Colin Kaepernick says Quinton Patton “is a great player. He knows how to get open.”

SAN FRANCISCO – Here’s what Colin Kaepernick said at the podium after Sunday night’s preseason game, courtesy of the 49ers.


Did this help you get back into the groove?

“Yeah, I think when you get out there and you find your rhythm, that’s how you want to be playing.”


How did you feel when you first started and you had a few struggles?

“It wasn’t perfect to start. We had a boot, we didn’t have any answers for. Had the one ball tip to start. So, that’s two passes right away that you can’t do too much about. Other than that we started getting our rhythm, we started getting our groove.”


You got to play more this week than in the first two preseason games. Are you ready for Week 1?



With [WR] Quinton Patton, seeing him out this week, what were your thoughts on his playmaking and touchdown catch?

“He is a great player. He is someone he just knows football. He knows how to get open. He knows how to make plays. I am looking forward to seeing what he can do for us.”


With [Patton’s] hand injury, how much chemistry were you guys developing in camp prior to tonight?

“He is someone that it is easy to have chemistry with. He knows where windows are in defenses. He knows how to get open.”


Does it matter when you get more time in actual games versus practice?

“Games are always different, it’s a faster pace, it’s a lot more going on than practice. Football is football when it comes down to it.”


There was no running. Didn’t see any read option plays. When you had a couple of opportunities you elected not to run. Was that by design?

“It’s just the plays that were called.”


Having been in the backup quarterback role before, are you paying close attention to what’s unfolding behind you?

“I’m always watching the other guys, seeing what they are doing, see what the defense is doing to them, and how can I help them during the game.”


How do you think [QB] Colt McCoy performed tonight?

“I think he did well. He had that one interception where he didn’t see the linebacker. Other than that he went out there, was completing passes and moving the ball.”


Are you good for playing next week?

“I’m good for playing every week.”


Coach Harbaugh said that you will play next week. Are you good with that?


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  1. Love this comment on Patton,
    “He is someone that it is easy to have chemistry with. He knows where windows are in defenses. He knows how to get open.”

    1. agree George! to hear CKs comment about the rookie WR its very encouraging that he has confidence in him already! We really need number 11 to become a true number one WR for this defense. I love it. GO NINERS

  2. It is amazing that Jenkins has more speed or tools then Patton but Patton can get open, catch, hang onto the ball when Jenkins can not. Very excited about this addition to the ninners. The way Vance McDonald was jumping over and through deffenders reminded me of Mark Bavarro, Anybody else see the similarities? I know Harbaugh compared him to Ditka but I swear the moves are the same as Bavarro of the giants of the 80′s. Also during that drive from the 14 all the way to pay dirt looked like Elway to me, with a little of Montana looking one way then going back and hitting the 3rd or 2nd target. What an arm, talent , motivation, He did not look to run at all but his feet were fluid and made it hard to frustrate him. I was dissapointed in the rush game in the first half, I know the vikings are a good d but man the holes closed up fast. Overall, tough team to beat! Patton will be fun to watch, I guess I can cross off Smith on my kids old #11 Jersey and write Patton! Hey it was 10 bucks on clearance 4 years ago at ross before I catch heat for buying a smith jersey!

    1. That is always fascinating about players. Jenkins had the speed advantage and big hands and seemed to run decent routes looked like a natural.
      Jenkins was a bit lighter but I think that was a small reason. Mostly it was about the the differences top side. The stadium lights are on in Quinton’s head. You can see it when he steps on the stage he is ready to go.

  3. Finally, a #11 that’s fun to watch. Also a reminder that good WRs are better finds in later rounds (excepting Flash80, of course).

  4. I watched the replay of the TD pass to Patton and i have to say that was an amazing play on CK and Patton together! Patton just moved to the perfect spot and put a great move on the DB and CK threw an amazing pass right on the money. It was like a pick and roll in basketball both players were on the same page. Now i would like to see more chemistry between 7 and 11 as well as 84!

    1. What I saw on the touchdown was CKap check down from a first reciever (Boldin or Moore) who was not open to Patton who was open and waiving his hand. I’m open.
      In the first CKap to Patton completion (Patton’s debut) you see a 3 reciever set. As it unfolds Patton is the only one of the 3 who gets separation. CKap reads it and fires.

      If it ain’t chemistry yet it will be.

  5. Patton looked really good. He just seems to have a good feel for where he needs to be and that is a huge element a WR has to learn.

  6. I gotta say I’m starting to feel a lot more confidence in these WR then a week ago. I like the thought of Boldin, Baldwin, Patton, Moore, KW

    That still leaves the possibility of keeping Collie and should be even more of a threat when he’s 100%

    Pumped for the season!

    1. It’s nice to see some game production and actually know that we have something in guys like Moore, Patton, and Baldwin. Definitely eased some of the questions in my mind.

  7. Glad Lockette “the rocket” (please) is gone. The WR position is about route running and getting off the line of scrimmage…something Lockette and Jenkins couldn’t do on a regular basis.

  8. If Collie is showing anything like his old self it you be good to keep giving him looks.

    TB would have really redeemed himself if Baldwin can contribute as a third forth WR with one or two significant plays a game. Best case for us would be him turn into what KC thought he would be.

      1. Don’t put that oil away yet, Domingo. Reid, MacDonald, Lemonier, Patton, Daniels and then in the wings is Carradine, Dial, and Lattimore and a 2014 draft pick. Even Cooper has been okay but probably not enough to make this squad. Then there is the free agents who have looked good Gray, Morris and Jacobs.
        This one could make Bill Walsh proud.

  9. Everyone including Ron Jaworski is already crowning Kap is the greatest NFL QB of all time that ever played in the NFL. They might aswell just hand the SB trophy and the MVP award to kap and the 9ers.

    1. No blank, just the fantasy football fans have annointed CK the greatest of all time. The real football fans see the enormous potential but await the results of a full season.

  10. Easy with the Kap. It’s his first full season, there’s mistakes still to be made and he has had the crush of losing the SB, but he hasn’t experienced a drought when things don’t gel; WR’s can’t catch an easy pass 3 games in a row. This will detrmine what Kap is made of, what his leadership will do to bring them above the surface and continue to greatness. I get the fantasy stats and all who are salivating for his 4000 plus yards, but in truth, Kap still isn’t accomplished yet and will need these falls to become great. Over-zealous and blinded will lead to disappoint, let the boy get the hard stuff out of the way and then crown him amazing. I’m a huge fan, more then gracious for this kid, but he hasn’t been through what Brady, Rogers, Manning(s) have been through, the things that they have had to fight through to become elite. Kap has every tool to become great and no wants this to happen sooner than later but as a realist, Kap has growing pains that will affect every fantasy player that has an opportunity to draft him. Niner fan for life, Staunch Kap advocate, but still understand this future hall of famer will need to take his beatings like e Rey great before him.

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