That is why I would pass on Allen. As Scooter has said, he looks like a great player, but not in the elite category. Peppers will be elite. I would rather take Vea instead of Allen.

              16. Cox is an elite DT so not sure what you are talking about here. Allen has elite talent and helps the pass rush.

              17. The overall problem I see with Allen is that his build and playing style do not seem to be a fit with a 3-4 defense Rocket. You mentioned the problem of taking a lesser player, but an equal if not bigger problem is drafting a player that does not fit the scheme.

              18. We’re picking #1-3, that’s pretty much sealed in stone at this point. I don’t see anyone taking Allen before #3 or Garret at #1 so it’s almost certain that the BPA will be a DL.

            2. Allen could be the next J. Smith at the 5t. ok maybe not that good but same type of player. would open up pass rush for weakside LB.

              1. In terms of comparisons, Smith is a much better comparison than Donald in terms of the type of player he is. Technique and strength more so than dynamic athlete.

              2. The question is can the team justify a third straight DL in the first round, especially if O’Neil returns in 2017 to run the defense.

              3. CFC,

                He’d be wasted as a 5T imo. He could do it, but this guy has top shelf pass rushing ability so I’d rather see him lining up over the Guard in a 4-3.

              4. He’s no more of a waste at the 5t then Justin Smith was. Smith could have played a 3t on a 4-3 too but he got plenty of sacks, rushed and hits on the QB playing end and made Aldon Smith look a hell of a lot better then he really was. He doesn’t remind me of Warren Sapp, I really don’t see the elite pass rusher at the next level. I think he’s a disruptive body with a strong motor that’s either gonna power his way through the tackle or absorb the block and free up the OLB. Last I checked we’re still a 3-4.

              5. The question is can the team justify a third straight DL in the first round, especially if O’Neil returns in 2017 to run the defense.
                The run defense is justification alone for another first round pick on the DL. Need is need and if the BPA is a DL then we draft a DL.

              6. Besides what’s the alternative? Should the team reach for another position just because they don’t want to have to explain why they drafted another DL?

  8. To all Vets, but especially my fellow NamVets, it’s good to be alive, have a great day.
    I know it will be a better day than those ones where we were last to the case of c-rats, and you had to settle for Ham & Lima Beans! (We had an alternative name for them back then, but this being a PG rated site……..)

    1. Thank you for your service, Brotha and to all the veterans who are currently serving, have served or are about to, may the Lord bless you and keep you safe and cause his light to shine on you and yours, lifting up his continence upon you and give you peace….

    2. BT …
      if you volunteered to handle the cases
      of C-Rats .. then you knew you could
      pillage the Dinty Moore Beef Stew ..
      (2 boxes per case) … and you left
      the Ham & Limas for your best buds !


      1. Hah! I was air crew. Our base had a sit down chow hall with hot food, but we left before they opened in the a.m. and returned after they’d closed. The gunship crews had to clean guns after post flight checks, so we were last to the case. 19 months of c-rats. Beans & Franks sucked too, LOL. Sometimes I’d just have a Shasta cola and a 4-pack of Chesterfields. I’ve still got a P38 in the kitchen drawer…….just cuz.
        : -)

        1. BT …

          I was in the “Canoe-Club” … and we had a different
          name for everything ..

          Case in point … We called
          the P-38’s … “John Wayne’s” …

          1. Yeah, we gyrenes used that JW name too. Ever heat up your meal with C4? One second flat! Whoosh.
            No wonder we were skinny. Cup of coffee for breakfast, no lunch, c-rats and a can of cola or beer for dinner about 11:00, then wake up call at 3:30, 7 days/week. Occaisional mortar or rocket attack 2-2:30, more to mess with our sleep then do much damage.

  9. If Garrett is gone, the 49ers should trade down. If trading down is not possible, then they should take Peppers who is a great and versatile DB; he can also fill the leadership void.

  10. Not sure if this was already posted but it just confirms what a loser Jed York is on and off the field…:

    One of the neighbors who were trying to prevent York to build a 756-foot cabana adjacent to his 9,000-square foot home tried to congratulate him with a handshake Thursday only to have York rush by her saying, in the words of the Town Crier, “I’ve had enough.”

        1. Jed would just agree with you while marking down on his calendar the next money making event he booked for Levi Stadium.

    1. And yet he threw for over 500 yards and put up 42 points and still lost. I guess Clemsons defense gets no blame for letting an average Pitt offense look like Chip Kelly’s old Oregon offense.

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