Chip Kelly: “Everybody wants a corner before they want a safety.”


SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Chip Kelly’s Week-12 Wednesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

What are the challenges the Dolphins defense offers? What’s kind of their calling card on that side of the ball?

“Well, it starts with their front with [Miami Dolphins DT Ndamukong] Suh and [Miami Dolphins DE Cameron] Wake and then [Miami Dolphins DT] Jordan Phillips is playing really well and so is [Miami Dolphins DE Andre] Branch on the other end. So, they can create a lot of pressure with just a four-man rush. I think they are one of the top teams in the National Football League if you look at the pressure stat of creating pressure. They don’t blitz all that much because that front four can get home. You’ve got a premiere pass rusher on the edge in Wake and probably one of the best interior defensive linemen in the league in Suh and then the other two players Phillips and Branch as I said are playing well to complement those guys. So, their four down guys are really the focus of what that defense is all about.”


How do you think you guys have done in handling pressure when teams have brought extra guys?

“I think we’ve been OK. Part of it, it takes everybody. It’s obviously the line and the running backs and the pass pickups and making sure we have a hat on someone. We missed one early on a corner blitz against the Patriots on Sunday. But, by and large we’ve been really good in our assignments and on people. And then we’ve got to get the ball out on time. Part of getting the ball out on time is the receivers have to be open on time also. It’s not just the quarterback throw it now. Well, if they receiver hasn’t gotten to where he’s supposed to be when he’s supposed to be there and created separation then sometimes the quarterback doesn’t have an outlet for the ball. It really takes all 11 to be able to handle pressure, but I think we’ve been OK. I don’t think we’ve been great, but I think we’ve been OK.”


Miami Dolphins CB Tony Lippett has made the move from wide receiver to corner and is starting for them. In your experience, how difficult is that transition or maybe those positions an easier transition than going from defensive line to offensive line?

“I think it’s really difficult. I don’t think many players have done that, making that transition to go from receiver to DB. The experience that Lippett does have is he did it in college. So, when he was at Michigan State he actually played both ways. So, when you were scouting him people looked at him at as a corner or receiver, depending on what you were looking at him as. But, there was film of him as a receiver and as a corner. Sometimes people draft a guy and he played one position in college and then tried to flip him over. We did it with [OL] Alex Balducci. He was a defensive lineman his entire college career and brought him in here as an offensive lineman. That’s happened a few times in the NFL, but at least in Tony’s situation he’s played corner and at a really good school, at Michigan State where they’re really well coached. He played corner and receiver there, so he had experience on both sides of the ball coming into the league.”


How’s LB Eli Harold looking this week? He seems to be limping a little bit.

“Yeah, he’s limping a little bit. But, I think we’ll see how it goes as the week progresses. He’s told me he feels like he’ll be able to go but we’ll see how that transpires. He’s got a toe injury.”


If he and LB Aaron Lynch were slowed, I would assume that would mean more snaps for LB Tank Carradine. How has Tank been, since his first year at outside linebacker? How has he kind of progressed week-to-week?

“I think he’s learning at the position. Obviously he hadn’t played it before, was a defensive end in the other three-four scheme that they were playing here. So, to be up on his feet the entire time, to drop into coverage and do things like that, I think he’s gotten better as the season’s gone along. You’ve seen progress out of Tank as the season’s gone along. Obviously his forte is going forward and rushing the quarterback and setting edges and defending the run, but I think he’s really picked up on the pass-game stuff.”


What are the challenges that Miami Dolphins RB Jay Ajayi presents to you guys?

“Well, he’s a unique combination where he’s a big guy that is very difficult to get down with the first guy but he also has some long speed. I think he’s got nine runs over 20 yards. He’s got one run over 60 yards, so he can separate. He averages 5.6 yards a carry, which is one of the highest averages in the league, which is saying a lot about him. So, I think he can do everything. He’s physical enough to run between the tackles, but he also has enough long speed that if he does break it he can separate and get away from people. Another bigger back in the mold of [New England Patriots RB LeGarrette] Blount where you’re going to have to get multiple guys to take him down. He’s really good at making either the first guy miss or running through arm tackles.”


How similar are the main principles of the offense in terms of tempo to what you guys like to do and how comfortable do you think the defense is going to be going against that given the way you guys did training camp?

“Principles I have no idea. So, I don’t know what their system or how [Miami Dolphins head coach] Adam [Gase] runs his system so I couldn’t tell you that we’re similar or dissimilar in that fashion. They do run some plays at tempo and at speed and I think hopefully our guys practicing against us should be ready for that.”


How has LB NaVorro Bowman progressed from his surgery? Have you seen him recently and–?

“Yeah. He’s here every day for rehab. So, he’s doing a good job. He’s in a boot still. I think he’s off of the crutches, but beyond that, he’s still in the boot. So, until he gets out of the boot and starts doing some things, he’s still in that rehabilitation stage with the boot on his foot.”


What’s his interaction with the team? Is he able to use his leadership skills still despite the injury?

“Yeah. He’s in the locker room every day, comes in and rehabs. So, he’s with the players on a daily basis.”


After the team picked up the fifth-year option on S Eric Reid, a lot of people thought of this as kind of the prove it season for him. He’s not obviously going to play the whole season, but do you think he solidified his spot here for the future with how he played or what do you feel about the season he had?

“I think Eric’s had a really good year. I don’t weigh in on contracts or what he’s been offered or options or all that other stuff. That’s above me. But, I think for what we’re doing defensively he fits really well in the scheme that we run and I think he’s had a good year and it’s a big blow to us to not have him for these last couple of games this season.”


Why does he fit so well?

“I think just his versatility. He has the ability to play down on slot receivers. He can play the middle of the field because he’s got great range and vision. He’s big enough and physical enough to match up with tight ends because of his size. We’ve used him as a dime linebacker. I think his versatility and his football smarts are really what, and that whole package, being tall, long, can run, he’s done a really nice job in what we’re trying to do defensively.”


When you use a guy in a lot of different ways, do you run into the danger of diluting what he does best? How do you balance that and how do you think he balanced that?

“Well, I think part of it first was injury. We lost [LB] Ray-Ray Armstrong, we lost NaVorro Bowman at inside linebacker. So, we had to have more of a coverage-type linebacker in there and that’s where Eric really kind of bailed us out in that situation. So, it wasn’t about diluting skill or whatever. It was just a necessity of making sure that our linebackers aren’t always matched up on really good running backs.”


Did you guys move S Vinnie Sunseri up because of his special teams ability?

“We feel like he was the next best player and it’s a safety spot that we lost, it’s a safety spot that he plays. So, it was kind of a natural move up. He’s going to have to play safety and special teams. But, as some guys’ roles increase, you may take them a little bit more off of teams. So, [S Jaquiski] Tartt playing a lot more snaps, had been giving us a lot of good play on special teams, but we can’t have Tartt playing all the snaps on defense and playing all the snaps on special teams. So, it was just really a natural move for us.”


He’s been playing well, practicing well for you guys since you added him?

“Vinnie? Yeah. He’s done a really nice job for us.”


ME: Why is Jaquiski Tartt the best option to replace Eric at free safety? What does Jaquiski do well in that spot?

“He’s the next guy up and I think we’ve always felt that we had three safeties here between Eric and [S Antoine Bethea] ‘Toine and Jaquiski. Kind of in a similar skill set as Eric in terms of he’s tall, he’s long, he matches up well. I thought he did a really good job on Sunday in the matchup against [New England Patriots TE Martellus] Bennett as a tight end. To have two bigger, more physical safeties like Eric and Tartt, you can get guys that can match up with tight ends. Sometimes that’s a little bit of a mismatch in this league because of the size and the speed that you’re going to get with some of the tight ends in this league. So, he’s done a really nice job with that. He’s does a good job when he’s in the middle of the field, playing centerfield and reading the quarterback’s eyes and breaking on the football. So, it’s just, we had kind of a three-man rotation going there. Now, with Eric out, [CB] Dontae Johnson’s going to have to play a little bit more for us as the third safety. But, that’s just a natural progression for us in terms of who’s the next guy.”


ME: Why is DB Jimmie Ward not a safety in your system considering he played that in college?

“We think Jimmie’s our best corner. So, I think that matchup, that he’s out best corner and our best nickel. So, the ability to cover man to man in this league is first and foremost. So, if you ask anybody, ‘What do you want when you’re looking at the secondary?’ Everybody wants a corner before they want a safety and we felt that that’s Jimmie’s best position. So, we could move him to safety, but we think we’d really be shortchanged out at the corner spot.”


Do you think he’s the best corner on the team?



When did he make that leap over CB Tramaine Brock? How long did it take him to do that?

“I just think because of his versatility. I’m not, don’t diminish anything that Brock’s done, but I think Jimmie is the one guy that plays all over the place. So, he plays in the slot. He can play nickel. He blitzes from that position. Can match up with the top receivers on the outside. He’s a rare combination. Sometimes when you look at the secondary you have guys that are just outside corners and guys that are just slot corners. The guy that can play both, that versatility I think is what puts him at the top for us.”


How’s Dontae done handling different roles and playing different positions this year?

“He’s done a really good job. I think he’s a guy that understands, and I’ve talked about it earlier in the season, if you are not the starter the key really then is your versatility because you just can’t say, ‘Hey, when a guy goes down here, well, I’m not ready, that’s not my position.’ You’ve got to be able to play multiple positions. So, if you’re in the secondary and you don’t start, you should be able to play safety and play corner. If you’re not the starting offensive lineman, you need to be a guard-tackle or a center-guard. That whole deal that we’ve talked about earlier in the year and I think D.J.’s done a great job with that. He’s played in all of our packages. He’s played in our sub-packages. So, he’s gotten a lot of valuable reps for us. It’s just those numbers will increase now.”

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  1. Grant,

    Any chance of asking Chipper why he leads the league in defensive time on the field year in and out, and if the unlimited college roster played a role in his win/loss record at Oregon?

    BYU typically carries 125 uniformed players for games, so when injuries occurred, as in Philly, there was no one to replace lost Pro Bowlers. However, with the college unlimited roster, Kelly could triple the size of an active NFL roster and replace the injured defensive linemen with another star recruit

    1. The unlimited roster was, in effect, a Kelly secret weapon and with a 10 million dollar offer out there, 49er dysfunction are all reasons Kelly won’t be around next year

  2. If the 49ers use a 4-3 under in 2017, this could be their DL:
    RDE: DeForest Buckner
    3T: Jonathan Allen
    1T: Quinton Dial
    LDE: Arik Armstead

        1. I’d even take Nick Files who will be a FA next year. No one sees this happening? I think Foles to the 49ers should have happened but no one wanted to spend more money on the QB positions when the entirety of the rest of the roster wasn’t making what 3 QB’s are.

      1. I understand Allen is probably the better prospect, but I think Derek Barnett would offer more value to the 49ers than Allen, in terms of filling a need. Even if they switch to a 4-3 (which I doubt they will).

        1. Allen can play all along the D line… Could use Armstead more as a situational D lineman until he develops more.. This could be a mute point cause the Browns could take him first. Garrett falls to the Niners which would be a dream scenario.

          1. Allen as a DE has the same problem as Buckner or Armstead. He doesn’t bend the edge particularly well – he’s more of a straight path rusher. He’s better as a 3T in a 4-3 IMO.

            The problem with having DEs that don’t pressure the edge is it makes it very predictable for OTs in protecting the edge (as does an edge player that only tries to win around the edge), and also provides the QB with an escape route. So unless Allen is the next JJ Watt, Julius Peppers or Reggie White in terms of freak athleticism for a guy his size (which I don’t think he is) I don’t believe he should play on the edge in a 4-3.

              1. Yes, I have no qualms with him playing DE in a 3-4 (though I still think he is better suited as a 3T). My issue with taking him and staying with a 3-4 is the 49ers just used their past two 1st round picks on guys to play the two DE spots.

                From a value point of view, I think an edge player (i.e. 4-3 DE/ 3-4 OLB) is more important to improving the team.

              2. Is there not Allen type talent to be found in the 3,4, or 5th rounds? Or is he that good at #2 overall?

              3. Allen is better than the guys you’ll find in the 2nd round and lower, but I do think he is being slightly overrated.

              4. My issue with taking him and staying with a 3-4 is the 49ers just used their past two 1st round picks on guys to play the two DE spots.
                Nobody will fault the new GM when they admit that Baalke f’d up.

                I like Allen better because I think he can make average players more productive. He can be a bigger asset to a team that’s got a bunch of mediocre OLB’s by making them more effective while he himself will be productive on the team as well. Finding elite pass rushing OLB’s isn’t easy and Garrett might be one and he could just as easily not be. Great 3-4 DE’s aren’t that much easier to find but slightly so and Allen doesn’t look any less the part for his position then Garrett does. With a team like ours that is struggling to find a pass rusher we can take single shot on one player or we can try a player that can be effective himself and make those behind him better. It gives us a higher chance of success I believe.

              5. I take your point, but I guess I’m not quite willing to give up on Buckner and Armstead just yet. I’d like to give them another year to try and prove they were worth taking so high. The physical talent is there, and Buckner has looked improved the past two weeks now they have a guy capable of playing NT next to him.

              6. I don’t necessarily disagree with that either. You take Allen and see where they fall in. If they all end up being great defensive ends then, great! What a problem to have. If not, you trade the weakest and move on with the two stronger individuals.

  3. Allen is quality, no doubt, but would only be injured with the Niners.

    Kelly’s defense in Philly averaged 3 more games per season on the field then all other NFL teams.

    It’s a fact that he needs the unlimited roster to succeed.

    Bill Walsh understood the relationship between an offensive drive working hand-in-hand with a well rested 4th qtr defense

  4. How Low Can They Go? A Seuss-inspired examination of the San Francisco 49ers

    How Low Can They Go?

    Who, pray tell, perpetrated this smoldering mess
    Turned a top-notch brand into Cleveland Browns West?
    Who transformed this once-golden franchise to lead?
    Come and listen to my story ‘bout a man named Jed:

    •A dysfunctional front office. Players fleeing en masse. As losers, the Niners are a masterclass.

  5. I don’t know what Chip sees on the field during defensive play or if he cares, but Reid’s arm injury is a repetitive motion injury from arm tackling and hitting the ball carrier from the side. Dick Butkus said this type of play is indicative for a frightened defensive player. Reid is typically late to team tackles, but he often makes it into the frame.

  6. Chip Kelly: “Everybody wants a corner before they want a safety.”

    I guess Baalke isn’t “everybody”. He’s picked two safeties in the first round and to my knowledge never a corner in the first or second round for that matter. I wonder if there is a veiled shot at Baalke in this comment.

        1. That’s ozzies right hand man. That would be a smart hire. I don’t think Jed is that smart. Ya I see Gamble getting the nod cause it’s a safe play. Also keeps Chip which we all know Jed won’t fire after one year. Decoasta, young Wolf and the pats young assistant GM would be great choices.

      1. Use of public funds does and should come with a lot of strings attached. Without Santa Clara County voters and Santa Clara City co-operation, there ain’t no stadium. It ain’t free money, but almost, all you have to do is show your cards.
        I’m 100 miles north and that tax measure would not have passed here. We love us some Niners, but we don’t do welfare for Billionaires.


    If it comes down to a choice between these three players, who would you draft? If the choice is between Allen and Garrett who would you choose.

    I am torn between Kizer and Garrett. The Garrett choice almost presupposes moving to a 4-3, which I do not think the coaching staff is a adept enough to pull off. But I like Garrett a ton. (Baalke does not have the stones to draft a qb, so Kizer is probably out.)

    1. Kizer Kizer Kizer

      Deep Edge Rushing Class

      Garrett/Williams(Gun Charge Might Drop)/Lawson All go in the 1st Round

      Maybe we could get Ryan Anderson in the top of the 2nd Round

      1. I’d go with Garrett every time. He’s the best edge rusher to come out since Von Miller. The others are good but he is the only sure thing in my book, and we can’t afford to miss… and its much easier to miss on edge rushers than you think.
        He is a high character guy with freakish talent and physical attributes.
        If Allen compares to Suh and Garrett to Miller, I would choose Miller. Then look for a plugger to sit next to Armstead. This would give the defense a lot of disruptive potential without getting blown off the ball.

        LDE – Garrett, DT – Plugger TBD, DT-Armstead, RDE- Buckner. This provides speed around the edge on one side with two penetrators on the other. It also provides some flexability in terms of 3-4 OLB Garret, OLB – Buckner (Passing downs), NT- (Plugger) TJE??? DE – Armstead, DE – Dorsey.

        Allen is great talent but still leaves the niners with the same issue of not having an edge rusher.

    2. Niners should trade back with a team desperate for a QB like last year, and stockpile picks.

      Next year’s draft is deep in talent, so they should strategize to get as many picks in the first 3 rounds as possible. They should make multi player deals, and bundle later picks to move up.

      1. Niners should trade back with a team desperate for a QB like last year, and stockpile picks.

        Like the Browns? No thank you. Put your big boy pants on and take Kizer. Don’t look back. You’ve got your quarterback of the future for a measly 1st Round Pick, compared to having to give up 2 firsts, 2 seconds, and 2 third round picks like the Rams or 2 firsts, a second, a third and a 4th like the Eagles. If you’re going to trade down, you need to make sure you get Garoppolo with the extra first round pick you acquire….

        1. Maybe the Niners should go the Joe Montana route and find a gem in the third round. Then they could use their first two picks to shore up the defense, which is way more dire than the offense.

          Niners tried the Brady route, and waited until the 6th round for Driskel, but Brady is the exception, the one in a million.

          Still not sold on Garoppolo. If he came to the Niners, he may become pedestrian. Like Dak and that O line with elite playmakers, Garoppolo had a great supporting cast. He would have very little with the Niners, and he may not be good enough to make everyone better.

          Bellichick would make the Niners pay a king’s ransom like 6 picks, so it would not be worth it.

          Better stick with Kaep, but draft for the future. Also, next Year’s QB draft class may have that franchise QB you covet……

        1. Kaep looks like he may stay.

          Declaring that you prefer an unproven rookie that has a 50% chance of making it, over a SB QB, just confirms your lack of football knowledge.

      1. I’d take Garrett. Allen would be a good pick too, but if they remain in a 3-4 he’ll just be another 5T for the 3rd year in a row. Like Scooter, I think Allen will be best as a 3T in a 4-3.

        1. Let’s see, I see him as a 5T in a 3-4. You and Scooter say 3T in a 4-3 so that means he’ll end up as either a NT or an OLB ;)

          1. That’s pretty much a guarantee now ; )

            For the record I think he’d be an excellent 5T. I just don’t think you use a 3rd straight #1 pick on the same position. That is Millenesque.

            1. I don’t see it as that big of a problem with the change of GM. In my view the 3-4 if that’s what we are going to be(and we might not be) lives and dies by the front 3. You can have 3 great lineman and put average linebackers behind them and still get good production from your front 7 but if you have 3 average lineman then even if you have great linebackers they’re still going to struggle.

            2. rocket

              Hah ! Well spoken rocket….then maybe we can coax Joey Harrington out of retirement….two birds…no stones…….

        1. And Allen could be the next Kentwan Balmer.

          Gholston did nothing until his junior year. Garrett has been highly productive from his first game as a freshman.

          1. Garrett looks like a bigger V Miller. Allen looks like a bigger A Donald.. I would be happy with either. Although I believe Garrett is a generational talent.

          2. And Allen could be the next Kentwan Balmer.

            Gholston did nothing until his junior year. Garrett has been highly productive from his first game as a freshman.
            Allen has also put together 3 highly productive seasons compared to Balmer who was nothing more then a one year wonder.

            So I guess we just proved neither will be a bust? How nice if it only worked that way. :)

    3. Garrett, No quality defensive FA will sign as long as Kelly is coach. We have to go front 7 in the draft. Garrett would be a better fit than Allen.

      It’s sad that we have Kelly as HC. He has a college O that has been figured out. He will never be able to hire a good D coordinator.

    4. Trade down and pick up a edge rusher in the second or third round. The team has too many needs which have to be addressed.

        1. If they are not able to find a trade partner, then they should take Garrett. If Garrett is gone, then they should take ILB Foster or WR Williams. They would slight reaches, but I think they would more than make up for it with their playmaking ability.

          1. Agree on Foster. I like him as a top 10 pick. #2 is higher than you want to take an ILB, but he looks very good and fills a big need. Not quite as high on Williams.

            1. I am the same with Williams actually, but I believe he would be a good option to have opposite of Smith. He would be a reach, but I think he would excel with the 49ers.

  8. Chip sure is delusional. He is playing players out of position, and playing inferior players. The lack of preparation is apparent, and the lack of discipline is alarming.

    Grant is right. They should move Ward to safety, with Brock-Robinson-Reaser as the CBs.

    Just cannot understand why they are sitting Cromartie. Of all the DB players, he has thump.

    Why do they still let Bellore play? He let them have that 41 yard run, and seems to look clueless trying to find the ball carrier. They should play Skov, at least for a series, and see how he does.

    The pass rush is anemic, so I would like to see more Blair, and even Rush. Brady was relatively untouched last game.

    Watching the WRs last game, and replaying their routes, they sure looked slow, with no separation. I watched Edelman give a twitch before his cut, and froze the DB. Niners were fooling nobody.

    Glad to see them stop using Hyde only for the Zone read. He was effective lining up deep behind Kaep, but he still hesitated behind the line of scrimmage. Hyde should line up even deeper, so the holes will have time to develop, and he can build up a head of steam before selecting the open gap.

    While I like Kaep and thinks he gives the Niners their best chance to win, he needs to improve. I have yet to see him try to look off the safeties. He probably thinks that pump fakes are illegal. He needs to be more deceptive, because he will be more effective if he succeeds in fooling the defense.

    Kaep should study the play Andrew Luck had with Frank Gore. Luck looked down the field and in mid motion, pivoted and threw a screen to Gore that he took down the side line for a huge gain.

    Chip needs to improve, too. Bellichick gave a clinic on play calling. Chip should copy those plays, and try to emulate Bellichick, and the way he sets up plays like a chess master.

    Sure am glad that Baalke has admitted that it is all his fault. He should fall on his sword, and let Gamble take over, because if the Niners let Baalke run another draft, they might not win another game.

    1. The Niners should move Brooks to ILB. He would be way better than Bellore, and since he would be lining up 5 yards away from the line of scrimmage, he would never jump offsides.

  9. Regarding Saban; I feel like he learned his lesson. With his ego he can’t risk two failing ventures into the NFL so if he makes the jump again you can bet it’ll be for a team and an organization that is much closer to being a winning team then we are. I seriously doubt he’s going to go into a total rebuild type situation. More then likely he’ll pick a team with a good nucleus and defense already in place that just needs a skill player or two to take the next step.

    Bottom line is a team like the 49ers is not one that he’s going to be willing to risk his reputation on. Too much risk of failure with this team.

    1. Good coaches want a challenge. If he turns around the 49ers, he’ll write his ticket to the hall of fame. He’ll go to whichever team gives him the most money and power. He wants the prestige of being the highest paid football coach in the world.

      1. Nope, he’ll go to the team that he feels give him the best chance to be successful. Saban is estimated to be worth $30 million. This isn’t a guy that is going to the highest bidder, this is a guy who wants to go out a winner. He’s not going to risk his legacy on anything but the best(safest) opportunity that comes along and if one doesn’t then he continues to make millions winning games in Alabama.

        You want to know what team has the best chance of landing Saban if they were wiling to dump their GM and HC? Green Bay.

        1. I disagree. I doubt Saban will accept anything less than $10 million per year and full roster control, and I doubt Green Bay will offer that.

          1. Well I doubt anyone would offer less then $10 and you might be right that it’s a bit too stiff for the township of Green Bay. Then again they could possibly also be convinced that that is simply the going rate now for a top NFL head coach. Especially one with the ‘college’ Pedigree of Saban. Considering he’d also be filling the role of GM it’s makes that salary even more justifiable. McCarthy’s is estimated to already be making in excess of $6 million a year. $10M for coach and GM isn’t that hard to swallow especially when you’re selling the big name of Saban.

            1. I think the time is getting closer for that. If the Packers totally implode this year that time table could be accelerated and if the name Saban starts getting mentioned it could be become all but certainty.

              I also don’t know how those kinds of decisions get made with the unique ownership of Green Bay. Does the town vote to fire him?

              1. Thompson was appointed by the former President/CEO, Harlan, so I’d guess that’s how it still works. He likely serves the Board of Directors. I don’t know if Board members are freely elected by the Shareholders. Better minds than me can research it, I’m on the road in 5 minutes.

    2. I agree. Saban is a football God at Bama, and is on top of the world. He might not get another gig if he destroys his career at the Niners.

    3. Saban isn’t leaving College at his age. I think he just likes to hear his name thrown around much like Cowher and Gruden. He didn’t like Coaching in the NFL last time and I doubt he’d like it anymore now.

      1. If Saban wins his 6th national championship this season, I think it’s all but certain he’ll be coaching an NFL team next season.

            1. Playing both sides — I don’t condone it.
              That almost sounds like something a ‘fan’ would say. :)

  10. After York fires Baalke he should hire Grant to be the next GM. Grant will then hire C4C as his lead scout and Scooter as his 2nd in line.

    Then he can hire me to be the head coach. I’ll in turn hire Sebnynah to be the offensive coordinator. We will have MIM’s, Reverses, Screens, Flys, Swinging Gates, and SOL’s.

    On defense I’ll hire allforfunplay. He and Grant will argue for hours about whether the defense should be a 3-4 or a 4-3 under.

    For Special Teams we’ll hire Brodie2Washington. His analytic skills will help us know when to kick it, go for it, or go for 2.

    With that group we are sure to win a game or 2.

    1. Razor will be the PR coordinator and all of your press conferences will have iron maiden screaming in the background while the lyrics are streamed on a screen behind you. Questions will only be answered to reporters who are banging their heads properly to the beat and that hold up their hand in the sign of the devil.

      1. For the record, I’ve never used the “Devil” sign. I’ve always given the “I Love You” sign which has the thumb out, rather than folded in…;>)

          1. Jack would fire me when I would install the Pistol, flea flickers and statue of liberty plays as the 3 main plays of my offense.

            I would never settle for a field goal, even 4th and long.

            Other teams would get a big dose of third down bombs from my offense

            1. You remind me of a time back in the day when we would drag out our Stratomatic Football board game after thanksgiving dinners. I was all for the bombs away offense. I used to love running the deep post pattern on first downs, I would go on every fourth down under five yards, pretty much the game plan you are advocating. My dad on the other hand, conservative republican that he was, would insist on establishing the running game first, and only passing when it as absolutely necessary. The basic three yards and a cloud of dust offense.

              Bottom line: Dad always won.

              Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Go Niners.

      1. Why would I prefer Old Coach? Because he would elevate Marcus Rush, and utilize his relentless motor getting to the QB.

        While I will admit that Jack has good football acumen, Old Coach is a better judge of talent, would put players in positions to succeed, and use them properly.

    2. With that group we are sure to win a game or 2.
      So we’ll be somewhere between Chip Kelly and Jim Tomsula in level of competence. Sounds about right.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to Grant, and all the 49er fans on this blog! I’m thankful for many things, and the people on this blog are included….

      1. Just avoid bringing up politics and put the one who does on your front porch with the door locked behind them.

  12. I found my QB comparisons from April. I dunno about you but these are pretty darn close :)

    Coffee’s for Closers® April 18, 2016 at 9:30 pm
    Carson Wentz: Phillip Rivers
    Jared Goff: Alex Smith
    Paxton Lynch: Elvis Grbac
    Kevin Hogan: Tyler Wilson
    Connor Cook: Brady Quinn
    Trevone Boykin: Tim Tebow
    Brandon Allen: Tavaris Jackson
    Cody Kessler: Kellen Clemens
    Jeff Driskel: Shaun Hill
    Dak Prescott: Donovan McNabb
    Vernon Adams: Uncle Rico

  13. Bruce Arians questions top pick Robert Nkemdiche’s maturity, work ethic
    This is my totally not shocked face. At least a few of us saw this coming.

  14. Here’s to the schedule makers who mercifully won’t force us to lose our appetite on thanksgiving from watching our team take another beating.

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