What Chip Kelly needs most for his offense to work with 49ers

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  1. Brilliant read. 100 percent accurate.. I have always said that Chip needs Kaep or someone similar. I believe if Kaep gets his head out of his A** he is the QB. If they move on I see RG3 as the QB.. Gabbert is a solid back up. Draft Driskal to develop!

  2. I disagree. Kelly’s offense needs an accurate and quick decision-making QB who is also a good scrambler. Having just a running QB is simply showing the NFL that the 49ers’ offense will remain vanilla and easy to stop.

    1. He thought he had that in Foles and Bradford and it failed. A defense in that system has to respect the QBs running ability. If not they will play more guys in coverage.

      1. If he didn’t have that in Foles, how do you explain signing Bradford, who is even less mobile than Foles? If it takes multiple mistakes for Chip to learn a lesson, then that’s concerning. I agree with Mid on what Kelly is looking for in a QB. But who knows, we might all be surprised by this time next week.

        1. That is the misconception about Kelly and his offense. He does need a mobile QB to run his offense successfully. His record with Bradford was worst and he got fired. He traded for Bradford in hopes of trading him to Cle. He tried to trade for Kaep before he heard about Cle wanting Bradford.

              1. Again, that is not why Kelly was fired. Kelly was fired because he was given too much decision-making ability, the Eagles defense was getting gassed by Kelly’s quick offensive schemes, and the Eagles were wanting somebody with better emotional intelligence.

      2. You’re kind of making my point here because neither Bradford or Foles are capable scramblers.

        1. Those were his best options. RG3 wasn’t going to be traded in the division. He couldn’t get Kaep. You think it’s a fluke that the ONE coach who everyone in the media thought 2 years ago was the best fit for RG3 or Kaep is now coaching the Niners? I don’t. Everyone has a valid and fair opinion on this but it makes way too much sense that he is eyeing a mobile QB.. We all know Balke does not want to draft a QB early. That had to be in the discussion before hiring chip.

          1. My take on this is that Kelly mostly values quick decision making and accuracy. However, without firm evidence yet to backup my position, I’m thinking he might now value running ability more than before. He went from Foles to Bradford wanting more accuracy but had to accept less mobility. Now he sees that his QB needs more mobility. So instead of running ability being a distant third it is a close third on his criteria list. Just an unproven theory at this point.

          2. I do. Too many fans and analysts are dismissing the fact that Kelly’s offense has been some of the better units was mainly because of the QB’s accuracy and decision-making. Blatantly ignoring those two important is simply setting up for a repeat of the 2015 49ers offense that was built around Kaepernick’s ability to run which was a huge problem because defenses already figured out that a bottled up running QB with bad accuracy and poor – decision-making was too easy to defend.

              1. Carolina is a prime example of what Kelly’s offense can do. Cam is not a very accurate or great decision making QB but yet made it to the SB just as Kaep did when the team went to SB. His half season wasn’t no fluke as he went to NFC conference game the next yr.

              2. No it’s not. Part of the reason why Newton made it to the Super Bowl was because his accuracy and decision-making improved which resulted in him being better from the pocket.

              3. I remember comments regarding Kap’s poor ability to read defenses and his poor accuracy relative to other QBs. However, these flaws were overshadowed or not considered that important at the time because the team was winning with Harbaugh as the coach. Many believed that Harbaugh was able to minimize/hide those flaws by limiting what Kap could do. But losing has a way of magnifying flaws.

              4. Amazing what happened after that 1 1/2 years in which teams had enough film to be able to devise plans to adjust to Kaepernick’s style and Kaepernick failed to adjust to that adjustment.

              5. MWD

                As my esteemed Rhodesian friend likes to say, “Horse shoot!” (If you can hear it in that Rhodesian accent, it’s pretty funny!)

                Kaepernick has a higher career completion percentage than both Cam Newton and Andrew Luck, and he was the NFL’s best long-passer in both 2012 and 2013. I’m sick and tired of everyone pointing to 2014 and 2015, seasons in which the OL was decimated, the offensive skill positions reduced, and the coaching staff undermined to say Kaepernick somehow is incapable of being an NFL starting QB. Instead of ripping the guy, just look back at those 2 seasons, and then look at what he lost. Frank Gore lost several steps, Kendall Hunter was injured, Randy Moss had retired, Delanie Walker moved on, and Vernon Davis got cement in his shoes, while his skillets for hands resurfaced. At the same time, the coaching staff stupidly tried to transform Kaepernick, then was victim to a whisper campaign by the FO; the next year, the coaching staff was the worst in the history of the NFL, and Kaepernick himself checked out.

                Now, looky here: I’m only defending Kaepernick the QB, not Kaepernick the man. As a QB, he is still 2012 Kaep; nothing has changed.

                However, as a man, Kaepernick has shown all the trademarks of a petulant child, and a guy who is so arrogant and yet self-conscious that he isn’t capable of making sound decisions about his career. He is, let’s just say, the Trent Baalke of quarterbacks.

                Ok, rant over.

                But like I said, your commentary is straight horse shoot.

              6. Weak rant. I’ve already explained why Kaepernick’s accuracy was better in those years and why it wasn’t in the last two. Claim what you want, but the truth is the truth ans it won’t change no matter how much you rant.

              7. MWD, the mitigating factor in the accuracy and read criticisms is the fact that the O line was putrid. Kaep was sacked 80 times in a season and a half. No QB will have time to read, and any time a pass rusher is in the face of a QB, his accuracy suffers.

              8. That was one mitigating factor Seb. The other three were the play – calling, Kaepernick’s confidence in his ability to make the throw, and Kaepernick’s decision-making.

              9. Yes, dont get me started on the coaching. That was obtuse. Kaep was not put in a position to succeed, and they did not accentuate his strengths. I could count on my hand the few times he was allowed to roll out. If he had open space to look downfield, his decision making would have improved.
                His receivers were not open, and also dropped too many balls.

              10. You’re using way too many Kaepologies to excuse Kaepernick’s regression. The reality is that he he threw the bad interceptions against the Cardinals, was his own worst enemy against the Packers, badly missed his WRs on several throws, and completely ignored a wide open Torrey Smith against the Rams. No matter what you say or claim, those facts will not change. Those mistakes are on Kaepernick and Kaepernick alone.

              11. Sorry, but it is a team sport. That O line was putrid. Joe Montana could not have succeeded behind that line. The coaching was imbecilic. I remember Logan pontificating that those sideline passes should always be open. He also instructed the QBs to throw the ball at 85% velocity. No wonder they were picked off so easily.
                Kaep lost his running back after 2 games, so the defense keyed on the pass because they could ignore the run.
                If you think that a Head coach is not critical for success, I will counter with the example of Tomsula. The incompetence of Chryst directly led to Kaeps’ regressions.
                When you say you cannot teach accuracy and decision making. I wonder why they do all those meetings, practices and repetitions for. Experience is a great teacher of those skills.

              12. Then may I suggest you stop constantly blaming Kaepernick’s regression on any and everything but Kaepernick if it is indeed a team sport?

            1. Your also missing the point that if the Niners have an O line like last year it doesn’t matter what you do at QB..

              1. Russell Wilson hasn’t had the best of OLs protecting him yet he’s won a Super Bowl and been one of the better NFL QBs.

              2. Poor excuse. Yes the OL has been depleted, but he’s been hit even when the OL holds because his instinct is to take off if his first read is covered which has resulted in him running into a defender. Again, poor – decision-making.

              3. MWD

                If Harbaugh hadn’t called that moronic timeout in the SB on 2nd down, the 49ers would have won that game.

                If Vance McDonald hadn’t dropped the absolutely perfect pass that Kaep there to him in the New Orleans game in 2013, the 49ers would have had home field advantage throughout, beaten the Seahawks at home, and likewise crushed the Broncos in the Super Bowl. Kaepernick would now be a 2-time Super Bowl winner, and Harbaugh would be the highest paid coach in the NFL.

                Russell Wilson is not a better QB than Kaepernick. He is a more logical, pragmatic man, and not so much a prisoner of his emotions as Kaep, but he is not s better QB.

                Kaep has been set up to fail by the 49ers, which is absolutely mind-boggling. I think Jed wants to keep him, and I think Trent is undermining Jed on that, has been for quite some time. I hope Kaepernick renews his commitment to his own career and turns it around, and frankly, I hope Jed sees Baalke for what he is sooner than later, and replaces him with Tom Gamble.

              4. Way too many could’ve, should’ve, would’ves in there that have nothing to do with Kaepernick’s regression.
                Wilson is still a starter and has been to two Super Bowls while winning one; he was also a key factor in the Seahawks making the playoffs lastt season. You can try to explain it away, but the fact is Wilson is a better QB than Kaepernick.

              5. Sil:

                Didn’t Kap also run out of bounds near the end of that game with New Orleans that gave the Saints significant additional time to mount a drive. I’m saying that from memory so maybe I’m not recalling it correctly. Contrast that with Frank Gore who had the presence of mind to stay in bounds at the end of his 50+ yard run against the Squawks in 2014.

              6. CK =Elite

                If your OLIne doesn’t know where your ‘rabbit’ QB is, how can they build a pocket ?

              1. As bad as Wilsons line has been at times it does not compare to what Kaep dealt with last year. Plus it helps to have cable as the O line coach.

              2. Wilson’s right side of his OL has been fairly average which explains why they’re allowing LT Okung to walk.
                And Kaepernick was terrible even when the line held. The game against the Packers is a perfect example of that.

              3. Wilson had to scramble a lot. He had the worst (or second worst, I forget) pass blocking line in football. *note* the niners offensive line ranked in the middle of the pack in pass protection, I believe 16th last year.

        2. Mid

          I’m not sure who writes your material, but the reason (s) ‘Chip’ got fired was nothing more than the front office food fight between ‘Chip’ and Howie Roseman, with Howie having the greatest pull from being in bed with Jeffrey Lurie for years. The story goes, that if you’re going to replace your GM, fire him off the planet! …not to just the adjacent office….Like we should bitch and moan and question ‘Chip’s coaching abilities…He’s got a resume…pay attention, the guy can coach…if the niners need a team Psychologist, send a note to the owner…NOT the head Coach.

      3. This topic begs the question: Why didn’t Kelly make a strong push for the Tennessee gig since the very type of QB he needs is found in Marcus Mariota?

        I was not a huge proponent of the Kelly hire for this reason. He is more of a system coach that needs all the right components vs a motivator like Harbaugh that was able to take what he already had and make it successful.

        Kelly may find success with a decent QB ala Foles but at the time the Eagles also had DeSean and McCoy.

        Hyde will need to stay healthy this year and we will need to find an outside WR threat to mimic what Kelly did in Philly.

        1. Hello AES

          I will cheer the day when posters stop using the term “system coach”…Of course he is a system coach….EVERY COACH IS A SYSTEM COACH…If you are not a system coach, you are not a coach…what do you use , teach, and play if it is not a system ? A system coach, QB, has to have a plan..”System”
          is that plan, but just an excuse for know-it-all’s to sound knowledgeable…

          1. OREGON,
            Howz it going my ol’ frenemy!
            Yes, Kelly is a total system type coach. How many other coaches run his offense?

            When he thought he could run his offense without players like DeSean and McCoy he fell off the face of the earth. Kelly needs certain types of players to make his program successful.

            Grant made a good point about Fangio creating the blueprint to stop a Kelly offense, but Fangio also had some background with the ‘read offense’ because he saw it in practice everyday during the Super Bowl run with CK at the helm.

            Yes, Kelly is a system coach because where else would you hear that a seemingly broken down QB like Kap would have the best chance to succeed in this type of offense?

            I ask you my friend; could Kelly be successful if he ran a traditional type offense?
            Personally, I would say no. Imo, that makes him a system coach.

            1. AES

              When people refer back to the breaking up of the La Shawn and DeSean dance act they call Kelly a fool…but they also forget that he replaced them with Demarco Murray, and Matthews. He liked Foles, but Foles could only pass; not run…so after failing to acquire Marriota, he engineered the trade for Bradford, hoping that he could be a better runner than Foles…he was already a more complete and accurate passer. Alas, he couldn’t run either.

              As I previously stated, he plays by a system…HIS system. In your question you ask about Kaep…best chance…yes but only because he can run (important), is both an inaccurate passer (bad) and not a quick thinker (bad)
              Could Kelly be successful in a ‘traditional’ type offense ? Yes, but WHY ? Every week he can play against a “same old…same old…” offense….but our opponent can’t….We’ll be kicking butt by October my friend

              1. OREGON,
                Do you really believe that Bradford was a better runner than, well anybody?

                Bradford is always one hit away from being on the shelf again. Perhaps Kelly felt the need to go the traditional offense route since explosive players like DeSean and Shady were gone.
                As we have all witnessed, Kelly can’t run any other system but the one he’s used throughout his coaching career.
                Sorry OREGON, this guy is the quintessential system coach.
                But if it works for our team, I’ll be a happy 49er Faithful!

    2. I agree. How soon does Grant forget that Kaepernick can’t throw? During his 8 game span, Grant took how many shots at Kaepernick’s inability to read a defense, complete a pass, or towards the end, even run effectively?

      This is a fluff article that doesn’t have any substance beyond what a few anonymous posters on this blog have said. It’s a “here’s what you want to hear” article.

      Kaepernick would be the opposite of Foles vs Fangio. He wouldn’t be able to throw which is what the NFL figured out and why Kaepernick struggled. He is the equivalent of having a running back under center.

      Foles and Sanchez won 13 games in a season. Gabbert will be just fine.

      1. “Foles and Sanchez won 13 games in a season. Gabbert will be just fine.”

        Foles, Vick, Sanchez and Bradford are all better than Gabbert to start with. Kelly should make Gabbert better as he has with those guys. I am not arguing for Kaep, but I don’t think Gabbert’s going to be fine. See what CFC posted below about how Gabbert’s done in games where he’s had to throw what Kelly will demand from him.

  3. Grant, I’m so glad you noticed that pivotal game. Ignoring the “read” component is really interesting.

    I’ve been writing about that pivot point since Kelly was hired. I titled it “When Fang ate the Chip.”

    Here was my take on what happened.

    Fangio’s defense is all about self discipline, tackling angles, minimizing RAC, being in the right spot, proper run fits.

    Fang also simulated the fast pace of Kelly’s offense in practice. He had the starting defense practice play vs the “ones” and “twos” offenses in the same drive. As one offensive unit was running a play, the other was lining up for the next play.

    Throughout the fast paced scrimmage Fangio harped on every defensive player to be in the right pre-snap spot.

    My take on any “book” on Chip Kelly
    1) Line up correctly
    2) Gap discipline
    3) Make your tackles

    The part about ignoring the read component is interesting. I’d love to get some footage of that game.

      1. Thanks. Fangio (always slow to praise) said it was one of the best one of his defensive units every played. That goes back to the Dome Patrol.

        Too bad the 49ers gave up 21 points on special teams and turnovers. It would have been great to hang a goose egg on the hottest offense in football.

        The wheels fell off in Denver. Manning picked on the green horns in the 49er secondary all night. Short week travel game vs Manning at high altitude.

      2. Grant, what you mean to say is, “Great work, Brodie, and thank you for so thoroughly laying it out for everyone on my blog two weeks ago. I ought to have credited you in my article in the Press Democrat. Oops, please forgive my small oversight.”

    1. Eagles Offensive Stats vs 49ers Defense – Sept. 28, 2014
      Points – 0
      First downs – 11
      Total yards – 213
      Turnovers – 4
      Penalties – 10 (70)
      Third Down Conv. – 5-13
      Fourth Down Conv. – 0-2
      Total Plays – 56
      Time of Possession – 17:43 (49ers 42:17)

      The Eagles didn’t get past their own 43 yard line until 6:35 left in the 4th qtr.

      Drive. Plays / Result
      1. 6 / Punt
      2. 6 / Punt
      3. 3 / Punt
      4. 6 / Punt
      5. 6 / Fumble
      6. 2 / Fumble
      7. 3 / Punt
      8. 2 / Int
      9. 3 / Punt
      10. 15 / Downs
      11. 4 / Int

  4. On PFT and as already posted by Brodie in the previous thread:

    “49ers tendered exclusive rights free agent RG Jordan Devey.

    Devey will return on a minimum salary after staring nine games last year. The 49ers are also expected to retain restricted free agent ILB Michael Wilhoite. ”

    He’s camp fodder, which is fine.

      1. I have something to add when you said Cam became more accurate hence the reason he was MVP and made it to the SB…go look at his comp % and compare it to Kap’s…there near identical.

        How many overthrows did we see Cam throw in the playoffs this year? What makes him special is the play-calling and his athletic ability., Cam can make a great pass every once an a while and I do think he has better touch that Kap, but they aren’t far apart….if Kap was behind Carolina’s OL and had Cam’s play calling he’d be in a much much different place.

              1. True, but without Olsen and Stewart this offense is going no where. Olsen’s performance was only second to Gronkowski by TE’s and he was the 17th best receiver by yards in the NFL as a TE. That is impressive in my book.

                Carolina had the 24th ranked passing offense and the #2 rushing offense. Its pretty much the same deal as our 2012 and 2013 teams. (We were 23rd and 4th, 30th and 3rd) For comparison Alex Smith was in charge of a 30th and 8th ranked offense in 2011. Newton had 10 rushing TD’s this season, very impressive. He’s better than Kaep (not by much), but his deficiencies are hidden by a stellar run game, OL, and defense just like our QB’s. I think Cam is a better decision maker in the pocket.

                Go back and look at some of inept receivers we had during those years. Williams, Ginn, Moore, Swain, Hastings, Morgan, Moore, Moss, Manningham, Crabtree, Lockette, Baldwin, Edwards. Out of that group really only Crabtree performed well and he was hurt a lot. Right now our WR core is better than any of those groups from top to bottom. Boldin, Smith, Patton, Ellington, Simpson, White, Anderson, Smelter.

              2. Their running game isn’t as good as everyone says. It looked much better than it was because of the number of yards Cam was picking up. And to this end Cam is better suited. He is bigger and shiftier, which allows him to avoid as well as take more punishment.

        1. Compare who each QB was throwing to and you’ll see the error in your thought process.

      2. Mid West, about your point about Russell Wilson his running back was the most consistent and arguably the best in the nfl. They also ran read option quite a bit which would set up a little more time for him. Finally, his receivers were excellent at getting yac so as good as he is he got a way with quite a bit of quick and well designed passing plays. When Crab was very good at making plays after the catch in 2012 Kaep looked a lot better. He also was better with the read option keeping defenses honest

    1. cubus

      I’m not sure if you read my post about two weeks ago concerning Devey… If you go to NFL, tab 49ers, an click on roster, and then Jordan Devey, you’ll find a very interesting read. I will lovve to see that guy after a 49er TC…..I think he’ll be dynomite …

  5. I’m just wondering Grant why you and some others on here think Chip Kelly is going to run this one offense. NFL coaches, good ones that is, ones that have learnt from previous firings, know they need to build an offense to the strength of the personnel, not the other way around.
    Bill Belicheck has been changing and adapting his offense every year with the exodus of talent. Andy Reid did it when he moved from Philly to KC. So why would Chip Kelly be pig headed and try to do it in San Fran. That would be suicide. He does not have the accurate QB. Nor does he have the WR’s to make the short run and catch for the YAC yards needed.

    1. That is Kelly’s history. He has run one offense for a long time. He’s a system coach. He believes in his system.

        1. Ruben, i’m glad that Kaepernick had some sense trying to leave the 49ers. There’s a possibility that he knew all along that he was just an experiment by Baalke and Harbaugh, in how well his intellectual ability would last on the playing, regardless that everyone of his apologies think his an elite Qb..Throwing the football long for 60 yards and who can run with the football isn’t enough to be successful in the NFL, you’ll need more than those skills he lacks reading opposing defense, finding his open receivers, he gets rattled easily and has poor decision making that’s why he gets sack a lot. Not because of his offensive line fault.

      1. Grant

        baloney….it’s probably too early to be making such strong statements…the hand is quicker than the eye…even on game film

  6. I agree with this point… I’ve been saying in past posts, if kap isint on this team, a healthy RG3 would be dynamite in this offense.
    Career stats

    Not only is he a threat to run, but the son of a Gun is accurate, not only on checkdowns (Blaine Gabberts favorite area), but also on those 10-15, and 15-25 yarders. I’ve been his biggest adversary on this blog. But the only catch is a healthy RG3, and after 2 years of not being hit, and anxious to get fired up and play, I think he would be man made for chips system

    1. I agree. It shocked me when I looked at Griffin’s numbers and discovered that he has good accuracy. It’s his decision-making that needs some work.

          1. In a way that’s true. I believe he tries to please others and plays the way they want him to. But when he had time to throw he was accurate. Only problem, this. Is the NFL, you can’t always have a clean pocket. You ha e to be accurate under pressure

            1. More often than not that accuracy occurred while Kaepernick was moving outside of the pocket though.

            1. His accuracy is outside of the pocket which is why defenses keep him in the pocket.

          2. Neither is Cam!

            Cam completion % 59.6
            Kap completion % 59.9

            Big difference is they call plays to Cam’s strengths..

            1. Kaep had drop – prone Ginn as his #1 WR. Sorry, but your statement is invalid.

              1. MWD

                The only thing invalid here is your blind hatred for Kaepernick. It makes your commentary worthless, because your objectivity is so compromised.

              2. The feeble-minded such as yourself hurl insults. You have not stated a single fact on any of your comments today. All opinion. I’m not for or against Kaep, other than the fact that he is a 49er, and the fact that he was so devastating when he had a support system; he is a schmuck of a man, inasmuch as how he handles himself with people. He is also a generational talent, and anyone that says he regressed without also acknowledging that his offense was eviscerated around him by injury, defections, and the absence of coaching or scheme, has no ground to stand on.

              3. I’ll let you think what you think since I can’t spend the rest of my life trying to point what is known to someone so arrogant and full of themselves. Now do me a favor and quit trolling me.

      1. I don’t agree with that. Before his injury the man had 800 rushing yards in a whole season, 400 in a half season, then the injury. He is always a threat to run

        1. I think his biggest attribute was knowing when to run. Alot of those runs were designed, but he also scrambled for those yards

        2. He cant run like he used to. RGIII would be a bad choice. I still think he can deliver the ball from the pocket, so the Texans may be his best landing spot.

      2. I disagree Jack. He’s still a good enough running threat. If they get rid of Kaep he’d be a good option imo to compete with Gabbert, and let whichever guy they draft sit as the 3rd QB this year.

      3. Hammer RG3 ship, has sailed long time ago. This guy is done.:) And if he comes to San Francisco, we’re going back to the stone age. I’ll give Kelly 2 years the most to find another college team to coach if they signed RG3:)

    2. Tom Brady averages 11.5 attempts before throwing a TD pass. Rodgers needs almost 16 passes before he throws a TD. Cam Newton is averaging 12 attempts per TD pass. Over his career Manning has averaged 17 attempts per TD.

      RGIII averages 26.6 attempts before throwing a TD pass. Kaepernick needs 24 tries before he finds the end zone and our savior in disguise Blaine Gabbert needs only 33 attempts before scoring a TD.

      1. Coffee good numbers, but the one big difference, Aside from Cam, those offenses thrive on the pass. They are quick hitting, take chance offenses. Rg3, Kap, Blaine, have all been in run 1st, control the clock offenses

        1. Scheme really shouldn’t much of an effect on a QB’s att/TD ratio and to prove that point I checked Russell Wilson’s number and he averages 16 attempts per TD. That’s as run first of an offense as you can get and his number still falls in line with the others mentioned in the first paragraph of my original post. I’d also point out that Newton does not play in the type of pass thriving offense that you mention.

          1. I understand that, that’s why I said, aside from Cam. As for Russell Wilson, he’s in that category with cam. But how did that number look when marshawn Lynch was healthy? Just curious. And I believe scheme has alot to do with it. If your qb is running a ball control, run the ball Jim harbagh offense, whose passes don’t go downfield to often, and comparing to a pats offense who throws the ball often to get downfield, well, there is your difference. But of course your qb has to be good at throwing the ball downfield. Wich I believe Cam and Russell excel at. Which would separate them from qb’s who are in run1t offenses

            1. Oh, and your team has to score points, which I believe the Niners and Redskins were not to good at the past couple of years. But I bet if you looked up field goal average, we lead the leauge. Just sayin

      2. While looking up these numbers I discovered a couple interesting facts about some of the ‘great’ QB’s; Troy Aikman didn’t throw all that many TD’s in his career although he had a comparative amount of attempts to his peers and John Elway attempted an amazing amount of passes, 7250. Most were in the mid 4000 range.

  7. Grant how much of the drop off for the Eagles do you think had to do with the fact that they lost their starting QB in week 8 of 2014? After losing to the 49ers by 5 whole points they won 3 of 4 games before Foles went down for the year with an injury. Funny how you left that part out.

      1. He is right if you predict they will go 5-11 again.
        If somehow Kaep is back, they could do much better, maybe even 10-6.
        If they draft Goff and start him, maybe 4-12.

        1. What a ridiculous take considering how Kelly’s offense depends upon the QB being accurate.

          1. You’re plan works if we’re on the 2-4 year plan to being competitive. It just means another miserable year or two. Kelly makes QB’s better in general, but Sanchez, Vick, Bradford and Foles were all better than Gabbert to begin with.

            Do you think Gabbert can improve on his poor choice of throws on 3rd down? I am not hopeful that we’ll see him improve that statistic that Grant pointed out. Maybe Kelly’s system can help him like people suggest it could for Kaep? Grant’s take on Gabbert was over the top as usual but there’s a core truth to a guy who regularly throws behind the sticks.

              1. Gabbert gives you a run threat just a tad below Kaepernick because his top end speed is not the same, but his quickness is on par.

                Gabbert gives you a more accurate passing threat than Kaepernick.

                Gabbert is 2 years younger, about 10 mil cheaper, and won more games in 2015.

                I know Big Paul agrees with me on this….Advantage: Gabbert

              2. Haha he won more games. You mean the Bears kicker gave him one and the coaching in Atlanta cost them the game. This wasn’t about Kaep for me, I asked if he could improve on his 5.4 yds behind the sticks throwing. My take is you don’t think he can improve there since he you didn’t answer, but he’ll be better than CK in the offense. So we’ll be 6-10 next year with him if you double his wins for a full season?

                We’re still on the 2-4 year plan to get better then. Gabbert may have the advantage but he still is terrible.

              3. Gabbert isn’t anything special, but he’s the best option currently on the roster.

                The behind the sticks stat is a good one. To me Gabbert does a good job of managing the game. It seemed to me as I when backed up on the – side of the 50 he was very cautious, but when on the + side of the 50 became more aggressive. Don’t have the stats to back that up, only memory.

                Somewhere between 6-10 or 8-8 sounds about right unless they get a bunch of breaks.

              4. That’s fair on Gabbert. I am a bit resistant to the rose colored glasses some are wearing about Gabbert’s ceiling and potential. 8-8 would be a good improvement. I don’t know what to make of Kelly yet or his impact. I do buy Grant’s conclusion that a mobile QB makes Kelly’s system better. But that’s true for lots of offenses in the NFL.

              5. Jack

                Gabbert is, in fact, quicker than Kaepernick, both above the neck and below the belt.

      1. I think that needs to be accepted no matter who’s behind center because our defense is going to get gassed.

        1. Mid.. I don’t know about that. If we get off the field enough on 3rd downs we will be OK. So if our d gets its butt kicked, it will be because of scheme, not because we are gassed

          1. The problem with that hope is that we have a DC who had a poor run defense in Cleveland and a coach who has an offensive scheme that either scores quickly or goes three-and-out just as fast. Not a good combination.

            1. Also to your point mid,Billy Davis was the DC in Philly. He’s horrible. So that could have alot to do with Philly’s problems

              1. That too, although there were a good number of players on the Eagles defense that said having to be on field so much was the main factor in their poor defensive rankings.

              2. Oh, I think MWD is right. That extra 32 seconds per game that the Eagles defense spent on the field must have been absolute torture.

              3. MWD

                I’m not denying anything; it’s just clear that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Go check out the time of possession rankings in 2015, then come back here and tell us how massive a hit the 49ers defense is going to take going from Tomsula to Kelly.

              4. You’re skipping the fact that O’neil is in charge of our run defense. Combining those two on a defense mainly built to stop the run is not going to be a good result.

              5. MWD

                You’re living in the past, friendo. The strength of the D is now the safety position. And O’Neil is in charge of the whole defense. You need to do some research on who these new coaches are and what they’ve accomplished, and why they were selected. Thus far, once again, you’re just parroting the popular commentary from media shills.

              6. Please stop posting without thinking first. We’re in a division with three good RBs and you’re spouting off what you are? Really?
                Oh, and it is a known fact that Pettine and O’Neil both were charge of the Browns defense in 2014 and Pettine gave O’Neil full control of the unit in 2015 so he (Pettine) could focus on other aspects of the team. However in both seasons, the Browns run defense was awful.

              7. MWD – actually you are the one lacking the thinking…….just because you think so does not make it a fact……

        2. For what ever reason, it’s going to take a lot of improvement and luck for this base roster to avoid drafting in the top ten next year. That’s just who they are right now.

          1. HT… Key word, right now. Heck we might get lucky and kill free agency and draft. Then again, we might not. Glass half full

            1. Baalke is on the hot seat. If they can attract decent Free agents, they might have a chance. If Baalke has another disappearing act like the 2015 FA class, it will be another hard slog.

        3. Gassed like what? What are you saying? Our defense will spend 8 more minutes on the field than it did in 2015? Yeah, let’s go all hyperbolic and misinformed; objectivity be darned.

              1. Nope. It is a fact that Kelly’s quick offense led tohis defense spending too much time on the field.
                How exactly will it not be worse Wilson with O’neil ( who was responsible for a poor run dense in Cleveland) coaching a defense mainly built to stop the run?

              2. They’re not built mainly to stop the run. Did you look up the TOP from 2015 yet. You probably should, because you look foolish. The 49ers D spent 32 seconds less per game on the field than the Eagles D. Chip wants aggression on D, wants turnovers even if that means giving up some big plays. O’Neil in 2014, when his D was intact, was far better than in 2015, when it was not.

              3. I have nothing to add since you failed to properly read my post but instead came to a ridiculous conclusion.

              4. MWD

                You want me to respond to this???

                “How exactly will it not be worse Wilson with O’neil ( who was responsible for a poor run dense in Cleveland) coaching a defense mainly built to stop the run?”

                Aside from your clear hatred of grammar conventions, the above quote shows again that you are way out of your depth. Learn about O’Neil the coach, not O’Neil in 2015. Also, learn about your own team. The 49ers are not “a defense mainly built to stop the run.” I think you must know that Justin Smith, Ray McDonald, and Patrick Willis will not be on the 2016 49ers, just as they were not on the 2015 49ers.

              5. You want me to respond to this???

                No, because I’d honestly rather you stop trolling me and gracing me with your sheer arrogance and “knowledge”.

              6. MWD

                As long as you continue to keep parroting nonsense that belongs to guys like Heath Evans, I will be here to correct you. Ignorance is offensive. You should take a timeout and work on your knowledge of the 2016 49ers, since you’re clearly operating under the impression that it’s still 2014.

              7. I have nothing to add because of your troll – like demeanor. I’ve been working on avoiding discussions with people like that whem I’m online because it can bring out the worst in me.

              1. Wilson

                Don’t show this guy facts. He might get confused about how “fact” is defined.

              2. MWD

                Show where. You can’t. You fail. You speak your opinions and decree that they are “facts.” You don’t know the first thing about Chip Kelly, Jim O’Neil, or what their scheme preferences are, or why O’Neil is a good fit, and you flat out refuse to acknowledge that the 49ers spent 32 seconds less on the field on defense per game than the Eagles, because you know it defeats your pathetic argument.

                Just keep talking about Kaepernick. At least with him you can just focus on a single subject, so there might be some hope for you. But try to dig up some “facts” about him, rather than just spewing your psychobabble, emo nonsense.

              3. I have noticed that whenever facts don’t support your beliefs, you have a very strong tendency to troll and act arrogant simply because you want to too. My apologies, but I’m ignoring your troll-like actions from now on.

              4. MWD


                49ers 2015 TOP 32 seconds more than Eagles TOP. In other words 49ers defense spent 32 seconds less per game on the field on defense than the Eagles defense.

                That is a fact. You’re the one whose commentary doesn’t align with the facts, and all you do on this blog is cry and complain about all aspects of the team. It’s tiring.

                If you would contribute something, anything, based in reality, it would be a great start.

              5. No duh Sherlock Holmes. If you actually paid attention, you’d notice that I haven’t even once denied that about the Eagles defense.

              6. My laptop refuses to acces this blog. Every time I try to, the site crashes; therefore, I’m having to use a mobile on a 3G network.

              7. No, I did notice that, which is why I was so “curious” that you weren’t addressing it.

                Put it this way: Chip doesn’t care about the TOP metric, on offense or defense, because he only cares about the number of plays his offense can run. He wants to run 80-90 plays a game, because he figures that allows a greater number of chances to hit big plays.

                Likewise, on the defensive side, he wants to get off the field as fast as possible, so that his offense can get back on the field. Therefore, he wants a defense that takes huge risks, and is apt to turn the ball over. O’Neil is that kind of coordinator. He preaches aggression and turnovers.

                The biggest enemy of a Chip Kelly team is not, as Grant believes, a Fangio defense, but rather, sickeningly, a Schembechler-type, ball-control offense that keeps the ball away from Chip’s team.

                He’s still tinkering with the right formula, but he is a mad scientist type of coach, and if little Jed can keep his smarmy, tiny hands off the football side, and keep Baalke from over-reaching, I have no doubt Chip will find it.

                Anyway, I’m not trolling you. I just would rather the long-time, esteemed commenters on this blog, a group which I believe you belong to, would continue to push a narrative based on the high level of knowledge we all share, rather than going with the low-hanging fruit.

                Chip’s no moron, and he knows what he’s doing. This defense issue only became an issue in 2015, when his offense was problematic and couldn’t move the ball very well.

                Peace be among us.

              8. Grant should have asked my question at the Chip PC- Do you think that the defense will be on the field more, if you run the hurry up or go 1 for 13 in third down success?

      2. That could put them within trading distance of Deshaun Watson, who looks a better QB prospect than any of the guys this year.

        1. If Watson can fill out and put on 10lbs or so this year I’ll like him better.

          I’ll be watching Mayfield from Oklahoma and Kelly from Ole Miss.

          1. Oops, how good I leave out Gunner. I had high hopes for him this season but it didn’t quite pan out, the injury didn’t help. If he puts together a solid season next year I like him as a mid round sleeper.

            1. Given Luke Falk’s dedication to sports science, combined with his accuracy as a passer, I could see him being a guy Chip falls in love with if he declares next year.

              1. You like those skinny kids don’t ya? I’d like his chances of surviving sacks in the NFL if he was a bit beefier at 6’4″. It’ll be interesting to see how he’s scouted next year. Will they give him or the system most of the credit?

        2. Watson is the same type of QB as RGIII and Kap. Great athlete; not a true pocket passer. This is what I’m talking about in regards to how we tend to look at next years crop of QB’s and say that class will be better than this years, when in reality we’ll be sitting here next year at this time bemoaning how weak the class is with no true pro style options.

          Goff is a way better option than Watson, and if Goff is too thin, he is fat compared to Watson.

          1. If Watson was available this year he’d be the first QB taken, and I’m pretty sure you know that. He’s much more than just a running QB.

            1. No I disagree Scooter. He’s just another overhyped athlete playing QB. He is a bigger threat with his legs and is not a pocket QB who reads the field. The offense he plays in is very simplistic and relies on his athleticism more than anything else. He is not a bad passer, but the majority of this throws are those quick screens and throws within 10 yards of the LOS like Lynch threw this year. Goff is far superior passer and his knowledge of running an offense would be at another level to Watson as well.

              1. Like RGIII and Mariotta, if Watson was available this year the only thing that would stop him from being the first QB taken would be a Luck or Winston in the draft. Goff is good, but he is no Luck or Winston.

              2. We’ll have to agree to disagree Scooter. I can pretty much guarantee there would be huge question marks about Watson if he were in this draft including the same things being said about the current QB’s available. He plays a lot of sandlot ball in an offense that is fed to him from the sideline. He doesn’t play from the pocket very much and is quick to run if his first read isn’t open. Granted he’s only going into his 3rd year but this is the type of QB NFL teams will have more and more questions about because he is the prototype running QB who has shown little ability to excel in an offense that requires him to win from the pocket.

                You wait we’ll be here talking about all these things after he declares next season.

              1. AES,

                He would have been picked apart for the exact same things the current group is. He doesn’t throw the ball as well as Goff, is lighter than Goff and has far less command of running an offense than Goff. As I said to Scooter, just wait until this time next year when he is put through the meat grinder. All the same questions will be asked and all the same criticisms will be made.

              2. rocket,
                The best players come up big on the biggest stage. Watson was huge in the National Championship game. Clemson came up a little short in losing to Alabama but Watson gave Saban all he could ask for.

                Yes, Watson is small at 6’2″ 205lbs but he plays in a very tough and competitive ACC conference and led his team to an undefeated season sans the title game.

                (espn college football) “Deshaun Watson went on to have a historic performance setting the record for most total yards in national championship game history, with 478 yards (405 passing / 73 rushing) against the nation’s best defense.”

                Rocket; many of the Alabama defensive players in that game were NFL size and some will be playing in the pros in the near future – Watson’ size was never an issue in that game.

              3. Rocket, Watson (and every QB, and in fact every player) will be picked apart when they enter the draft. That goes without saying.

                They did the same to Luck and Winston, who have been the best pro QB prospects to enter the NFL since 2012. Despite that, pretty much everyone agreed they were top QB prospects and worthy #1 overall picks. I know I did.

                Watson will get the same treatment, but if he plays as well (or better) his Junior year as his Sophomore year in the end he will be viewed similarly to RGIII and Mariota. Good passer of the ball that can make all the throws and provides a good running threat, but needs to improve his pocket play. Both RGIII and Mariota would have been #1 overall picks if it wasn’t for having Luck and Winston in those drafts.

                Goff is a good prospect but not as good a prospect as Luck or Winston. He’s a better pocket passer right now than Watson, or than RGIII or Mariota was coming out. He is more developed in that regard. But he doesn’t offer a running threat like those players, and unlike Luck and Winston he isn’t as polished at reading defenses nor demonstrated his ability understand and take command of a complex, pro style offense.

                I don’t think it likely that Goff would be taken ahead of Watson unless the team drafting the QB really just wanted a purely pocket passer.

  8. Grant, I do not beg to differ, I vehemently disagree.
    Sure, Chip needs a running QB, and Kaep would have been Ideal, but the game is more than just running or passing.
    You have to be good in BOTH phases of the game. The threat to run does pose problems, but it is more the fact that you cannot be one dimensional that makes an offense more effective.
    Therefor, Chip needs a passing QB who is also mobile. Once they have to respect the pass will the run game get going. The run game cannot get going if they do not respect the passing threat. That was the problem with the Niners. the other teams would stack the box then dare them to pass.
    Chip must have a deep threat and the ability to attack the edges. The Niners must shape the opponents. Once they are spread out, then they should gash them up the middle.
    Maybe you are right in that they need to stop being so one dimensional, but the multi option offense must also be flexible and totally unpredictable. Only then will Chip Kelly’s offense start humming.

  9. Grant what you are saying by Keeping Kap you want the same offense that Harbuagh ran,easy to defense especailly with Kap at QB,uhh NO THANKS I have seen enough of that …Goodbye Kap and good sailing to you….Grant you are dead wrong on what kinda QB Kelly needs…I`m all for Goff being set in place for the future ,if Kelly does not work out we will still have Goff and the next HC can build the Offense around a good QB that can play in the pocket or read zone.unlike Kap,Kap is a slow thought processor.

    1. Sorry, but a QB that ran the pistol in college had to make many snap decisions. Kaep is plenty sharp. He is no dullard.
      In fact, he is smart enough to flee this dumpster fire.

            1. I just call it as I see it. Can you honestly say that Marathe at the meeting with Kaeps’ representatives had nothing to do with his decision right after the meeting, to ask for a trade? The leaks drove JH away. The leaks were done to do the same with Kaep.
              I like Kaep. I was thrilled when he led the Niners to the Super bowl. When he almost won the NFCC game the next year, I thought he would keep the Niners in the SB hunt for years. Why shouldn’t I like him for that?
              But no. Jed and Baalke had to let their ego and petulant attitude cause a rift between them and a coach that led them to 3 NFCC games IN A ROW. Their immaturity and low class behavior let the leaks smears, lies and backstabbing bring dishonor to the Niner organization.
              Baalke should be fired forthwith because he was the architect of last season. Previously whiffing on an entire draft class and conjuring up a Free Agent disappearing act doomed the season. Failure to assemble a decent coaching staff produced incompetence, unforced errors and offensive futility. Baalke better reel in some big fish in Free Agency, or I will be calling for his head. If he fails at Free Agency, he must have a diminished role in the draft. Instead of Aldon, he could have drafted Watt. Instead of AJ Jenkins, he could have drafted Alshon Jeffrey. Instead of Ward, the next player chosen was Bradley Roby, who just helped win a SB. Baalke with his whiffs, gaffs and miscalculations, is an insurmountable impediment to success. He should be held accountable for a 5-11 season because he did not even try to win. He cut Hayne on the team bus, and would not elevate him even with a 5-11 team. Sitting on 13 mil from the beginning of the season meant that he wanted a great draft position. Baalke inspires less confidence than the two Coordinators.
              Jed told us to hold him accountable. I am only doing what he asked me to do. I hold Jed accountable because he is a liar. He lied when he averred that he would do everything inhis power to help the Niners win, then states that he would never hire a ND coach because he would never hurt his alma mater. Jed lied when he vowed to part ways with anybody he found out to be the leaker, then kept Marathe. Then Jed doubled down and sent Marathe, the financial negotiator, to the meeting with Kaep’s reps. To add insult to injury, he probably asked Kaep to take a pay cut.
              Jed should hold himself accountable for that debacle and step down for the good of the team. Your blind devotion to Jed is what is the problem.
              I have righteous fury against the way Kaep has been treated, and hope he can resurrect his career elsewhere. Jed does not deserve to have Kaep be the 49er QB, even though he would be their best bet to lead them to the playoffs.

              1. “I have righteous fury against the way Kaep has been treated”

                What you have is an unhealthy ownership and attachment to another person’s presumed feelings. Kaep doesn’t need you to own what you think are his emotions. He has agents for that.

              2. Sil, you miss the point. The point is that Seb is taking any perceived offense against Kaep as an offense against him. Kaep doesn’t need Seb to do that nor do we. Whether or not Kaep’s agents are doing their job isn’t the point, they’re the ones that should care about his feelings and treatment. Kaep chose the contract, we don’t know what counsel his agents gave him. He could have ignored them.

              3. They are paid to represent his best interests. They allowed him to sign a contract that was only 11% guaranteed. It’s the worst contract ever written.

                I didn’t miss your point. Seb is a lost cause.

              4. Wilson, I just want the Niners to win Super Bowls. Stabbing your SB QB in the back and driving him away is not a good way to win another.

              5. Sil, you miss the whole point of him signing the contract. Kaep wanted to be a team player and believed Jed and Baalke when they promised to retain veteran talent and leadership with the savings from the contract. Both reneged on their word and let players walk away. They even went cheap on the coaching, and the results were predictable.
                I am enough of a fan of the game to observe that ANY QB treated like Kaep should feel like he was stabbed in the back, and any FO who operates that way deserves to lose, which they did.

              6. Seb this franchise is a long way from winning anything. We all want them to win a SB. Not much we can do about an immature owner and FO staff that has created a culture that loses players and trust.

              7. I get it Sil. It doesn’t seem in the agent’s best interest to only get 11% guaranteed. He gets paid less that way depending on his fees and pay structure. It seems like Kaep may have made a foolish choice whether out of goodwill or ignorant benevolence he signed the contract. The agents should have done everything in their power to stop that. We don’t know if they did or not.

              8. Wilson, that last statement of yours is very poignant. I will bellyache for awhile, but in the end, I hope Chip can fix the offensive malaise and the Niners can become a team I can be proud of again.

        1. Sil, I went to those games when they went 2-14, I guess I will still root for the Niners when they do it again. Getting rid of a SB QB makes as much sense as getting rid of a HC that went to 3 NFCCG in a row.
          Go ahead and kiss Jeds’ behind, I dont care. Just do not ask me to do it, too.

    1. If Spence falls down to the 49ers in the second round, Baalke better not hesitate in taking him.

            1. I does wear on ya having to constantly sift through the flotsam jetsam floating around here recently.

  10. A smart bargain pickup in free agency could be James Jones. I think he’d be a great Robin to Smith.

  11. Another way to get Chip Kellys system to work is not to run the no huddle offense at only a break neck speed.They need to vary the snaps.
    Yes, they should go no huddle to keep the defense from substituting, but once at the line, they should act like they are about to snap the ball, but at times, wait so the defense is constantly keyed up. This will tire out the defense, and once they relax, they should snap the ball.
    Then another time, they should line up and snap the ball right away. Varying the snap time will create advantages for the offense because they will know when the ball will be snapped because they will have practiced it and have predetermined snap times. The defense must be prepared to go right away, or have to wait up to 15 seconds all keyed up.
    The one thing they must not do is wait until the play clock runs to zero, because then the defense knows exactly when the ball will be snapped and can anticipate the snap.

  12. Grant sez :
    ” ….Jared Goff, as good of a prospect as he is, would not fit Kelly’s offense. Goff isn’t a runner. He never rushed for more than negative-8 yards in a season at Cal…..”

    while ….

    Charley Casserly sez:
    “…Charley Casserly thinks Jared Goff
    is a good fit for Chip Kelly offense.”


    (It appears … one says the sky is blue.. and the other
    says something different)

      1. You weren’t asking me but Casserly is not a Kelly fan and doesn’t really like the mobile QB or zone read or read option style of play. Grant is all over the place on what he believes. I think parts of what both say are true.

        Goff would be Bradford or Foles. It would limit the effectiveness of some of the read plays on the run game because he’d never run. I think in any offense a mobile QB helps every other part of the game by making the defense account for him as a threat. Goff would be accurate and quick to pass, but as some have pointed out the system is designed to work of the power run. We’ve seen the offense work with those other guys but its limited.

  13. Kaep has his qualities, but Sebynah saying that even Joe Montana would not succeed on our o-line is pretty ridiculous and a pretty Kaep excuse cuz a guy who had all the intangibles will always succeed or get better results.
    If Kaep is in the zone he is TopNotch but if he’s not his short comings arise.
    Need to search till you have a QB who brings it constantly.

  14. What Chip Kelly needs is a QB that can throw the ball at least 38 times a game and win. Through 2012, 2014 and 2015 Kelly’s offense approximately 620 attempts per season.

    In his career Kaepernick has only attempt 38 passes or more 4 times and he’s 1-3 in those games. He does have an average rating of over 93 for those 4 games but when you look at the higher ratings at least 2 of them came at the expense of garbage time for the other team. Kaepernick has only attempted 35 or more passes 8 times in his career and he’s 2-6 in those games.

    It gets better for Gabbert. He’s attempted 38 or more passes 8 times in his career and he’s 0-8 in those games with an average rating of 72.

    I can only imagine how excited Kelly must be looking at those numbers.

    1. “It gets better for Gabbert. He’s attempted 38 or more passes 8 times in his career and he’s 0-8 in those games with an average rating of 72.”

      Yup Gabbert’s the answer for another top 10 pick.

    2. I just ran through the top 20 QB prospects to see how many of them have attempted 38 or more passes a game throughout their career. There was only one and the next closest wasn’t really that close. Goff averaged 42 passes a game, 42. By itself that might not sound impressive until you consider that the next highest cam from Hackenberg at 32.5 followed by Lynch at 31.7. After those two none of the remaining top prospects had ‘career’ attempt averages over 30 per game. I single out career because some of them you can monkey around with the numbers to get better results i.e players that switched schools or ones that had mediocre results early on but had great junior and/or senior campaigns.

      Does it mean anything? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JYJhWIwGUw

      If I’m a coach that wants to throw the ball 100 times a game am I going to look for a prospect that did that in college?

    3. Robert Griffin has attempted 38 or more passes only 5 times in his 35 starts and he’s 0-5 in those games. Kirk Cousin has started in 25 games and has 8 games of 38 or more pass attempts and he’s 3-5 in those games.

      1. For perspective and to show that throwing a lot of passes isn’t always done because you’re behind in the game here’s one more QB’s success at throwing 38 or more passes a game:

        Tom Brady through the ball 38 times or more 9 times alone in 2015 and he was 7-2 in those games.

        1. No, Brady threw those passes because he had no running back, and he used the WCO concept to use the short passing game to keep the drives alive. Also, he was probably attacking the weakest part of the defenses.

          1. Whatever, lol. Your comment is completely irrelevant to the point. It’s about how successful the QB is when they throw more then 38 times a game because that’s how many times a game the QB passes in Kelly’s offense. Why Brady threw the passes has absolutely nothing to do with his success rate at it.

            1. Hmm, usually when a QB throws a ton of passes, it is because he is behind and is desperate. Brady threw those passes and was winning so he was not desperate, but actually going with his scheme as his best strategy to win. He also did not have a healthy RB.

            2. Well, I thought Chip Kelly’s offense was a run first offense.
              Ideally, he wants to run 40 times not pass 40 times.

      2. So again what Chip Kelly NEEDS is Tom Brady. Or what Chip Kelly’s system requires to work is an elite level QB.

  15. Harabaugh knew what Kap was and was working with him, until the owner stepped in and thought anyone could coach Kap…Now everyone sees what baby steps coach H was taking.
    We’ll never know what Kap would have become. One things for sure, insert dumbsulla in his place and the rest is history.

    On running QB’s.

    Running QB’s are a luxury. Build an run option offense around them and you’re asking to lose your QB before the playoffs–NFL, not for long…This is the pro’s. Players make money just for knocking your QB out of the game to win. Remember Clay Mathews hit on Kap, or how many times Frank Gore was in the prone position on the ground when a DB flew in and speared him in the back…People will not think twice about spearing our “running QB” when he’s prone, on the ground if all they get is a 15 yard penalty.


    1. If Kelly is that stupid, and has not installed a pro offense that “protects’ the QB, not exposes him to the late hit artists, then the 49ers deserve to lose…The owner threw out a top 3 DC, Fangio, and at least a 15 time Superbowl offense (Shannahan’s) for an unproven Offense (Kelly’s) and a DC from Cleveland…In light of where they got the DC from, I have to change my prediction from 10-6 to 8-8.

  16. if you are a coach of a GM in the NFL, you can’t think three years down the road unless you either just got hired, or you have established a winning culture. The San Francisco 49ers have neither of those things.
    The team with the 7th overall pick in the draft is looking at a quarterback.

    Ideally, you try to build this offseason so that you don’t pick in the top-10 again next year, which would mean that this is their best chance of getting a true franchise quarterback. However, things got a little bit more serious when Tony Romo underwent surgery to have a metal plate inserted into his chest.

  17. San Francisco 49ers: 5 Easy Steps to Help Fix the Franchise in 2016

    Yet one of the easiest and most reasonable ways York and the front office could regain some credibility would be to eliminate the leaks and rumors that have become such a part of the 49ers mantra in recent years.

    Leaks surrounded former head coaches Jim Harbaugh and Jim Tomsula. They turned their attention on quarterback Colin Kaepernick. And they’ll likely find their way onto the next target when and if Kaepernick is gone.


    John Middlekauff
    ✔ ‎‎@JohnMiddlekauff

    Torrey Smith said one of the crazier parts of this year was he’d never been around leaks & outside noise in Baltimore

    11:13 AM – 3 Feb 2016

  18. Report: Western Michigan LB coach Tem Lukabu joining San Francisco 49ers staff

    While Lukabu joined the Broncos’ staff late in the recruiting process, there was plenty of excitement about what he could do with WMU’s incoming recruits.

    For the third straight year, the Broncos put together the top-ranked class in the Mid-American Conference and WMU landed multiple quality linebackers, including Tristian Pipp, Eric Rogers and Ron George.

    Before joining WMU, Lukabu served as Florida International’s linebackers coach. Lukabu, Fleck and defensive coordinator Ed Pinkham have a history together dating back to 2010.


  19. Here we go again. Grant makes a decent point (but far too simple), and then he fails to expand on the complexity of the subject, resulting in another, half baked analysis!

    Let’s start with NICK FOLES, shall we? Talk about a statue, Nick ran a 5.14 40 at the combine. Why it took NFL defensive coordinators as long as it did to realize Foles wasn’t ENOUGH of a running threat, is a real mystery. Then again, what we learned when Foles crashed and burned with the Rams, is that he is also not a very good at quarterbacking period.

    SAM BRADFORD is a different animal. Pre-knee-capitation (as in 2 ACL tears to the same ligament) Sam was indeed, mobile enough to run Chip’s offense effectively. Sam’s accuracy, and quick release are ideally suited for Chip’s offense. In terms of quick decision making…….not so much. Sam ran a spread offense in college, and Chip believed (hoped) Sam might be able to regain his mobility, at least enough so, to at least keep the DE (or sometimes DT) on the backside zone-read from chasing the RB. Unfortunately, the version of Bradford Chip got, was a broken down, gimpy version, who’s running ability teams didn’t respect.

    And now lets talk about MARK SANCHEZ. Mark is a 4.88 40, 7.06 3 Cone Drill, QB. Not exactly considered a running threat either, though he is clearly more mobile than Foles (less mobile than GOFF, COOK, WENTZ). Mark was probably athletic and mobile enough (though not ideally) and probably would have beat out Bradford, based on his mobility, if he wasn’t such a bonehead! Mark’s problem was his poor (and slow) decision making, and lack of accuracy.

    So, this isn’t a complete breakdown (though it’s far more complete than Grant’s), but it does go a bit further than Grant. But don’t believe Grant when he tells you GOFF, nor COOK are good enough runner to run Chip’s system effectively. And if you are truly interested in learning more about CHip, Chip’s philosophies, and the ideal qualities Chip looks for in his QB’s, here is a fantastic link:


    1. Oh, and one more thing. Grant is on to something here, but there is one thing I can assure every person on the forum:


      So let’s refer to Chip Kelly on this one guys. Not Grant.

      1. Wow Grant, you found NJ.COM. Not exactly a football junkie’s place for info and insight, but hey, anything to support your analysis.

  20. KEVIN HOGAN, Stanford, QB: Just when scouts were starting to warm up to the Cardinal standout, he delivered a dud performance in a prime-time game that sealed his fate as a developmental prospect on most draft boards. Despite throwing for 304 yards and completing more than 75 percent of his passes against Oregon (28 of 37 with two scores and an interception), evaluators will harp on Hogan’s critical mistakes (two botched snaps) in the fourth quarter that kept the Cardinal from closing out the game. Although the senior deserves credit for leading the offense down the field on a potential game-tying drive, the fact that he mismanaged a pair of center-quarterback exchanges is inexcusable for an experienced player. With Hogan already on shaky ground with evaluators due to his inconsistent play over the past two seasons, it’s hard to envision the senior earning good grades from scouts searching for a franchise quarterback.

    1. 49 I saw the game. and on the first one, the pulling guard knocked it out, and on the second, they had a new center, and Hogan never got the ball. Also, there was a pass that bounced off the receivers’ hands for a pick, and a missed field goal. Hogan was not the sole cause for that loss.

  21. To be clear, I like a lot of Kevin Hogan’s intangibles. I wouldn’t be shocked if he finds a way to notch an NFL career. However, when evaluating any position, and especially QB, and putting a grade, and a round in which the player should be drafted, you have to look at probability.

    The biggest question scouts have is: “What are the chances that a guy with his mechanical flaws, goes on to have a successful pro career?”

    And it’s his mechanical flaws that raise the risk. We’ve seen QB’s (Rivers comes to mind first, but there have been others) who overcome their mechanical flaws. The question becomes, does a guy with the types of mechanical flaws Hogan has, stand as good of a chance at succeeding at the next level, as a guy with far better mechanics?

  22. Sorry Grant but I’m calling BS on this article. The Fangio magic formula obviously didn’t help many defenses after that game considering the Eagles went on a 6 out of 8 run right after it putting up big yardage and points with both Foles and then Sanchez. They lost 3 of their last 4 but the offense put up pretty good numbers in 3 of them.

    No the problem with Chips offense wasn’t the lack of a running threat at QB, it was the fact he got rid of a number of quality players and replaced them with lesser talent or players who didn’t fit his system. It’s not that hard to figure out when so many changes happened on the Oline and at RB, while letting their best WR go to KC in FA.

    Chip the personnel man got Chip the HC fired. Simple as that.

    1. I agree,

      That A hole Fangio did not call one coverage that worked the entire season, so Jed had to get rid of him, taking his caravan round in circles until he found a mluch better DC in Clevealand

    2. The Eagles offense averaged 5.5 yards per play from week 4 on, then 5.3 yards per play the following season. It had been averaging 6.3 yards per play before Fangio exposed its weakness.

      1. As I was saying, above, Jim Oneil was a Kelly hire because Kelly knew he is the only one in the NFL with the secret formula to shut down Kelly’s offense (that no one else seems to do which is why both coaches were getting so many coaching offers). Thank god, 49ers for getting rid of that anti Christ, Fangio, (taking the form of a NFL defensive genius doesn’t pass muster with Jed) and hiring the two real genius’, Kelly and Oneil.

      2. That’s a great stat Grant. Unfortunately it can be completely manipulated with 1 bad game. As I pointed out above, the Philly offense performed at a very high level many times after the game against the Niners, and with two different QB’s, neither of whom run well. The Zone read is one part of the offense. What Kelly truly needs from his QB is the ability to read the play quickly and accurately deliver the ball. The ability to run is a bonus; not a necessity.

        1. +1 rocket, although I do believe the ideal QB needs to have as much athleticism and running ability as Blaine Gabbert, minimum. Because defenses have to believe he will pull the ball on his zone reads and make the DE’s, DT’s and LB’s pay if they crash down on the RB!

          1. Well, I take that back. I do believe Blaine is probably more than athletic enough. So perhaps a Chip Kelly QB needs to be almost as athletic as Blaine, at a minimum.

          2. And you are 100% correct: Chip Kelly the personnel man got Chip Kelly the HC fired! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Let’s keep Chip away from making the final personnel decisions, and let him focus on what he does best, and that is wearing out the opposing defense!

        2. A large sample size of stats says Kelly’s offense averaged out to a below average unit from the Fangio game on.

          1. @grant….ha ha ha…is that really your response?….

            …rocket just destroyed your article with one comment……..lmao

            1. just had to copy and paste it again………it was a beautiful take down…..

              “Sorry Grant but I’m calling BS on this article. The Fangio magic formula obviously didn’t help many defenses after that game considering the Eagles went on a 6 out of 8 run right after it putting up big yardage and points with both Foles and then Sanchez. They lost 3 of their last 4 but the offense put up pretty good numbers in 3 of them.”

              1. What does affect yards per play is how many plays they ran. When you look at the total yards per game, nothing changed. Kelly’s 2013 season up until he played the 49ers in 2014 the Eagles averaged 409.45 yards per game. After they played the 49ers for the remainder of the season the Eagles averaged…406.5 yards per game.

                That’s quite a drop off Grant. 3 yards a game.

              2. He’s clinging to the only stat he can because nothing else backs up his points in this article. The Eagles put up huge numbers and points numerous times after the Niner game. The biggest obstacle for the Eagles came last offseason when they dumped numerous players and struggled with the replacements.

  23. The biggest problem with Grant’s article is that it’s a half baked analysis. I do believe neither Nick Foles, nor Sam Bradford were very good fits for Chip’s offense. Neither guy was quite mobile enough. That said, what the 49ers don’t need is a running QB, which is sort of what Grant’s article suggest.

    They need a guy who is mobile enough to run it, and both Goff and Cook are easily mobile enough.

    1. And most run first QB’s lack the ability to make those quick decisions and throw strikes, which is critical for Chip’s QB.

      Blaine Gabbert’s running ability and athleticism is more than adequate. Blaine has all of the qualities Chip covets, and the 49ers simply need another QB who has the same abilities as Blaine and can push Blaine to become a little less tentative, and compete for the starting spot within a year!

      1. Unless, of course, Colin makes a complete attitude adjustment and is willing to restructure his contract and compete with Blaine and perhaps a rookie QB who the 49ers draft.

        If Colin made that commitment, I do believe he can resurrect his career.

        1. I believe Kaep owes the Niners no favors and they should and will pay him every penny of the contract if he stays. That contract is a bargain for the Niners and when compared to Bradford and Cutler, it is an outright steal.
          I am going to turn it around and say that the FO needs to treat Kaep better, and the very first thing they should do is fire the leaker.

          1. I will add…

            the fans should treat #7 better……lets include his teammates, the cheerleaders, the vendors in the stadium…..lets not leave out the guy that maintains the grass…….and the laundry guy……I will go further and even include his neighbors…….

            you know it’s possible it’s obama’s fault #7 sucks!!!!

            1. I agree, the fans should have treated Kaep better. Its funny how they demeaned and insulted him, but now that he asked to be traded, they want the other team to give up a couple seconds or even the RGIII deal for him.

    2. 49R

      Grant is saying that the QB must actually be a real threat to run, because without that threat, the offense becomes entirely one-dimensional, or vanilla. That means that if the QB does run, he needs to be a GOOD runner, someone who can gain significant yards on any given play. Kaep is the perfect QB for Chip Kelly’s offense. It’s been known since 2013. It hasn’t stopped being true just because Kaepernick “regressed” a bit while playing under the worst coach in NFL history.

      1. Actually Sil, Grant said that Goff isn’t mobile enough to run Chip’s offense and that shows a fundamental misunderstanding of just how good of a “runner” Chip’s QB needs to be.

        1. Ideally, Goff’s accuracy, pocket presence and quick decision making, combined with Colin Kaepernick’s running ability would be awesome. However, that guy isn’t in this draft. And I am certain Chip would rather have Jarred Goff, with his strengths, even if he isn’t as mobile as Kap, as opposed to Prescott, Driskell, Hogan and Brissett, who may be better runners, but don’t have Goff’s gifts as a passer.

  24. Chip Kelly needs to improve the offense, but the first thing he should do is re-read Building a Champion- by Bill Walsh, and follow its principles. Then he should start working on his people skills.

    1. “Chip Kelly needs to improve the offense, but the first thing he should do is re-read Building a Champion- by Bill Walsh”

      That’s up next. He’s currently deep into “Art of War”

  25. A couple things we don’t know at the moment that are going to effect the teams draft plans.

    1) How much does Chip like Blaine?

    I would love to know just how high Chip is on Blaine Gabbert. If he really likes Blaine’s potential to run his offense, I don’t expect the 49ers to go QB in round 1. Perhaps they even wait till day 3 to draft a QB.

    2) What do they do with Colin Kaepernick?

  26. Right now, the schemes and strategies of Chip is secondary now that the combine is over. Now, the free Agent market is center stage, especially since it will affect the draft.
    There are 10 players who I think the Niners should target to sign. If Baalke fails to draft even one of them, it will mean that the Niner reputation is so toxic, no decent player will want to come here.
    These are players who will not cost too much yet will be huge upgrades.
    Kelechi Osmele
    Bruce Irvin
    Malik Jackson
    Danny Trevathan
    Lamar Miller
    Sean Smith
    Nick Fairly
    Mitchell Schwartz
    Nick Perry
    Zack Brown.

  27. Dude do you think before you write? Your top 6 players you listed could easily make 10 mil a year! There at the top at there positions. Just take a break for a while man.

    1. Well at least I did not go Mo Wilkerson, Charles Johnson, Mack or Matt Forte. The Niners have 57 mil under the salary cap. They can afford those players. I do not think that Ballke will manage to sign more than 2 or 3 of them. It would be nice to get at least one of those Bronco defenders, just for the SB Mojo. I threw in Irvin because many posters liked him, but expect he might take less to stay with the Seahawks.

    2. Dude, ya gotta pay for quality, unless you are content with Baalkes’ strategy to sign bottom of the heap, cheap castoffs that other teams did not want.

            1. I really wish Baalke would re-sign Anquan because it might signal to Kaep that they are trying to retain veteran leadership.
              However, I hope Anquan could win another ring so he should go to a contender.

              1. Hmm, sounds like AB just said the same thing. He is probably on his last year, so he wants to go on a SB contender. Anquan is not coming back to the Niners, and I wish him well.

  28. For Kelly’s offense to work ‘effectively’ constantly, three things have to happen.

    1. All players must bye in.
    2. Yes the QB has to be a threat to run the ball.
    3. The team as a whole has to run the ball.

    If these three things happen we are all in for a treat. If there is failure of any one of the three its going to be a long season like this off season is.

    Number 2 makes number three work. Number 3 makes the passing attack work.

    That is the exact formula Kelly used at Oregon. Kelly never had his type of QB with the Eagles and yet had some success. I am not a Kaep lover, I know he has lots of physical tool but its his mind that lets him down. With that being said I would like to see how Kaep performs with this system along with Dylan Thompson. Also think it might be good to reacquire LMJ. His performance under Kelly was absolutely stunning. Can get him cheap and if it does not work out cut him. He was misused under Harbaugh.

  29. How Chip and the Niners can improve the offense.
    1. Become better focused and prepared.
    2. Stop shooting themselves in the foot. No more unforced errors.
    3. Play with discipline and composure.
    4. Be balanced with both a passing and running game.
    5. Be unpredictable. Put them in their heels. Keep them guessing.
    6. Utilize the players properly. Accentuate their strengths and disguise their weaknesses.
    7. Become more innovative.
    8. Practice plays until they become second nature, and the QB can throw with anticipation.
    9. Shape the defense, and attack the weaknesses.
    10. Run the up tempo offense, but vary the snap count.

          1. Ore, maybe you should hit the Niner coaches over the head, because they did not do those things. I just want basic competency. Obviously, you do not consider those things to be important.

  30. Peyton Manning is going to retire. They will get some cap relief, but still will have trouble keeping players, especially if they try to keep Osweiler.

    1. and …taking a page outta Seb’s book …

      The big secret for the Niners to win more games ..?

      Just score more points … than the other guys !

      1. MW, that reminds me. The Niner QB should not worry about winning or losing. He should just concentrate on scoring TDs. He should set a goal of scoring at least 7 times per game. If he scores enough they should win, but worrying about losing just distracts him from his goal and will negatively affect his game. Playing not to lose is a good way to lose.
        Scoring TDs is very important. Settling for field goals is another good way to lose. The Niners should go for it when inside the 10. Even if they fail, they have the opponent backed up near their goal line.

        1. No secret I am a T Baalke fan…..but I have to say the move to try and resign Jordan Devey has me saying…. WTF is this guy up to……..

      2. MW, just score more points? That is the problem, the Niners can’t seem to score points. Just wishing they scored more will not help them score more.
        What would you think the Niners need to do to stop their offensive futility?
        Hiring Chip Kelly is a good first step, but there are many strategies that can improve them.

      3. MWD,
        Yup, sometimes what seems so simple is sometimes so hard.
        If this team can average 15-20 points per game will it be enough to compensate for a tired and overworked defense?

    1. Repetition will help retain those concepts. Practice makes perfect.
      To some, ignorance is bliss, but It also leads to losing.
      Frankly, I am tired of the Niners losing.

        1. Scooter, I remember when I brought up Shaq Lawson and you derided my choice. but once Grant touted him, you were all on board with him.
          It seems as though you are against me no matter what, and oppose anything and everything I say. So be it. I do not write on this blog to be popular, but just present my ideas in an attempt to help the Niners win. Even when my ideas are soundand logical, your derisive attitude says more about you that says anything about me.
          I still will expect pushback from my comments, but whining about them will not hold me back. Niners need to improve. You may bring up ways for them to improve, too. That is, if you can think of any.;p

          1. I am not surprised. One thing I have noticed is you have an excellent memory when it comes to things you believe provide any form of vindication. And feel the need to bring it up at any opportunity. When will we next see your post about the time you outlined what the team should do with Kaep? Your “bonafides” if I recall…

          1. Rock, I have 5 posters attacking me, but you expect me to lay down and take it. Then when I try to defend myself, you play the victim card.

    2. Belaboring the obvious? Too bad the previous Niner coaches did not have a clue about those concepts. I am merely stating to the new coaches what I want them to be cognizant about.
      Case in point, when 7 players jump offside in one game, I will postulate that it is a good way to lose. If they want to win, they should be more focused, stop making the unforced errors, and give their team a better chance to win. Being upset that I even bring that up is head scratching, because I want to win, but you all seem to think it is OK to ignore that, and seem content to allow undisciplined play doom the Niners.

      1. You aren’t talking to the Niner Coaches. You are writing the same obvious crap over and over to a group on a message board that wonders if you suffer from a mental disability.

        1. Ha ha ha well I certainly hope Chip is not reading these boards. Otherwise he most certainly is not the right man for the job. Coaches are all ball all the time if they actively reading message boards… well thats time spent not focusing on the main point of their job.

        2. Once again, I will spell it out to you. If I was REALLY SERIOUS, I would just send E mails to the Niners. However, if they were basically competent, they would have monitors peruse the various 49er Blogs that would weed out the 99% of the dreck and save the 1% that they might actually think is interesting and relevant. I just gave Bob Lange 10 ways the Niners can improve. He can do with it whatever he wants.

  31. Seb,

    Have you heard about the latest archaeological discovery?….It’s called, “The Art of Snore,”
    by Sun Tzu.

    In this war manual it declares that lengthy opinions when writing gives you the advantage over your opponent because it puts your opponent to sleep. I see this has been your strategy. However, this is not the time or the place–the battleground is out there.

    1. TrollD, maybe you did not know this, but another poster mentioned Chip reading The Art of War.
      I really hope that is true, because he will benefit from it.

      1. Anything will help this organization, nowhere to go but up right. However, if Chip has the intelligence to study to old master it bodes well for the 49ers.
        I’m concerned that Baalke will make the wrong decision on offensive personnel, moving in on Chip and getting on the field to interrupt Chip’s practices so Baalke can deliver his Bemidji State coaching pointers to chips players….I hope the Chipster does not stand for this.

  32. “You may bring up ways for them to improve, too. That is, if you can think of any.;p”

    Seb, I think you’ve crossed the line with this comment. You have insulted one of the most knowledgeable and insightful people on this blog. Scooter is one of the reasons I read this blog. I learn from him and some others. I never learn from you. I think you owe him an apology.

    1. George, I put a ;p after it, so I was kidding. Lighten up. Scooter and I have gone toe to toe many times, and he has insulted and called me names many times, but I have not returned the favor in kind because I do respect him.
      I am sorry that some posters are not mature enough to be able to take it, when many relish dishing it out to me.

      1. The only apologies I want is from Jed…When George Seifert meddled with the offense, Young and Rice got help from Eddie D to put an end to it, keeping him only on defense.
        Young Jed needs to take a page out of his Uncle’s book, and keep Trent on the defensive side of the ball in the war room on draft day.
        On the other side of the table (drafting for offense) should be Chip.

        1. And it’s more than a little odd by now, one would think, in a mulitibillion dollar business, that the owners of the San Francisco 49ers still do not have a handle on just who GM, Trent Baalke is.

          He is the only NFL GM that I know of who can not draft a complete football team. That is, Trent still does not know offensive football linemen, QB’s, or WR’s.

          Scouting has a lot to do with this, however, the other NFL owners know what they are doing. The 49ers go into every draft like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest–only competent on defensive drafting, not offensive drafting.

  33. Again, I want people to fully understand what Chip needs out of his QB. Here are Chip’s own words in regards to the INSIDE ZONE READ, which is the foundation of Kelly’s offense. At its most basic, the inside zone is about creating double teams, driving defenders backward, and getting vertical push up front. The “zone” facet of the play is simply the structure for how offensive lineman will determine which defender to block. How much “zoning” is actually required on the play is determined by the alignment of the defense.

    The key sentence, IMO, is: “we want the ball in the running back’s hands, we do not want the QB carrying the football!”

    Because of the spread formations Kelly deploys, there are rarely more than six defenders in the box to defend against the run (or seven if he opts to keep a tight end inline). Combined with the up-tempo pace his offense features, this defines the look of the defense for the offensive line, making it easier to identify the point defender and set the blocking scheme. There’s no need to identify the specific front the defense is showing, the offensive line only needs to count defenders. As Kelly put it, “if the offensive line can count to six, you have a shot to run this play. If the defense is a six-man box, the quarterback is responsible for the sixth man in the box,” Kelly said during his clinic talk back in 2009. “He reads the defender and controls him. The quarterback is blocking that defender. He cannot physically block him because that is a mismatch. What he does is run the ball if the defender attacks the running back. He makes the defender respect him as a runner and keeps him out of the play.”

    The zone read as Kelly runs it is not a tactic to create rushing opportunities for his quarterback. Rather, it’s an extension of the blocking scheme that flips the numbers advantage in the box from the defense to the offense. As Kelly explained to his clinic audience, “We want the ball in the running back’s hands. We do not want the quarterback carrying the ball. The option can put the ball in his hands, but the defense can force it out of his hands. We want the quarterback to give the ball unless he cannot.”

    Like many facets of Kelly’s offense, the zone read has a mathematical idea behind it. In a more traditional run scheme, where the quarterback is not a threat to run the ball, the defense can always put one more defender in the box than the offense can block to gain an advantage.

    When I look at the 49ers offense during the Jim Harbaugh era, I saw the opposing defense stacking the box a lot. I saw 7-8 defenders in the box on a weekly basis, in order to stop Roman’s power running attack. And that’s probably the biggest reason I am excited to watch the 49ers force teams out of the basic concept of using 7-8 defenders inside the box. It’s been a long time coming, and by effectively making the quarterback a blocker without having to touch a defender, that advantage flips back to the offense. The defender who was once unaccounted for is put into conflict — Do I attack the running back or the quarterback? — and made wrong on every play.

    Just how mobile does his QB need to be to make the defense respect him as a runner? That is the million dollar question.

    Is a QB like JARRED GOFF athletic enough to make the defense respect his ability to pull the ball back out of the RB’s hands, and pick up enough yards on the ground to make the Inside Zone Read effective? No one is going to call Jared Goff a dual threat quarterback. But to those saying he’s purely a pocket passer, are out of touch.

    Here, Goff displays a great ability to extend the play when the pocket breaks down.


    And here, Goff does a great job here of keeping the play alive and picking up the first down with his legs. He’s a slippery QB who is quick enough to evade the rush, run outside and throws down a nice spin move to extend the play even further.


    Here’s one more play against USC where Goff is able to extend the play and pick up a first down. He’s not going to rack up yardage, but he’s going to keep the defense honest.


    IMO he absolutely does. I think Jarred Goff represents the baseline in terms of athletic ability necessary to run Chip’s offense effectively!

  34. I’m fine with Seb’s post. I’m a pioneer in long posts and stating the obvious. Its all good.

    For a bit if rainy day fun I will deg to biffer… I mean “beg to differ”, on how Chip Kelly can improve the offense (and defense).

    1. Become less focused, and spend almost no preparation time. A sensible dose of purple microdot in the kale smoothies should do it.

    2. Shoot ourselves in the foot. Half the team has an injured foot anyway. Make that lazy medical staff earn their paychecks.

    3. Play with less discipline, and lose composure as frequently as possible. (see solution to item 1)
    A few second quarter Gatoraid dumps on the opposing coach will help. Failing that, and an unprovoked crotch kick to an unsuspecting ref will do the trick.

    4. Be totally unbalanced. One game nothing but runs. The next, nothing but long passes.

    5. Be predictable. Put out the game plan in the form of a press release at least two days before the game.

    Title the press release “Everything in this document is completely true, except the part about the banana.”

    6. Use players improperly to combat complacency. Put Torrey Smith at center, Ian Williams at wide out, Ellington at nose tackle.

    7. Forbid innovation by banning formations, plays and schemes invented after 1972.

    8. Never practice. The Cleveland Browns have practiced for years, and they’re terrible.

    9. Kelly should say “shape the defense” every time he’s asked a question. Any question.

    When asked exactly what “shape the defense” means, Kelly should take a swig off his water bottle, puff his liquid filled cheeks way up, and spit the contents directly at the hapless reporter. Scream at the dripping wet reporter “you would never get away with that question on the planet Tralfamador.”

    10. Have the same snap count on every play. Publish the snap count on the same press release detailing the game plan. (saves paper)

    1. Now we’re talking! Except that now Kelly has a monumental choice to make The Seb or Brodie as his guiding light. Lesser men have been known to crack under such pressure.

      1. B2W, you forgot putting in Hayne as the punt returner. maybe they can cut him on the team bus again to build team camaraderie.

        1. Hayne might benefit from Kelly’s offense. He rarely uses backs in pass pro. I’m curious to see how he does in camp.

            1. Which begs the question, how come Hayne, after a full year, couldn’t beat out a guy coming in off the street like Draughn?

              1. Because Hayne only recently started to play football. He should be proud of making the practice squad.

                Also, Hanye’s pass pro would have gotten Gabbert killed.

          1. I would be satisfied for Hayne to be the punt returner, because he does not have to deal with blocking at all, and he has shown that he could make the first tackler miss. That would free up Ellington to have a bigger role, which, I too, am intrigued by the possibilities. Ellington was a point guard, so he has ball handling skill.

          2. B2W, Hayne earned a spot with his preseason play. Made impressive gains as a returner and ran the ball well. He is almost as big as Hyde, and may not be quite as fast, but has quick hips.
            Hopefully, he will have coaches who will utilize him properly.

  35. Seb, Just got back from UK and Spain. Flying back watching the news reel, I see that Donald Trump is on top of the Republican Party’s candidate for Pres. Hillary Clinton better watched out for Trump, he might beat her in the general election:)

    1. Hey Jam, dont worry. Trump;s support is a mile wide and an inch deep.
      58,000 voted for him in Kentucky. With a population of 4.413 million, I figure that 4.355 million did not vote for him, or did not vote.

      1. Seb, that figure you’d mention 4,413 million voters aren’t all Republican voters. And I think, most of the voters where just republican voters who voted last Saturday. Yesterday a survey in California for republican party voters, Trump with18,980, Cruz 2,798 and Rubio 1298.:)

        1. Jam, I know. Im just playing with the numbers. What will decide the outcome is the turnout. If the Repubs can suppress the vote, they have a chance. Otherwise, how can a candidate that alienates the Women’s, Black and Latino Vote possibly win?

          1. Exactly, I agree. the Latino and Black voters will play a major role in the general election. I ‘m been a democrat for along time. But we need some new changes in the White house and congress. I’m thinking of voting for a Republican candidate. If Trump wins the nomination for the Republican party I’m thinking of voting for D. Trump. But, If the others like Rubio, Cruz get nominated, I’ll stay Democratic. Neither this two will make any changes if they get the seat, they’re just all promises, nothing will be done as usual.

            1. Trump will try and pull a McCaine and select a woman, preferably a Latino, to negate the Dem s strengths. Think he burned his bridges with Cruz and Rubio.

              1. Who do you have in mind for a Latino woman or man? That would be a bad idea for Trump to pick either Cruz or Rubio for his running mate. Cruz should just run as Pastor in Texas, he surely sounds like one when he makes his speech and Rubio actually acts like he’s still in college kid, who likes to play little games.

              2. I really do not know her stances, but Susana Martinez is the Republican Governor of New Mexico.

              3. OK, Jam, enough politics. Posters are mad enough at me already.
                Back to football. What do you think of Grant’s mock? Pretty bold.

              4. I have a mixed feeling about it. Especially, Kelly hired a offensive coordinator that’s committed to the running game. Kelly’s succeeded with his running game, because he had a good RB Le Sean MCcoy and a wide receiver De Sean Jackson who was very quick and was a super stars in the NFL and had a Qb N. Foles who is smart and can accurately throw the football and has a quick release..Somehow, I’m trying to figure out how can he succeed here in San Francisco without those kind players that can run his offense. As you can see, when Bradford Qb and Murray RB came to the Eagles his offense weren’t the same with MCcoy and Jackson. And defense really was terrible. Good luck to the 49ers nation. We all better get used to losing a lot of games. If last years 49ers performance is a duplicate, we’re in for a long dreadful season. :)

              5. Yup. It will be very telling to see who Baalke signs as Free Agents. If he can attract talent, they may improve, but if he drafts another Pears- Cook- Wright- Bush- Dockett class, I expect another 5-11 season.
                Murray did not do well because they lost Mathis and the O line was sub par.
                Their defense was not very stout, and now, Chip has O’Neil as DC, who does not inspire confidence.

      1. Jamaica …

        I was shocked Bradford made it through
        an entire season ! … and yeah .. I dunno if you
        can use the “chronic” word (yet) with RG3 .. but,
        I think it’s close …

        1. Speaking of RG3 ..

          I’ve read the Cowpies .. might .. be
          intrested in his services … and I find
          that possibility .. quite amusing …

          On the one hand …
          you have Grant’s former man-crush … Romo ..
          (who not only sucks in the post-season .. but
          also .. can’t stay healthy, either)

          … and you’re thinkin’
          abut backing him up with RG3 ??

          Has Jerrah gone senile … or what ??

        2. MWNiner, I’m not an RG3 hater. But i’d notice that most of the running Qb’s are exposed in getting injured early in the professional career in the NFL. Most of the mobile pocket passer who has a quick release stay’s healthier in their NFL career. Just my opinion:)

    1. Scooter, I think RGIII will be a boom/bust QB, so they should have other options in case he fails. Do not think he would be a good fit for the Niners, but Baalke re-signed Devey, so you never know…..

  36. Great article Grant. And great comments of support to/from Brodie2Washington.

    It’s interesting, and revealing that Seattle was laughing at the Niners for being so “plain,” while they just sat in a base defense with no real pressure to “read.” Walsh would have killed that team if they showed up expecting an “easy reader” day.

    Coach Chip better have something planned with enough variables to keep the physically talented defenses “honest” because trying to match up and underwhelming offensive line against a defense with the ears pinned back doesn’t work.

    The “underwhelming to surprisingly good” offensive lines are what usually turn offenses around, with Ayres, Quinlan, Cross, Farnhorst not scaring anybody until it was too late, and Staely Iupati, Boone and Davis not a big deal, until they were.

    Delany Walker was a big, big loss for the Niners ability to use a variety of plays, and Alex Smith actually had the brains to adjust runs after a quick pre-snap read.

    Let’s start get from “blocking brains” on that O-line and make Carroll eat an all-day sour sucker!

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