Chip Kelly says he met with just two QBs before draft

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Chip Kelly’s Thursday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


How does LB Aaron Lynch look to you? I know that he hasn’t practiced, but he’s on a side field.

“I haven’t watched Aaron do anything because he’s not with us during practice. I know talking to our strength and conditioning coach, he’s working extremely hard off the field. After we get after game four then we’ll get him back, but I haven’t had a real chance to observe anything Aaron is doing just because of the nature of what the deal is. He’s not allowed to practice with us or train with us. Everything he’s doing is with our strength and conditioning coaches on the side. I know he’s kind of over there, but we’re on the field so I haven’t had a chance to really take a look at him or watch him.”

Is his weight where it should have been in the summer when he was practicing with you guys?

“I don’t recall what his weight was back then so I can’t specifically say where he is. I know talking to [49ers director of human performance Mark Uyeyama] Uye he’s doing a heck-of-a job working and working extremely hard. So, we’re anxious to get him back here, but we’ll see where he is after game four.”


Does having a Thursday night game change this week in terms of your team schedule?

“This week? No. It drastically changes next week, but it doesn’t change this week. We still have to prepare to play Dallas at 1:00 or 1:25 on Sunday and then it kicks right in very quickly into Arizona for all of us. But, it doesn’t affect this week.”


With four of the next five here at home, do you emphasis to the team that now is the time you need to kind of make a move other than obviously a lot of importance one game at a time, but you have a home stand here to kind of–?

“No. And we don’t talk about that. We literally talk about one game that week. I don’t think, and I haven’t been around any coach that’s ever talked about beyond that because if you don’t take care of business at hand, then really it’s down to, for us, we’re not even talking about Sunday. We’re talking about having a really good Thursday in terms of our preparation. But, I have not talked to them nor have I ever talked to any team I talked to about is, ‘Hey, this is how the schedule is laid out we need to make a run here.’ We need to be able to do it on a weekly basis and it’s one game and that’s it. So, the entire week we look at a week, a week is a season for us. Everything in our focus, 100-percent of our focus is on the Dallas game. We do some long-term logistical planning. You obviously have to do that, but in terms of our approach with our players and what we’re doing, whether we’re home or we’re away, it’s just what is that focus this week. Our goal really simply is to be 1-0 on Sunday. If we’re 1-0 on Sunday night then we’ve done a good job. We need to get ready for whoever the next opponent is after that.”

ME: You mentioned yesterday you didn’t meet with Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott before the draft. Why didn’t you?

“Why didn’t I? I mean, our quarterback coach did. I didn’t personally meet with him. We’re only limited to the amount of guys that, I think there’s a certain number in the draft. Our personnel scouts did and our quarterbacks coach [49ers quarterbacks coach] Ryan Day met with every single quarterback at the draft. So, that’s kind of how that process works.”


ME: Did you meet personally with any quarterbacks before the draft? If so, which ones?

“[Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson] Wentz, [Los Angeles Rams QB Jared] Goff, I’m trying to think of who was on that list. You get 60 interviews or something at the Combine, so whoever was invited to that room. With Dak though, I think we’ve got a great understanding of Dak. Dak was coached by [Mississippi State University head football coach] Danny Mullen who is from my hometown. I’ve known Danny for 25 years, so sometimes when you’re meeting with someone it’s because you don’t have enough information on them. And actually Ryan Day, our quarterbacks coach who is actually from my hometown also, GA’d for Danny. So, he had a great relationship with him. A lot of times when you’re dealing with a prospect in the draft it’s do you have enough information on him. I’ve never, we never interviewed a kid in any of the draft meetings from Oregon because I already knew them. So, that’s a waste of time to bring in. ‘Hey, do you have to go meet with this guy?’ Well, no I don’t need to meet with that guy. I know him, recruited him, know his family background. I know all of those other things from him. I think sometimes when you look at that did you meet with somebody, that doesn’t really give an indication. There’s a great story if you look it up about [Seattle Seahawks general manager] John Schneider and [Seattle Seahawks QB] Russell Wilson, they never talked to him once and when Russell Wilson got the phone call, he was surprised as heck. Seattle said they didn’t want to tip their hand to anything, were hoping he was going to be there in whatever round they got him, I don’t know if they got him in two or three, but they never talked to him again. They saw him. John Schneider said he fell in love with him and then told everybody, ‘We’re never going to talk to the guy again,’ and then drafted him on draft day. So, who people speak to before the draft, that whole deal, I think that’s a little bit, I think people kind of look at that a little bit too much.”


You’ve obviously preparing for Dallas a lot in the past three years. Is it different or how different is it preparing for them now with your own personnel being different?

“It’s different because you’re always putting in a game plan based on what you believe your personnel can do whether it’s defending Dallas or attacking Dallas. You can say, ‘Hey, we did this here, but we were built a little bit differently where we were before than where we are here.’ So, you have a little bit of knowledge. [49ers offensive line coach Pat Flaherty] Flats has knowledge as our offensive line coach because he was with the Giants and he faced Dallas twice a year, but then our offensive line is different than the line that he had in New York. So, there’s some familiarity in terms of what they’ve done. There may be some things that they haven’t shown on film this year that we can recall from the past in blitz situations because Flats played them for 10-plus years. We played them for three-plus years. There’s just some more familiarity with what Dallas does. But, in terms of implementing game plans, it’s always based upon what we have available to either A, defend them or B, attack them.”


Obviously a new quarterback. Are they doing the same things?

“They are slightly different. They run the quarterback a little bit more. Obviously they weren’t doing that with [Dallas Cowboys QB] Tony [Romo], but I think their base pass concepts are very similar to what Dallas has done in the past and what [Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott] Linehan has done as the offensive coordinator. He’s really good at what he does in terms of attacking things. So, a lot of the things in the passing game are very similar to what Tony did. I would say the only difference between Tony and Dak is that they’ll run a little zone read with Dak just because of where he is and what he can do athletically with his legs.”


Did you talk to former 49ers OL Anthony Davis before he retired? If so, did he explain–?

“I did not talk to Anthony. He came in and talked to [49ers general manager] Trent [Baalke]. I did not see him. Trent came down and told me what transpired and then Anthony was gone, but I did not talk to him.”


Do you have an understanding of why he retired?

“Trent said that it was because of injuries. That’s all I know. But, it’s probably a good question for Trent. For me to talk specifically about a conversation someone had with someone else, that’s not, I don’t know exactly what transpired. I was just told that’s what was going on and then really the next step for us was what are we doing with the roster spot and all those other things. I’ve reached out to Anthony and gave him a call just to talk to him, but I didn’t connect with him yet.”


Do you have a preference as far as that backup, those two backup guys on game day, to have one guy who is a tackle instead of having to move G Zane Beadles out? Do you want to get OL John Theus up to speed so that he can occupy one of those spots?

“Ideally, but then the next question is, you always have to have a center. That usually, it starts from there is who can be the backup center because someone needs to snap. So, you may have to give and take with it. You’re going to always have that center guy up and available, then you’re really going with who’s the next best lineman and what’s the next best scenario to where we’re going and [G] Josh [Garnett] is really doing a really nice job too. So, at some point in time we’re going to have all those guys just because of injuries. But, right now it would be like the other day. It would still be [C] Marcus Martin. It would still be Josh.”


So, based on that, the decision at this point would be Josh or Theus, right, because Marcus–?

“Yeah. Marcus has to go because he’s our backup center.”


Does Dak’s read-option–?



Zone-read, that you can use QB Colin Kaepernick in practice this week to–?

“We do that a couple times. We did it with Seattle. Depends on what [49ers defensive coordinator] Jimmy [O’Neil] wants for a look and is it kind of with us and does it match up. So, we do some of that where Kap gets some work there, but [QB] Christian [Ponder] also can do all that stuff himself and he gets a lot of work. So, it also depends on what Ryan’s doing during that period because a lot of times when our defense is up and we’re giving them a look, that’s an opportunity for [QB] Blaine [Gabbert] and for Kap to throw with [WR] Torrey [Smith] and to throw with the tight ends and to kind of get some timing things down. So, we just kind of flip flop going back and forth with that.”


You’ve made that correction of reporters several times, for the layman, what’s the difference?

“Zone-read is where the quarterback is reading the defensive end whether to give the ball or keep the ball. Zone-read-option would be you read the defensive end and now you’re going to another phase and there’s a pitch back for you. So, then you’re going to option that guy. So, a lot of people say you run the read-option. Not many people do that, take it to the next phase where it turns into a triple-option. Zone-read you’re just reading one defender. If he takes the dive, it’s an either or, give or keep. If you add another phase to it, now I get to another guy and it’s keep or pitch. That would be from that terminology. And then, I will preface this, not every run out of the shotgun is a zone-read, which is another huge misconception from everybody. There’s a lot of times where there’s a tight end there blocking the defensive end, quarterback’s not reading anybody, he’s just handing the ball off but then everybody says, ‘They run zone-read all the time.’ So, you look at it and say, ‘They don’t run zone-read’ because they’re not reading anybody. They’re handing it off. It’s just, they happen to hand it off from the shotgun as opposed to being underneath the center.”


What do you call that?

“I call that a handoff.”


Since you’ve come into the league in 2013, have you seen defenses defend zone-reads better over time? Have you seen that defensive end being able to handle that better than he did–?

“I see people, there’s different ways to do it. I think probably the way people are defending it, there’s more multiplicity on the defensive side in terms of how to defend it. I couldn’t tell you if it’s better or if it’s worse. A lot of it depends on who that guy is playing quarterback. There’s a lot of times where when you watch the tape and the guy pulls it, you’re like, ‘That was the wrong read,’ and then he out runs the defensive end and has a gain of 20 and everybody’s like, ‘What a great play.’ Well, he actually should have handed it off because the defensive end was actually playing the quarterback. He didn’t squeeze at all, but the guy still outran him. So, there’s times where it’s defended well but it turns into a one-on-one matchup where the quarterback was faster or more athletic than the guy that was assigned to him.”


Is there a difference between a team that runs a zone-read and having its defense kind of face that in the offseason and how well they do it–?

“Yeah. But, it depends. I just think how people block it is different too. So, just to say blanket that this people run zone-read and those people run zone-read, it may be entirely different in terms of how they block the backside in terms of what they do. So, to generically say, ‘Well, they see it in practice,’ it may be blocked differently up front. So, there’s a lot more to it I think than just saying, ‘They saw it in practice,’ because the blocking scheme up front may be different than how they handle it.”


It seems like the last recent seasons, running backs don’t go super early in the draft. What in your mind makes Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliot unique in the fact that Dallas was willing to take him fourth overall?

“Well, I think he’s a complete back. And I said that the other day because he can hurt you not only running the ball, and he’s outstanding at doing that, but he can be a pass receiver coming out of the backfield. He’s tough and physical and can pick up in blitz situations. So, he’s not a guy that you have to take off the field. You know, a lot of teams have used kind of a first and second down back and then they have a specific third down back. Well, if you’re using multiple people to play one position, you’re probably not going to use a draft pick to take a guy that high because it’s a two-person job. So, that’s where I kind of see it. But, I think when you’re going to take someone that high, he has to be a three-down back and that’s definitely what Ezekiel is. He’s got speed. He’s got power. You know, he’s kind of the best combination. Sometimes you get a bigger back that’s not going to break and hit homeruns but can really honker it up in there and hit it up in between the tackles. Then you have other guys that are kind of outside guys that got great speed but they’re not a guy that can run inside the tackles. I think he’s the combination of both where he is physical and has that ability to run inside the tackles but he also has the ability to break away and take it the distance. So, that’s what made him, and I think everybody agreed, that he was the top back in the draft last year.”


I know that you’re not into comparisons, but given they came out of the same system, played for Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer, are there similarities between RB Carlos Hyde and Ezekiel in terms of their style?

“Not going there with the comparisons. I’ll just stay there. I know they’re comparable because they both played for Ohio State.”


The camera loves you on the sideline.

“I have no idea why. I’m not very photogenic.”


But, you have that play sheet that has the “S” and the “8.” What does that stand for?

“It’s just to cover up because they used to try to zoom in on our game plan. So, I’m trying to cover up what our game plan looks like.”


So, why not two “Xs?” Just “S” and “8” randomly?

“No, that’s not random. Just means something to me. It’s a personal thing.”

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  1. “The camera loves you on the sideline.” I’m glad that wasn’t you Grant. Chip only talking to two QBs is further proof that the QB position wasn’t a top priority in the draft.

  2. If you think about it, S & 8 can be read the same when inverted. So say he uses green and red lettering to indicate to the offense whether they’re in hurry-up. Green light-Green 8 to hurry or slow down with Red light-Red S modes.

    With Dak though, I think we’ve got a great understanding of Dak.

    No, no you didn’t….

        1. I can see it now …

          15 years from now .. a QB will come
          on the scene … and someone will say …

          “… OMG ! … This kid is the next Blaine Gabbert !..”

          (or maybe not)

          1. Its possible but not for the reasons you’re thinking, its still heard every draft “are they the next Leaf or Russell?” I mean we heard this guy is the next Alex Smith which he isn’t of course. Gabbert’s infamy will live on.

      1. What’s your point Wilson?

        ESPN’s Total QBR certainly has flaws, but are you saying the oversimplified Passer Rating doesn’t have flaws?

        Currently Dak Prescott is ranked 12th in Passer Rating (1 TD pass total, in 3 games, 2 of which were home games VS very weak opponents), and Brian Hoyer is ranked 13th (He’s played 1 game and padded his stats in garbage time in a lopsided loss to the Cowboys in which the game was 24-3 late in the 3rd qtr). Meanwhile, Big Ben is ranked 21st, Carson Palmer is ranked 23rd (despite throwing 5 TD’s and 0 INT’s through 11 of the first 12 qtr’s he’s played this season) and Cam Newton (the reigning NFL Offensive MVP) is ranked 25th.

        Come on man. If you’re going to make a point Wilson, at least ……. I don’t know, maybe make an actual point!

        Blaine Gabbert has been horribly disappointing in his first 2 road games this season. But at least ESPN’s Total QBR takes factors in the fact that those 2 road games were against 2 of the best defenses (at home), in the entire NFL.

        Meanwhile, Brian Hoyer throws 2 meaningless TD’s in garbage time after falling behind 24-3 late into the 3rd qtr, in his only outing of 2016, and the ridiculously simplified Passer Rating has him ranked 13th and doesn’t even take these factors into account.

        1. Is the next point you’re going to make Wilson, about how well the 49ers OL graded out in pass protection, according to PFF last season?

          Instead of actually remembering what your own eyes were telling you about the way Jordan Devey, Marcus Martin, and Eric Pears played last season?

          1. By the way, I’m not excusing Gabbert. He’s been horrific on the road this season. But let’s also be real about how bad his surrounding playmakers are right now. He’s got an excellent RB, but nobody respects his receivers, half of which haven’t even been on the team long enough to gain any kind of quarterback – WR chemistry. Losing Ellington as late as they did, and the smooth, 6’4″ Rogers, who was their only legitimate potential WR mismatch, were devastating losses for this passing game.

            Blaine has been horribly inaccurate to be sure. However, not being on the same page with his receivers, for obvious reasons, has made his accuracy look much worse than it is in reality. People who don’t follow the game of football closely, don’t realize just how important it is for quarterbacks to develop chemistry with their receivers. Not knowing exactly how precisely a guy is running his route, or the subtle gestures and body language is what separates the best QB – WR pairings in the NFL.

            For instance, if you were to ask Ben Roethlisberger how long it took him and Antonio Brown to develop the type of chemistry that makes them such a potent combo, he’d tell you it took more than a few weeks of practice.

            1. And as bad as Blaine has looked on the road this season, I’ve been saying it’s not quite time to pull the plug just yet. I want to see how he plays vs the Cowboys on Sunday.

              However, I do believe it’s time for the 49ers to accept the fact that Blaine is almost certainly not the QB of the future in SF. This team needs to fire Baalke, and make QB the number 1 priority of the new GM, whether that’s Tom Gamble or someone else. And then WR is the number 2 priority!

              1. You actually made my point for me by baited into talking to yourself for a really long time. Please tell us again how we should trust your eyes and what you can plainly see happening on the field with the OL and secondary or your evaluation of Gabbert.

                After mouthing off last week one would think you’d keep a little quieter after your predictions about the team were so heinously wrong in such a spectacular fashion.

              2. I get a kick out of football fans who think they can make absolute evaluations from 1 game. lol.

                Talk about amateurish!

                I said the 49ers have a young, talented backfield. And one road game changes that how? Did I predict the 49ers defensive backfield would shut down the Seahawks?

                Let me be clear Wilson and Whiner Country, until the 49ers front 7 can start pressuring the opposing QB without having to use exotic blitz packages in order to do it, it doesn’t matter how much talent they have at DB.

                I made that point very clear last week and the 49ers came out and got dominated up front VS seattle. The 49ers front 7 played a very uninspiring game from the get go.

      2. Wilson – You sure called that one! He broke it down into 3 posts so he’ll probably say you’re wrong. 49 is the #1 whiner about whoever HE SAYS is a whiner. He thinks his role is to find whoever he thinks is not towing the line and bring us to justice. Like only him and Kaepernick have first amendment rights.

          1. 49, I would consider WC to be one of the more astute posters on this site.

            He is a lot better than some poster who pontificated that Cook would go in the first round.

            Sorry, I have a long memory.

              1. I would say that if you have another 0 for 10 performance, I hope you are cut on the team bus…..

                Then they should unsheathe their Super bowl QB.

              1. Ore, I invite everyone to ignore my comments. Somehow, you keep reading them,then get upset over them.

                Scroll past, you do it for the troll, I tend to repeat because they tend to repeat their mistakes.

                Also, some posters keep on saying the same thing like Kaep is inaccurate and is only a one read QB, so I just tell them that I have seen when he is deadly accurate and has done multiple reads. if they would stop repeating their screeds, I would not have to counter their claims.

                I notice you do not rag on them, although we both have seen the same old, same old, so many times.

            1. No problem Seb. For the record, I believe I suggested Cook SHOULD go in the first round, not that he would. It became clear during the last couple weeks leading up to the Draft that the perception of Cook’s personality and lack of leadership skills would cause him to drop in the draft. I also told everyone that both Kevin Hogan would never be anything other than a backup, at best, and that Vernon Adams wasn’t an NFL quality QB.

              I assumed he would be drafted somewhere in the first half of round 2. And, it’s way too early to make any kind of judgement about whether Cook has, or doesn’t have, the talent I suggested.

              That’s a far cry from trying to convince us that the 49ers OL actually performed fairly well in pass protection last season. Honestly Seb, you know how bad the 49ers OL was last season. Almost HISTORICALLY bad, right? Anyone who claims to have watched this team last season would have had to have recognized how bad the 49ers OL was, especially if they want to be taken seriously on this blog. Am I wrong?

              1. 49, Cook has all the talent. What he failed in was his interviews and his lack of maturity. He will be the next Jimmy Garopolo if the Raiders do it right.

              2. 49, I do not know where you have gotten the impression that I liked the O line of last season.

                I have been vituperous towards Pears and have eviscerated Devey many times. In fact, I have called Devey a quarterback killer. Kaep barely survived, even though he had 3 surgeries to repair all the damage.

              3. SEB

                You note that I scroll past your comments as I do for ‘the troll’…yes, I think that is a compliment to you…I have mentioned several times before that I respect your knowledge of football…and for what it’s worth, I only see TumD’s posts by accident…and then curse myself for not being more observant…He’s only trying to piss people off with his copy and paste announcements. You are guilty of that also, but less than previously.

          2. Just like you don’t know much about 49er football your assumption that the “Whine” in my name has anything to do with the 49ers is incorrect. Apparently you never read Shakespeare : “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.”

              1. apropos, thank you very much.

                I wasn’t sure you would understand the term apropos, so I thought I would use the “sounds like” version. But my point clearly made sense to you.

                However, I think Whiner Country is actually far more appropriate.

              2. On a serious note: after you were so adamant that the 49ers OL actually performed well in pass protection last season, I have a hard time taking you serious Whiner Country.

            1. I keep expecting you to tell us how well coached and well prepared the 49ers were as a team last season.

              Let’s get you on record for this week’s game Whiner. Give us a final score.

              1. While you’re at it Whiner, can you clarify whether or not you expected the 49ers to start fast this season, given the injuries to key WR’s, all the coaching changes (and entirely new schemes) and brutal early schedule?

        1. He’s the perfect combination of ignorance, arrogance and condescension. Brodie the “thought police” is right on the mark.

  3. My point: They absolutely need to change who they are and the largest way is to remove the GM and get somebody who actually speaks to and likes people. And can find a good QB.

    But they’re not firing themselves. They’ve allowed creeping Baalke-ism to take over this team, the result is a team that doesn’t have a true QB or a good WRs, and only the Yorks can end it.

    1. Beyond anything else, the 49ers need a top personnel man who values the QB position and can pick a young QB to lead the franchise into a new era.

    Usually, that guy is the GM. Just look at how the Eagles’ future transformed, post Chip Kelly, once they made the aggressive move to acquire Carson Wentz.

    Of course, the main reason Kelly was fired in Philadelphia was because he and Gamble didn’t do so well in their brief time running the whole football operation there.

    Hire Louis Riddick, and Gamble stays as assistant.

    He has the ability to find a QB.

    Riddick left his Eagles front office job about the time when Kelly took over there, but that was just a business-as-usual switch-over and I don’t think there was any conflict between the two.

    Later, while at ESPN, Riddick blasted Eagles exec Howie Roseman, who was Kelly and Gamble’s front-office nemesis.

    Riddick also was one of the first draft analysts to single out Derek Carr as a future star in 2014… and

  4. That was a good answer Chip gave about scouting players. 49ers were the same with Eric Reid – Harbaugh had tried to recruit him to Stanford and already knew him well, so they barely talked to him prior to the draft. Really highlights why you can’t always read too much into who teams do and don’t meet with.

    1. Scooter,

      There were a number of reports leading up to the 2013 draft that the 49ers were high on Reid and busy doing extensive work behind the scenes getting intel on him.

  5. “They don’t run zone-read’ because they’re not reading anybody. They’re handing it off. It’s just, they happen to hand it off from the shotgun as opposed to being underneath the center.”

    What do you call that?

    “I call that a handoff.””

    I call that funny

  6. Cowboys @ 49ers: Previewing San Francisco’s Offensive Personnel


    A look at the offensive strengths and weaknesses of the Cowboys Week 4 opponent.

    If “Top 10 Quarterback Bust” was in the dictionary you’d likely see a picture of Blaine Gabbert next to it. Ever since being drafted 10th-overall by Jacksonville in 2011 Gabbert has done nothing but cement himself on the Mount Rushmore of Quarterback Busts alongside such luminaries as Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, Matt Leinart, JaMarcus Russell, and Akili Smith.

    Where The Cowboys Can Take Advantage:
    •Arguably the worst offense in the entire league with an anemic collection of skill position talent, no real threats at receiver or tight end, and one of the worst quarterbacks in the league
    •If the Cowboys can build any kind of lead and/or apply any kind of pressure to Gabbert he will crumble and make several mistakes

            1. Would you have accepted my comment if Josh Gordon did not have a substance abuse problem but rather broke into a hotel room and beat a 70 year old man. Or how about if Gordon checked himself into jail instead of rehab. It ain’t whining dummy if it’s true!

  7. Grant, I am starting to agree with you about the read zone option labeling.

    This is like his- ‘I did not talk about Kaep, I was asked a question and answered it’. Of course, he did talk about Kaep, but he clings to the notion that he did not talk about him, or did not initiate a dialogue about Kaep.

    Chip can call it a Zone Read all he wants, but it does have a read component and the following option component. He is just referring to reading a player, or zone, and subsequent actions take place after the ‘zone’ read.

    Parsing semantics is a distraction, and I once again wish he would be asked better questions. Chip needs to refrain from giving dissertations. I just want to know how they will beat the Cowboys, and what he is doing to prepare the team.

    Maybe Grant should ask about the risk reward options when discussing the third down bomb.

    I would pay close attention if he is asked about sheathing weapons.

    1. Grant

      One of my great pleasures on here now is the press conferences attempts by TumD and Seb (and yourself occasionally) to lay traps for coach Kelly hoping that he’ll stumble and give reason for a “Gotcha!” only to be rebuffed by a more clever wit and a brighter football mind….

      1. Yup, Chip sure is looking like a genius, sheathing his most powerful weapon, and running the same predictable plays with the same predictable results. A genius does not stubbornly play a failed QB that is hurting the team.

        Chip is getting kinda defensive, and desperate, spieling whole dissertations to try and convince us that he is the smartest guy in the room.

        However, that falls on deaf ears when he goes 0 for 10.

        1. Seb

          So what did you expect of him 3 games into the season while he attempts to teach his system…? A Montanaesque 6 for 10 ? GO DEEPER !

      1. Sorry, that is his terminology, and he can have his opinion, but that does not make Grants’ terminology incorrect.

        Read option is perfectly fine, because that is what they do. Zone read is a read option play.

        1. No. They run a zone read, i.e. Zone run with the QB reading a designated defender. There is no option component to this offense. At least not yet.

  8. I think we should call chip, chop from now on. And have him give press conferences wearing leather chaps and a tank top.

    Start questions by referring to him as Chip chap chop.

    I think My waste of space post was just as informative as the transcript of the press conference.

  9. Dak is getting all the Cowboy hype. Wentz is the real deal & we should have been doing everything to move up in the last draft since the number 1 & 2 picks were willing to trade, which usually doesn’t happen. Further Wentz went to Baalkes college which she should’ve known that guy inside and out. Just listening to Greg Cosell of the off-season he nailed it with Wentz.

  10. the 9ers are “turn the channel” bad. all the carlos hyde yards in garbage time, nothing more boring than that. I hope they can at least be standings relevant for half the season. about when kaep will make an appearance…

  11. I remember 49er fans, fairly recently, whining and complaining about Levi’s Stadium not doing anything to create a home field advantage for the 49ers.

    Since the 49ers opened Levi’s Stadium in 2014, no NFL team is allowing fewer points at home (15.0). In 17 games played at the futuristic concrete slab, the 49ers have a winning record. That’s not half bad for a team whose been trending in the wrong direction for three straight seasons.

  12. So, let me get this straight. Dak Prescott has completed 66.7% of his passes so far this season for 767 yards and no interceptions (250 yards a freaking game). He was a FOURTH round draft pick who last year threw for over 3700 yards, 29 TDs and ran for 10 more. And it looks like the Cowboys may have a great QB for the next 10 years. But the Santa Clara 49ers who have a mediocre backup QB starting, and are led by the brilliant football team of Baalke/Kelly didn’t fully scout, interview or take a chance on drafting Prescott.

    And there are folks out there who have actual HOPE for this team? This franchise will reach new lows that the old Bucs and Bengals could only dream about.

    1. Hindsight is 20/20 KeazrMike. Anyone with half a brain can make these statements after the fact. That’s why hindsight is such a meaningless idea.

      Just a reminder: NFL scouts were, by and large, down on the 2016 QB class. As were most of the posters on this blog. Grant even went as far to say “I don’t see the upside” with Dak Prescott. There were even a lot of question marks whether or not the success a guy like Carson Wentz had in a FCS Subdivision, would translate to the NFL.

      I think the 49ers felt like their best option was to stand pat and not give up a lot of draft capitol to go after Wentz or Goff, and to go into the 2016 with an already established duo of starters, knowing that the 2017 class of QB prospects would likely yield a better opportunity to draft their QB of the future.

      I like Paxton Lynch a lot, and would have been happy if the 49ers found a way to draft him. But crying about Dak, after the fact, is seriously low hanging fruit, and cannot be taken seriously at this point KM. Where were you in March?

    1. What about the brilliant, offensive minded ADAM GASE every 49ers fan was goo gooing over?

      The 1-3 Dolphins have a much more talented receiving corps than the 49ers, yet Gase’s offense is scoring an average of 17.8 points per game (27th). Last season, as Chicago’s OC, Gase’s Bears offense wasn’t much better, scoring 20.9 PPG (23rd).

      Gase is getting hammered by local and national media, questioning whether the Dolphin’s even have any identity at all on offense.

  13. The coach who the Niner’s hired is important, but they have no authority over personal, Balke has been clear on that point.I have not been as down on TB as others. I think drafting college players and projecting them as NFL players is very difficult. That being said, there is something wrong with the 49ers approach to the draft based on the history that has been established over the last few years. The fact is under TB they cannot draft offensive skill players. I don’t know if it is skills they can’t determine or positions they don’t value. Balke appears to be trying to recreate the Parcell’s Giants teams of the 80’s; strong defense, a power running game and low powered passing game. But Parcell’s had Simms who is better than anyone we have had in years and we don’t have LT. Now maybe they saw Aldon Smith combined with Willis and Justin Smith as similar to the Giants defense but they are all gone.
    They are also missing that the game as changed over the last 30 years. Even the Seahawks who have had the best defense in the league and the best power runner have a QB who can make plays and can move the team. They also have an underrated receiver in Baldwin.
    There is no one on the Niners offense that an opposing team has to game plan against. Gore is gone, Vernon Davis is gone and there is no one who can with one play change the game. Hyde might be that player but not against 8 and 9 man fronts.
    So until the talent level is raised we could have the second coming of Bill Walsh and we would still struggle.
    To do the same thing over and over again and expect different results is a sign of insanity. So do the Niners keep doing the same thing over and over again in their approach to the draft and free agency or do they make a radical change in an effort to obtain better results? The next 7 months will give us the answer.

    1. Except that Parcells’ teams routinely threw for 4000 yards a season. He ALWAYS had big passing offenses (on all the teams he coached, Giants Pats Jets and Cowboys)

  14. Obviously, Chip was asked about QBs because many teams whiffed on Prescott and Brissett.

    Maybe Chip was content getting Kaep and having Gabbert. This was supposedly a weak QB crop.

  15. So. I gave Chip and the Niners some sound advice.

    I said they should spread them wide, then gash them up the middle.

    I said they should throw a jump ball on third down, I called it the Third Down Bomb.

    I previously said they should roll the QB out, and let him buy time with his legs. He would discombobulate the defense who would rush to stop him, and leave a receiver wide open for a TD.

    Third play from scrimmage, they spread them wide, and Michael gashed them up the gut for a 41 yard TD.

    RW threw a jump ball on third down, and Jimmy Graham ripped the ball away from Reid for a first down way down field. Textbook Third down Bomb.

    Their last TD, RW rolled left and found Jimmy Graham all alone in the end zone.

    I could tell that the Niners ignored my advice,because they went 0 for 10 on third downs.

    However, the Seahawks did exactly what I advocated, so my only conclusion is that Pete Carroll reads my posts.

  16. Seb, This blog is a treasure trove of information on the 49ers. But seriously, Cheat Carroll is reading your posts. Your division rivals know you better than any other team, and know how to beat you. I think the Niners should establish the run Sunday and mix in the zone read with Gabbert actually running it for a change. I hope Jason Garret doesn’t read this post. The Cowgirls could execute my gameplan better with Dak and Zeke.

    1. 80, have you or any other poster commented on the salient repercussions of the Seahawks poaching Garrison Smith?

      The past several seasons, they did it with several Niners, and since then, the Niners have not done well against the Seahawks.

      In the first half, it sure looked like they knew exactly what the Niners were going to run. GS not only gave them the playbook, he gave them the tendencies, which was very important intel.

      Pete Carroll is no dummy. I will grudgingly admit he is one sharp guy. Of course, he is a Bill Walsh disciple.

      niners should have assumed they had the playbook, and acted accordingly, but their stubborn insistence to keep starting Gabbert is proof that they cannot change quickly or make the proper adjustments.

      Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, just like this year.

            1. Ore, I may keep repeating certain principles, but if I wanted to post the same old things, I suppose I could just cut and paste ad nauseum. Instead, I repeat refrains, but give it a different angle. Every post is original, except for the ones I cite from 2 and a half years ago.

              I purposefully include topical news because there is no way they can say that it is not original.

              When I keep repeating that they need to stop shooting themselves in the foot, again, I do not crow in exultation like the trolls, when they cause those self inflicted wounds. I just feel sad, and wish they would learn from their mistakes so they do not repeat them.

              When I see the QB go 0 for 10, I must admit to a little anger, but mostly again, I am sad, but resigned.

              When I see a QB hand off to an empty backfield, I am not sad, I am dismayed, that they could not figure out their first play of the game.

              Obviously, they did not script any plays.

              They let the defense shape them, and went timid.

              0 for 10, and they want us to stay the course? I say massive changes, and be competent.

      1. Seb, I was one of the few posters that was upset about losing Garrison Smith on the final cut day. I’m sure he spilled his guts once he got to Seattle. My point is that you suggested that Cheat Carroll called plays based on your post. Why wouldn’t Carroll throw a jump ball to his 6’7″ TE? For the record, I generally like your play calling suggestions. You are light years ahead of Chip and his boring predictable offense.

    2. 80, of course the Niners should establish the run. Every team should do that, but how could the Niners accomplish that goal?

      I think that they are not using their personnel properly. Hyde should not be running parallel to the LOS, looking for a hole to run through. He loses all momentum doing that.

      Hyde should line up deep in the I, and build up a head of steam before reaching the LOS. He should channel Frank Gore, and select the weakness in the defense to attack.

      How to stop Elliot? Start the veterans, who are battle hardened, not the rookies. Niners should take a hard look at their LBs, and start Skov. He seems to be stout against the run, and has a nose for the ball.

      More Zone read? No, they need to mix it up. They should employ some counters, misdirections, sweeps, fly sweeps, reverses, fake reverses, and even the flea flicker.

      Chip needs to go bold. If Chip wants to win, he should tell Baalke to stuff it, and play Kaep.

      1. I suggested more zone read with Gabbert actually running like he did in week 1 to keep the defense honest. I agree the Niners should go bold, but I don’t see Chip doing anything different. Since Chip only runs a handful of plays. my suggestion of more zone read is very possible. Hyde running parallel to the line of scrimmage, that works for me, especially to the side of Staley and Patton. I too would prefer an offense that uses a FB in an I formation, Marcel Reece is available. The problem is that Chip thinks he is a genius. He will never change his offense and will act like a dismissive a-hole when he gets questioned about his timid play calling.

        1. Sending him out to answer questions then giving dissertations, like a chatty Kathy does not instill confidence. It smacks of desperation, and they are not driving the narrative, they are putting out fires.

          I like your idea about Reece. He may provide veteran leadership.

          You are so right, Chip need a few more pointers on behavior in hostile settings. He needs to be cool, calm, collected.

          He also needs to be respectful and polite. He should single out Grant, apologize, and give him a one on one session to calm the waters. Chip should not correct the interviewer and refuse to answer questions.

          1. It’s funny how the rest of the press started questioning Chips’ play calling after the Cohns became critical of Chip. Apparently the press likes to jump on the Cohn bandwagon.

  17. I’m no medical doctor, but it seems that self-delusion may be like malignant tumors; they grow indefinitely. Our resident Philosopher has now convinced himself that not only Kelly and Baalke, but now Pete Carrol also are reading his posts to gain tactical and strategic advice. He is the Oracle. Or not.

    1. BT, I am sure glad you are not a doctor, because your diagnosis is way off.

      Malignant tumors kill the patient, but delusional ones like you all just keep sniping away.

      Deny reality. I called those plays ahead of time, and since you read every one of my posts since you comment on them, you know I said those things BEFORE THEY HAPPENED.

      I dare you to state that I did not describe a Third Down Bomb, and my eyes witnessed Seattle doing exactly what I postulated.

      One other thing. I do think Chip reads my posts, because he seemed to be more even keeled on the side line. Before, he would seem cocky and brash, then when they lost, seemed kinda down. Last game, he tried to hide his emotions, which is exactly what I wanted.

      He may state that he does not debate my posts, but considering how they are playing, maybe he should.

  18. Things I will be looking at Sunday

    1. Defense – can they actually get off the field? Can they stop the big plays?
    Can the defense make the QB eat some grass?

    2. Offense – Can they make 40 percent of their third downs. Can they throw the ball deep? Can Hyde run with vision? Will the QB run early in the game?

    Can the Niners staff on both sides of the ball make adjustments? Can the Niners staff put together a scheme that works on both sides of the ball?

    1. Defense: they need to contain Dak in the pocket and get some push.
      Stopping Elliott is key. They’re a little dinged on their OL so the youngsters need to step up.
      Offense: anything. Anything at all.
      To sum up: the Niners need to run, pass, catch, block and tackle. Of course,if they do, you’ll know that they read this post and complied. If they don’t, you’ll know they read my post and inexplicably chose not to take my advice.

  19. This is a prove it performance game for Gabbert. Prove it was tough defenses in tough towns and not your ineptitude as a quarterback. Prove it or loose it….

      1. Oh .. I dunno … but ..
        I’m of the impression that the 49ers org ..
        doesn’t even have
        on their radar …

        Probably b/c … they don’t consider the value
        of the opinions of some of the
        “armchair head coaches” … here …

        (especially the ones who repeat the same drivel
        over and over … and over .. again)

          1. Yeah, sorry.. MidWest ..
            That wasn’t directed at you ..

            Shoulda refreshed the page before posting as ..
            I didn’t see your post till after ..I hit the button

              1. No apologizing necessary.. MidWest ..
                I was just trying ..(unsuccessfully .. it seems)
                to make a joke about a couple of guys here..
                who can’t resist spouting the same stupid
                stuff, over and over …

                (Think maybe you can probably guess who
                they are ..)

                Sure glad my scroll wheel is in good working order ;-}

              2. See? It is not hard to do.

                If one wants not to complain, they should not even read my posts. Reading, then getting upset, is a lesson in futility.

  20. Q: What do the San Francisco 49ers and Billy Graham have in common?
    A: They both can make 70,000 people stand up and yell “Jesus Christ”.

    Q: How do you keep an San Francisco 49ers out of your yard?
    A: Put up goal posts.

  21. What’s the difference between A Dallas run game vs. a Seattle run game?

    Seattle has RB Christine Michael and a boatload of UFA’s and midrounders on their O-Line.

    Dallas Has RB, Ezekiel Elliot, ProBowlers and # 1 Draft Picks on their O-Line!

  22. What’s the difference between OregonChipster (AKa–Niner, but I doubt it–he’s Chipster and fortunately will move on when Chip is fired), SEBSTER, MWNiner, Whiniest Country and Jed and Trent/Paraag?

    Nothing, last year they sang their praises, sipped their Koolaid, and are at it again, only this time gulping Jed’s Chipster brand Koolaid by the gallons.

    I, on the other hand listen an observe closely. Having predicted a Seattle 38-15 win last Friday, I also watched video of Chip’s offense….

    Conclusion, P R E D I C T A B L E, just like Philly press reporters reported.

    I listened to Steve Marriucci on the NFL Network (He’s really underapprectiated) when he was asked what he thought of Chip’s offense. Marriucci stated: Chip’s college offense, we’ll have to work hard.”

    Nothing earth shattering if your an outsider. But as an insider, I caught on immediately and did some research, sending the lucky posters on this site the info. Here’s more for the uninitiated:

    1. *Addendum to above comment: Steve Marriucci made the Chip college offense remark last year when asked on the Network. It was a casual but off the cuff remark no one not in the industry would pay attention to over the thousands of comments made daily on that show.

  23. There was reason to worry when the 49ers hired DC Jim O’Neil to run their defense, as his scheme apparently confused some of his players in Cleveland. Those concerns are at an all-time high at the moment, as San Francisco has given up 83 points and 947 total yards. To make matters worse, they’ve allowed two 100-plus yard receivers and a 100-plus yard rusher in back-to-back games, and that hadn’t happened in the previous 971 contests. For a team that was supposed to be built around their young, up-and-coming defense, this is a bit of a red flag to say the least. – See more at:

      1. Give your defense hell, Chip.

        But I thought is was supposed to work the other way around–give the opposing defense hell is the goal, right?

        Steve Young on KNBR said Chip better adjust, because if your going to play no-huddle O, you better string together 1st downs, or the wear and tear on your own D will be monumental.

      1. Textbook beat down administered by the Huskies. Good athletes, great coaching by Peterson and his staff. The Huskies could got to the NC bowls if they win out.

  24. Gabbert and the offense have a monster day…
    Ewwww that word takes me back to when they tried calling candlestick “Monster park” for a couple of years.
    Anywho back to the best prediction this week..
    High scoring game and theNiners offense will be the Heros.
    Both teams end up 2-2!

  25. How to beat Dallas.

    I think their defense is not scary like the Seahawks and all their Pro bowlers, so I am hoping that they can move the ball.

    Niners cannot be one dimensional. If they abandon the pass and try to run the ball, they will be confronted with 8 in the box. Niners must become more balanced, and give the defense at least the threat to go deep.

    On third downs, Dallas will blanket the 10 yard marker, so the Niners should employ double moves. The receivers should fake getting the ball at the sticks, make a move, then go past the sticks.

    The Niners MUST become more imaginative on offense. I must concede that I did see a draw play last game, but they could do so much better.
    Above all, they should stop running into the teeth of the defense.

    Gabbert, with his play, does not deserve to be the starter. 0 for 10 is hurting the team. Even though I am resigned that he will start, Chip should impress me by getting Kaep in the game, even if it is lining up in the back field.

    On defense, they should NOT rush only 3, because Dak will stand there all day and pick them apart. They should expect to contain him in the pocket by rushing 4. Maybe both Armstead and Buckner can drive back the blocker and collapse the pocket. They should wave an arm in the air, and hopefully block his view and get a tip.

    The defense should emulate the Seahawk defense. They should play disciplined, and keep everything in front of them. No big plays, make them work for every yard. Eventually, Dak will make a mistake, like throw a pick six.

      1. Some random thoughts

        Chip is C coach.
        Jed is D owner
        Baalke is. C- gm.
        Players are a C-

        Our record will be 6-10

        Gabbert is a way better back up than kapernick. No one would ever clamor for gabbert to start over the teams starter. Kapernick is like tebow or Vick. He will always create intrigue and have some success but ultimately suck. Polarize the team and the fans. My apologizes to mike Vick as he is actually better than kapernick but fits the mold.

        1. If anyone is up for it. I’d be curious about which one of our back qbs you think is the best overall back up and why.

          I vote:


      2. How could they score more points?

        What strategies and methodologies should they utilize to achieve their goal?

        Saying that they need to score more than their opponent is like saying they should win by just winning.

    1. These two teams are almost identical at this point, with exception of qb play at this moment. Here’s my comparison and reason why I think SF pulls out a close high scoring game.

      O-line.. Slight advantage to Dallas
      Qb… Advantage Dallas… (But not this game)
      Rb advantage SF.. Elliot will be good but I’m going with the veteran at home on grass.

      Wr… Slight Advantage Dallas. Due to weak opponents and qb play. Until they face the two defenses back to back on the road I’m not sold. And dez isn’t the game changer he once was.

      TE… Even. Whitten is still savy but still a shadow of himself. McDonald is just as dangerous.

      With all of this said. I’m giving the win to SF because 1.. They were embarrassed last week. I think pride kicks in.

      2 they’re back home and I think they will be a tough home team this season.

      3.. I think there are some literally playing for their jobs already.

      4… I’m sure all week they’re hearing the rivalry talk. Pride kicks in and usually makes teams play better, especially at home. Dallas isn’t good enough to throw that out the door.

      5… Chip knows this team very well.

      That’s my simplistic take.
      High scoring exciting game, maybe overtime. Niners pull
      Out the victory and gain some confidence for the future of the season.

      D-line. Advantage SF. Only because they’re at home, both have no pass rush.

      LB advantage SF. May not be what they use to be but still better than Dallas.

      Secondary advantage SF.

      1. Wow that was a mixed up take. I must have started and thought I erased and kept going. My bad on the all over the place post…

        Proofread idiot…PROOFREAD?????? ?

            1. Chip, you feeling a little pressure? You need to stop being such a motor mouth. We really do not need or want long dissertations, we want competency, not obfuscation.

              I must admit, you are a genius. Even I could not dream up such a beginning play. It boggled the mind.

              I mean, you drew up a play that was so deceptive, it even fooled your quarterback!

  26. If RB Christine Michael and a bad Seattle Seahawks offensive line can gash the Niners on the ground, what might an elite Cowboys rushing attack do to them?

    Dallas and Dak Prescott are going to show Jed and Trent they develop QB’s in a 3 month summer camp better than Baalke’s squads have in years.

  27. The Cowboys first-round pick (No. 4) of this year’s NFL draft has lived up to the hype so far this season, rushing for 274 yards on 71 carries, while recording two touchdowns in the process. A very physical yet elusive running back between the tackles, it will be up to the 49ers defensive line to set the edges while flushing plays back inside.

  28. Let’s be honest. We all know the 49ers invested back-to-back first-round picks addressing the team’s defensive end position with DE Arik Armstead (No. 17) and now Buckner. Two players who have high “potential,” it doesn’t mean much if they don’t live up to it.

    Elliott currently ranks 3rd in the NFL in rushing, and the 49ers can only hope that their own first-round pick (No. 7) DE DeForest Buckner can start paying similar dividends as a stout edge-setter. After all, that’s one of the reasons they drafted DeFo in the first place.

    His rhythm and timing on leveraging his blocks is spotty at best. I asked Buckner what’s the one thing he needs to improve on moving forward and he singled out the nuances of the “stack-and-shed.”

    1. I think it’s worth taking a deeper look at the 49ers last two 1st round picks, and evaluating how well they have played through the first 3 games of the 2016 season. After all, the 49ers have struggled defensively over the last couple weeks, and the 49ers have invested heavily, and have high hopes that these 2 young (3-4 prototype) DL can lay a foundation on which the 49ers can continue to build a championship level defense around.

      ARIK ARMSTEAD (the 17th pick of the 2015 NFL draft): Armstead is in his 2nd year as a pro, and is unfortunately playing with a shoulder injury which almost certainly will require corrective surgery in the offseason. However, if last season was any indication, the sky’s the limit for the 49ers 2nd year pro. According to PFF, Arik ranked as the 25th best interior DL in the entire NFL as a rookie, with a PLUS 15.1 overall grade. Even more impressive, Armstead was one of the best pass rushing 3-4 lineman in the entire league during his rookie campaign! Arik recorded 38 total QB pressures in 384 total snaps, and his 12.3 pass-rushing productivity rating was the highest of any 3-4 defensive end who played at least 155 pass-rushing snaps in 2015. Armstead was looking like an all-pro during OTA’s and the early portion of training camp before suffering a shoulder injury that cost him to miss the entire preseason. Unfortunately, his shoulder doesn’t seem to be getting any better, and that’s one of the reasons Armstead’s playing time has decreased during the 49ers’ first three games of the season.

      Armstead’s playing time:

      Week 1 vs. Rams: 55 snaps (56 percent)
      Week 2 @ Panthers: 41 snaps (49 percent)
      Week 3 @ Seahawks: 28 snaps (40 percent)during the 49ers

      It’s an unfortunate setback for Armstead and the 49ers! Armstead’s shoulder injury is hindering his overall effectiveness, and it is clearly having a drastic effect on his ability to “stack and shed” offensive players, so he’s been much less effective against the run this season, and it’s one of the reasons the 49ers have struggled lately to shut down the run.

      DeFOREST BUCKNER (the 7th overall pick of the 2016 NFL draft): This goes without saying but, it’s a bit premature to draw any kind of conclusion while trying to evaluate a rookie DL 3 games into the season! There are simply too many variables and too little a sample size to make any kind of firm evaluation, other than breaking down the film.

      It’s worth noting that Pro Football Focus was nearly OBSESSED with Deforest Buckner ( ) and there probably no other player in the 2016 draft that PFF loved more than DeForest Buckner (and if there was, it was Joey Bosa). According to PFF, Buckner ended the 2015 season as the highest-graded interior defender in the nation — some distance clear of Sheldon Day in second — and his +73.0 is the highest figure they had seen across two years, and he absolutely blew Leonard Williams (the 6th overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft) out of the water, so to speak!

      Well, it’s fair to say Pro Football Focus continues to be a fan of 49ers defensive lineman, as DeForest Buckner made their list of top 10 rookies for ALL THREE weeks to start the 2016 season! Buckner, who had eight tackles in Sunday’s loss at Seattle, dropped to eighth this week after being ranked seventh the first two weeks. That makes Buckner THE HIGHEST GRADED ROOKIE DEFENSIVE LINEMAN IN THE NFL through the first 3 weeks of action.

      Now, like I said, it’s far too early to draw any firm conclusion for either one of these young linemen. But if you believe in PFF, and if Pro Football Focus is any indication, the arrow couldn’t be pointed any higher so far for the 49ers talented “twin towers” out of Oregon, and it certainly looks like these 2 DL can, indeed, be a very strong foundation in which the 49ers can continue to build a championship level defense around!.

      1. Nice deeper look 49.

        I would add that Armstead should go ahead and have the surgery if he continues to be ineffective.

        I think the sky’s the limit for Buckner. He is both strong and quick, and you can’t teach height.

        The other 1st round pick is a big question mark. Garnett fell behind in training camp and should start Thursday or the following Sunday. If not, he will be another guy that Baalke took too high.

        1. Agreed #80

          Sakamoto refers to these 2 DL as: “two players who have high potential, it doesn’t mean much if they don’t live up to it”.

          This is a true statement on it’s own, but Armstead & Buckner have absolutely lived up to their “potential” and expectations so far, so I’m not sure why Sakamoto would make this statement.

          As for Garnett, I think the 49ers are happy with his development so far. For Chip Kelly, I think Garnett’s lack of experience ( like you said he missed a large portion of the offseason ) is the riding factor at the moment. And I think Zane Beadles has played pretty well so far this season.

          People have to remember that, according to PFF, Beadles was average to very good in 4 of first 5 years, and had his worst season in 2015. However, his poor 2015 performance can probably be explained away by his Planter Fascia injury he suffered in October, and the drastic change in blocking schemes. Beadles is far better suited as a zone-blocking LG.

          I’m not saying Garnett won’t be a better player than Beadles. I think Garnett will develop into a much better player than Beadles. Garnett will get his opportunity at some point, and I expect Joshua will become a very good, physical, road-grading NFL Guard!

  29. Smith is one of the best left tackles in the game. At 6-5, 307, Smith is definitely a man among boys, evident by becoming the first offensive lineman in 10 years to be named offensive player of the week back in 2014. Simply put, Buckner will have his hands full on Sunday, and this will be a good measuring stick to see how the Oregon product stacks up.

  30. WRs Prepared To Step Up If Dez Can’t Play Sunday; Brice Butler: “I’m Ready”

    Thursday, September 29, 2016 4:44 PM CDT

    “I’ve got to just continue playing the game that I play and keep being the person that Coach Garrett and Coach Scott (Linehan) brought me here for,” Williams said.

    Brice is in the second year in our system – has made some plays, has some big-play ability.

    Skip Bayless: Dallas Cowboys X-Factor Against the Niners is…

    Butler was traded to the Cowboys early last season from the Oakland Raiders after Bryant went down with a foot injury in Week One

    One of Seattle’s biggest plays against the Niners was to Seahawk wide out Doug Baldwin for a 59-yard reception. Look for the Cowboys to try and stretch the field against the 49ers as well on Sunday, with the speedy Butler as the likely recipient.

    by Steven Mullenax 3 hours ago Follow @stevenmullenax

  31. Based on each team’s last two games, the Cowboys have to be considered strong favorites to win on Sunday, and even if we plug in all three games into the formula, the Cowboys (10.3-win projection) still hold an edge over the 49ers (6.8).

    team’s point differential over the last two games:

    Pythagorean Win Projection by Week 2 & 3 performance

    Team Points For Points Against Full season win projection
    45 83 3.0
    58 40 11.0

  32. 80% of the experts and algorithms tallied by favor the Cowboys over the 49ers on Sunday, and most the experts above seem to expect a close game.

        1. Yeah, its too early to really know for sure, but if he keeps playing like he has been my guess is 49ers pretty much need to lose out to have a shot at him. Very much looking like he could go #1 right now.

          To be honest, that would be fine by me. Kaaya looks good to me too. Not the same kind of big play talent, but a steady performer and good leader that generally makes good decisions. Would like to see him on a more talented squad. I also like Luke Falk.

          1. Yea, I’m not as big on Kaaya as you and I’ve cooled on Falk. He doesn’t look the same to me. Another guy I would pass on in the top ten would be Watson….

            1. Watson is RGIII Mk II.

              Kaaya has his flaws, but I think he’ll turn into a solid if unspectacular NFL pro. I like Kaaya for a lot of the same reasons I liked Bridgewater. There is a lot of pressure on Kaaya to perform in Miami, and so far he’s handled it pretty well. Tough minded guy. Apparently has a great football IQ and a real leader. From California too, so would be good to bring him home.

              I agree Falk doesn’t look as good as he did last year. He’s not as confident going downfield for some reason. And he holds the ball too long. But still plenty to like about his game. If he continues to play the same way all year I might cool some on him.

              1. Kaaya. 13/19, 241 yds. 1 TD 0 interceptions.

                Kaaya is a good plan b if you can’t get Kizer.

                Watson is too much of a risk right now. His ball placement has been spotty tonight. He doesn’t seem to be comfortable in the pocket, even with the slightest amount of pressure.

      1. Deshone Kizer is SPECIAL!

        Kizer has a full toolbox! This kid has all of the tools to be the next big thing at the next level.

        Kizer has the arm strength to make all the throws in the NFL with impressive accuracy to beat good coverage. Kizer can make beautiful touch passes with superb accuracy and ball placement while being under fire from pass rush. His field vision is very good as he moves his eyes through his progressions even with defenders bearing down on him. He consistently shows the ability to drop in accurate touch passes downfield and the mobility to make plays with his feet. Kizer is an excellent pocket passer.

        He’s the headline, but this is a fine looking crop of QB’s coming out.

        Scooter, would you be OK watching the 49ers lose their next 13 games if it guaranteed them the #1 pick?

          1. Good answer Scooter.

            To be clear, I wasn’t suggesting the 49ers lay down and play dead this season. However, this team is in transition, and Chip realizes this. He was brought in to help turn this ship around, but it seems pretty clear it isn’t going to happen overnight. They’ve made strides with their roster, but it seems pretty clear the WR position didn’t pan out as they had envisioned this season (Ellington, Rogers, Smelter) and it’s really hindering any kind of offensive growth. And it’s really starting to look certain that the 49ers QB of the future is not yet on this roster.

            If the Browns indeed draft Kizer, what direction would you go in in terms of QB, leaving out a Garoppolo trade?

            1. By the way, if Gabberts going to turn himself around, it’s got to start tomorrow. He needs a couple big home field performances against the Cowboys, and followed up at home against the Cards. But I’m not sure the 49ers have enough weapons when it comes to receivers, in order to do it.

            2. Excluding current NFL players as options, Kaaya would be my #1 option if Kizer was gone. If I missed out on Kaaya, Falk would be my next option right now.

              1. Reminds me too much of RGIII to feel comfortable taking him high. Relies on his legs too much for my liking.

              2. Right now my options for QB next year would be 1. Kizer, 2. Kaaya, 3. trade for Bridgewater, 4. trade for Garoppolo, 5. Falk.

              3. Fair enough.

                However, it seems to me that Watson has the superior mentality when compared to RG3. I personally think it’s what’s upstairs that will make Watson a better pro.


              4. RGIII was talked about very much the same way Watson is. Superb athlete, accurate passer with an excellent deep ball and touch, smart, poised, charismatic leader. The NFL found him out.

        1. I think I see why you may have thought I would be ok with that in my response to razor. I meant I would be ok with Kizer going #1 and the 49ers not having a shot at him. There are other QBs I like the look of. And I wouldn’t rule out trading for Garoppolo either.

          1. It sickens me to think the Browns will get him. The fact that he’s the best quarterback prospect to come out of Notre Dame since Montana makes it a very difficult pill to swallow, as far as I’m concerned….

    1. That Equanimeous St Brown is a guy to keep an eye on for the 2018 draft, too. Huge target with speed, that doesn’t mind the physical stuff.

  33. There once was a boy named Jed.

    Whose mother betrayed uncle Ed.

    He went with Trent.

    No money was spent.

    He never bled Niner red.

    1. There once was a boy named Jed.
      Whose mother betrayed uncle Ed.
      He went with Trent.
      No money was spent.
      And left the offense for dead.

  34. Razor,

    It may be the glue again, but i’m starting to think an upset is coming tomorrow.

    The Cowpatches aren’t as good as our last two opponents. Their defense especially. With an aging Witten and probably no Dez, their air attack isn’t too much of a threat.

    The Niner offense can’t get any worse. As much as I hate on Chip, I don’t believe he will continue the same thing every drive of every game.

    The Niner defense plays better at home. I expect them to play with much more energy. This will help them stop Eliot and contain Dak.

    I’m sticking with my prediction of Dal. 20 SF 13, but my gut is telling me that the Niners win.

    1. Here we go again with DuJuan Harris. I’ll be honest, while I understand the need to have a certain number of players at their given position on the active roster each week, I am having a hard time with Harris being the odd man out, signed- released, re-signed- released, rinse and repeat, this season.

      I’d like to see the 49ers find a way to get this guy on the field. I understand Shaun Draughn may be a better pass catcher, but IMO, DuJuan Harris is the more explosive runner, and a better compliment to Hyde.

      That said, I like JeRon Hamm. I think, at this stage, he’s probably a better all around TE than the BellDozer, Blake Bell. Hamm played wide receiver in college, but the general view was that his size made him better suited as a tight end or h-back in the NFL. His hands have been a little suspect, but I like the sturdy receiver who uses his frame to shield away defenders. He can also take a big hit and hold onto the football.

        1. Heck MW, I’m old enough to remember Bert & Harry Piels (played by Bob & Ray). I was but a tyke, but I paid attention to drawn or tv cartoons, so I knew their beer campaign. Dad, regularly a Scotch guy, drank Rolling Rock in pony bottles when he drank beer. The Bert & Harry characters were the inspiration for Bert & Ernie of Sesame Street.
          I bet Lowell remembers all of that, being a Brooklyn guy.

          1. My uncle was the Hamms beer distributor for Santa Cruz County back when YA Tittle and John Brodie were the 49er QBs. We only got to see the away games but I can’t remember one in that era that didn’t have the Hamms beer bear or the Old Pro from Bergie as sponsers. He also had Bergie and Pabst (before it was PBR) I have Hamms’ bears and Bergie man decanters that are worth $$$ and sold on EBay but I forget where I put them. I forget a lot of things now, like when the 49ers had good offense. Sorry, didn’t mean to whine.

            1. It’s been over twenty years, but we remember attacking offense by golly! Ya know, I think ol’ Chipster would effing LOVE to be able to run an attacking offense;…………..instead of an offensive (lack of) attack.

      1. Guess it’s OK to whine as long as your just being honest – or like Cassie says you can use a fake and refer to beer instead of whine. Chip would call it the read option.

    1. MW,

      How good would #80 be in todays’ NFL? I think back to 95 NFC Championship game against GB. Rice was illegally hammered throughout that game. The refs were terrible and couldn’t get away with that kind of crap today.

        1. Tuna …

          I wonder if any “elder” Bay Arean can remember ..
          “Brother Buzz” ? …
          or Pat McCormick and Charlie & Humphrey ?

          #80 ..

          I dunno .. I’m probably remembering through my
          foggy rose-colored glasses .. but .. given
          The Jerry’s demanding physical routine ..
          (even today) .. I’d like to think he could play
          in the NFL .. today … and ..STILL
          run circles ..around The Sherm !

          He ain’t called …”The G.O.A.T.
          fer nothin’

          1. “Oh Lord won’t you buy me a color TV, Dialing For Dollars is trying to call me.” Pat McCormick was Dialing For Dollars so anyone who every heard Janis Joplin has got to remember him.

  35. College player evaluations are completely relevant,….but……It’s kinda a sad mofo to be focusing on the 17 draft going into week#4/16.
    Just sayin.

      1. Yup, you and everybody just getting a preview look that will be relevant later. I just wish we were too distracted by this season to give it much thought this early. sigh

      1. Yes it was.

        Questions still remain about Watson, he looked really bad at times. Louisville gets some credit for getting decent pressure.

        McCaffrey came back down to earth last night. If you are looking for a every down back he is not the answer. He would be a good compliment to Hyde, but we have a more pressing need at QB and WR.

        Baalke will probably be gone after the season. Kelly and Gamble will be able to draft players to fit Chips’ system.

        Chip wanted to trade up to get Mariota. With Baalke out of the picture the Niners might make a move to get a high enough draft pick to take a potential franchise QB.

        1. If the Niners do well, they may not have a top 5 pick, and McCafrey may fall in their laps.

          His father is a former 49er, so being a Niner is in his blood.

          1. Seb,

            I like McCaffreys’ skill set. However, I wouldn’t take him any higher than the mid first round.

            Drafting a QB is paramount. We should move mountains to hopefully get Kizer or at least Kaaya or Watson.

            If that isn’t possible and there is no stud WR on the board, I would love to have McCaffrey.

            We can’t have the same QB and this group of WRs next year.

            1. 80, I still am all in with their SB QB, so no need to draft those college QBs.

              I hope the Niners would draft around where McCaffrey would be, I think his pass catching and return skills could help the team. He would also be a good change of pace back for Hyde.

              Lately, that Peppers guy has caught my eye, although it is way too early on speculating on the 2017 draft.

        2. McCaffrey came back down to earth last night.

          That is an inaccurate statement. It is more accurate to say Stanford was exposed as a weaker team than last season. One player can carry a team only so far.

          1. Mid,

            That is fairish. I agree that Stanford isn’t as good as last year. But that doesn’t mean that McCaffrey can’t be called out for under performing.

            I hold potential 1st round picks to a higher standard. Like how you perform in big games. How you play when your opponent gameplans against you in particular.

  36. I just heard on ESPN that the Browns were actively shopping Josh Gordon as recently as a week ago (seeking a 1st or 2nd!). As unproductive as our WRs have been, I’m relieved that Trent didn’t roll the dice. I’d read a rumor that Baalke had sniffed around previously in the last few years.
    To quote Maxwell Smart: “Missed it by that much!”
    On another note, yesterday Darren Woodson’s ‘Bold Prediction’ was that Kapernick would get “some playing time” in today’s game. I’m just passing that along; it’s not a hunch I subscribe to.

    1. Gordon had so many red flags draped around him, he looked like a Russian flag factory.

      I hope DW is right, and Chip will prove to me that he wants to win.

      1. You mean a soviet flag factory…? Unsure if Chips needs to prove anything to you–knowing that you set the bar so high.

  37. Randy Moss just dissed Gabbert for Kaepernick. Gabbert has to be feeling the pressure, which usually has him crumbling like a stale snickerdoodle….

      1. Gabbert has to perform in this game if he wants to keep his job. If not, it won’t be a question of a whisper. It’ll be a resounding chorus with banners flying overhead….

        1. A loud chorus along with the banners is not going to do any good if Kaepernick is not ready to start.

      2. I am glad that they have not given an inklng that Kaep will get to play. That means that they are not leaking like a sieve.

        It is a master move of deception to keep Kaep secret, so they will not game plan against him.

        However, if they do not play him, then they are obtuse.

        Jed should show some leadership and force Baalke to play Kaep. That is, if he wants to win.

    1. Yep .. MidWest ..

      Congrats to Frank .. ya know ..
      the legs might not be there anymore… but..
      he still has the heart of the
      “Inconvenient Truth” !

      1. Seb,

        I remember the Gore conversation well. It was you and I that gave multiple points on how Gore could still help the team.

        His ability to find and hit the hole makes his age and speed less of a factor. His leadership is greatly missed as well.

  38. This is in response to Seb’s comments earlier this morning about longing for the Glory Years to return:

    The heart of all championship dynasties is the work ethic of the owner.

    Eddie D was the son of a guy who emerged from poverty to build an enormously successful business from scratch. Here’s a little of Wikipedia on his father: “DeBartolo’s parents, Anthony Paonessa and Rose Villani, had immigrated to the United States from Italy. DeBartolo never knew his biological father, who died suddenly before his birth. After Anthony Paonessa’s death, Rose Villani Paonessa married Michael DeBartolo, and Edward took his stepfather’s family name. Michael DeBartolo emigrated from Bari, Italy, with his family at age 17 and became a paving contractor and builder of warehouses and other structures. While a teenager, Edward DeBartolo began working, transcribing paving contracts for his stepfather, who did not read or write English.”

    So Eddie Jr. got his work ethic from his father, who got it from his stepfather. Flash forward to Jed. Jed is John York’s son, not Eddie’s. John York is Jed’s model, not Eddie.

    Who is John York? He was the son of a dentist who got a doctorate in blood pathology and then spent seven years (seven!) in post doctoral study. How did he become successful? He married into the DeBartolo family and was bankrolled by Eddie Sr. Here’s the Wikipedia on John York:

    So what does that tell you about Jed York’s work ethic? Jed York is a guy who has never built anything. He rides the coattails of his father, who didn’t have the mettle to build anything – apparently he was good at being in school — but got rich through marrying into a rich family.

    This is the reality that we as Niner fans face. Jed being Eddie D’s nephew means nothing as far as the future of the franchise is concerned. The team is now owned by people who never accomplished anything big on their own, who never won at anything big on their own.

    So I say this to anyone who longs for the Glory Years to return: You have to get real. It’s probably not going to happen under this ownership.

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