Chip Kelly: “I think Kap is fine.”

Here’s the transcript of Chip Kelly’s Sunday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


Do you have any update on LB Nick Bellore’s condition?

“I have not met with [vice president of football operations Jeff Ferguson] Ferg yet today. We got back late and some guys were scheduled to see the doctor today. I have a meeting scheduled with Ferg at 2:30.”


Does that mean you don’t know how QB Colin Kaepernick is doing either the day after he threw all those warmup passes?

“I think Kap is fine. I saw Kap. He’s fine.”


And so what is the plan for tomorrow?

“He’s going to throw some more.”


In actual practice?

“In actual practice, I think.”


In practice?



OK, so like seven-on-seven and team?

“I don’t know that. We’ll see how it goes when he gets out there and starts throwing. So, don’t put me and say I said this. I don’t know. He’s going to start throwing tomorrow and we’ll see how it goes, see how he progresses.”


You said early in training camp that the outside linebackers were looking like one of the position groups that stood out. Has that followed through with the games? How would you assess how that group as a whole played yesterday?

“As a whole, I thought they played well. I thought they did some good things. We got some good pass rush out of, obviously, [LB] Marcus Rush. I thought [LB] Eli [Harold] had a good day himself. [DT] Tank [Carradine] was very productive, so I think that group did really well yesterday.”


Eli, did that turn out to be just getting the wind knocked out of him?



And what about the wide receivers, you had said you’re looking for more consistency from that group. Did you see that from any of those young guys in the game yesterday?

“Yeah, and I meant by consistency when the ball is thrown to them, they catch it. So, I thought they did a good job from that standpoint.”


Does the WR Bryce Treggs injury look like it’s going to be long-term?

“I don’t know yet. Again, I’m going to meet with Ferg here at 2:30. So, I don’t have any information on that. When we get the information, we’ll get it to you.”


When you looked at the game again, what areas were you pleased with specifically?

“I liked our energy. I liked how competitive we were against a good football team. I think defensively after that first series, they kind of settled down a little bit. And, obviously [S] Eric Reid’s pick was a big spark for us. That second and third group did a good job of getting after the quarterback. So, I think there are some positives on the defensive side to build upon. I thought we ran the ball well. We still could have run it better. I thought our quarterbacks were very accurate. We were 19-of-24 and did a nice job of not throwing a pick, so they’re doing a good job from that standpoint. And, I thought we protected the quarterbacks by and large, for the most part.”


Do you have a plan in place as far as, I asked you this after the game, but have you talked about where T Anthony Davis is going to be playing this week?

“No, we haven’t talked about that yet. We just graded the film and just met on personnel. We’ve got more meetings later on today and intotomorrow.”


After the game, QB Christian Ponder talked about his time with the Vikings. He felt like he pressed a lot, felt a lot of pressure and his mission is now to really have fun. I don’t know if you’ve been able to speak with him much beyond the X’s and O’s and getting him ready, but do you have any sense mentally, his changed mindset?

“No, because I never knew Christian before, so I can’t speak to what his mindset was before I met him.  Really the first time I met him to say hello was about a year or two ago in a social setting. But, this was the first time I’ve ever spent any time with him, so I thought he did an unbelievable job to come in here Tuesday like he did and play full in practice on Wednesday and Thursday and then play in the game 20-plus snaps, go seven-for-eight and then run one in from 22. I thought he did a really nice job.”


Do you usually do your starters about the whole first half of the third exhibition game?

“It really just depends on how the game goes. Sometimes you want to get an X amount of snaps. If you don’t get enough in the first half, you may continue into the third. Sometimes you get enough in the first and second quarter that you’ll sub them out the second quarter. So again, just depends on the work and how the game itself goes.”


Does the way that QB Blaine Gabbert and the offense, they’ve taken a little bit of time to get going these two exhibitions, do you want to see them play longer to see how that rhythm gets going?

“Yeah. You want success right out the gate no matter when you’re playing. So, that’s something that we need to get better at and will continue to work on.”


After watching the film, what stood out to you about the three guys battling to start next to LB NaVorro Bowman and where does that battle stand right now?

“I think they all had their pluses. They all have done some really nice things. [LB Gerald Hodges] Hodgy had a fumble recovery and was very productive. [LB] Ray-Ray’s [Armstrong] done a really good job in coverage in some of our dime and our sub-packages. [LB] Mike’s [Wilhoite] just really steady in terms of how he plugs and plays and probably could play both positions behind NaVorro if NaVorro were to be injured and play the WILL. So, they all have their pluses and they’re all doing a good job. So, I think it’s a positive situation for us.”


Have you been communicating with NaVorro in terms of getting his feel for each guy and how chemistry is going on that front?



Regarding QB Jeff Driskel, he said he wasn’t exactly thrilled with his preseason opener. He obviously got a lot more reps in practice and he thought that helped. Could you see in practice that he was developing and making improvements and what was your assessment of how he played Saturday?

“Yeah, I think Jeff has improved every time he’s gotten an opportunity. The more he’s out there, the more comfortable he is with what we’re doing. And then obviously he was better in Week 2 than he was in Week 1. But, I thought he did a nice job in our two training sessions with Denver during the week and is just continuing to take advantage of the reps he’s getting now.”


We’ve heard running backs coach Tom Rathman throughout training camp yelling at his players to squeeze the ball. That seems to be emphasized quite a bit in practice. When you look at these fumbles, is there a common thread? Is it something different every play? Is it just a matter of holding the ball too loosely?

“No. Unfortunately, there’s not a common thread that you can say, ‘Hey, it’s this. Let’s fix it.’ But, there are opportunities for us to secure the ball a lot better and part of being a good player on the offensive side of the ball is that you have to be able to secure the football and that’s all taken into effect as we put this team together. But, everybody understands how important the turnover battle is in the game of football and if you’re on the plus side, you have increased your chances of winning the football game. It’s something we’ve emphasized and continue to emphasize. I was really impressed with our defense in terms of them creating turnovers because we didn’t in the first game. But, we can’t turn the ball over like we have in the last two games and expect to be very successful during the regular season.”


Why was RB Shaun Draughn held out of the game?

“Got hit in the ribs in practice with Denver. So, we expect him to be back this week.”


With Marcus Rush, you talked about guys kind of taking advantage of opportunities when they arise. Do you see NT Garrison Smith as a guy who was able to do that too last night?

“Yeah. I thought Garrison played an outstanding game. I think between him and Marcus, if you picked two standouts, and I thought there was a lot of other standouts, but those two really from a production standpoint kind of jumped off when you watch the tape, when you got a chance, you’re flying home last night, just watching the tape. The two of those guys were around the football a lot and causing a lot of disruption in Denver’s offense. So, both those guys had really, really good games in Week 2.”

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    1. That was a really impressive showing. With Lynch suspended four games to start the year there is a spot for the taking behind Brooks, Harold and Tank. Lemonier has done nothing, so Rush could well earn himself a spot on the 53.

      1. Still like Lemonier, but must admit that 3 sacks are very impressive. Lemonier had lots of snaps, but no stats.

        Rush seems to have a high motor like the energizer bunny. Keeps going, going, and going…..

      2. If Lemonier makes this roster, there is something I am missing! He’s done absolutely nothing for what, 3 full seasons on the roster?

        Time to cut bait!

      1. Coach he played well last night. To make the team I’m thinking he will need 10 tackles and 5 more sacks in the next 2 games to have a chance.

          1. Not sure I can answer that because of Ronald Blair. He might be used as a OLB or DL. My point is it will depend on the other units.
            I like Rush, just need to see more. He probably thinks he needs to show more to stick as well.

  1. He certainly helped himself and the team could use some help in the pass rush department. Before I jump on the bandwagon, I’d like to see how well he des with 2s and 1s rather than 3s. And while we’re giving awards Bellore certainly has played pretty well as well. Same rule applies though.

        1. Yes! We can’t get too attached to our Longshots until they make the team. Remember too, the last 1% of the 53 can turn over with waiver bids.

    1. EC9er, I guess it depends on what we mean by the ‘band wagon’. If we mean it as getting on board with him being a difference maker on D this year, then I’m pumping the breaks hard. Definitely need to see him perform against tougher competition before we go that far.

      But in terms of making the 53, its how he performs against the 2s and 3s that will determine that. He made a very strong case for himself making the 53 against the Broncos. I’m happy to start getting on the band wagon for him to beat out Lemonier.

      1. Scooter ..

        a voice of reason is akin to the proverbial
        pin … bursting the bubble ! .. ;-}

        but.. you’re right to be taking off
        the rose-colored glasses, of course

      2. He was beating a guy that’ll be serving drinks in his hometown by the end of September.

        I’ve been following Rush as well and it was really fun to see him get some great reps but as stated by a few already he was playing well against guys that’ll likely be looking for a job in a month. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t bode well for him in terms of how he’s coming along but lets see how he does against a starting offense line at least once before we start cutting players with real experience to make room for him.

        1. Exactly, CfC.

          As for beating out Lemonier though, both Rush and Lemonier were getting snaps against the same players. Rush has looked better than Lemonier, so yes, I can only imagine it bodes well for him.

          As for seeing how he goes against the 1s, I don’t think either he or Lemonier need to show how they perform against the 1s to make the team. In fact, neither player is likely to get that opportunity. They are both fighting for a spot at the bottom of the 53 man roster, and regardless of which guy wins that spot, they will likely make way for Lynch after 4 weeks.

          1. I’d love to see him off the p/s if for no other reason then to prevent someone from plucking him but I have my doubts simply because of how many players the team has at the position that have more experience already.

            I think his best chance is to make the team during the games Lynch is out in the beginning of the year. If he proves he can hang with the big dogs then they have a tough decision to make otherwise they cut him and re-sign him to the p/s squad. Pretty sure he’s still eligible after only 4 games played.

            Outside of that I think he spends the next season, barring injury to someone else, on the practice squad.

              1. I agree. I thought a number of his opportunities were actually due to coverage anyway. Not that it takes away from his efforts or work at getting to the qb (see Lemonier). Kid seems like a hard worker and would love to see what else he can bring but I think PS is what we can expect.

      3. Nothing against Rush, who I am clearly a bit undersized for a 3/4 OLB, for me it’s more about the absolute failure of epic proportions that is Corey Lemonier, the invisible man!

  2. I think Marcus Rush is a bit like Dan Skuta but with a higher ceiling. He deserves some time against the 1’s to prove he can still produce.

    1. Not bad. He’s an even better pass rusher, but the book is out on his drops. He could develop into that versatility. I like how he stays after it. When everybody’s tired in 4Q, his persistent hustle might get the sack or hurry you need.

  3. If Rush makes it, it will be as a 3rd down or long yardage specialist I wasn’t that impressed with vs the run. I believe that its important to remember that because of Kelly’s system defensive depth will be more important than ever.

    1. Rush thoughts…
      – Its my personal policy to under-react to preseason games.
      – I frequently violate the above policy.
      – Rush has a nice outside speed move, and also showed some of that mysterious “bend” people are so fond of now-a-days.
      – The tricky part… how does he do vs a quality OT that’s seen his best outside move?
      (This is a rare case where practice reports might have more value than preseason games)
      – I might not be Rush vs Lemonier for a roster spot. It could be more like Rush vs (Bellore, McCray, Miller) for special teams value.

      Summary: Pass rushers are rare. If a team thinks it has one, keep him. The real test will be going against tackles that have done their film study on him. Does he have a bull rush? How is he on a TE stunt or inside rip? Can he set the edge?

      1. – I might not be Rush vs Lemonier for a roster spot. It could be more like Rush vs (Bellore, McCray, Miller) for special teams value.
        This is where I was headed with my thoughts on why It’s still more likely he’s bound for the p/s for one more year. It’s not just Rush vs Lemonhead but Rush vs Lemonier, Harold, Armstrong, Bellore etc…

        It’ll take Lemonier and one somewhat of a surprise release and/or a fan favorite i.e. Miller for Rush to really have a chance at making the 53.

        1. Good breakdown. There’s alot of pieces to this puzzle. I can see McCray (and maybe Bellore?) getting stashed on an injury list.

          Roster cuts at MLB, OLB, RB, WR, TE will be equal parts fascinating and painful.

          1. Another reason Kelly was especially coy about injuries this morning. I don’t buy that he hasn’t spoken to “Ferg” about so-and-so by this morning for a preliminary injury estimate.

            Not sure about the rules, but in some cases I think players have to agree to go on injury lists. They could insist on injury settlements/releases.

      2. Yes, its a good point that it isn’t as simple as being Rush vs Lemonier. It is possible the 49ers think carrying just 3 OLBs while Lynch is out will be sufficient. Especially if they believe Blair can fill that role in a pinch.

          1. I think only 3 OLB is very risky considering how many more snaps these guys will be logging.

            When you have a huge game vs the World Champs, even against their 3’s, it’s hard to imagine Rush clearing waivers, with he way pass rushers are valued in this league.


            1. I’m guessing…
              – Lynch, Brooks, Harold, Caradine stick as the 4 OLBs.
              – Rush will fight for roster spot. Much depends on his specials teams skills.
              – Fanaika PS or cut
              – Lemonier cut

            2. I’m guessing they will risk only 3 OLBs until Lynch gets back.

              If they run out, they can show some 4-3 looks (which they have talked about). How’s a pass rush foursome of Buckner, Armstead, Blair, OLB sound?

              One nice thing about a gap player like Blair… he can force the defense to double team, freeing up another pass rusher.

              1. I said, even against the World Champion’s 3’s, the way pass rushers are valued in this league, Marcus Rush likely get’s claimed. You disagree?

                Roberts has been signed by the Broncos since 2015, so he’s not simply some slouch off the street Grant. If he weren’t NFL material, at least marginally, wouldn’t he have been cut long ago?

                Short answer = YES

              2. And if it comes down to Rush or Lemonier, I think that’s a pretty easy decision.

                Let’s remember, Rush had at least one stand out performance in limited action during last preseason, and he’s clearly developed since. I realize he’s a bit undersized, and I am not advocating he is anything but a role player.

              3. I realize there are politics involved. After all, Lemonaide was a 4th round pick, however, if baalke’s going to play the charade of cutting the better player in order to save face, just because he was dumb enough to draft Lemonier, the “invisible man”, then all he is doing is compounding the mistake. If he’s going to be that foolish, especially with an opportunity to clean house and start anew, he should be fired ASAP!

              4. 49, while I like Lemonier, he has to be productive. 35 snaps and no stats, and Lemonier will make the decision easy.

                Maybe they should bundle him with Miller, Acker, Silberman or Thomas to a team in need of players in those positions

              5. Just curious Seb, what is it you like about Lemonier? It’s always all about production in the NFL, always has been. He has done squat for 3 seasons, if he was going to develop, he’d be further along than he is right now.

                I’ve recently watched some extensive tape on Lemonier. IMO, his problem is two-fold.

                A) He’s not aggressive enough. You have to play with aggression in the NFL if you’re going to be an effective defender. He plays passively, and the will not do.

                B)He’s a bit of a clutz. A lot of wasted steps in the way he plays. That’s an aspect he should have cleaned up years ago.

              6. Rush had a nice game, but as has already been pointed out, it came against one player. Combine that with the fact Rush has been non impactful previously, and his chances of making the final roster are slim. What it will come down to is how good of a ST’s player he is vs. Lemonier or whoever else may be in the mix for the final couple of roster spots. It’s pretty much moot considering whoever wins the role will be cut once Lynch is active anyway.

              7. rocket, Rush had a stand out performance in limited action in last years preseason VS the Cowboys. The fact of the matter is, we don’t know how well he has been progressing in terms of development. He spent the entire season last year on the scout team, and he’s likely developed his game, and honed his skills.

                My point is, we’ve seen enough of Lemonier at this point to know he’s not the answer. Like I stated above, Lemonier has a couple fatal flaws in his game. And one of the flaws cannot be taught. So, given a choice, I’d cut Lemonade, & keep Rush on the active roster until Lynch gets back week 4, and then see if we can sneak Marcus through waivers at that point.

              8. And, yes, once Lynch returns Rush likely becomes expendable UNLESS, we suffer an injury at OLB, knock on wood. However, it makes sense to have an insurance policy developing on your practice squad because you need someone to play that role on the scout team anyways, so why risk losing Rush now, when you can guarantee his availability while lynch is out? Rush is a better insurance policy than Lemonier, IMO!

              9. Unless you want to run with 3 OLB’s, on a defense that is almost certainly going to log A LOT of snaps in the first 4 weeks. I think that would be a mistake, but that’s my opinion. However, I’ll say it again. We, meaning you and I don’t really know how well Rush has been progressing in terms of development, so I wouldn’t assume he can’t play in the NFL.

              10. And by the way, if there is one thing Rush can do, it’s speed rush around the outside while maintaining a bead on the QB.

                That’s a good thing to have on the scout team/practice squad to simulate that type of player in practice. Certainly better than guy like Lemonier who excels at nothing, including special teams!

              11. Lemonier plays passively, and aggression cannot be taught. That simply won’t cut it as an NFL defender.

                Another cut has to be Marcus Martin. I just found out Beadles has recently been working some at center, let’s hope that signals Martin is going to be cut.

                Marcus Martin’s biggest flaw? He’s too big to be nimble, and he’s also not strong enough to bully strong lineman. That’s a bad combination, and his inability to get stronger indicates a bit of laziness, IMO!

  4. This is a bit OT. Do you guys think we’ll add some WR’s for the loss of Tregg’s And Roger’s? Or will they just run with who they have.

    1. I think Smelter may still have leg issues. Diandre Campbell looks good, and he might make the 53. Dres Anderson caught a TD, so maybe he has a chance. No need to find another, unless some one drops in their lap off the waiver wire.

  5. Why not bring in Marques Colston for a look? He only put up 500yards last year, but put up 900 in 2014–he’d 33 years old which isn’t too bad

    1. If they were interested in an aging veteran who can’t get separation anymore then they would probably have just re-signed Boldin.

  6. Sometimes those ageing vets could catch and work the field better inside the Red Zone.
    I’ve seen lots of young receivers come & go and produce nothing. I’d rather have a couple of guys that at least produced something in the past

    1. Preaching to the choir however the 49ers never showed any interest in re-signing Boldin so clearly they felt differently on the matter.

  7. Fans,

    Reviewed 1st team offense of the 49ers/Denver game. It’s the first video I’ve seen. As an ex running back in the industry the only film on Chip’s O thus far has been from Philly.

    I’ve reported the Eagle beat writers critiques of Kelly’s offense–that it’s repetitious, therefore, predictable and only a few run plays where if the back is offset to the QB’s left it’s a run, rightside and visa versa.

    Grant’s bloggers over the long summer have consistently hit on the probability that “Kelly’s learned his lesson in Philly so will probably tweak his offense.

    Folks, after reviewing the 49er running plays I’ve concluded that either Kelly’s deceiving teams or he hasn’t changed one iota…That is, a running back offset left still runs rightside and visa versa.

    I watched in horror as Denver linemen shot gaps right as the ball was snapped in anticipation of where the run was going– dominating the 49ers first team’s 1st few possessions.

    I hope this is not a preview of things to come, but it appears, once again, the 49er F/O has been “sold a bill of goods” in Kelly, which, by fans might remember the media theme, that no one but the 49ers wanted Chip. This F/O does a lot of things no other NFL team does: hire Nolan, Singletary, and Tomsuala as 1st time head coaches; hire Jim Hostler as OC, etc, etc.

    Here’s a view of Kelly’s offset RB runs, left and right, so fans can decide if Kelly’s changed.
    (incidentally, one of the arguments against this run style is no fullback is there to pick off the blockers who do shoot the gaps in a Kelly coached offense).

    Grant’s bloggers were hopeful that Kelly had learned

    1. Tom-

      Lots of yards made by the O in these games so far…………haven’t seen them move the ball like this in well over a decade-pre-season or not.

    2. You mean the “predictable offense” in Philly that averaged a #7 ranking as a rushing attack through 3 full seasons?

      TomD = FOOL

  8. Typically, by the final game of preseason, teams already have a pretty good idea who their starters will be. The final game is simply a formality and at the very most, used to decide which depth players will stay …You certainly don’t want to risk injury to any players that you hope will significantly contribute during the regular season.

    Ryan Sakamoto ‎@SakamotoRyan

    People need to keep in mind that if Kap is to return for preseason play he will likely have 1 game to audition. 4th game is more formality.

    3:21 PM – 21 Aug 2016

  9. Fans also should keep in mind the York’s are on the hook for Kap’s 14 million salary.
    If he doesn’t show much vs. GB, he could be the most expensive 2nd stringer riding the bench in NFL history, making Baalke look again, not like a QB guru, but a passing game idiot.

        1. Does than mean Baalke can trade up to the # 6 pick in the 2nd Rd– Basically a late 1st pick considering he gave up a pick to get there for Kap, then ruin his development with Tomsual, Chyst and logan–or draft another AJ Jenkins instead of Alshon Jeffery into perpetuity…?

          When does a billionaire have to admit he was wrong….never and we pay for it??

          Not this year my friend. Fans walked out on the York’s Levi stadium, leaving hot dogs to rot and an embarrassed NFL. If the York’s continue to embarrass them they will pay for it.

          1. Prime,

            Don’t forget the seething undercurrent of PSL holders. There was talk that when fans walked out on the York’s in 2015, many still hadn’t payed for them.

            That fans are waiting to see the 2016 York product before reneging on their PSL’s, forcing the York’s to sue their own fans.

            Prime, if you have not heard of this yet, your in for an exciting season, especially if this thing goes the way Las Vegas predicts it will.

          2. It means Baalke can do whatever he wants with respect to York. Results are not the issue with this ownership-politics are-first and foremost.

  10. Like Kap, I don’t trust the F/O of Jed and Trent. Kap’s agent is well aware that NFL rules state a player can not be cut if injured or during recovery from it.

    This is the reason Kap refused Jed and Trent when offered team doctors, instead choosing his own to perform surgery and recovery.

    If I was Kap, after they ruined my career by firing the coach who had his career in an upswing, and taking a paycut so Jed could use the savings to upgrade personnel, but instead pocketed Kap’s money (stiffed Tim Kawakami on a dinner bill, threatened to sue him for reporting 49er annual profits, ripped off the Girl Scouts of America in search of a more profitable act to bump them with, the Santa Clara City Council voter imbroglio, etc, etc) I would not trust the York’s and follow my agents advice and say I am still injured in order to claim next years 14 million paycheck….It would be Karma for all of those ripped off by the 49er front office and Kap could laugh at the York’s just as the York’s laughed and bragged to national media of how they screwed Kap and his agent when Kap’s contract was signed.

    1. Kaep is the only one responsible for his own demise. He has not grown as a player at all, he’s actually regressed a lot since his few good games vs Chicago, GB (2x) and NE.

      He’s 28, turning 29 this season, this is supposed to be when he’s excelling but in fact he’s dropping, can’t stay healthy, and has done a brilliant job alienating team mates, media, and a large portion of the fan base.

      Thats all him, not Jed, Trent or the man on the grassy knoll.

      1. You are wrong, my friend.

        Bill Walsh provided QB’s everything possible –reliable WR’s, Rice, Taylor, Solomon, Clark, etc.

        Solid RB’s : Tyler, Craig, Lenvill Elliot, ETC

        Pro Bowlers year in and out across the offensive Line.

        Pro Bowl tight ends.

        Apparently, everyone but you thinks a QB does not need a team, just himself to win….

        We will never know what Harbs would have provided Kap with–remember, Harbs wanted Alshon Jeffery, Baalke did not.

        Harbs did well at Stanford, San Diego, and last year with 5th ranked Michigan….What’s Baalke done….?? We will never know what Kap could have become because he was still in the developmental stage when Harbaugh was fired .

        1. And, if you have noticed what WCO coaches have provided other QB’s with you had better pay attention to the draft Scott McCloughan pulled off for Washington this year. A++

          Kirk Cousins has solid WR’s and O-linemen. Big year for Cousins. Check your fantasy league Mags for further info.

          But, again, the difference between 49er F/O and Washington’s whose F/o actually listens to coaching descriptions of what makes a WCO work.

          Here, it’s Run, Run, Run, screw your WR choice, I’ll pick them.

        2. Kap started to lose the locker room while Harbaugh was still the coach. He was sleeping with Aldons girlfriend and would be on social media while he was supposed to be studying film. Hopefully being humbled last year will get him to go all in this year.

      2. Plus 1 eMJay, Kaepernick is the epitome of a one trick pony!

        He simply cannot process information fast enough at the NFL level. And that’s on Harbaugh. Kap was Jim’s guy, and it was one of many mistakes that help open the door for Harbaugh’s deserved firing. Let’s remember just how incompetent the 49ers passing game was for nearly the entirety of Harbaugh’s run, especially in the redzone. Harbaugh failed to win a Super Bowl while coaching the most talented team in the NFL, bar none.

        Not counting his insibortination, that’s a fireable offense in my book..

          1. So Kaepernick wasn’t Harb’s guy? Everyone with even the slightest knowledge of the 49ers inner workings knows that.

            And Kap isn’t limited with processing information? Take that up with every well known NFL Scout, I’m just the messenger.

            And the 49ers didn’t have the most talented roster and own the pro-bowl during Harb’s run? Nice try.

            1. Harbaugh is a good coach that will inevitably always wear out his welcome. Just ask a lot of the retired veterans in private.

              And move the F on already!

              1. Jim Harbaugh is a maniac. There might not be a more competitive person walking this planet. And that’s both a blessing and a curse. Oh you bet it’s effective in the short term. Very effective! The problem is that his style of head coaching is unsustainable for any long period of time. Of course, as Herm famously said, you play to win the game.

                However, you cannot expect to play your starters nearly every snap throughout a season in order to win, and then wonder why guys like Willis and J. Smith are breaking down exactly when you need them to play their best. You’ve got to develop players behind them to take some of the playtime, and wear and tear of a season.

                I find it ironic that some of the same people that bitch about losing Alex Smith are the same people who bitch about losing the guy that kicked Alex to the curb for daring to suffer a concussion.

                Jim has worn out his welcome everywhere he’s coached, and that’s never going to change. He wears his veterans down to the bone, and then wonders why his experienced players are all breaking down come the postseason. That, and his incredibly antiquated way of signally plays into the huddle cost the 49ers 2 more Super Bowl rings, I am sure of that!

              2. And I can assure everyone here that if you were to ask Jim Harbaugh in private, who are the 5 best HC’s he’s either played for or coached against, Chip Kelly would be on that list.

              3. Bill Walsh would never have allowed a division foe to treat him like his own whipping boy, I can assure you that!

              4. And by the way, there is one thing more important than winning in my book, and that’s treating people with dignity and respect.

                Jim Harbaugh never got that memo!

                You’ve all seen him on the sideline. You think he was winning over the NFL officials by throwing tirades and acting like a child on the sideline? And Harbaugh couldn’t figure out a correct call to challenge if his life depended on it.

              5. There was a stretch of time while Harbaugh was coaching the Niners where the consensus around the league was: The 49ers have the most talented roster, PERIOD!

                That’s a fact! And how many Super Bowls did the so called GURU, or QB whisperer, Jim Harbaugh win with that roster? ZERO! A big fat goose egg!

        1. P.S. Baalke is on the clock and should be fired next if this roster doesn’t look vastly improved thanks to better coaching this season.

    2. >>If I was Kap, after they ruined my career by firing the coach who had his career in an upswing….

      The entire team could say that. But Kaep gets to pout and play the mysterious injury card? F that with a rusty screwdriver.

      1. Every once in a while we come across a one liner on here that is a pure dockside gem. I about lost a mouthful of coffee reading your last line there Rib.

      2. I fully expect Kaepernick to make a statement, leaving Dom to Ponder if he may be too old for these kind of Capers….

      3. Rib, that line is golden, and can only be made better by using the word TomD in place of the word “that”!

        Seriously funny stuff, but it will likely go right over Mr. Copy & Paste’s head.

            1. TomD, I haven’t been here that long but I’ve noticed 49 and Seb disagreeing several times. Last week I was accused of being you. I can’t speak for 49 and Seb but I would like to be judged as an individual.

              1. Cut TomD some slack #80, his comebacks are limited, it’s a witt deficiency.

                But yes, Seb can concur, we often don’t see eye to eye, however, Seb is a lot of things, but I don’t consider him a troll. TomD, is definitely a cowardly troll!

                The good news is he just makes the rest of us sound a whole lot smarter!

      4. If Kaepernick has legitimate health issues that’s one thing and a concern. But for posters (and the our host) applauding a tactic of dogging it as a way of “sticking it to the team” because he was so mistreated (mistreated to the tune of $114,000,000) – I’m sorry, that makes me see red.

  11. Don’t think it has been mentioned, and thanks to Maiocco for reminding us, but so far this preseason Gabbert has yet to take a sack or throw an interception. A lot might complain about a handful of his 20 attempts being off target (low) but as much as it is for a qb to make positive plays, you can not have him making negative plays…and no INTs and no Sacks is definitely a good thing, especially considering who he went up against Saturday.

    1. Em, no matter what you and all the others say, Chip is the one who will determine his fate, so I am confident that Kaep, once he is healthy, will win the fair competition to be the starter.

      1. I know Harb’s ran a very conservative version of Walsh’s WCO. But Kap had his best years with him.

        A smart owner would have picked up Sonny Dykes from Cal’s Bear Raid offense that got Jared Goff drafted, and taught harbs to pass

        1. Remember, Bill Walsh always set the organization up for the future by hiring good QB’s and coaches, Ray Rhodes, Mike Holmgren, Denny Green, Bob McKittrick, etc.

          Jed is no Walsh, or Uncle Eddy. I remember When Seifert tried to meddle with the offense and Young and Rice went to Eddy. Eddy resolved this explosive situation, telling George to stick with his expertise, Defense and leave the offense to Young, Rice and Shannahan, resulting in a SuperBowl win over San Diego.

          Jed would have flaunted Silicon Valley Suit Power with Trent. We’ll show those coaches whose boss…Fire them all.! Take that!…Now no decent coaches who value a coaching career will ever coach here again–too toxic

    2. Ya he has done a nice job against Vanilla Defenses in protecting the ball. Problem is that when the regular season starts his dink and dunks will be taken away just like they were his last 3-4 games of last year. Teams realized his limitations and his comfort zone. It’s up to Blaine to adjust and take the necessary chances. I’m willing to see if he can make those adjustments. I think he will have a short leash due to his issues. I just want to see improvement from the QB position. Whether it’s him or Kaep lets see it.

      1. Eat a Snickers dude.

        All last week we kept having to read how they were going to be thrashed by the Broncos. Instead they showed themselves quite well.

        We all get that expectations are low, but so far they’ve done a lot more good things than bad.

      2. With that thought process, all starters should not throw any ints or get any sacks because they are all playing vanilla defenses.

        Its the same argument people make when they want to degrade a teams performance…if it’s so easy why isn’t everyone doing it?

        1. He is 10-19 for 130 yards no Tds or Ints.. He has relied on Hyde and the other backs for moving the ball. He has thrown a couple nice balls but nothing special. Don’t pretend it’s anything more.. He is nothing better then he was last year. Which was average!

          1. “He is 10-19 for 130 yards no Tds or Ints”

            Nope. He’s thrown a TD.

            An interesting note on the Bay Area starting QB’s, Gabbert is averaging nearly 3 yards per attempt more than Derek Carr.

            Last year Gabbert’s yards per attempt was higher than Carr’s. This whole dink and dunk stuff is a bunch of garbage.

            1. Derek Carr had 32 Tds last year there bud. In his first two years is second all time to only Dan Marino. There you go comparing a draft bust to one of the best young QBs in the NFL… Blaine Gabbert career numbers. 33 tds to 31 Ints… But hey don’t let facts get in the way.. Lol

              1. Ummm, that Gabbert had a higher yards per attempt last year and has done it through 2+ quarters of this preseason is a fact, bud.

                And I didn’t write one is better than the other. I wrote that the whole dink and dunk stuff with Gabbert is garbage.

            2. Your sure like comparing those two to prove a point. This is at least your second time doing that. You must have a belief that he is just as good. At least that’s what I take out of it. It’s not a secret that your very high on Gabbert and it’s not a secret that I’m not. I think your going to be right on him starting. That just goes to show you what a dumpster fire we have at that position. I expect him to get replaced sooner rather then latter.

              1. Yes, I like to compare them because they are both in the Bay Area so it’s easy to see the narratives surrounding them.

                You assume I’m this big Gabbert fan because I can easily show that he was better than Kaepernick a season ago. Suggesting that he’d be the starter week 1 for this team wasn’t that hard. Everything pointed to that being the case.

                My take on Gabbert right now is the same as it was with Alex Smith going into 2011. He’s been stuck with terrible coaches and teams throughout his career to this point. I’m interested to see what the guy can do with a good coach for a change.

                So far I’m comfortable with the results.

              2. Giving him a shot is fair. I have come around to that. My expectations are low until proven other wise.

            3. This whole dink and dunk stuff is a bunch of garbage.

              Gabbert has had the honor of owning the lowest ALEX in the NFL since 2006. I can remember a play last year, against the Cardinals, week 12. I believe there was like a minute or so to play in the game. 49ers down 19-13. 4th down and 20, Gabbert takes out the trash with an 18 yard throw to Boldin, where he’s dropped immediately. That’s garbage and like all garbage, it stunk. Game over….

      3. Teams realized his limitations and his comfort zone.

        It sounds like the recurring theme with our QBs.

  12. Saturday’s game was entertaining. I was especially paying close attention the defense and they did not disappoint.

    Our front D-line was basically made up of 2nd team players and they showed well for the most part. With I. Williams, Dorsey, Armstead and Buckner out for the game our bench looked good. Robinson will be a starter by the end of TC and Blair will get plenty of snaps his rookie season.
    Our defense is going to be a pleasant surprise this season.

    The offense is still in the learning mode of Kelly’ system. No QB has yet to established himself and the fact that some are saying that Kap still has a possibility of being the starter even after not taking any snaps is a bad omen for Gabbert.

    But although I’m not enamored with Gab’s performances, I still believe that he gives us the best chance to win – or at least make us more competitive than CK.
    Our 2016 core of QB’s will only try to hold down the forte until Watson, Kaaya or Falk arrive in 2017.

    I also believe that this is the year we finally break the curse of the Seahags by winning one game. If Gab can play a part in this, he can establish himself as the clear-cut winner in the QB sweepstakes – at least for this year.

    1. Interesting, I think the exact opposite. Kaep gives the Niners the best chance to win over all the others, but with his soreness, Gabbert may win because he is fully healthy and did not perform like Mr Butt Fumbler.

      With the smurf getting sacked 4 times, the Seahawks are vulnerable. I sure would like to see the Niners go north and shut up that crowd.

      1. Seb–

        give it a rest with Kap………I’m begging you. This obsessive/compulsive behavior with Kap that u have…..

        You know your football. Talk about some other stuff!

  13. In thinking about the OL, as far as I know, the only one backing up Staley at the moment is Pears (please correct me if I’m wrong – as if I need to ask). IMO, the team should try to put someone else there, maybe AD. It would be a shame to have to lose a potentially promising young OL (like Brandon Thomas or Silberman – I’ve given up on MM) to keep Pears around only because he’s the only one they are currently looking at as a backup LT. But maybe there really is no one else; still the only requirement is that the new backup LT is better than Pears not that he is great. Unless someone has some other information, it just seems that they haven’t really explored the possibility of replacing Pears.

    1. Young guy Kelly has gotten some work at OLT, but Pears might be ahead of him. I haven’t seen the rooks work on the left. I kind of hope Balducci emerges.

    2. Cubus possibly Davis can be the swing tackle. I remember a few years ago Adam Snyder was a starting guard and the swing tackle. I believe Davis could do the same thing.

          1. I was not able to watch the game on Sunday due to a research assignment I had to complete and the game not being shown where I live, but it sounds like there were some positives.

          2. Looks like Beadle’s if you see some posts below Cubus. Sounds like they are trying to keep the best talent and the answer we always get is they are cross training OL positions.

        1. Cooper and Balducci to the PS? I agree razor. Cooper very versatile! Just saying, I see a lot of potential in that kid, and Balducci has upside at C. Thomas has improved, but perhaps not enough.

          Cut: Theus, Martin, Collin Kelly, Pears, Thomas?

    3. Thankfully I think roster math will be the end of Pears.

      My take on the OL: Staley, Beadles, Kilgore, Davis, Brown, Tiller, Garnett, Martin, and one of Cooper/ Theus.

      On the PS, one of Cooper/ Theus and Balducci.

      The only way Martin gets cut is if Beadles becomes the backup centre.

  14. What did I learn from the Niner- Bronco game? With Chip, the Niners are back.

    Broncos showed me that with all the FA defections, the depth for the team is a mile wide and an inch deep. Elway must be kicking himself for losing out on obtaining Kaep. His QBs do not inspire dreams of repeating.

    Niners showed that the O line has improved immensely and if Hyde can stay healthy, the Niners will improve from a 31st ranked offense to something decent.

    While I am confident that Kaep will win back his job that he lost due to injury, Gabbert is competent enough to have success, too, especially if the defense returns to playing Niner Football.

    1. I also think BG can have some success, but I’m concerned over 3-n-outs. Too many with him in at QB already, that’s going to be a big strain on our defense, especially in this offense. I gotta think Kelly is itching to see Kaepernick out there. I wonder if he gets time with the 1’s?

      The O-line has been tremendous, whichever QB wins the top spot is going to have a strong running game and good protection, so that gives us a chance in every game.

      1. Lets not forget that on the first or second 3 and out, they had one or two negative run plays, specifically to Browns side. Every run play must get positive yardage, even if just 1 yard, but this team can not have runs resulting in a loss, that will be a sure fire 3 and out every time.

    2. >>Elway must be kicking himself for losing out on obtaining Kaep.

      I’m sure that deal is still on the table. Elway, if still interested, is no doubt biding time waiting for a possible fire sale.

    3. Wishing injuriousness on players is bad form, Seb.

      Karma is a Bi-ch, as you recall that Alex Smith had his job taken by Kap in exactly the same way–by injury!

      1. I have expected less from you, so I am never disappointed when you disavow your weapons lexicon or dazzle us with your CTE callousness.

  15. Looks like Kap’s back throwing – Good news

    But no more media access and no more of Grant’s detailed practice breakdowns :'( Bad news

    Means we’re close to the season though.

    1. Thats good!

      But then the games (and loses) count.

      Thats bad!

      But they might actually win a game or two.

      Thats good!

      But those wins will keep them from the first pick.


  16. Pretty good showing for the Niners against the defending champions. Really impressed with the Oline play.

    QB’s are still underwhelming, although Driskel looked much better this week than last.

    Running game could be very good as long as Hyde remains healthy and Davis can hang onto the ball.

    It’s becoming apparent that the passing game will be TE/RB oriented as long as Gabbert is the QB.

    The defense is doing a nice job in coverage but are having a hard time creating pressure without bringing a blitz or dog (that’s for Wade Phillips)

    Need to see Armstead and Buckner back soon. Qualiity depth on the Dline is thin and these two have to play a big role this season.

    Nice to see Reid make a play like that. It’s been awhile.

    Denver’s QB situation isn’t much better than the Niners and it’s going to wind up costing them this season.

    Overall a good showing, but the preseason is not a harbinger of things to come, so keep the success or lack of success in perspective. It’s about watching individual players and seeing how units are working together. Detroit was 4-0 in the preseason a few years ago, then went winless in the regular season. It’s about seeing the bottom of the roster players fight for a few jobs and getting the starters enough action so they are ready to go week one.

  17. “Zane Beadles, #49ers starting left guard up to now, snapped ball in warmups with Kilgore for first time. Good idea if Marcus Martin gets cut”

    Cam Inman Twitter

    1. Agreed. Not sure if this regime has tried Silberman at Center but I know the previous one did. He’s played RT at Boston College, within that Gibson ZBS….

  18. I didn’t realize the play that Ponder passed for a TD was a play drawn up on the spot.
    My question, was this play already in the playbook and they just illustrated it for Ponder or was this a play generated from scratch just for the moment?

      1. or 49reasons, AKA, Seb with another of his numerous accounts. As you recall, it was Seb fearing other had numerous accounts 6 months ago.

        1. TrollD, you have reverted to your bad behavior. Addressing me and mentioning me just makes me want to engage you again, and nobody is to blame except you.

          TrollD, you have such delusional tendencies. Comparing me and 49 is really pathetic. Calling us one account just shows the supreme lack of intelligence you possess. I like 49, but he and I are worlds apart. I am unique, and verbose. 49 is passionate, but he and I differ all the time. He likes Cook and I liked Hogan.

          TrollD, you are the one who speculated on breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares.You doubled down by cavalierly joking about guns just after Orlando. I think your opposition to me is because you are a gun nut, and cant get over my sane proposals to stop the carnage.

          I want more CTE studies. I want the league to stop sweeping the issue under the rug. I want the league to stop denying the seriousness of the problem, and obstructing research. I even want the league to mandate every player take a brain scan before the season so they have a baseline reading to see how much difference the brain looks after a concussion.

          Misrepresenting my positions is just your modus operandi. Just like Trump calling Clinton crooked when he is the biggest crook out there. He calls her a liar, when he cannot speak the truth, and he actually believes the lies, just like you do to me.

          Your incessant negativity, unctuous manner and ad nauseum cutting and pasting just make you a joke. I would pity you, but that would encourage you, so my only recourse is to drive you from this site. Expect a storm coming. I will deluge you in a blizzard of posts. You think I have been hard on you, well, I am just starting.

          I wish to apologize ahead of time, and invite anyone to ignore my posts, but TrollD has crossed the line, and I will show no mercy.

  19. Two long shots catch Kelly’s eye in 49ers’ win over Broncos

    Two of the 49ers’ deepest position groups entering Saturday’s preseason game against the Denver Broncos seemed even fatter after standout performances by defensive lineman Garrison Smith and outside linebacker Marcus Rush.

    “I thought Garrison played an outstanding game,” coach Chip Kelly said Sunday. “I think between him and Marcus … those two really, from a production standpoint, kind of jumped out

    Read more here:

  20. Gabbert or Driskel has thrown an interception….!

    Kelly also noted his quarterbacks have yet to throw an interception in the preseason and were accurate Saturday, collectively going 19 for 24 for 221 yards.

    1. The following Articles all have named Blaine Gabbert the winner and still Champion.

      Kap better have the storm of his life, upcoming vs. GB!

      1. TrollD, maybe you do not know this, but Kaep practiced and threw passes with the 7s and 11s. Gabbert better reconcile himself to being the backup.

  21. Blaine Gabbert: After last week’s performance, Gabbert showed improvement. He had the touchdown pass last week, but some bad misconnections prior to that. In Week 2, he did a better job connecting with his receivers. He finished the game 6-of-9 for 69 yards.

    Fans, might be time to jump on board the Blaine (love) train!

    Love Train, by the Ojays…see Jed, Paraag and Trent for The Backstabbers

  22. 49er Fans,

    Please remember, that TomD Nostradamus, not the Sebopythicus Clan scooped all on this blog that Gabbert would be the QB Competition winner.

    Thanks, GO NINERS IN 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***************

    1. Blaine Gabbert likely inches closer to 49ers starting QB job

      Frank Schwab

      Shutdown Corner editor

      Aug 20, 2016 8:43 PM


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