Chip Kelly: “Colin’s ability in the run game has given us a little bit of added bonus.”


This is the transcript of Chip Kelly’s Wednesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


When you were on the Bye Week and you’re going through the offense, what did you see as the reasons, the causes of why things aren’t clicking?

“I think it’s the same thing we talked about before; it’s just inconsistency in terms of our production. And I think at times there’s a breakdown up front. At other times there’s a drop. At other times we’re not accurate with the throw. It’s never, you don’t think it is, but you go through the process to study everything and go through what you’ve got to do. But, it’s not like, ‘Hey, it’s just this. We make this maneuver here and everything is going to be great. We’re going to come out and score 50 points.’ It’s a combination of everything and really it’s like anything. The game of football comes down to the fundamentals and it’s about executing the fundamentals, whether it’s the proper technique in terms of blocking somebody or it’s the proper technique in catching the football or separating at the top of a route to give yourself an opportunity to get open or putting the ball where it needs to be at certain times.”


Does that mean that this week you’re focusing more on fundamentals?

“No, I think we do focus on fundamentals. But, I also think it’s one of those deals where it’s about being able to take it from the practice field to the game field and that’s the transition that we’re not making at all times right now.”


Is that why you have optimism, because you do see it in spurts sometimes and you realize that if you didn’t have that consistency problem–?

“I think everybody, you watch us play, everybody sees it. There’s times where we play really well. You look at our defense, there’s times where you’ll go four, five, six series in a row where we’re playing really, really good defense and we’re getting people off the field but then something happens. I think the last game was a prime example where it’s a close game at halftime, we come out, the first thing our defense does is a three-play drive for minus one. Now we’re playing good defense, we punted. But, then the gunner runs into the returner and we put the ball on the ground and now the defense has got to go back out on the field. So, it’s about being consistent in all three phases because all three phases contribute to it. That’s just one of the examples of it.”


A pessimist might say aren’t good teams–?

“Just say you. Just say, ‘I would say.’ [Laughter]”


Aren’t good teams and good players consistent? Isn’t that a hallmark of being a good team, you consistently do things correct?

“You’re correct in that.”


So, is this a matter of young players haven’t figured it out and they’re not consistent–?

“Well, we do have some young players, but I’m not in the excuse business. You just asked me what it is and I’m just saying we’re not consistent. I’m not going to make excuses, because you’re a young player you’re allowed not to be consistent. There have been young players that are consistent. It’s just a matter of us going out and executing. You are what you are and our record right now tells us what we are. That’s what we are.”


Are you looking at shifting any lineup changes because of this?

“No. I think we’ve, aside from the move we made at the quarterback position two weeks ago, like I said earlier, everybody has played. So, it’s not like we haven’t played somebody. I mean, everybody that’s up and is eligible in the 46 is contributing in some shape or fashion. We rotate our defensive line. Our linebackers are playing. We rotate the outside linebackers. Our secondary is all, depending on our packages, sometimes we’ve got four or five and even six DBs in at the same time. All of our receivers play. Our running backs have rotated. You’ve seen all of those guys. It’s not, I don’t think there’s a, ‘Hey, we need to insert this guy into our lineup because we haven’t given him an opportunity.’ I think everybody has had an opportunity to play at this point in time.”


You’ve mentioned, obviously, a lot goes into the passing game, the receivers playing well, the protection being there. But, for QB Colin Kaepernick, what does he need to do to improve his consistency?

“I just think, a lot for Colin is more reps. Again, he missed some valuable time there. When you’re not the starter at the beginning of the season, the amount of reps you get from a practice standpoint, whether you’re here at the 49ers or at any team in the NFL, there’s only X amount of reps you can get during the week and most of them and a lot of times they are all devoted, some teams they are all devoted to the number one quarterback and none are given to the backup quarterback at that point in time. We did get him reps when he was the backup, but now we’re getting him obviously the majority of the reps now that he is the starter. It’s just that. The more reps you get the more consistent, he has more opportunities. How many times you see a route, that’s one of the things in the self-scout part of it, is this a good play or a bad play for us? Well, we’ve run it four times. We’re one of four with a drop. Is it a good play or a bad play? Well we may not have enough information because we haven’t run the play enough. So, a lot of the stuff you do from a self-scout standpoint, not only did we look at the season, but then you’ve got to look at the last two games because those are the two games that Colin played in. So, we look at something and say, ‘Hey, this wasn’t a good concept for us. We’ve run it. The statistics aren’t good on it, but we only ran it once with Colin. We ran it seven times with [QB] Blaine [Gabbert].’ So is it, does the quarterback change affect that play? There’s still a lot of unknowns out there in terms of the lack of reps that he’s gotten at this point in time.”


So, he’s still not getting 100-percent of the practice reps though?

“No. No one does. I mean, your backup still has to get reps. That’s just switched between him and [QB] Blaine [Gabbert]. So, what Blaine was getting before, Colin gets now and what Colin had gotten before, Blaine gets now because you still have to get your backup ready. I said there are some teams in the league that do that, but that’s not, I know [former NFL QB] Peyton Manning was notorious where he wanted to take every rep. But, you also as a coach have to get your backup ready because if the starter goes down with a sprained ankle in the first quarter, you can’t say, ‘Well, the guy we just put in the game hasn’t taken reps in the last three weeks because we were trying to get the bulk of the reps to him.’ There’s X amount of reps you can run. Everybody has, the ones have so many reps they can run during a practice. How many of them are devoted to the starting quarterback? The majority are. We’re probably about 80-percent to our starting quarterback and 20-percent to our backup quarterback.”


ME: Has the quarterback change improved the offense and if so, how?

“I think in certain aspects. I think Colin’s ability in the run game has given us a little bit of added bonus in terms of it. I think sometimes people’s decisions to how they play you. I think Tampa Bay started our game off the other day playing a little bit more man in the beginning of the game. Colin took off on a couple runs on designed pass plays, but when the defense has their back turned and now they’re all running with receivers, he’s taking off. So now it forces you to say, ‘Hey, if I’m a defensive coordinator, do I want to play man and now not have our back turned to the offense and then have the quarterback be able to take off?’ So, now we get more zone in some situations. So, I think there’s been some aspects of our offense that Colin’s helped and made an impact on.”


What led you to decide to stay in Orlando between Miami and Chicago?

“Just the convenience of where it is. We had looked initially to stay out because it’s an extended stay. We’re playing two games out East so to speak. I know Chicago’s not in the East. So, don’t quote me. I know it’s in the Midwest. But, to not come back and travel and I know they’ve done it here before. To us, it was more convenient to go from Miami to Orlando to Chicago then to go somewhere else. So, wanted to try and make sure we had a warm weather area but also still if it’s a storm, they have an indoor facility. So, and I know [University of Central Florida head coach] Scott Frost who’s a good friend of mine and coaches at UCF. A lot of times you say, ‘Hey, let’s do it here,’ but can you? So, took a little while to work out the logistics but that’s the reason why. A lot of teams have done it. I think Oakland just did it. They stayed out in Florida for their back to back games and I know a lot of teams that come West do it. So, it’s something that’s kind of common place in this league.”


Did you survey your team to see what they thought?

“I talked to the players, you know, [T] Joe [Staley] and some of those guys that had done it before and they actually liked it. So, we have a leadership council and those guys seemed excited about doing it.”


Is there a sport science advantage to doing it that way?

“Well, you’re not changing time zones. So, the lack of time on a plane obviously will have an effect on you in terms of not having to travel. So, the travel part of it is eased a little bit. So, there’s an effect from that standpoint.”


Did you do something like at that at Oregon, travel East for a few days or something like that?

“No. If we were to play, like we played Tennessee but we’re only there for a day. So, it wasn’t, we never stayed. When never played Tennessee and then played someone else. Never played at Michigan and then stayed to play someone else. So, there was no extended stays. And in the bowl games, you always go in seven or eight days before the bowl itself. So, you’ve got time to get acclimated to the time. But we never, I don’t think we played on any East coast bowls. So, we were either in Arizona or the Rose Bowl or the Fiesta Bowl or the Rose Bowl.”


RB Carlos Hyde practicing in a non-contact jersey. Does he have to be fully cleared in practice to play in the game Sunday?

“He needs to be fully cleared by our medical staff to play in a game. So, we’ll see how that goes and what he can do. A lot of the decisions that are made on who plays on Sunday are all made by the medical staff. So, I can say, ‘Hey, I think Carlos looks great,’ but if the docs and [vice president of football operations Jeff Ferguson] Ferg don’t clear him, then it doesn’t matter what I think because that’s not my field of expertise. That’s their field of expertise. So, the process is to get him back involved. He was in a non-contact jersey yesterday. I would anticipate him being in the same thing again today and then we’ll just see how it goes. We still have, it’s still really the beginning of the week for us. Yesterday was day one, but we’ve got a couple more days before we get moving forward.”


What strikes you about the Saints defense when you analyze them?

“Well, I think defensively it starts with [New Orleans Saints DE] Cameron Jordan. He’s certainly the guy that gets your attention when you turn the film on, 94 jumps off the tape. You’ve got to be very aware of where he is and where he’s lined up because they can cause a lot of disruptions. I think [New Orleans Saints DT] Nick Fairley has been a real good addition for them inside. So, they can generate some rush with their four down guys that allow them to play coverage. They’ll blitz you, but they’re not an all-out, every down blitz you team. They do have a good package. I think [New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator] Dennis [Allen] obviously has got a really good reputation in this league and is a really good defensive coordinator. So, I think he varies what he does. They’ve got two really good safeties in [New Orleans Saints S Kenny] Vaccaro and [New Orleans Saints S] Jairus Byrd that kind of run the back end for them. So, those are the guys that are really the focal point of that defense.”


What’s your gauge on the mood in the locker room just being 1-6, now coming off the Bye Week?

“I think, you know they had a break and they came back. I thought yesterday they had a really good mindset in terms of getting back out on the field. I think it’s kind of the first day of school again after having a vacation over the winter time and now they’re back going to work. The next couple days will be really important for us. But, I think yesterday they were really good.”

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  1. “You look at our defense, there’s times where you’ll go four, five, six series in a row where we’re playing really, really good defense…”

    Oh Really?

  2. Chip says Kaeps issue is reps. Fer F’s sake. He’s been to S-Bowls and now his issue is reps? This guy is everything he is going to be now. Chip is a players coach I guess but his T-urd polishing is getting tedious. The Series on rain delay…

  3. !!!!!!!!!!! Shout out to Ernie, Ron and Harry and alcohol
    Cubs win in spite of the umps and Maddon FU MADDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Thanks Seb, best hangover ever!

        The Cubs might be at the beginning of a dynasty. Theo Epstien built this team from the ground up. In Boston Theo inherited a good roster and could spend at will. The contrast between Epstien and Baalke is unreal.

        That rain delay was excruciating. The hits by Zobrist and Montero were epic.

        I remember listening to Ron Santo on WGN radio when the games weren’t televised. His passion for the Cubs bled through every broadcast. He would have loved this young team. Miss you Ron. Go Cubs Go! Go Cubs Go!

  4. I think Colin’s ability in the run game has given us a little bit of added bonus in terms of it.

    Give me a break Kelly. Gabbert was also able to run in your terrible offense, so Kaepernick’s ability in the run game is more of the same.

  5. Gee, Chip, you recognize that Kaep has mobility and can run, but you refuse to think about ways to roll him out and play to his strengths.

    How obtuse.

    1. Roll him out so he can throw on the run?
      3 problems:
      1. More susceptible to open field hits and from behind
      2.Easier for a secondary to cover:cuts the field in half
      3.NFL job description of a NFL QB must be able to play from the pocket.

      Seb once again you are trying to mask CK’s limited skills set.

      1. Wrong. The Niners need to accentuate his strengths, not expose his weaknesses.

        Other teams have admitted that their goal was to contain him in the pocket. How to counter that? By rolling him out.

        You want to help the opposition, I want to win.

        1. You want what’s best for Kap not for the team. Your purpose is to devise a scheme that suites Kaps skill set.
          Unfortunately you can never mask accuracy, decision making and leadership. Whether thats from the pocket or not, he’s limited.

          1. Prime, I want the Niners to win. Kaep gives them the best chance to win.

            Gabbert? they gave him every advantage, and Gabbert just played himself to the bench.

            Ponder? Dont make me laugh. During a preseason game, Ponder threw a ball that looked like the defender
            was the intended receiver.

            Kaep has made throws on the run. Like the Sundance Kid, he needs to move to be accurate.

            You conveniently have amnesia, and forgot all about those jaw dropping throws that Kaep has made, and QBs like Gabbert and Ponder can only dream of making.

            The myth about half field being cut off is specious, because the Niners should flood a zone that Kaep rolls out towards, so the defender has 2 players to defend, then Kaep should throw the ball to the open man. The defender on the other side is rendered useless, but you keep parroting your screed.

            No, the job description for an NFL QB is to win games, and that can be from the pocket or while rolling out into open space.

    2. The 49ers must love the fact that they still have a few goofs that think Kaepernick is good, but just being misused by what is now the 3rd obtuse coach in 3 years. That guy who’s in Michigan now sure is a dolt.

  6. I find the worse the team the more repetitious press gathers become. And the 49ers are a consistently bad team week-in-and-week out there is nothing left to say, but to repeat the same trite, tiresome, clichés. This is one skill Kaep has mastered.

    1. Kaep just needs reps, you know. Like when you’re not there at the beginning of the season. Oh wait. Didn’t Tom Brady miss the four games of the season? Oh well, must be a trait limited to a west coast offense (like in west coast time zone).

      1. Not quite the same thing.

        Kaep sucks, regardless of reps. But TB is in the same system he’s been in for 15 years, so poor example. Better example might be how well Foles played in support of Alex Smith going out on Sunday, almost no practice reps, spot duty, put up 2 TDS and 223 passing on 16 of 22 attemps.

        1. Your right e, I was in a hurry to catch a plane and just threw something up on the wall. I like how you edited it.

      2. Lets see—What could possible be the difference between Kaeps situation and Brady’s with the Patriots in respect to needing reps? Oh yah! Brady’s been playing for the Patriots and the same system for how many years? While Kaep has to adjust to a new offense and players. Brady also came into the league a complete QB. No there certainly isn’t much difference in their situation is there.

        Now just to make things clear so you will not misunderstand. We are referring to why Kaep has situation has him needing more reps in comparison to Brady’s situation. Not that they are comparable as QB’s. You people are always comparing Kaep to specific skills that certain elite QB possess. Kaep is not Brady- that is obvious—so why use an even more unequal situation ( like Brady with the Pats and Kaep with the NIners ) to argue that Kaep shouldn’t need more reps because Brady doesn’t.

        This is the reason that I quite posting for awhile. I just got tired of the irrational arguments being used to quantify Kaep. And this argument in respect to reps using Brady as an example makes not sense.

        1. Both Joe and TB have won 4 SB rings, had excellent coaches and a good supporting cast. Kaep did make it to the SB, but the coaching at the goal line was deficient. JH called a TO just before Kaep strolled into the end zone.

          Too bad Kaep has none of those things. I expect when Kaep leaves the team, he will go to a contender like the Patriots, because TB will not play forever, and Bellichick is smart enough to recognize and utilize his talents.

  7. I love to see defenses playing man against Kaepernick, but when the smart DC’s play zone, you still need to throw the football to capitalize….

      1. If I was the OC, you’d see me run dual seam routes consistently until they stopped it and I guarantee you it would be a staple in my playbook….

  8. Seb what size are you? I haven’t gotten around to burning my XXL Kaep jersey. I haven’t wanted to waste a match on the fool. If you want it, I’ll take a 12 pack of coors light in return.

    1. I am 5′ 10″, 190 lbs.

      Sorry, I may be too small for that size, and Since I have stopped going to the games since they left the Stick, I see no reason to wear a jersey.

      I would suggest you give it to Goodwill.

  9. You can zone-flood, mult seams, slant under a go, wheel delay, all these things great tactics…but if QB has only one target, locks to that target and defense knows this is how he works…now you know what Kelly deals with when he schemes guys open and they are not targetted. All the scheming is lost by a QB that sees one target…PLUS even with singular lock, you stillhave to throw so ball areives at tne right spot WHEN the receiver has a chance, not throw when open and ball arrivesand not open. Guys,

    1. That is why I have been advocating that Kaep face one way, while looking in the other direction for years.

      Of course, some will say that this is Pop Warner advice, but since the coaches are incapable of teaching that, I just expect Kaep to keep staring down his receivers instead of looking off the safeties.

        1. Yup. One play I would like Kaep to do is for him to take the snap, look left, pump fake left, even point left, then he should pivot and throw a long bomb down the right sideline to a streaking Torrey. Maybe they could hook up for a long gain, or even a TD.

            1. I consider my son to be way smarter than me. He can solve those acrostic cryptogram word puzzles that have quotes scrambled as numbers.

              My daughter can solve difficult Sudoku’s under 5 minutes. Of course, my father was Phi Betta Kappa, but I guess that skips generations.

              1. Seb to be truthful I appreciate the infatuation you have for Kap. What I dont get and what most posters have said to you is that your pro Kap, and the lack of performace has always been because of some other issue.
                Whether is Jed, Baalke, coaching, personel, etc. none of it ever has been Kaps fault.
                This is why you get the backlash you do and probably why you do it. You live for the attention.
                The blog has been about making an arguement and seeing it through. Instead you just repeat things over and over again. Something a 5th grader does.

  10. This is Kaep’s level of play. There is not enough reps to change what is in DNA. An entire summer KW…its not reps guys. This is who he is, and 9ers will be below average as long as he and Gabbert are in. Ponder, he’s different, but he’s average will be same end result.Ponder wasn’t painting his house because he’s the next Brady, or Alex, or etc

  11. Pick’em League update:

    rocket 71
    #80 69
    JPN001 69
    CFC 69
    dlptown 69
    Pot_Kettle 68
    D Rogue 68
    Rick 67
    ninermd 64
    Steelmatic 62
    Shoup 61
    EastCoast9er 54

  12. His running really helped last season didn’t it? “A little bit of added bonus”? 49ers need what he doesn’t have. But the front office already knows that…seems they are humoring the new coach.

      1. Chip Kelly admitting he’s not cut out for the NFl was not something I considered in him being around next year. After tanking this year with the 49ers will there be a team throwing out the red carpet for him and offering him money that is compensatory to the contract he currently has? Is he so certain he’s not cut out for the NFL that he’s willing to take less just to get back to College?

        If there is any validity to the reports of him putting out feelers then clearly I can’t continue assuming and proclaiming vigorously that he’s returning. I still find it hard to imagine that there will be a better situation out there next year. He’s better off sticking it out with the possibility of a new QB and other talent and seeing what he can do with that along with that nice big guaranteed NFL contract.

        I also realize I have to clarify that I’m really not a proponent of Kelly. I’m just not laying the blame of the product we see on the field at his feet. He’s not the biggest problem and shouldn’t be the focus of what to fix. At least not this off season.

        1. Agreed. The HC is the least of my concerns regarding the state of the team right now, but if he goes, he goes. Doesn’t matter who they have as HC unless they improve the talent of the roster.

          1. Doesn’t it concern you after you see Bruce Arians’ game day play sheet and then get a gander at the post card with Chip Kelly’s game day plays on it?

            1. Give the right coach the right players and he doesn’t need a full sheet of plays to beat you. How many plays do you think the 1984 49ers would need to beat the majority of teams today?

              1. I’m not certain but I think the refs cannot slow down the offense if they don’t substitute. Rocket knows way more than me about these kinds of things but I don’t remember making substitutions on the scale we do. I’d like to hear from others about stopping play with no substitutions.

            2. Not really. Football is about repetition and execution more than the number of plays you run. That same little card, and it is small no doubt about it, allowed Kelly to produce a top 5 offense for two years in Philly. He runs a simplistic scheme by NFL standards, but he’s shown he can be successful if he has the players. I wasn’t a big fan of the hire to begin with, so It’s not going to bother me if he leaves willingly (not good if he’s fired), but this is much more about the personnel than the HC imo.

            3. Razor, Chip reminds me of half the people I play on Madden. They only use 2 to 4 plays and run hurry up on every play. A lot of them roll out thier QB. It might work for a drive or two but it is easy to adjust to with a spy or an outside blitz.

              Once I stop their offense and get a two score lead they usually rage quit. The opposition having a small playbook allows me to do so many things on defense. I know it’s just a video game but coaching against Chip is like coaching against a child who won’t or can’t adapt.

              1. #80,

                Not even remotely the same and your hyperbole is off the charts here. The scheme itself doesn’t involve a large number of plays, but they are run out of multiple formations and use different position players to run various incarnations of the play. Say what you will about the system, but if he has speed at the skill positions and an accurate passer, it can be very effective.

              2. rocket, I said I know it is just a video game. Hyperbole? Yeah your right, Chip certainly has more than 2 to 4 plays.

                My points though are that his playbook is limited and sometimes his plays are detectable by the formation he uses. That is a huge advantage for a good D coordinator.

                My other point is that he rarely makes adjustments when the opposition figures out his gameplan.

              3. One of the benefits of the true no huddle, hurry up offense is that if you can play without substituting, you can force the defense to play without substituting. This can cause mismatches that can be exploited. It also makes it difficult for the DC to counter things on the fly. Problem with Chip is his modified almost no huddle and almost no substitutions does literally nothing more than possibly saving the offensive players a few yards of steps that they would need to huddle up. IMHO the offense gives up more than they are getting in return and it is foolish. NFL teams have used hurry up, no huddle over the years very successfully (Sam Wyche with Boomer and the Bengals comes to mind). Kelly’s success in Philly was because he had wrinkles which were different and he had much better players to run it. The different part was offset when teams figured out the wrinkles and the good players went away because (by his own admission) he was worse than Baalke (it that is possible) as a GM. Chip is now experimenting live on the players and fans with his own “better” version of no huddle and I call BS on it. Were I the 49ers I would be working top priority on a mutual (I mean truly mutual) parting unlike what they did to Harbaugh. I hope the other vets will forgive me but the way it is set up, the 49ers are fighting a war on two fronts – bad system and bad players. You don’t have to be a veteran to know that that is not good.

              4. #80,

                It really isn’t about the number of plays. By this time of the season every team has put what they do on film for anyone to analyze. There are small adjustments based on opponent, but the majority of plays that an offense has in it’s repertoire have been run by this point. You’d be surprised at how many times defenses know what’s coming yet still can’t stop it. In order for Chip to have any success, he needs a certain type of athlete, and he doesn’t have that here. That isn’t to say I wouldn’t rather have an offensive system like Shanahan is running down in Atlanta for example, but to me focusing on the scheme and Coach overlooks the bigger issue which is the severe lack of talent the Coach has to work with.

              5. Good post Whine.

                I would add that the refs don’t allow a true fast paced offense when they stand over the ball sometimes. Any way you cut it Chip is best suited for college.

              6. And btw, Congrats on your Cubbies. That was really cool watching how the city responded. I loved Bill Murray’s reaction especially. What a great time to be a fan of this team. They are going to be contenders for a long time.

              7. rocket,

                No doubt we have a bad roster. I disagree that the offense would work with a good roster. It may be good in the first quarter but the defense will adjust while Chip will not. It wouldn’t surprise me if we have the lead at halftime Sunday and then lose by 14 to 17 points. Since Chip isn’t going anywher I hope you’re right.

              8. It has worked with a good roster though. That’s the point many are missing. Even last year they were a top half of the league offense in a year in which Kelly foolishly dumped some really good players. This isn’t a case of wondering whether the system can work. It can and it has.

              9. rocket,

                His offense was successful but it gets worse every year. Some of that can attributed to the rosters but some of the blame goes to play calling and lack of adjustments.

                I agree that Kelly needs certain types of players but Baalke isn’t the right guy to pick players. As you mentioned Chip got rid of players that fit his system. I don’t think Chip is racist so I believe he thinks his system will succeed with any roster.

                His success or failure has a lot to do with speedy players. The speed gap between players is far greater in college. Every system needs an accurate QB.

                The last thing a poor defense needs is to be on the field constantly. Chip needs to slow down the tempo whether he has a good offense or not.

              10. WC, I cant agree more.

                Additionally, if they can get the defense to jump offsides, they could go for a free play, which should be a long pass downfield.

                Too bad it was a low snap and Kaep had to fall on it after fumbling it.

        2. Nick Saban stunk it up in the NFL and left under less than honorable circumstances and then became the highest college hc until JH (apparently) passed him up. Don’t see how Kelly would be any different. Too man guys have shown that the NFL takes something more than NCAA.

          1. Also, the 49ers have basically given Chip the ideal situation to cut and run.
            Who in their right mind thinks that he is really responsible for this disaster?

              1. Maybe I should have said they are fighting the war on three or more fronts instead of just two.

        3. At this point he’s probably feeling like Ericsson did, and even a San Diego State type offer might get him, not just Oregon or LSU or Mizzou.
          We’re the Tar Baby right now.
          We are the pure nickel core of the planet, our gravity is emmense. Even the Moon is effected by our suckiness.

  13. Hyde is shutting it down, which is his M.O. Each week there will be some injury, or he will be active but leave in Q1 not to return. Real team guy, real inspirational..Mr. Hyde, you’re no Frank Gore

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