Chip Kelly to Oregon could happen fast — or not at all


I’m not saying Chip Kelly definitely will quit his job as head coach of the 49ers. But if he does quit, he’ll do it Sunday night. Monday morning at the latest.

My feeling is Kelly wants to leave the 49ers and they would be happy to let him go. But they won’t fire him. Won’t pay him $18 million the next three years not to coach their team, considering they’re already paying Jim Tomsula $7 million the next two years also not to coach the team. But that doesn’t mean Kelly won’t leave.

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  1. I think you’re spot on Grant, but I don’t feel like the Football Gods are in our favor. I think Oregon wins, they keep Helfrich and the 49ers keep sailing on The Chip Of Fools….

    Rules Of Draft Club

    1st RULE: You do not draft an ACL player.

    2nd RULE: You DO NOT draft an ACL player.

    3rd RULE: Do not put a players name in an envelope.

    4th RULE: Find a Franchise quarterback if you do not have one before Round 6.

    5th RULE: Find a number one wide receiver if you do not have one before Round 4.

    6th RULE: Do not draft a spread quarterback.

    7th RULE: Do not ignore the middle of the field.

    8th RULE: Do not draft a running back before Round 3 unless he’s Ezekiel Elliott.

    1. Thanks for posting that Jack. Thought provoking in the least.
      I won’t comment here on Castro. I’m biased, my family has a dog in that fight.
      I will say that I get the impression that Colin’s gf is Angela Davis reincarnated.

      1. It’s a worthless article. Nowhere does that Cuban immigrant ever acknowledge the “Like minds think alike” quote, which Kap alludes to.

        The point is that Malcolm X was willing to talk to everyone, even the detestable Castro, in order to open his own doors of perception. That’s an admirable trait, and one that would not have been so forcefully driven home without the inclusion of Castro in the message.

        Tiny minds like to stay together. Don’t be tiny. Grant, c’mon man, you’re embarrassing yourself.

        1. That article on CK, hit the nail square on the head.

          …. and coming from a Cuban, it carries more significance than an spoiled American making 8 figures per year, crying about inequality, while not even voting in ANY election, ever… and giving nothing to his causes before it become publicly advantageous to do so.

          1. I could empathize with the reporters story because too had a family member that actually escaped Cuba during Castro’ early regime.
            But I would ask; Since when is Kaepernick the authoritative voice on this subject?

            I think sometimes we forget that he is merely a football player that is taking a position based on a freedom of choice. He is not a politician running for office. The day Kap is gone is the day we will no longer hear from him again.
            If reporters are taking issue with his stance, tee-shirts, tattoos, socks or his afro, perhaps they shouldn’t continue to ask him questions that can lead to angst.
            Just stick to football.

            1. You do remember this is Miami, don’t you? They aren’t too riled about Castro in Minneapolis, but in Miami they’ve got opinions. It’s just how it is.
              Try talking smack about Bruce Springsteen in New Jersey, LOL. Then run for your life! It’s just how it is.

              1. Brotha,
                Yes, it’s Miami. But the more attention given to Kaepernick the more momentum is provided to drive this story.

                While I can understand Salguero’ position and right to express angs’t at Kap’ tee-shirt, he must also consider that Kap does not speak for the American people.
                It’s time to view (at least I have) Kap as irrelevant and ignore his political ideologies.
                Kap has become an oddity imo and holds absolutely no value for me other than being the starting QB for my team.

              2. AES
                These questions have laid dormant in that local press corps since CK appeared with the shirt. They saw him on the schedule, knew they’d get a chance to question him. Inevitable IMO.
                That said, I agree with you about his lack of relevance, but I think they wanted to challenge him personally and perhaps thought he’d admit the reality of Castro’s tyranny. That Fidel would die and get into the news just prior to CK’s appearance is pretty ironic. The local press and fans may care, but the Fins players probably don’t give a rat’s patoot either way.

            2. While I agree with Kaep’s right to protest, he is not helping the team being so controversial. I suspect Baalke told him to be meek and submissive, and that went over like a lead balloon.

              I wanted Kaep to wear a suit and tie at his PCs, and I still do. He may think he is an authority on human rights, but he should learn more before spouting off. The whole idea of him working to right injustices, then cavalierly deciding not to vote, which lessened his message, just means he needs to think things through. If he wants to fix the system, he should respect the system. He may want to blow everything up, but the result is anarchy.

              I think his GF is giving him bad advice. I consider her a Delilah.

          2. Kaep forgot to add “in Latin America” after “they have the highest literacy rate”. He left himself wide open to the right wing Cubano critics (who seem to prefer the pre-Castro Batista – Lucky Luciano regime). Tsk Tsk Kaep. Move around in the pocket a little better next time.

    2. Pure hate.

      Of course, coming from his perspective, Fidel Castro is the Devil, who oppresses his own people.

      However, coming from a different perspective, Fidel Castro was a revolutionary, akin to our founding fathers. Castro, like our founding fathers, were declared brigands and terrorists. They had a huge opposing side who seemed limitless in power, and would stop at nothing to achieve their ends.

      Castro, was fighting against an entrenched bureaucracy. The dictatorship was aided by the big American companies who shall remain nameless, and were part of the corrupt gambling and drug families that controlled Central and South America.

      It has been documented that Castro was the target of at least 4 CIA assassination plots, not to mention the home grown varieties, whose families fled Cuba to establish a political enclave in Miami. That author has good reason to hate Castro, because Castro drained the swamp, and his family may have been part of the Cabal.

      It is amazing that Castro has survived, especially considering the awesome power the United States wields. Why did he survive? Because he had the backing of the people. It is also true that Castro has done good things for the people of Cuba, and even has provided doctors and teachers to help other countries grow and evolve. They do have a high literacy rate, especially considering other third world countries.

      I will concede that Castro’s revolution has stalled, just like every other communist leaning countries’ have done around the world. However, they do hold elections, and there was a peaceful transition of power, so it is not completely a totalitarian autocratic regime without any legitimacy. Castro is not angel, but he is also not the Devil.

      Castro had provided structure and peace in his country. We have all seen what happens when there is an absence of leadership and accountable systems of governance. Just look at Iraq.

      I will submit to you, that the Cuban Embargo was continued just because of the Cuban emigre desires, but the regime would have fallen a lot sooner if they had allowed Macdonalds franchises to be put up in Cuba.

      That author can have his point of view, but I will temper his hate with knowledge.

      1. WOW, I’m stunned.
        The seb is able to produce intelligent posts, even though he left out the reason why Cuba needed to be liberated from American greed.

        1. I fully admit my own bias. Companies and entities like United Fruit used Cuba as its very own Banana Republic, if you want to know the whole sordid history. I omitted that so it would not become a dissertation. I also fully admit that my posts can be lengthy, although I tried to shorten it because some were giving me shade.

        1. During civil war, summary executions were rampant on both sides. The United States were not angels, either, considering they staged the Bay of Pigs, which was the pretext for an American Invasion. However, Kennedy saw through the CIA, and refused to commit American forces.

          I noticed that they killed a military person, so he probably did not have totally clean hands, either.

          Castro, once in power, did not continue a bloodbath, unlike the Pinochet’s and Marcos’s of the world. Castro helped rebuild society so the poor were not exploited anymore, which to me, was a good thing.

          I admitted that Castro was not an angel, but he also was not the Devil. He had to counter American Hegemony, and both sides played hard.

          1. seb,

            I agree that America was a bad influence. They were exploiting Cuba for sure.

            You say Castro didn’t continue a bloodbath, that is not true.


            Note the stuff from the Nineties, the killing of children. We’re the children part of some plot to overthrow Castro? What is wrong that a mother was trying to give her family a better life? Shoud that be a death sentence?

            But you did say he was no angel so we are kind of splitting hairs at this point.

            1. Considering the article declares that Castro is the bloody villain, not Pinochet, shows its bias.

              Pinochet began by overthrowing the democratically elected government of Allende, and there were numerous reports of murder and torture. Pinochet profited handsomely from his rule, and had firm connections with the drug kingpins. Castro has not benefited monetarily enough to secrete tons of gold in Hong Kong banks, and lives modestly.

              He was a pivotal player in the scheme called Operation Condor, which tried to eradicate any marxist thinkers in South america. Some say that over 60,000 people were killed.

              Being such a brave man, Pinochet feigned dementia to avoid justice, while laughing at the system.

              Castro may have gotten dirty, but Pinochet had his hands covered in blood.

              1. seb,

                You totally changed the subject. Pinochet was horrible and so was Casto. You didn’t mention the teens and young children that were killed while trying to leave Cuba. You can’t deny that a bloodbath continued after the revolution. No freedom of press, no right of assembly or any dissent. Sometimes punishable by death.

                I like being able to have discussions like this, we couldn’t have it in Cuba. You would be OK but I would be in serious trouble.

                Kinda off topic but do you think Kap is a communist? He was pretty quick with the literacy talking point. Also who was he kidding when said that shirt didn’t mean Casto had a great mind? It says “Great minds think alike.” They’re were only two people on the shirt, that is two minds.

              2. 80, like I said previously, the Embargo was unfair and made people desperate. I would much rather have had free trade and movement between America and Cuba. Then there would be no need to attempt risky unsafe trips in inadequate vessels.

                As a counter argument, advocating the overthrow of a government could be considered treasonous by some, so the difference between a traitor and a freedom fighter just depends on your perspective.

                Yes, I think Kaep has become radicalized by his gf. I think Kaep is being used to further her cause.

                She is hurting his career, but does not care, just as long as he uses his celebrity to further her aims. Kaep went from being totally focused on football to becoming a social activist. That does not happen in a vacuum.

                Kaep should realize that he is angering many people, and is making winning harder. Why borrow trouble? They have enough troubles as it is. Some ref who is angry at the perceived disrespect of the flag is not going to give the Niners the benefit of the doubt. They are going to throw flags every chance they get, and maybe let the opposition get away with things, too. Last game, I saw blatant holding, but they were never called.

                I agree, he should ditch the radical shirts, and wear a coat and tie.

                I consider Einstein, Tesla and Da Vinci to have great minds, not Castro.

              3. seb,

                Are you saying that all Cubans left because of economic conditions? Sure some did, but mos left to get away from the police state.

                Tesla is my favorite. I wonder what was on his papers that the government seized? I doubt he achieved zero point energy but with Tesla nothing would surprise me. The man was a genius.

              4. 80, while I defend Castro, I admit he was no saint.

                Birthing a nation, like making sausage, it not for the faint of heart.

                Even the founding fathers were declared terrorists, and accused of atrocities. The Boston Tea party while acclaimed as a patriotic feat, was declared a terrorist act by King George and was unseemly because the Native Americans were falsely accused.

      2. Seb

        “Elections”?? You and I certainly have slightly different ideas about what free elections are. Castro received, what, 100% of the vote? Just go on record as having voted against Castro, and you will……………vanish.

        1. saw,

          Indubitably, If Kap would have refused to vote in Cuba he would vanish. If Kap protested in Cuba he would vanish. If he got caught trying to come here to play sports he would vanish. I’ll say again what I said last week. I’ve never understood why some leftists romanticize dictators like Castro.

          1. #80—-
            I’ll tell you what I am absolutely certain of–the leftists love to point out any real or perceived imperfections about this country that they live in because it makes them feel morally superior.
            But how many of them could clean MLK’s underwear? None of them are worthy. You notice none of them do whatever it takes to get out of this country–with the best Constitution in the world? They sit and bitch and break glass because others paid with their blood so they can do so…. but they NEVER leave, do they? Because the dirty little secret is, if they had these tantrums, this complete lack of emotional self control in these dictatorships, they become fertilizer-and they know it.
            What did Stalin call them? “Useful Idiots”.

        2. Please, this last election has me disgusted with the whole process. Voter suppression does not just happen on the left, it also happens on the right.

          They should eliminate the electoral college as obsolete, and demand that the winner garners at least 50 % of the vote.
          Gerrymandering districts also turns my stomach.

          1. They should eliminate the electoral college as obsolete, and demand that the winner garners at least 50 % of the vote.

            Translation: Let only a few states with the majority of the population decide the election and @#$/ the other states.
            Give me a break. The idiotic whining about the 2016 election and the electoral college has got to stop.

            1. There are only a few states now that decide the election so, even using your flawed logic, we would only changing which states “matter”. The current system favors small states by having individual “electors” represent a MUCH smaller number of people. I personally prefer every vote counting so a Rebublician in Ca and a democrat in Texas has a voice in the election. This would also counter the voter suppression in the individual states, they would want to increase their voice, not limit it. So yes, I want to eliminate a system that gives us Junior Bush and Trump in the Oval Office but more importantly I like my elections fair and the will of the people upheld.

              Now, can we please go back to talking about how awful the Niners are under the York ownership.

              1. The smaller states never would have ratified the constitution in the first place if not for the electoral college. Otherwise they would have had no incentive to join a union. We’re a collection of states, not a unitary state. It’s good for the union that a large number of states agree on the president rather than five or six big states dictating to the rest of the smaller ones. Eradicating the electoral college would lead to civil war much sooner than keeping the electoral college would. California and New York aren’t going to secede.

            2. Tradition and arcane protocols are obsolete in the modern world, and allow for minority rule.

              Yes the founding fathers put in the Electoral College, but they also allowed 3/5 rules on blacks to be implemented, and that still did not prevent the South from seceding.

              Past rules allowed for the state legislators to decide who to appoint as their senators. Since the constitution is an evolving and amendable document, now they are decided by majority rule.

              It is inherently unfair to allow states like tiny Rhode Island to have just as many senators as the huge State of California, with 40 times the population and possessing the 6th largest economy in the world. Yet, you do not hear of many people calling for California to secede.

              1. Honestly Seb, just stop. You would not even be bringing this sheer stupidity about the Electoral College up if the election had gone the way you wanted it to. Suck it up and move on already!

            3. In 2000, the ‘tiny’ state of Florida decided the outcome of the election.

              Minority rule leads to frustration by the majority, and the majority can amend the Constitution.

              1. Prime, it must burn you up that I can have civil, yet spirited debates with others.

                Trying to shout me down is more clown like than my posting.

              2. No Seb, this not a political forum. Take your crap and post it elsewhere. That includes what you think is foootball discussion.
                400 yards passing, a loss, throwing off his back foot and crumbling in the 2nd half of games.
                Yeah let’s bring him back and build a roster around him.
                Sounds as ridiculous as your politically jargon doesn’t it?

              3. Prime, I did not bring up the subject, but was just commenting on what other people wrote.

                With the Niners 1-9, it is refreshing to talk about some other subjects, instead of ripping the Niners constantly.

                Why dont you attack Jack Hammer? He started it all by posting that link.

              4. Back then, voting took months to tabulate and figure out who won. Now it can be done in a blink of an eye.

                Notice I refrained from mentioning that they could be totally accurate? Most things can be hacked, so I still like paper ballots.

                I just want a fair process, and timely accurate results.

                I also advocated for years to abolish the electoral College, since 2000.

              5. Seb really? Nothing better to do? No one to play with? Enjoy the outdoors? Instead you bring politics to the blog? NO wonder you get labelled as a moron!

              6. Prime, I have the luxury to watch an afternoon of college football, while also perusing the internet, cooking cookies, and talking to my daughter about her school. It is called multitasking.

                I notice that you have nothing better to do than hurl insults at me. Whose life is richer?

                My wife will not let me put up lights because they waste energy, but I plan to prune one of my redwoods later on so I can make a wreath.

              7. Seb–
                Grant said it best-we do not all want to live in you “workers paradise”, the new Seb-China.

                It does not speak well of you with this adoration of Hillary-a crook on par with the Mafia. And you should not point to other bad behavior to justify your favorites bad behavior.
                You are a zealot in the true sense……….Trump is no prize, but at least the establishment does not like him, and that’s better than the alternative.

            4. >>The smaller states never would have ratified the constitution in the first place if not for the electoral college.

              And the slave states would never have ratified it without keeping the institution of slavery. Poor justification example, Grant.

              >>Eradicating the electoral college would lead to civil war much sooner than keeping the electoral college would.

              Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a civil war to eradicate institutionalized unfairness.

              1. How is it unfair for every state to have a say in the outcome of a presidential election?
                If you force the ideology of the popular vote would always have the final say, then you would have more than a civil war. In fact, the United States would not have made the advances it has since its inception.

              2. It’s not about slavery. It’s about the big states needing the small states in order to form a union. It wasn’t in the small states’ interest to form a union in which they had almost zero power over the federal government. I’m talking Vermont, Delaware, New Hampshire, Rhode Island — not just the small southern states. They would have been better off staying independent without the electoral college. The electoral college was absolutely essential to the ratification of a constitution that has worked for 240 years.

              3. Grant, I will fully concede that the establishment of the United States government was accomplished with the smaller states getting the Electoral College.

                However, with the age of computers, they could figure out the votes in a nanosecond. The Constitution allows for change and amendments.

                Eliminating the Electoral College is an idea whose time has come.

              4. Figuring out votes quickly is not the point at all. The electoral college made the union possible and keeps the union together. Without the EC, 35-40 states would want out of the union. It would be chaos.

              5. >>Without the EC, 35-40 states would want out of the union.

                Why? Each individual’s vote in those states would count just as much as an individual’s vote from other states. Without the EC, *no* state, large or small has an advantage.

              6. Because the small states would have no power over the federal government. California and New York would rule the country. We would be like China, a unitary state where the provincial areas have no power over the central government.

              7. Help me out here. Since the EC comes into play only in Presidential elections, just how much power does this give the smaller states over the Federal government? The President’s powers are limited, particularly early in the union. The House controls the purse strings. The less populated states derive more influence from the senate.
                Unless I’m missing something…..?

              8. It gives them the power to influence presidential elections, a power they wouldn’t have without the EC.

              9. Why? Each individual’s vote in those states would count just as much as an individual’s vote from other states.

                Seriously Ribico? Your comment shows how insignificant you feel the other states are. It would only take the an equivalent total of the population from the ten largest states all voting to decide an election. In essence, you are telling the remaining 40 states they are meaningless.

              10. Most liberals feel the remaining 40 states are meaningless. I say this as a registered Democrat who voted for Clinton and Obama.

              11. No Midwest. Are you arguing that every voter in each state votes in one monolithic bloc? Do away with the EC and each voter, no matter where he resides, has as much clout as any other voter. No more “swing” states. No more conservative voter in California or NY having his vote wasted, no liberal voter in Texas of Alabama having his vote wasted. What exactly is your argument against this?

                BTW Grant you are misreading history. The real reason the framers came up with the EC as they were worried that pro-English sentiment in the fledgling Union might end up, via popular vote, electing someone sympathetic to the Crown. In the following years it was argued the EC was a bulwark against a demagogue coming into power via popular vote. That obviously has broken down with this last election.

            5. Mid,
              I agree.
              The electoral vote (whether we agree with it or not) is the current voting process.
              I’m all for Jill Stein pushing her efforts and agenda to change the electoral college vote, but in 4 years. Right now, her efforts come over as sour grapes and only further divides our country.
              Also, I promise that this is my last entry on politics.

          2. I have a sneaking suspicion that if Hillary had won there would be no one declaring the the electoral process is wrong and raising money to oust the winner.
            And let’s face it, this is all about ousting Trump.
            Don’t get me wrong, although I voted, I did not vote for Trump, but I didn’t vote for Clinton either.
            I’ll say my conscious wouldn’t allow me to vote for either of the top candidates.

            1. That’s because if Hillary had won nobody would be asking why we have an electoral college because the candidate with the most votes had won. Unlike this past election.

              1. CFC–
                You know why the founders have the electoral college, don’t you?
                You advocate getting rid of the little states? Because if they don’t have a say in the process, why should they participate?
                You have heard of taxation without representation, right?

              2. One thing that’s not getting mentioned here is the protection for the little states afforded by the senate. Rhode Island and Wyoming get the same number of votes in the senate as New York, Texas, or California. That’s wildly anachronistic now, but I don’t feel compelled to change it until a superior plan is proposed.
                Elimination of the EC should be open to discussion, but not because of the outcome of this election.

              3. >>You have heard of taxation without representation, right?

                As if those two Senators from Montana and two Senators from Idaho (combined population 2.6 million) have nothing to say in the matter?

                You have heard of tyranny of the minority, right?

              4. I know there isn’t a single State in the 21st century that is going to give up what comes with being part of this Union. What corporation is going to do business in a State with no Federal agencies, none because all corporations are Federally recognized which means every company that is currently isn’t list a corp will be dissolved if their states leaves the union? Still think that’s likely? What States along the Eastern seaboard want to go without Federal help when the next Hurricane hits?

                It’s a joke that people keep using the, “well the small states will leave the union” excuse when they try to respond on why we still have the electoral college. Once you start plugging in the reality of what happens when a state actually leaves the Union you realize it’ll never happen.

              5. Guess who runs the airports and air travel? FAA. Who controls television and all over the air broadcasts…FCC. That’s the just the tip of the iceberg of what goes away when you don’t want to be part of the Union anymore. Stop trying to tell me we still have an electoral college because states will secede without it. That stopped being a reality about a 70 years ago.

            1. Like I and BT mentioned, the little states get a huge advantage in the Senate. However, with all the checks and balances, California gets clout in the HOR.

              I never mentioned eliminating any little states, just the EC.

              1. Seb-

                Are you for real? Comparing Castro to Washington?
                Better hit the history books, Seb-any historian will tell you that’s a false comparison. Batista or Castro………? Pick your poison.

                Dont think we dont all see why you have never given a valid argument as to why so many people from Cuba risk life and limb to come here, but not the reverse………
                Archie Bunker was right! You are a commie/pinko meathead!!

                (And no, I do not hate you!)

              2. The little states get represented in the Senate-they are paying taxes, too.
                You cant take people’s rights away like that, Seb. Others have to have a vested interest in the process, too.


            2. Seb–

              Enough with the sour grapes. You simply are not going to always have your way.

              Why cant you stick to football? This is a football blog…………..

              1. Saw, if I had my way, the Niners would be 9-1.

                I was just responding to previous posts, and it is kinda cathartic to get some of my frustrations off my chest.

                No worries, posters will now try to shout me down when I talk football, so it is just expected……

  2. I still think Luke Falk is one of the most accurate passers I’ve seen in a long time. He’s up against a very tough opponent, but is playing well (outside that one stupid interception he threw). He’s getting little help from the rest of the offense with the receivers having dropped more than five on target passes. He moves around pretty well in the pocket and throws with great anticipation of where the receiver will be. The biggest negative I see is that he is fairly slow. Others will point to the lack of a pro style offense, but imo he can spend a year getting comfortable with the pro offense.

    1. I prefer the Niners draft defense, and go for Cooper Rush in the 4th. Faulk and Davis Webb may also be good later round prospects, just like Dak.

      1. For real Grant, stop wasting time. We need you and the other bay area writers to put pressure on their front office and PR department. I know that mental midget, paranoid of a front office reads these articles as they should. I really do not want to see Baalke come back. That will set SF back 1 more year if he stays and you have more power than the rest of us to get the message out. Us tweeting at Jed York is all we can do, and that doesnt do much so make things happen Grant! Thanks!

    1. Maybe he realizes he is better suited for the college game. No shame in that as we know, he is not the best NFL coach. Him leaving is a win win for him and the 49ers.

    2. His NFL career is doomed, especially if he’s stuck with Baalke. Baalke probably isn’t going anywhere and Kelly knows it.

      1. Grant-
        Baalke’s body of work being what it is-far beyond atrocious-and you really think York keeps him? A serious question here, I’m not trying to be funny–could Jed be seriously, medically delusional? Who could possibly by a ticket if Baalke is back for more of his horrible judgements?
        There’s GOT to be something here were/your not seeing…I cant believe the Yorks have no vested interest in how well the 9ers do. This is just so, so bad, I’m not getting it. I really did see Brodie play–give me a hand here………….

        1. If Kelly doesn’t quit, I think Jed will give the Kelly-Baalke duo one more season. Remember what all of you said when Kelly got hired? “Kelly the GM got Kelly the coach fired in Philly.” Promoting Gamble to GM would essentially make Kelly the GM, because those two are very good friends. I don’t think Jed wants to empower Kelly like that.

  3. So its not likely to happen, but it could happen. That goes for most things in life. Thanks for that bit of insight, Nostradamus.

    Stop polluting the 49erswebzone news timeline with your hack writing.

    1. Did you read his interview with Eddie D?

      Eddie gave Grant a huge honor to allow him exclusive access.

      I will take the opinion of a Hall of Famer over your snark.

      1. Hall of Famer John Madden said Kelly was an exceptional coach who was doomed by the front office and the roster. So which Hall of Famer are you referring to?

            1. True. I just don’t put much stock in his view. Kelly commits the cardinal sin of never evolving. He and Baalke are equally bad.

          1. Sorry, Grant, but I beg to differ. Madden is the quintessential football sage. He said it was a lot easier to replace a suit, than a coach or player.

  4. I think it hinges on Trent Baalke. If Baalke is absolutely going to get fired, it is an opportunity for Kelly to work with good friend Tom Gamble to build this team their way. They will most likely have a top 3 pick, about $90-100M in capspace with rollover money, and most importantly control. These are things Kelly and Gamble will not have any where else. Whether they turn out to be good or bad as a combination remains to be seen if it does happen, but I cannot imagine those two turning their back on such a golden chance.

    However Grant you do present a great point in your article and I think this weekend the Civil War is something we should monitor. If Ducks win then I think Helfrich stays. For what it’s worth, the QB Herbert is much better than Prukop so perhaps they can build around him next year and be a better team than in 2017 thus giving Helfrich another year.

        1. No one expected the Niners to be competitive this season. The personnel didn’t fit the scheme. York will say it’s a multi-year rebuilding process. Only way he’ll fire Baalke is if Kelly re-signs first.

            1. Kelly shares the blame. He’s like an author who writes the same book every year. He’s surprising no one at this point.

              1. Baalkes biggest sin among many is not identifying QBS and receivers in a passing league .Walsh himself couldn’t have made it work with what Kelly has here

          1. True, Grant-

            But NO ONE expected their line-up to be this bad. The talent simply is not there.
            I would like to ask next years ticket buyers how they could possibly spend their money on this product? Ownership doesn’t care-why should we?

      1. Are you 100 % sure? I heard what Eddie D said in His interview last week and He mention that He has talked to Jed and that Jed knows the moves that need to be made,to me that is coded for “hey there will be changes this offseason coming down the pipe” Baalke gets flushed,I got a good feeling that Eddie D would not and cannot stand Baalke silliness.

  5. That’s not accurate. The yorks never fire anyone during a season other then Nolan. Usually wait until after the season. If Balke is not fired after the season NO ONE will attend Niner games. It’s already historic BAD just wait. York has no choice but to clean house completely. John York cleaned house in 2004 I believe. Jed will do the same. That’s why Balke has not extended anyone or spent any money. He is gone.

      1. Who cares! He is going to get a job scouting either way. He cannot bring him back. During this time last year everyone though Jimmy T would be back. Public pressure and an empty stadium forced his hand. Just wait until there 1-11 when they have a home game..

        1. It would go against the Yorks’ nature to pay Baalke to scout for some other team. The time to fire him was during the bye week, as I wrote. They didn’t fire him.

          1. No the time to fire him is after the season. It makes no sense to fire him during a bye week. Jed wants to see progression. Wants a reason to keep everyone. Just like Tomsula last year. Now it’s become a national story. This organization is considered a joke. Public pressure always win out.

              1. Balke is going to continue to do his job until he is relieved of his duties. Whether he still scouts doesn’t mean a thing. Your over thinking this. Opinions change over a course of a season. I expect whole sale changes coming at the end of the year.

              2. It’s way past the disappointment stage… But I will make sure to remind you when I’m right.

              3. Grant:

                Having Baalke scout for another team will probably be a blessing for the 9ers. Look what he’s done to our team – now if only he could inflict the same bad drafting/scouting on the Seahawks.

                My point is that, as his track record shows, Baalke has done nothing with regards to scouting/drafting that Jed should be concerned about.

              4. RAW, I agree. Jed will wait until the end of the season, because if he fired Baalke now, and the new GM loses even worse, he will have to fire 2 GMs. Jed is too cheap to do that, and if he does that, he may also be held accountable.

                End of season, Baalke will be the fall guy so Jed gets to keep his job.

              5. Chip would be so happy right now if he had assurance Baalke would be out after this season. Instead, Chip seems depressed.

              6. Scout for another team? If he sucks so bad, and pretty much he does, how’s he going to get snapped up by another team to share his pearls of wisdom? And as others have wondered, if he does, so what?
                We didn’t mind too much when Chilo was “blocking” for another team……
                Sadly, my guess is the whole cast remains the same next year.
                Trent and Chip. If Chip stays, his staff stays. Rinse and repeat.
                Who’s going to sign Kap? He may be back too.

              7. Sounds like an intelligent move to me. Let Baalke scout and draft for another team and have Marathe write a program that selects random players. How could we be worse?

            1. At this point, Trent may only have a title but no longer carries much authority.
              Out of respect for Trent, the York’ may wait until the end of the season to fire him. But it wouldn’t surprise me if Trent’ drafting gig has been lifted and given to Gamble. Gamble could possibly be in conversation with the teams regional scouts as of this writing.
              I hope he is!

          2. If…they thought it was worth anything. I wonder if the York’s do?

            I have not seen this kind of incompetence from the CEO and front office since the automakers went belly-up. Really, I look at it and can’t believe what I’m seeing………..

    1. This is my intuition as well, but Grant may know best. We will see.

      A point that Tim Kawakami once made and I will relay it here is that York wants to avoid backlash as much as possible. Rather York is looking for reasons not to fire him unless he really has to, or else it will go down as another L on York resume. Basically York is hoping someway somehow they can win the majority of their 6 games left, that way it gives York reason to keep him. It is somewhat like the Tomsula situation. He was supposed to be the guy to outcoach Harbaugh and midway when we know it was a disaster, York was still itching to see if Tomsula could patch things up from midseason to week 17. Things did not really change, so York hand was forced. Hoping things will be similar with Baalke.

        1. Grant …

          There’s one question you left unanswered
          in this column … and that is …

          WHO .. the heck would the HC
          gig go to … should Chipster leave …

          Modkins perhaps .. ? … O’Neill …??

          Either one… and the future appears
          much bleaker

        1. He’s been here before….signed a contract, and left….Mike Nolan in a pinch just like McCarthy …although I liked both of them, to hell with them for what they did to my ;niners….

      1. Yes… Guy is real real good… If you get a chance watch his highlight real.. Tonight he shredded Baylor! Impressive

          1. Prime Time November 25, 2016 at 7:14 pm
            No he is Kap -2.0
            That’s a terrible comparison. Kaepernick had 740 pass attempts in college and 600 rushing attempts. He ran almost literally as much as he passed.

            Mahomes has 857 pass attempts and 308 rushing. He’s attempted twice as many passes as he has rushes. How in the world is this guy Kaepernick 2.0? Mahomes is not only a better pocket QB then Kaepernick was in College he’s probably a better pocket QB then Kaepernick is period.

            1. It’s also worth pointing out that Kaepernick achieved those total in 4 seasons, Mahomes has had 3. There is no comparison between Kaepernick and Mahomes.

            2. Gonna take a leap of faith on a quarterback that plays in a gimmick offense. Bring him in and see how he does in the classroom….

  6. With a 1-9 record, that easily could be 2-14, some one must be held accountable.

    Jed will not be held accountable, even though he asked us to do so.

    That means, Baalke is the fall guy. He is a dead man walking and the 9 game losing streak are like cement shoes around his feet.

    Baalke could not attract decent FA prospects because they avoided him like the plague. Likewise, decent HC prospects would never come to the Niners just to destroy their career.

    Baalke will fall on his sword to protect Jed, and he will be kicked upstairs into the financials sector. Gamble will be promoted to provide continuity, and he will allow Chip to stay.

    Helfrich may have already saved his job with his win over Utah, so Chip may not have a soft landing.

    I want Chip to stay, because that would mean Kaep may stay. If Chip leaves, Kaep will certainly leave, especially if Baalke stays.

    Grant may be right, but he also predicted Kaep would be cut in the 53 cutdowns.

      1. If young Jed were to fire both Baalke and Chip that would be an admission that he was wrong not only with the selection of the HC but also the GM. Would his ego and brash arrogance allow that to happen? Also, paying off Helfrich and his staff would cost Oregon about $20M. Add the buyout of Kelly from the Niners and the cost of bringing in Kelly and his staff, and you probably are looking at a total bill of around $45Million. Oregon AD already reached out to Tom Herman and to Gary patterson to gauge their interests, and neither offered an inclination of any interest. Oregon probably hangs with Helfrich one more season and Kelly and the circus stay in Santa Clara, with maybe a staff position or two changing. O’Neil might be the most vulnerable. With Kelly calling the shots on offense, getting rid of Modkins would be like pulling up carpet and laying down a new rug, but there still is mold in the flooring and joists. A fish rots from the head!!!!!

    1. Sebnnoying says “I want Chip to stay, because that would mean Kaep may stay.

      Thinking about what’s best for the team or your love affair with Kap?

      1. Gee, Prime, I think I have enough football acumen to say that Kaep gives the Niners their best chance to win. Since you disagree and want to declare a QB who is maddeningly inaccurate, or one that throws the ball like the DB is the intended receiver, is preferable to a SB QB, I will question your judgement.

        Ranting and raving seems to be your fallback position.

        1. Seb

          You are irrational with respect to Kap. This idea of yours that Kap is like an Abhrams tank being put in a ditch???? No.

          Those tanks hit what they point at, known for it.
          Kap does not.

            1. Don’t forget the players? They also suck, not one play not name Bowman could start for the Raiders and that’s sad but true.

              1. The Truth

                YOU are correct….and none of the players on our roster are attributable to ;’Chip’ ….C’mon Grant….’Chip’ isn’t going anywhere.;…in 2-3 more years, the conversation might become relevant….not two 1-year coaches back to back….

              2. OREGONINER,

                Not only that who would want to coach this roster? Chip took a job that nobody wanted just who his competition was? Mike Shanahan? Really, a coach that nobody would consider a serious candidate on other teams.

              3. Grant,

                And yet Philly is 5-5 and that’s with a franchise QB Chip made Sam Bradford look good last year with Philly and look at Bradford now lol That’s because he’s on a playoff team.

              1. Nall is the key. He needs 200 yards to reach 1000 yards on the year. If he’s healthy, the Beavers can control the ball, limit the Ducks quack attack and wear them down. He looked good against Arizona last week….

            1. Not much hope for that but you never know. Been real wet up here in the pacific northwest, we got over 5 inches of rain (gauge was over flowing) yesterday. I have been to the civil war both at Corvallis (where I was hatched) and Eugene. This is one of those high emotional games that can get real crazy. Justin Herbert Oregon’s 18 year old QB played his high school ball in Eugene he is use to bad weather.

            2. Grant

              About Philly last year…just how many players was ‘Chip’ responsible for picking for the Eagles ? Howie Roseman picked the Eagles players before ‘Chip’ was named HC/GM. Baalke had picked the roster here before ‘Chip’ was named HC….you know that…..

  7. Grant, I’d like you to start a new thread about where you tell us which NFL team Harbaugh will coach next and how long it will take before he’s back.
    I think he will go to the Rams for $25mil in 3 years. they got a #1 draft QB that needs work, money and desire to win AND he gets to kick the nines twice a year!!!
    What do you think?

    1. Sorry, JH promised his wife he would remain where he is because he has tenure, and she wants to raise her children without disrupting their lives by moving again.

      Saban is more of a possibility.

    2. Dee Phiant

      I’d bet that JH does a slow fade after losing to Urban Meyer with his Senior class graduating to the NFL;…Just like Stanford…three years his MO

  8. Wow Grant you must really have a deep personal vendetta against Chip Kelly it’s like you go nonstop with negative articles about him and excuse this horrible roster. It’s almost hilarious how much you hate Chip Kelly LOL

      1. You’ve been touting the idea that they should hire someone like Saban. With no GM, as a practical matter, how would Jed go about contacting Saban or someone like him?

      2. Yeah but you hardly mention how bad the roster is it’s always the Chip Kelly excuse. Funny all the other bay area reporters like Ratto, Killion, and Kawakami mostly talk about how bad the roster is and mainly blame Baalke and York for how bad the 49ers are right now. Ray Ratto has mention several times during the day after on 49ers Press Conference that if Harbaugh or Belicheck was coaching this CURRENT roster they wouldn’t win 4 games and that when Harbaugh took over the 49ers in 2011 the team had a lot of TALENT.

          1. And? He won 5 games and 2 of them were because the opponents kickers decided to miss chip shot FGs. Bowman played all 16 games last season and don’t act like that doesn’t make a difference he’s all we got that’s even close to a probowler.

        1. That’s because they go after the long-hanging fruit. Any sports fan can tell you the roster is bad and Trent Baalke is bad. That’s not news.

          1. I can’t stand Ratto and Kawakami but the more I here them the more I realize there right. Don’t get me started on Killion ugh She’s a true Raider fan and always bashed the 49ers even when they were winning with Harbaugh. I can’t stand that *****

              1. But the Yorks been known to be tight with there money. What your saying sounds good but I just don’t see Jed doing it.

              1. It is a big deal. No coach could succeed with Baalke, as I wrote in this article. But if Kelly were any good, he would show something and his offense wouldn’t rank third-to-last in the NFL. Geep Chryst could do that with this group.

              2. If only Chip had Boldin. I saw the Vikes/Lions game and he made some big time catches that kept drives alive for Stafford and the offense. Don’t give the old and slow BS he was open quite a bit against the Vikings.

                Grant who was are leading WR last year???

              3. Kelly didn’t want Boldin. Boldin doesn’t fit his system. Doesn’t have the short-area quickness to run option routes.

                The Truth hurts.

              4. Actually the Truth hurts that Boldin is better then any WR that the 49ers have now. When you think about it Boldin is the Lions 3rd or 4th WR but yet on our team he would be our #1 and I know Grant trust me it’s hard for us 49er fans to accept but it’s the cold hard Truth.

              5. I thought Baalke was in charge of the 53 roster? So I guess Chip Kelly wouldn’t have wanted Crabtree and Gore either right??? Hmm…. Letting Boldin go seems like a Baalke decision to me.

              6. I repeat, Kelly didn’t want him. Boldin didn’t fit his system. Can’t run option routes, which Kelly’s system requires. He’s a stringent system coach.

              7. You heard Chip say he didn’t want Boldin???

                REGARDLESS he was our leading WR last season and the season before and that’s a FACT. In reality the roster is a little worse then it was last season PERIOD.

              8. Partially because Kelly didn’t want Boldin. Get over it. Kelly preferred Bruce Ellington. Talked him up big time at his introductory press conference.

              9. Oh I’m over it because I know this roster stinks and any knowledgeable fan would know this, maybe you need to get over the fact that I’m right but I know it’s hard for you reporters to admit anything like that. I never said Chip Kelly is the second coming of Bill Walsh all I’m saying is that blaming one guy for this dumpster fire is just pure hatred for one person. Chip took a job that nobody wanted as I said before his only competition was Mike Shanahan that no other team took seriously for an HC candidate not even the Raiders when they fired Dennis Allen now that’s pretty sad but oh well we can go on and on I guess the only thing that matters is I know the Truth and why the 49ers suck and you’ll continue your personal attacks on the coach you hate smh

              10. Grant,

                Actually I’m blaming the players and the entire front office your blaming Chip Kelly which is ONE person.

              11. Seems like your pretty much focused on Chip Kelly according to your articles. I’ve been telling you for months already about the roster, Baalke and York. The reason I keep bringing up the roster is because Baalke is in charge of the roster and always has been according to all the bay area media(Ratto,Kawakami).

                Baalke should’ve been fired years ago and Jed shouldn’t even be allowed to run an NFL team.

              12. Quarterbacks coach, and he’s a good one. Good offensive mind and I like how he’s got Francois playing. I’d rather have Shaw than Chip Kelly, no doubt about that. It’s interesting that Fisher turned down the LSU job to compete against Saban. Unless, he has insight that Saban may want to make a jump back into the NFL in 2017 and he’s waiting for the Alabama job. I dunno….

              13. Jed can take the money Phil Knight pays him to buy out Chip
                Kelly’s contract and slide that money over to Saban. Presto.

              14. But the Yorks been known to be tight with there money. What your saying sounds good but I just don’t see Jed doing it.

              15. Wouldn’t be the Yorks’ money the first year, though. Would be Phil Knight’s money. House money, so to speak.

      3. The other day on SportsTalkLive Ann Killion talked about how the 49ers are like the Raiders of 5 years ago where they lacked so much talent and couldn’t lure free agents to come here only the aging declining players.

      1. Geez, This is eerie. Seb, look at all the people celebrating in the streets. Castro was a butcher and an enemy of freedom. See how he is remembered tonight and tomorrow in the news.

        I stand with the people of Cuba. Party on Miami. The people are chanting freedom!.

        1. I will watch as the people of Cuba will honor their leader.

          People who dance in the streets over the death of a patriot, are just engaging in schadenfreude.

          1. Really, Seb? Honestly, I think you either need to get out more, or post on this subject less. I’ve worked on cruise ships over the past 25 years, and have spoken with countless Cuban escapees, both in Miami and Central American countries, and the story they all tell is the typical one from anyone escaping a dictatorship. Repression, oppression, murder of dissidents, removal from jobs if they’re even suspected of disagreeing with the party line, and on and on. If you see people in the streets “honoring their leader” after Castro’s death, you can bet they’re there under orders from the government, not to revere their “elected” leader (you DID know that voting in elections is mandatory in Cuba, and they don’t have a secret ballot, right?).

            Calling Castro a patriot is EXACTLY like calling Stalin a patriot.

            1. Rusty, while leading work crews with Central American laborers, I too, have heard the horror stories of villages being terrorized by the supposed government, or private forces. The whole history is full of oppression, especially from the right totalitarian dictatorships that subjugated and exploited their own people for the benefit of a select few.

              We will both see if the Cuban people come out to honor Castro. They will not dance in the streets in Havana, only places like Miami. Kind of reminds me of the Palestinians dancing in the streets of Gaza after 9-11. That turned my stomach, too. Pure hate and unadulterated schadenfreude.

              Comparing Castro to Stalin may seem appropriate to you, but I see him as a founding father like Washington, who stood up against tyranny. Washington was declared a brigand and terrorist by King George. Castro loved to play baseball, which is about as American as one can get.

              Castro will be long remembered as a patriot who stood up against Yanqui Imperialism, and his legacy will be profound, and long lasting, even as Cuba moves towards free markets. He was no angel, but the Cuban people loved him for all the good he accomplished.

              I was mistaken. I said he was targeted for assassination 4 times. Actually, some report the number was more like 600 times.

              1. Fidal and his brother Raul were both murderers. But then again, there are some reports that Bill and Hillary were murderers as well. They only had other people do their dirty work and covered their backs by destroying all evidence- but that’s a story for another day.

              2. Hung my Xmas lights, worked out and come back only to find the Sebnnoying still talking non sense.
                Seb, get a life dude!

              3. Seb-

                Are you for real? Comparing Castro to Washington?
                Better hit the history books, Seb-any historian will tell you that’s a false comparison. Batista or Castro………? Pick your poison.

                Dont think we dont all see why you have never given a valid argument as to why so many people from Cuba risk life and limb to come here, but not the reverse………
                Archie Bunker was right! You are a commie/pinko meathead!!

                (And no, I do not hate you!)

  9. No…No…No…he will never go back to Oregon…he can’t..!!
    He left before he was let go…Oregon hot a slap on the hand for giving things to players..
    Instead of loosing bowl game opertuniniy he left…
    Dig around on the web..u will see.
    I just know a mouse in the corner

      1. Red,
        The political landscape in Cuba is in emotional flux at the moment and not stable for visits except for foreign heads of state.
        Kaepernick is not going to Cuba. He would need permission from the 49ers Org and probably from the NFL as well.
        That ain’t happening!

    1. Thanks for posting an anonymous article about anonymous people doing anonymous things in order to spread false news!
      This is what got the Trumpanzee elected…..

      1. Dee, you mean you don’t trust “The staff and students at Needham High School located in Needham Massachusetts are using the World Wide Web everyday”?

        For shame.

        1. ribi, it is sad to see that already in 1996 critical thinking was not part of NHS’s curriculum. I hope (against all odds) that this was an experiment in social studies to see if you can start rumors by spreading false news.

        1. 80,
          ” The Cuban government created a system of 14 hospitals and living facilities around Cuba, called sanitariums, where anybody who tested positive for HIV was sent for life.”
          That’s different that sending them to prison! They live on a island and tried to control the spread of the disease which was very scary at the time. Here we just tried to isolate and regulate the gay community. remember?

          1. “Where anybody who tested positive for HIV was sent for life.” Is that not false imprisonment? What was their crime? At least you quit denying the story completely. Anything that doesn’t fit your narrative must be fake news right?

      2. Because anyone with a brain knows the Clinton’s don’t do that kind of thing….

        Why can’t the libs just stick to football?

  10. Grant: Do you or does anyone else know when the season tickets on the PSLs need to be paid for next season? I’m wondering if a marked dropoff in the purchase of season tickets by PSL holders will be a factor in Jed’s decision making process. The timing of when these payments are due could be significant.

      1. Thanks, Mando. Just for my own knowledge, the payments that are made on an annual basis are for season tix as well as any finance payments on PSLs?

    1. I think you’re hitting a key point here, Cubus. Everyone else seems to think Jed’s motivation/main consideration is how well the team is doing. I’m guessing he uses a completely different metric, and it’s spelled “$$$”. Money’s still rolling in? Then we’re good. End of story.

      1. Rusty-

        You are absolutely correct. Thats why he does everything with an irrational thought process-he thinks on a completely, entirely different metric…… and greed. A level of greed none of us understand.

  11. If the Niners lose on Sunday it will be their longest losing streak since becoming the 49ers in 1946 per Maiocco… If that isn’t enough to purge the stench (Chip, Trent, Kaep, etc.) at season’s end, I don’t know what is… Bravo Jed, Bravo.

      1. For once, we agree on something…your football strategies, too.
        I honestly think he’s messed up in the head-no sarcasm. You do not make decisions like York has without something being wrong, organically or spiritually.

        But Seb, you aren’t picking MY QB…..

    1. Red,
      I agree, and understand your angst, but 1/3 of the team may need to purged as well.

      I’ll add my candidates for the purge.
      Torrey Smith
      Eric Reid
      Antoine Bethea
      Tank Carradine
      Mike Davis
      Blaine Gabbert
      Tony Jerod Eddie
      Mike Purcell

      I’m sure there are more. The issue we have going into next season is that we need an overhaul vs tuneup.

        1. Ponder is a cheaper backup than Kaepernick… Considering they’re both career backups at this point keeping Ponder makes more sense.

        2. Dee,
          I would keep Ponder over GabberNick. But I believe Ponder is gone as well. I’m sure that the new FO regime will sign a serviceable FA QB to hold the fort until the (presumed) young QB is ready to take the wheel.

      1. Wilhoite, Draughn and Reaser should also be on that list… I’m willing to give Tartt another chance under a decent DC but his overall lack of enthusiasm and hesitation to stick his nose in tackles is pretty disheartening (at least for someone who was supposed to be an ‘enforcer’).

      2. AES, I would quibble about Reid, but your list is on the mark. Personally, I would also add Bell, Celek, Harold, Hodges, Patton and Wilhoite. And if Kaepernick is on the team next year, I will hang myself.

        1. George,
          Good to see your post.
          My only qualm with Reid is that he has had to change his style of play because he will likely be out of football if he receives another concussion.

          Reid’ MO used to be playing with almost reckless abandon and an argument could be made that it was that style that made him a pro bowl player.
          Changing his play caused him to take bad angles on both passes and tackles this season.

        2. George, that is why i advocated multi player deals for other players and draft picks.

          You are right, the roster needs turnover, but Reid actually was in a pro bowl.

      3. Hah! Add the other suggestions to yours and they’d be replacing 21 guys! Just how many 7th round choices has Trent accumulated, LOL?

  12. Maybe Colin will stay in Cuba after the funeral. He’ll play baseball on the Cuban National Team and live happily ever after. Seb will preside over his fan club. Good riddance.

          1. I’d like to introduce to you, the Beast 16 Power NO Formation. The 4 back blocks the nearest defender out. Easiest offense to learn. Even Kap can run it!

            LE LG C RG RT PT RE
            3 2 4

  13. Any predictions for the Ohio St. Michigan game today?
    As much as I like Harbaugh, I have him losing to Meyer.

    The difference? Ohio St. has more speed and Harbaugh builds his teams on strength.
    Speed teams have been Harbaugh’ albatross has always been teams with speed.
    He lost to a fast Oregon team in college and lost to a fast Seahags team in the pros.

    1. MWN,
      I read the story on yahoo a couple of days ago. As I wrote last night, since when is Kap a “voice of reason” on this subject? People (media) are giving him too much print for his personal stance. Personally, the less I read about CK’ protest the better.
      I only want to see Kap finish this season and than go away.

        1. If Chip and Trent return, as I suspect, I’ll bitch and moan. If CK returns, as could happen, I’ll be challenged to be a fan in 2017.

          1. Not me, I will be jumping for joy, and will predict an 8-8 season.

            I have endured two back to back 2-14 seasons, so I will take the bad with the good. Those Glory Years will sustain me.

        1. Yeah, little is what it seems. If they do like Kiffen, maybe they think he can recruit in the Southeast. I’m not sure if he’s done much recruiting down there for Bama, that’s Saban’s show, but he did at Tenn, and I’m still not impressed with his HC resume.

  14. Jed must be loving this (at least I am)… As I’ve said before, I’ll take power football over finesse any day of the week. Please Oregon, come get your boy!!

    1. We’re stuck with him, and this draft will be all finesse players. Then they’ll fire both of them, and start all over again….

      1. ? all finesse players…?
        I don’t get it.
        Sure, QB, WR, maybe CB
        BUT: DL, ILB, OLB, OC, OT….
        SF is soft up the middle; a fatal flaw.

    1. He lost the game with his turnovers, especially deep in their territory.

      Wonder if they should have gone for 2 in the first overtime……..

        1. This way I can lollygag in front of college football tv and say I’m doing something.
          ‘What? I’m cooking.’
          I only watch college sparingly until Thanksgiving weekend. This is when I start looking for the great right hope.

      1. Brotha,
        Sounds good!
        I used to do a little BBQing myself, but these days I’m restricted from anywhere near the grill per my wife since my last offering went up in smoke like a small nuclear mushroom.

        1. Yeah, well I don’t fry turkey. I’ve seen some videos of that gone wrong!

          Razor- I love cornbread, yours sounds good too.

          1. Thanks, Brotha! Yours sounds delicious too! We’ve got this place off Washington St. in South Bend called Frankies. The BEST BBQ Rib Tips in the area!

              1. Sure did. They are cooked perfectly in an amazing sauce and come with steak fries to dip in the excess sauce….

              2. We’ve got a place here in Ptown that calls them ‘burnt ends’ and they’re seriously good. Gotta get them at lunch, they’re usually gone by supper.

          1. Also I did watch the whole game and you could see Meyer complaining to refs about a couple of holds the refs missed on Big Blues O-Line during a couple of there TD drives. If we’re going to play the IF’s game then this game should’ve never gone to overtime IF it weren’t for the Buckeyes kicker that missed 2 crucial FGs that me and you probably could’ve made.

    1. I agree about his accuracy Jack. Razor, I know you really like him, but you are wrong about his accuracy. I also don’t think his decision making is all that good.

      1. I agree with Scooter. Kizer has all the physical tools, but that does translate to success on the playing field.

        You know me, I would keep Kaep, but draft for the future.

        The Niners should acquire a proven pass rusher and WR in free agency. then draft defense in the first 3 rounds. In the 4th, select Davis Webb, who some do not like, but has shown good accuracy, or Cooper Rush.

        Right now, I prefer Watson over Kizer, but would pass on them for a QB like Lamar Jackson, Jake Browning or Jalen Hurts in next year’s draft.

    1. Rib: Maybe you can help me understand where this notion comes from. I asked the question of Grant earlier, but he declined to answer. Is it because colleges will be firing coaches over the next few days and the competition will be on to signup a new coach as quickly as possible? So Oregon will want to get a top candidate right away. If they wait for Kelly till after the end of the NFL season, it would be too risky?

        1. Yeah, my real question is why the urgency? I’m not against a change, but why does it have to happen by Monday? Yes answers the questions I asked make sense, but I’ve never really followed college HC changes, so I’m totally speculating.

              1. You have to discover The Truth before you can prattle on about it. You fancy yourself a better scout than Bruglar that has him as the number two pick in the draft? When the NFL Draft Advisory Board tells him he’s a top 10 pick, which he just submitted his name, he’ll enter the draft….

              2. I think your confused lol I’m not saying Kizer is not going to be picked in the top 10 because every year there’s desperate teams that need QBs so that happens every year. I never said I was a scout what I’m saying is he looked horrible today against USC am I wrong? You did say you watched the game right? Okay well that’s both of us and that’s all I’m saying.

                You don’t have to get your panties in a wad I didn’t know you had some love fest with Kizer.

              3. Goff was the desperate quarterback taken. The Browns whiffed on Wentz. Whoever needs a quarterback and passes on Kizer will live to regret it. If Chip Kelly is still here, I don’t want Kizer to come to SF anyways. All you need to do is learn that telling The Truth is much different than talking chit….

              4. Well we’re stuck with Chip Kelly for atleast another year I just don’t see Jed firing 3 coaches in a row.

                Try to understand ONE thing, ALL I SAID WAS KIZER LOOKED HORRIBLE TODAY AGAINST USC that’s all and you took it to a whole other level. I was wasn’t talking “chit” I was just saying the Truth, sorry if you took it the wrong way Razor. I’m just a fan like you are and very frustrated how things are going with the team and hoping for major improvement next year.

              5. That’s about Saban coaching the 49ers which has nothing to do with what me and you are talking about.

                Aren’t we debating about Kizer? That’s what you started attacking me with insults about.

              6. Its OK, I was just amused by the back and forth, and am reminded of the many times when I would get into an insult fest.

                Glad you can take it. Its a tough crowd.

  15. Kaep is going to supply all the laughs Sunday in Miami. The fans are going to be all over him like a cheap suit. Hey, isn’t Miami where a naked loaded girl was found in Kaep’s bed? Wasn’t it a Dolphins cap that got Kaep all bent while playing the year of the little kid with money? That dude is so busy I can’t keep up him his hijinks one thing for sure he hasn’t aged well.

  16. Miami coach Gase-

    ‘Niners are going to be prepared’. Oh really?

    ‘They are going to have a great scheme’. Did they ever in the past 9 games?

    ‘They are a very good coaching staff’. That has set records in futility.

    ‘Players are playing extremely hard’. Meh.

    ‘Their scheme is very hard to go against’ LOLOLOL

    I could not believe Gase said all that with a straight face.

    1. Um… Seb… I think that’s what most would call ‘coach speak’…. Just couldn’t believe Gase said that? Really?

  17. Both Baalke and Kelly will be back next year. Jed is not going to fire Kelly after one season. As for Baalke, he must have some pictures that Jed does not want made public. That is the only explanation for Baalke surviving so long. The 2012 draft alone would have caused any other GMs to be fired.

    Some posters here juat dont get it. 49er PSL holders HAVE to buy the season tickets under terms of their PSL contracts. Jed has the entire 2017 season sold right now. Refusing to buy tickets for this putrid product is not an option. All we can do is not show up for the games hoping the shame of seeing an empty stadium will cause Jed to make the necessary changes. Unfortunately the man has no shame. Losing does not bother him.

  18. “Given the fragility of Oregon’s season ticket base and the potential for things to get even worse, Oregon officials are coming to terms with the necessity of making a change. 
    As soon as Oregon makes the move, it will move quickly on a coaching search it has been preparing itself for several weeks to execute.
    Among those who will figure prominently in the search, according to people with knowledge of the situation, are Western Michigan coach P.J. Fleck and Boise State coach Bryan Harsin, though others could be involved. ”

    1. Cubus

      I’ve been around both the Ducks and the fortyniners long enough to have experienced plenty of wins and losses, as well as good years and bad years for both….if Duck fans and niner fans are considered fragile, they would no longer be fans. Go Ducks ! Go niners!

      Incidentally,…..Niners 24- Fins 17

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