Colin Kaepernick says Quinton Patton “is a great player. He knows how to get open.”

SAN FRANCISCO – Here’s what Colin Kaepernick said at the podium after Sunday night’s preseason game, courtesy of the 49ers.


Did this help you get back into the groove?

“Yeah, I think when you get out there and you find your rhythm, that’s how you want to be playing.”


How did you feel when you first started and you had a few struggles?

“It wasn’t perfect to start. We had a boot, we didn’t have any answers for. Had the one ball tip to start. So, that’s two passes right away that you can’t do too much about. Other than that we started getting our rhythm, we started getting our groove.”


You got to play more this week than in the first two preseason games. Are you ready for Week 1?



With [WR] Quinton Patton, seeing him out this week, what were your thoughts on his playmaking and touchdown catch?

“He is a great player. He is someone he just knows football. He knows how to get open. He knows how to make plays. I am looking forward to seeing what he can do for us.”


With [Patton’s] hand injury, how much chemistry were you guys developing in camp prior to tonight?

“He is someone that it is easy to have chemistry with. He knows where windows are in defenses. He knows how to get open.”


Does it matter when you get more time in actual games versus practice?

“Games are always different, it’s a faster pace, it’s a lot more going on than practice. Football is football when it comes down to it.”


There was no running. Didn’t see any read option plays. When you had a couple of opportunities you elected not to run. Was that by design?

“It’s just the plays that were called.”


Having been in the backup quarterback role before, are you paying close attention to what’s unfolding behind you?

“I’m always watching the other guys, seeing what they are doing, see what the defense is doing to them, and how can I help them during the game.”


How do you think [QB] Colt McCoy performed tonight?

“I think he did well. He had that one interception where he didn’t see the linebacker. Other than that he went out there, was completing passes and moving the ball.”


Are you good for playing next week?

“I’m good for playing every week.”


Coach Harbaugh said that you will play next week. Are you good with that?


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