Colin Kaepernick says he has “that option bond” with LaMichael James

SANTA CLARA – 2011 second round pick Colin Kaepernick briefly spoke outside the Niners locker room this afternoon. He discussed the part of his game he wants to improve the most, his relationship with Josh Johnson – his main rival for the backup quarterback job –and his budding friendship with this year’s second round pick, LaMichael James. Here’s a transcript.

Q: What are you accomplishing these first few days of rookie camp?

KAEPERNICK: Just refreshing your memory, getting back to playing 11-on-11 football. Really just getting back in feel of things.

Q: LaMichael James said yesterday you were one of the ones coaching him up on the playbook. When did you find time to do that?

KAEPERNICK: He’s just been at the house hanging out, so we’ll go over things here and there. He’s a great athlete, has a lot of talent, a lot of tools that we can use, so that’s something that we want to make sure we have ready for the season.

Q: Is LaMichael staying at your house in training camp?

KAEPERNICK: No, he’s just been coming over and hanging out. We’ve got a little bit of that option bond from college, so we’ve just been having a good time.

Q: What’s the biggest area you want to improve on in training camp?

KAEPERNICK: I just want to keep working on my feet – get my feet quicker, get through reads quicker, just taking pressure off the offensive line getting the ball out of my hand.

Q: You’re competing with Josh Johnson for the No. 2 QB job. What’s your relationship with him?

KAEPERNICK: I threw with him in high school. We had the same quarterback coach. Josh is a great guy, I’m good friends with him, but at the same time we know it’s a competition when we step out onto the football field.

Q: Were you throwing together often?

KAEPERNICK: On the weekends in high school.

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