Colin Kaepernick post-game quotes

SAN FRANCISCO — Here’s what Colin Kaepernick had to say at his locker after the game, courtesy of the 49ers.

Were there a lot of breakdowns on offense?

“I think the biggest thing right now is, if you have ten people doing the right thing on one play, and you have one person doing the wrong thing on offense, that turns into a bad play and it turns into a bad play quickly. Right now we’re kind of having some of those problems where it might be one thing here, one thing there, and a drive falls apart because of that.”

What happened on the interception, were you just trying to get the guy and didn’t see the defender cut in front?

“No, actually I saw the safety. I thought that [WR] Braylon [Edwards] was going to be able to cross his face before he got there. Just a bad judgment on my part.”

What does [Head Coach Jim] Harbaugh tell you after something like that?

“He asked me if I saw the safety, if I saw what was going on. I told him, ‘yeah.’ He said, ‘All right, well we’ll just move on from there, we learn from it.’ That’s one of the good things about the preseason is you can learn from those things and they don’t count for anything right now.”

How hurried did you feel? How rushed did you feel back there? It seemed like you guys were under a lot of pressure.

“That’s something you have to deal with as a quarterback no matter where you are at. Right now we’re still trying to pick up on things. We’re trying to adjust to different things. So, right now every position is going to have problems from time to time.”

What do you think you didn’t adjust to against the Texans?

“I think everything we did today was just on ourselves. We had little problems here and there that we just need to correct throughout the next week.”

That was your first time playing with some ones against their ones, how do you think of your overall performance in that time?

“I think we need to get a lot better. I think the scoreboard shows that. We didn’t put any points on the board offensively tonight. So, there’s a lot of things we need to work on.”

Were you disappointed and would you like to see more points scored offensively?

“Yeah, being an offensive player, you always want to put points on the board. You want to put as many up there as you can, but right now there’s still a lot of learning we’re doing. There’s a lot of progressions we’re still going through, and really we’re trying to get amped up for this season. This is practice for this season to make sure everything is right then.”

What was different about going against ones and playing with some ones also?

“I wouldn’t say there were any huge differences. You still have to go out there, you have to play football and go through your reads.”

Was there anything positive you took from tonight’s game?

“You can learn a lot from games like this. As much as you hate to have them, sometimes you learn more from losses than wins.”

What did you learn?

“You have to get better. You’ve got to do a lot of things better offensively. I have to be better with my eyes, feet, and some of my reads.”


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