Chris Culliver, and The Look from Aaron Rodgers

GREEN BAY, Wis. – It was fourth and ten with 54 seconds left, and the Packers had to convert the first down or they’d lose. Aaron Rodgers saw Jordy Nelson single-covered by Chris Culliver. Rodgers stared at Chris Culliver. Culliver stared back. Rodgers lifted one eye-brow, as if to say “I hope you’re ready,” and then he called hike and chucked it deep to Nelson, going for it all, not just the first down. Culliver was ready. He ran stride-for-stride with Nelson and easily knocked the pass away. After the game in the locker room, Culliver described to me what happened.

CULLIVER: Aaron Rodgers had been giving me The Look all day. One time they pass-interferenced me, but Coach put us in a good position, and big time players make big time plays, and that’s what I did.

Q: What’s The Look?

CULLIVER: He was just fooling around, looking at me and throwing his eyebrow up.

Q: Like he was coming for you?

CULLIVER: Yeah, sometimes. They tried it a couple times and it wasn’t working. He tried to come back to him. I knew they were going to try to chuck it up. I just made a play.

Q: Do you think they were isolating you, knowing you were out there alone?

CULLIVER: Yeah, I see Rodgers and his hand signals. I knew he was going to come at me.

Q: If you see him in the playoffs, do you expect him to give you The Look again?

CULLIVER: Probably. Most likely.

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