Colin Kaepernick says he wants to play in the NFL in 2017


This is the transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s Week 17 press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


What was it like to get back to work after Saturday’s game where you guys have a lot of fun, it showed? Is there a renewed spirit in here?

“I wouldn’t say renewed spirit. I think we’ve always had spirit to keep focused, keep fighting, make sure we’re doing everything we can to win. It’s just always a different feeling coming off a win where you see what it takes to win, you see what you did right and you have things to build on going into this week. So, I think we have a good opportunity this week to come out, try and get another win.”


With that comeback, you’ve been through so much this year with injuries, surgeries, trade talk, a lot of losses. Did that winning the game that way just kind of re-nourish a sense of love of the game that maybe was missing?

“I would say you know, a love of winning. It had been a long time since we had that feeling. And to get a win and get it that way I think was huge for this team. It kind of sets a standard for us now that we can look at and say, ‘OK, this is what it took for us to win this week. We have to hold ourselves to this standard and above.’”


What did it do for you personally?

“It got us one more win this year. For me, it was great to see our team continue to fight. We weren’t in the best situation in the fourth quarter and to come out, put two drives together to get the win and see our defense make huge plays at the end of the game to allow us to win, I think this team sees what it’s capable of and now we have that foundation to be able to build upon.”


You know how this works. Anytime there’s a bad season, people look at the head coach, the general manager and the quarterback. Looking ahead to next year, do you feel kind of a sense of uncertainty within the organization of what steps will be taken or what steps need to be taken in order to get this team back on track?

“For us, looking ahead is Sunday. So, that’s where our focus is right now. That’s where all of our energy is going. We want to make sure we end this season right with a win and do everything this week to prepare for that.”


But, there’s going to be a lot of evaluation going on with all the players. Have you given any thought at all to this could be, you could opt out, have you given any thought at all that this might be your last game?

“No. My focus once again is this week and making sure that I’m doing everything I can to prepare and to try to help my teammates prepare this week to get a win and I think that’s where this whole team’s focus is.”


How important is it to build momentum? Winning last week and trying to go ahead and win this week. How important is it just to build some positivity going into the offseason?

“It’s huge. When you’re in a situation like this, how you finish the season can help set the foundation for next season. And that’s what we have to be able to do this week is go out and get a win, leave on a positive note and have something to build on this offseason where we can improve and then come into next season ready to roll.”


Has it been harder to maintain your focus given everything that’s happened to you both personally, professionally, everything surrounding your future going on? Has it been different maintaining that week to week focus on the field?

“No. When I step into this building my focus is football and what I have to do to try to win and try to help this team win and I think our players, our coaches all have that same mentality. So, to me it’s an easy environment to come into and work and make sure you’re staying focused on that.”


This might come out of left field, but I ask this just because you obviously have interest in other passions beyond football. Do you for sure want to play in the NFL next year?



After the win, did maybe chief executive officer Jed York or Co-Chairman Dr. John York or general manager Trent Baalke reach out to congratulate you just on winning that game?

“They congratulated the team. They’re constantly around the locker room on game days and it was a great feeling to come down and come off a win and have that excitement throughout the entire organization. I think that was a huge step for this team and a great feeling for all of us.”


Has there been any one-on-one interaction with them in terms of mapping out your future or was that done in October?

“No. Once again, we’re focused on the next game. This week, it’s Seattle and making sure we’re prepared for them.”


When you look at where you’ve come in your starts, do you see yourself continuing to get better? There’s been a lot of outside talk about whether head coach Chip Kelly’s offense can work at the NFL level. Do you see that as an issue or do adjustments have to be made for it to be more successful, for it to be able to sustain success in the NFL?

“No. I think it’s like any offense. You have to go out and execute. If you execute and do your job, offenses work, and if you don’t do your job well, they don’t work. So, we have to be able to execute at a high level across the board on a continual basis and be able to sustain that for four quarters and we’ll start putting up more points and start winning more games.”


How would you assess the season that you’ve had?

“Once again, my focus is this week. I really don’t review what I’ve done in the past until after the season’s over.”


Are you happy with the way you’ve played?

“This past week? Yeah, to get a win. I base everything off wins and losses and make sure that’s where my focus is. Stats don’t matter if you’re not winning.”


How has your health held up so far? You haven’t missed a game since you started. What’s the condition been like, avoided major injuries?

“Feeling good. To me, I feel like I’ve gotten more and more back to myself as weeks have gone and gotten more comfortable in this offense. So, that’s something that’s exciting for me.”


You’ve played a lot of high profile games against Seattle. Has this defense, there are some new faces, some guys out of the lineup, but is it the same? Obviously, your offense isn’t the same. Has their defense maintained continuity through the years?

“Yeah. They’ve kept a lot of their core players. You see a lot of similar faces, familiar faces on defense and they run their defense, they run it very well. They know exactly what they’re doing over there and they’re very successful. They win a lot of one-on-one matchups, things like that. So, that’s something that we have to be prepared for.”


You had surgery about a year ago and got you off to a staggered start this year. In hindsight, are you glad you had them when you did and do you feel better physically now then you’ve felt in a long time?

“Yeah. It has been a long time since I’ve felt this good. I just felt fluid on the field. For me, that’s something I want to be able to continue to build on and especially moving forward making sure that I’m doing everything to keep myself here and being able to improve that.”


Do you feel more fluid than you did, I mean you seem quicker in a lot of ways than you had in the past. Is that something that you might have even improved upon this season versus the 2012, 2013 Colin Kaepernick?

“That’s hard to say because you really focus on what you’re doing in the moment. But, I do know this is the best I’ve felt in a long time and once again, I’m excited about that.”

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  1. Is this not going to be the most fitting ending to Kaepernick’s career in SF against the one team, he never could beat?

    1. My fear is that the niners will pull off an upset and Kap will give just enough hope to make Jed/Trent/Chip think he is the answer at qb for next year. He is not.

      1. I think it’d take a lot of drugs to convince anyone besides the small handful of fanboy-deniers that Kaepernick is an NFL QB.

        This is not some 22-year-old coming into the NFL who needs the benefit of the doubt and for people to STFU and wait and see what happens.. This is a guy who virtually no QB skills in college and couldn’t develop significant QB skills in the NFL.

        And there is no reason to think he’ll get better. His entire career has been about twitch-athleticism. Problem with that is twitch-athletes peak at 27. He’s 29 and is already past his athletic prime.

        He’ll be 30 next year and he has marginal, at best, QB skills His ability to make plays with his legs and arm will continue to decline. And while his marginal skills my improve somewhat, he’s so far behind the curve it’d be futile (and delusional) to think he can suddenly correct well over a decade of non-development in a year, in the NFL, in the hardest position to play in all of professional sports.

      2. Leo Nomellini

        Your fear is the same one as myself….the answer is Get Kaep off the roster…trade him sell him, waive him, or just cut him…! The niners go nowhere until he is gone….

  2. Hey Grant, you should do fan interviews from the posters on your blog. We could give the answers to some of these questions and you could contrast with the answer from someone in the organization. For example:

    Do you for sure want Colin Kaepernick to play in the NFL next year?

    Fan response: Sure, I’m all for a man being able to make a living. I’d love for Kaepernick to continue his NFL career anywhere but in San Francisco.

    1. Yeah, besides stating the obvious it’s a stupid article.

      The whole McCloughan ‘built this team crap’ is one of his core premises. Despite the fan/press talking points in revisionist history, the 49ers were not loaded with talent. He was put in charge of a team that hadn’t had a winning season in 6 years and was 8-8 coming off 7-9 and 4-12. Hardly ‘Talent Camelot!”

      During his first two years Baalke rebuilt the offensive line (Iupati, Davis, Boone & Goodwin). The WR corps (everyone not Crabtree). The linebacking corps (everyone not Willis), the secondary (half of them to start with and upgraded the other two in two years).

      I mean, nothing personal, but this whole McCloughan built the 49ers and Baalke lived off the fat of his great picks is a bunch of crap. And McCloughan made some pretty big mistakes:

      He gave us Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers. One is a solid, conservative, mid-pack QB that most everyone hated and derrided. The other a HOF QB. The only pick in 2005 that was of real merit was Gore and most of the fans thought it was a horrible pick at the time. Picking some “ACL back with two bad knees!!!” (Funny how when the ACL picks work, nobody whines.)

      In 2006 he traded up for Manny Lawson and passed on Santonio Holmes though we desperately needed a WR far more than an average OLB. But to make up for it, he gave us Brandon Williams in Round 3! What a great trade-off that was… Oh, and next year another 3rd failure at WR — Hill.

      2007 was a very good draft. The only draft he had, as GM, that was a solid top-to-bottom draft. But he blew it on a WR (Hill). Again.

      2008 – Almost the whole draft was a failure: Balmer, Rachel & Lewis. All busts. Only Josh Morgan provided any quality at all.

      2009 – Crabtree over Maclin. Maclin is a dynamic playmaker at WR. Crabtree is an over-rated 3rd round possession WR who had a 10+% drop-rate his first three years, finally getting it together in 2012. And he’s the only player that made it in the NFL!!!

      So two failure drafts in two years. Consistent failure in drafting WRs. Consistent failure in FA to land a decent WR. Consistent failure in drafting offensive linemen (Baas & Rachel!) or acquiring them in FA. Consistent failure to get an NFL pass-rush. Consistent failure to get quality CBs.

      Yet despite all these failures, and they were legion, it’s now Camelot.

      Bottom-line is that it could have been worse. But the romanticized version that’s been bantered around the past couple of years to denigrate Baalke is a flat-out load of horse-crap.

  3. Kaep has improved his PC skills. He was polite, answered the questions to the best of his ability, did not get side tracked, endured the questioners with aplomb, and was calm and positive.

    The Niners need more players like him. Ariens is scared of his abilities, and when the team mobbed him in the end zone after scoring that 2 point play, I knew that all the screeds against him are just a bunch of hot air.

    I maybe would not put it past Jed to throw away the last Niner QB to lead the Niners to a SB, but he might be stupid enough to do it. Bet Elway is regretting his decision to try and lowball Kaep.

    To all the haters, Kaep’s performance was exactly what they said he could not do. Kaep was a leader. Kaep was clutch. Kaep willed himself into the end zone. It was a big kick in the teeth to those haters, and showed why their assessments of Kaep were so wildly wrong. It even denigrated their football acumen.

    And I could not be happier. GO NINERS.

    1. SB participanting QB. Not that great of an accomplishment. In fact he is the first 49ers QB to lose a SB. That’s his history!

        1. Seb we’ll see. Free agency and the draft will determine who the next QB is. All I know is that whomever it is, that player will NOT be a one read run QB!

          1. I don’t think you will find anyone in free agency better than Kap and drafts are always a crap shoot. Kap has not played great but he has shown enough progress that he should be given a shot for next year. I do hope the niners go and get a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round

      1. Which pretty well states how bad it is to use those wins as an example of Kaepernick’s “improvement”.

          1. No. The RAMS LOST the game. They had the 49ers stone-cold handled.

            Then they blew it by playing prevent defense and let Kaepernick dink-and-dunk his way down the field. Had they continued to play their defense as they had in the first three quarters and contested the short-passing game we’d have lost.

            But they didn’t. They played against the big-plays Kaepernick really can’t make. It was one the dumbest coaching decisions I’ve seen this year.

            Ranks right up there with trying to have Kaepernick (who was the worst redzone QB in the NFL in 2012 with a 60.1 QB rating and 48% completion rate) pass our way to a Superbowl win when we were goal-to-go and had a HOF RB on the field with a dominant o-line and a worn-out Raven’s defense:

            1st and Goal on the 7: 2-yard run by LaMichael James (our worst RB) to the 5-yard line.
            2nd and Goal on the 5: Incomplete to Crabtree – Davis & Walker open.
            3rd and Goal on the 5: Incomplete to Crabtree – Davis open. Maybe Walker, too.
            4th and Goal on the 5: Incomplete (over thrown) to Crabtree – Davis open. Maybe Walker.

            People rip Carroll for losing to the Patriots. But St. Harbaugh routinely gets a pass even though he blew it four times. I mean, using our worst RB? Ignoring the strengths of the team?

            I mean, seriously,a HOF RB and a dominant o-line on a team built for running that had a crappy red zone QB against a tiring Ravens defense… So he goes with the lowest possible chance of success — corner routes to Crabtree that Kaepernick can’t throw!!!

            What the Rams did was that dumb. Only they did it for most of a quarter.

    2. WTF is wrong with you? He answered the questions to the best of his ability? He answered every single question with not looking too far ahead and then when pressed, he said he never looks back?

      He was given a script to read by Harbaugh in 2012 and he has stuck to it because he is not bright enough to think on his feet (knees).

      You’re blind Set.

    3. Seb-

      You have chosen not to recognize the two crappy Kap throws he missed on right there -in the final minutes-for the go ahead score. So, he had to run a few yards instead.
      HE SIMPLY CAN NOT THROW THE BALL CONSISTENTLY ACCURATE. Neither can High School quarterbacks.

    4. Niners need a SeaHawks killer:

      Alex Smith’s lfour against Seattle 4 – 0:
      2012 1 – 0
      2011 2 – 0 (33 – 17) and (19 – 17)
      2010 1 – 1 (with december win 40 – 21 and 130 rating)

      Other guy is 1 – 6 since Smith was benched.

  4. Well to be accurate Hyde and the Defense beat the Rams week 1.. This time around Kaep single handily beat the Rams. One QB won the game the other managed it. It’s all the same though two pointless wins. Especially the last one. I’m confused! Is this sh*tty season over.

      1. So, one QB led his team to a 28 point win. The other to a one point win. Does that mean one QB is 28 times better than the other?

              1. Forget logic, Grant.

                Were talking the mighty Seb (Quinn) and Kap. You’ll never see anything like this idolatry again.

              2. Grant after that opening season loss, the Rams went on to win 3 straight, including holding Seattle to 3 miserly points. The Rams the Niners blew away in the opener were a much better Rams team than the one they squeaked by last weekend.

      2. Ya handing off to Hyde… Which Kaep was without for the second half. Plus playing on the road. Also Gabbert was playing with a healthy supporting cast. Don’t let facts get in the way though.

        1. The Rams were playing with an injury depleted team, too. So, yeah, don’t let facts in the way of a partisan and foolish premise.

      1. Really, really stupid comment…

        Colin Kaepernick 28/38 266 7.0 2 touchdowns 1 4-13 64.6 99.2

        TD 9:01
        Carlos Hyde 19 Yd pass from Colin Kaepernick (Phil Dawson Kick)
        2 plays, 17 yards, 0:37
        7 0

        TD 2:33
        Tavon Austin 30 Yd Run (Greg Zuerlein Kick)
        1 play, 30 yards, 0:08
        7 14

        TD 10:32
        Tyler Higbee 2 Yd pass from Jared Goff (Greg Zuerlein Kick)
        4 plays, 25 yards, 2:13
        7 21

        TD 5:06
        Colin Kaepernick 13 Yd Run (Phil Dawson Kick)
        13 plays, 75 yards, 5:26
        14 21

        TD 0:31
        Rod Streater 10 Yd pass from Colin Kaepernick (Colin Kaepernick Run for Two-Point Conversion)
        10 plays, 73 yards, 2:39
        22 21

          1. I guess you would rip him if he lost, but now you downplay this win.

            I do not care, Kaep may have started that first step towards building a winning culture. He did it by going bold, and he is so much better than any QB out there, you and Prime cannot name another QB who is better. An untested rookie? LOL. Glennon? Mr. 5-13? LOLOLOL

              1. Nothing like starting it against the hapless Rams hey Seb? And nothing like starting it in week 15 when he won’t be here next year!

              2. There you go again. Prime, you have predicted that Kaep would be gone so many times, yet he is still the starting QB for the San Francisco 49ers.

                I must say, being wrong so many times has not dampened your delusional beliefs. It is kinda cute.

            1. Just stop Seb. I get it. You and Kaepernick shared a milkshake on a cool summer evening while gazing passionately into each other’s eyes.?

              1. Mid, I just want the Niners to win more rings. I supported Gabbert when he first started, until he was benched. I will support Kaep, and hope he stays.

                Kaep has impressive skillsets, and he gives the Niners their best chance to win.

                I like QBs who throw for 400 yards. I like QBs who throw for 300 and rush for 100. I like QBs that mount 14 point comebacks, and are bold and decisive enough to win games.

                Mark my words, Jed and the delusional fans will rue the day they let Kaep go, because more than likely,he will go to the Cards or Rams just so he can play the Niners twice a year. Both have stout defenses, and solid RBs, so Kaep will just be the missing piece to make their teams formidable.

        1. It was the Rams and the comeback was all on his legs!
          Let’s see how he plays against the Hawks. You know the one team he fizzles out against amongst the others that are competitive?
          Maybe you should try harder!

          1. Prime, I do not need to try harder. I seem to be taking on the whole blog, and doing quite well. Kaep made my job easy.

            You sure seem butt hurt over this last win. Kaep performed well, which you thought was impossible. Looks like it is your turn to eat some crow, and I plan on dishing out a banquet for you. Do you prefer it fricasseed, or just boiled?

              1. Roo, dogs lick themselves, but Kaep still gives the Niners their best chance to win.

                Next you will be quoting some DJ and insisting that a house painter start.

              1. Show me where anyone has poned me on this blog.

                Kaep shined last game, He was clutch, and ended a 13 game losing streak. Diss that all you want, but I think it is great. He showed me that he was not only hungry for a win, he was starved for a win.

                I want Niner players like Kaep. Frankly, I do not give a damn if he hurt their draft position, I want wins.

            1. Seb–

              You are going to make 10,000 excuses after a real football team slaps your guy around in a few days. He is going to look like something out of a Junior College………
              That is when you will be at your entertaining best!


        2. Did you know the Rams pass defense is as bad as the 49res? We give up an average QB rating of 97.1. They give up 96.8. We’re 27th and 28th respectively.

          Also, it’s not much of an accomplishment to dink-and-dunk your way down the field with the idiot DC decides to stop doing what worked for 3 quarters and play prevent defense to the worst:

          Downfield (10+ yards) passer in the NFL.
          Second half passer in the NFL.
          28th 3rd Down passer in the NFL.
          Least accurate (at any distance) QB in the NFL.

          That was a bad decision of epic proportions and cost the Rams an easy win.

    1. Kaep singlehandedly beat the Rams? Seriously? He had two good series at the end of the game, but before that he was doing nothing. He’s lucky the defense held the Rams through consistent 3 and outs, and they only faltered after the Hyde fumble.

      1. It is a team game, but Kaep led those 2 drives and he did not have a convoy of blockers on his 2 point play. Kaep willed himself into the end zone, when many others would have come up short.

        1. >> Kaep willed himself into the end zone, when many others would have come up short.

          You mean like Kaep did at the end of the Dolphins game?

            1. No. He was playing the lowly Rams this time.

              I already gave Kaepernick credit for having 2 good series to finish the game. Prior to that he’s thrown an Int (7 pts Rams), 7 straight punts, and there was a fumble (7pts Rams).

              Without the defense playing strong, yes the Rams offense and their rookie QB are as bad as the 49ers, there’s no chance for the comeback to occur.

              And diving into the endzone to score is hardly a rarity.

              Saying he did it singlehandedly is false.

              1. Considering he failed the first time against Miami, it sure was nice to see Kaep show guts and determination the second time he had an opportunity to score. Nobody carried him, he did it all on his own.

                Interesting, I just posted about the lowly Rams. I said that they have beaten both the Seahawks and the Cards, something the Niners have not yet done these past two seasons.

              2. Yep. The Rams had a nice little 3 game stretch there, but the Cardinals aren’t a good team this year. Saying the 49ers haven’t beat them really isn’t saying much of anything. The 49ers have only beaten 4 teams over the last 2 seasons.

  5. Kyle Shanahan turned Matt Schaub into a Pro Bowler when Schaub was 28 years old. Mike Glennon is 27 and similar to Schaub. I’d like to see what little Shanny can do with him.

      1. It depends on who the HC is. They aren’t going to sign Glennon to play for Kelly and Taylor wouldn’t be attractive to a guy like Shanahan most likely.

  6. Comparisons:

    Mitch Trubisky — Andy Dalton
    DeShone Kizer — JaMarcus Russell
    DeShaun Watson — Johnny Manziel
    Mike Glennon — Matt Schaub

        1. Grant, your track record with QBs is awful. You thought Fales was the next Montana. You thought Tyler Wilson was the next Brees. Still of the draft you mentioned. So just take a break on NFL comps for players.

            1. What do you think of someone who accounted for 17TDs and has 4 Ints in what 10 starts? With a very piss poor supporting cast.

              1. Grant you believe Glennon is a better fit then Kaep for Chips offense. Or are you suggesting Glennon is a better option with a new coaching staff. Do you believe Chip gets fired?

              2. I think Chip gets fired and Kyle Shanahan replaces him.

                I’d be thrilled but I’m not holding my breath. I’ve been in survival mode ever since the Harbaughcalypse. Could be another 10-15 years before this team ever sniffs another championship as long as the York’s are in charge….

              3. Only Gamble would keep Kelly, and I don’t think Gamble will be the GM. The Niners can get someone better.

              4. I predict you will be wrong. First of all, Kyle will get better offers, and his father will poison the well, so Kyle will stay far away from this dysfunctional dumpster fire.

                Jed will wuss out, and just let Baalke be the fall guy, and let him slide into another position. Jed is cheap, so he will keep Chip and not pay another coach for not working. Gamble is the logical choice, and would cause the least disruptions. The Niners are radioactive, and I am sure that JH has put out the word.

                However, Jed realizes that heads need to roll, so that will fall on the necks of the OC and DC.

              5. I don’t think the Niners will promote Gamble to GM. I think they will hire the best GM candidate available.

              6. Grant before you go all high horse on Kyle Shanahan you might want to read his requirements for the team he chooses to become the HC. I’ll give you a hint? The 49ers don’t fill none of them

              7. Kyle and Mike are a package deal. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Mike would be GM. He is open to being a consultant. Add Pioli or Wolf to the mix and we got something.

              8. I’d love to see KS as the next HC with Glennon at QB, but I’d be surprised if it happens. He’ll likely get a better offer elsewhere and they have been screwing his Dad around for the last couple of seasons.

                As far as Kap goes, the contingent waiting for his exit may be waiting another season if they stick with Kelly. With the lack of QB’s in FA and no sure fire top pick in the draft, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kap return next season.

              9. The 49ers are a perfect landing spot. No ties to a QB and the new guy can bring in whoever he wants.
                Kap coming back results in another losing season. Trust me. Kelly or whoever becomes the new HC won’t try that experiment again!

              10. Prime,

                It’s going to be a losing season regardless of what happens in the offseason.

                If they fire Kelly, Kap doesn’t come back most likely, but Kelly will want a a vet who knows the system if he gets another year imo.

              11. Prime, you must think I just fell off the turnip truck. You would just make up another name and come right back. This is not my first rodeo.

    1. Kizer Floor JaMarcus Russel – Ceiling Russel Wilson
      Watson Floor JaMarcus Russel – Ceiling Vince Young
      Trubisky Floor Sam Bradford – Ceiling Drew Brees

              1. Kinda like Kaepernick with his laser arm and track style speed? Then you throw a NFL defense in front of him and it all goes to merda?

            1. Your crazy. No one was high on Dak other then Coffee… He was average at Miss state.. Watson is a star coming out.

              1. Actually I recall some saying he had second round talent, with a smaller group saying Prescott could sneak into the first round.

              2. Yup, Dak was touted as the 4th best QB, even better than Cook, who was touted as a first round talent.

                Then the DUI.

              3. Randall Gregory was foolishly considered a top 10 talent by many before he showed his stupid side.

              4. It’s the age of the Internet, while there are a few sites that have Dak as a day 3 player post DUI, there are more that have him as a day 2.

                Those that liked him, like Gruden, compared him to McNabb.

                “In speaking with team sources, they believe that Prescott is going to be a second-day pick.”





        1. And I’m suggesting Kizer is more intelligent than Russell. I also think he’s a better athlete as well as being able to pass at different anticipations, and different speeds. He’s more pro ready than Russell was and he’s definitely not lazy. Kizer can win from the pocket, and he also has the ability to run inside which is indefensible….

              1. I disagree on Trubisky. No One has seen enough of him to make a proper call on him. He is not ready. Kizer is more talented.

              2. Scooters right. Trubisky actually fits Kelly’s offense better than Kizer. You’d like to see more starts under his belt but he’s had a great season and shown the awareness, accuracy and mobility needed to play in this system.

              3. RAW, for Kelly’s offense, Trubisky’s accuracy is a better fit. Kizer isn’t accurate enough on a consistent basis.

              4. I already completed my breakdown of Kizer. He makes more reads than the other qb’s in this draft. However, he has a long windup and is very inconsistent with his accuracy. As to the comparison with Marriotta it just doesn’t make sense. He is bigger than Marcus but much slower and not near as shifty. A better comp for him body and athletic wise would be Big Ben.

          1. Kizer does not have a posse that kisses arse and distracts him, like Russel had.

            Still want Kaep, but prefer Kizer over Watson, Trubisky and Kayaa.

              1. Ah, I see. the tag team continues, Saw is now my favorite antagonist, taking up after Cassie quit.

                Have at it, Saw, it will just look like you are obsessing about me.

              2. SEB….

                Actually Seb, I think your great! i would pay you for the entertainment value—-I figure I owe you.

                You and TomD……….Oh man, you used to kill me!

          2. Russell was an excellent passer and had a cannon. He put on one of the best pro days Mayock has ever seen. His problem was he shut it down once he got the money and got addicted to Cough Syrup cocktails.

    2. I think Watson as Manziel is a bit harsh. Manziel had a bucket full of red-flags around his character before the draft.

      Also he some pocket skills. Kind of like Mariota in that regard. You know, not fully developed as a pocket passer, but has shown he can work from the pocket, do some defensive reading and understand what’s in front of him.

  7. I’m still waiting for Kaep to clear the 2016 bottom 10. Any discussion about this guy’s aptitude for the job should include the fact he does not measure up well in comparison to his peers. At best, Kaep will always be a pipe dream all leg no arm no head. His occasional success has proven to be early career low frequency events. Onward and upward.

        1. My logic or Crabtree’s? Crabtree took less money and called out Kap’s passing and dedication. He clearly wasn’t happy.

          As to my logic, do you think a sustainable offense can be built around Kap?

          1. One thing I can say it’s not sustainable with this roster. I think he is playing as well as anyone can with this supporting cast. 17 total TDs and 4 Ints in 10 starts… That’s not bad. With that said let’s move on with him. He is a distraction and I’m over it.

        2. Sorry, but that is a fallacy. Kaepernick only played half of the 2012 season, and Crabtree did not catch for 1,000 yards during only that half.

              1. Sorry Seb, but you are stating absolutes with there being no credence to them. We can never know if a Smith led 49ers offense would have won against the Falcons in the NFC championship game. Stating one way or the other shows a lack of intelligence and fairness on the subject.

              2. It’s speculation based on how things transpired that season Mid. The Niners were more explosive with Kap and that was a big part of their run through the playoffs. The defense was playing poorly down the stretch and into the post season and Kap’s big plays in the running game were the difference in many cases. Smith was having a pretty good season but Kap and the pistol offense is what led them to the SB.

              3. But that is still not evidence that Smith could not have done the same Rocket. One can only make an assumption one way or another.

              4. We’ll never know because it didn’t happen, but we can look at each QB’s style of play and what was needed to get to where they ultimately wound up, and I can say confidently that Smith’s style wouldn’t have taken them as far as Kap’s did. That is why Smith didn’t get his job back that season in the first place.

              5. MWD, you are also speculating that Alex would have won, when past history shows he has never done that. Intelligence has nothing to do with it, and fairness cuts both ways.

              6. No you can’t Rocket, just as I can’t confidently saying Smith would have. We can believe one way or the other, but absolutely no one can confidently proclaim their belief as more likely because there is a lack of evidence to make a valid argument for both sides. Trying to do so results in a form of generalization or the slippery slope trap.

              7. I never said I wasn’t speculating Seb. I only pointed out where someone was speculating based on weak evidence.

          1. 85 catches 1105 yards 9 TDs… Not only with Kaep but his numbers grew with him at the helm. It carried on into the playoffs. 275 and 3 TDs in 2012 playoffs in 3 games. I would say they played well together.

              1. I think the fact that he wasn’t healthy and had not fully recovered from his injury was the main reason he was unhappy. He was also not giving much effort and often didn’t finish his routes. Have you forgotten that as well. He also had a lot of drops that year as well. He just wasn’t productive and a lot of fans were glad to see him go. Now he returned more to form with the Raiders but part of that was he was healthy again and came into camp in shape.

              2. No, I did not forget any of that because I kept pointing that out constantly. The reality is Crabtree was already starting to have a breakout year before Kaepernick took over at QB. Stating otherwise is simply ignoring the truth in order to justify a poorly painted picture of what was.

            1. 510 yards 4 TDs in 9 games with Smith in 2012…. If my math is right Kaep is a bigger reason why he reached 1,000 yards. More yards and TDs in 2 less games….

              1. lol. Did your math compute all the yards lost when Crabtree kept dropping the ball against the Jets?

                Did it compute Smith suffered a concussion and only played half the game? Yet was 4/4 for 59 yards and a TD with Crabtree at that point. While Kaepernick finished it out 1 for 2 for 11 yards?

                Did it compute the fact that Smith preferred TEs and that the difference is that Kaepernick is afraid of the middle of the field and shifted the passing? That he ignored Davis who was the best TE in the NFL for a WR who has never made a probowl?

                No, I didn’t think so.

              2. It was roughly 8 1/4 games with Smith and 7 3/4 games with Kaepernick.

                The big difference was the # of targets jumped. Over the last 5 weeks Crabtree was targeted 56 times. In the previous 11 he’d been targeted 69.

                And he also had the best game of his career against the Cardinals in the finale.

                If it makes you feel better to say that it wouldn’t have happened without Kaepernick that’s fine. Who am I to rain on your parade?

        3. lol. NO. Nearly half (and over 500) of those yards came from Smith at QB. And it would have been even more if Crabtree hadn’t dropped 4 balls against the Jets in our 34-0 blow-out of the Jets.

        1. He would have been more unhappy than productive with the air balls and ground diggers thrown by Kaepernick.

  8. Heard the interview Chip had with Bob Fitzgerald. Bob, being the consummate professional gave Chip some big lollipops. Liked how they started it off lightly, and Bob brought up subjects that Chip could not, which put Chip in a good light.

    Wish Rod Brooks had been there, but he missed out because he was on vacation. All in all, it was very entertaining with nuggets of insights.

    Also saw Chip’s reaction to Kaep’s 2 point play. It was nice to see some joy on his face. I bet his father was beaming with pride from up above.

          1. It would also mean they don’t need to commit to a high draft pick on a QB of the future that is designed to fit Kelly’s system. Given I expect Kelly will be retained this offseason, but his future beyond next year will be based on how the team performs in 2018, it makes sense to not commit to a QB just yet.

              1. I suggested earlier in the season that the 49ers should find a stopgap QB like Romo or another QB and wait until 2018 to find their franchise QB. And yes, I received plenty of ridicule for suggesting the idea.

              2. I agree with you Mid and have stated the same idea a few times before. I just couldn’t decide on a realistic option for the bridge QB. Taylor could be a good option if Kelly is retained.

              3. Thanks RAW. It is not the best option, but as I said back then, it is probably the right choice to make.

              4. Mid, since I have been wanting Kaep to be the Niner QB, I have gotten so much grief, I would never pan your proposal.

                I do recall some one panning a proposal to get Romo, but that was only because Romo would want to go to a playoff team.

              5. Mid, if I recall you were suggesting the team basically ignore taking a QB with the idea of drafting a top QB in 2018. I still don’t like the idea of this approach.

                Taylor isn’t just a bridge QB. He’s a guy you hope is the long term starter. I would still take a QB this year, but you can probably wait a bit longer if Taylor is brought in. And if Taylor doesn’t work and/ or Kelly is fired, you can still take a QB high in 2018.

              6. My suggestion involved drafting a stopgap QB that could be a long term answer to the position if it were possible and to wait until 2018 to draft a franchise QB if they still needed to because the free agent and draft class in 2017 were looking fairly weak at the position.

              7. This does not mean that I think skip the position in the draft altogether though. I just do not see the bright side of the team putting their chips in on a rookie QB in the first couple of rounds because I think the top 3-5 QB prospects should stay at their programs for another year.

              8. Yeah ok, I think I had misunderstood what you were suggesting previously then. I thought you were saying they should sign a stop gap FA as a placeholder for a year, basically tank next season, then draft their QB in 2018. I have no problems bringing in a potential future starter this year either through trade, FA and/ or draft, and also taking a QB high next year.

              9. No worries Scooter. I have never been of tanking for a pick because it shows a team cares more about the future than the present. The team should care for both equally.

            1. You nailed it Scooter. This is the best plan I’ve seen in regards to what to do at QB next season if Taylor is available which he should be.

              1. The Bills have twice the talent on offense that the 49ers have and Taylor was average at best. Don’t tell me coaching hindered him either.

            2. I don’t understand that type of decision making. Kelly’s system has proven to not work. Wether you commit to a QB this year or next is irrelevant to the fact that Kelly has not shown that his system is NFL successful.
              The point is you go out and get a QB that plays from the pocket, accurate and you can develop into any system. This organization can’t wait to get a QB in 2 years.

              1. Prime— Did it ever occur to you that the lack of quality players might be one reason that Kelly’s system isn’t that successful? The roster isn’t that great. You also blame the lack of offense on Kaep. Now you say it’s Kelly’s system. Which is it? Kelly’s system or Kaep? But then you are the same guy who told me that Kaep was throwing against the wind in both the 1st and 2nd quarters. But perhaps you believe the wind changes directions along with the teams at the end of the first quarter.

              1. Prime, you are such a coward, you should not broadcast it to everyone.

                IICRC, you were too timid even to bet an avatar.

                When you feel brave enough to do that, I will consider betting you.

    1. Scooter, the Bills just signed him to a 6 year 92 mil contract. He passed for 3023 yards, 62% completion , 17 TDs, 6 ints, for a 89.7 QBR.

      The Bills had the 12 ranked offense, but the 19th ranked defense.

      I guess the Bills are as dysfunctional as the Niners if they want to get rid of a QB with those stats. Sounds like the defense is what is letting them down.

      The FO is afraid he might get hurt (Hmm where have I seen that before), so they are starting EJ Manuel. If EJM flames out, they will fer sure stick with Taylor.

      1. You should do more research before you post. Taylor has an option in his contract next year. If the Bills keep him next season it triggers and about $30M becomes guaranteed. If they cut him beforehand they only owe him the remainder of his signing bonus, which was small (about $3M).

        They are sitting him so they don’t end up with a situation like the 49ers had with Kaep this year. It is looking very likely he will be cut. Though whoever the new HC is will likely have input to the decision.

        1. I guess it all depends if they want to win or not. Going cheap will produce cheap results.

          EJM I put on par with Geno Smith. Both have potential, but under achieves.Next game will be telling.

      2. But I do agree with you on this, they would be silly to cut him in my opinion. I know its a lot of money to commit to a QB if you aren’t 100% on him as a long term option, but the alternatives are poor.

    2. While I don’t love Double T long term, he could be a better cheaper stop gap option than anything else out there.
      It’s nice to see he completes over 60% of his passes.

      1. Grant-

        What makes you think Jed will go after Kyle for HC? Were talking York decision making here……..
        Therefore, it doesn’t make sense. Have you forgotten their past track record?

    1. So, I like Falk, but then these days any QB that is accurate is at the top of my list :).

      But should he stay at WSU and continue to play in the air raid offense or get drafted and sit for at least a year where he can learn to work in a pro style offense?

    1. “Defense, Defense, Defense. Fix the defense.”

      What’s sad about this comment is the 49ers have spent 10 picks in RD’s 1-3 on that side of the ball over the last 4 drafts.

      1. Jack, I know there was a bunch on early round picks and yet this defense is one of the worst if not the worst I have ever seen. For me I just shake my head.

  9. Bunkering up Saturday night. Too many under the bridge. Big time dinner Friday night. Asked the wife tonight, staying up NY Eve? She said no. Went to bed at 9:20 tonight, LOL.

  10. I have to laugh. Grant thinks that GMs will be breaking down the doors to get the Niner GM job.

    Most competent GMs will do due diligence. They will pick up the phone and call Jim Harbaugh. I wonder what he would say.

    Let me guess. JH will say that Jed is a clueless dolt. JH will declare that Jed is an immature Mommy’s boy who breaks his toys and blames others. JH will emphatically state that Jed will leak lies and smears just to get back at anyone he is mad at, and the GM better win or he will get Yorked. JH will show the scars on his back from all the times he was stabbed in the back, and warn the potential GM that he will suffer the same fate. JH will pronounce that if the GM wants to destroy his career, and never get another job in the industry, he will go do Jed’s bidding until Jed is sick of him. JH will warn that Jed is the kind of person that leaks a coach will be fired just before he coaches his last game. Then in the presser, have Jed refer to him as ‘Jimbo’. Jed will explain to the potential GM that winning with class entails cutting players on the team bus.

    JH will end by saying that ‘you shall reap what you sow’, then tell the potential GM to disconnect his phone and disappear off social media.

    1. Unfortunately that’s basically what’s going to happen. Seb the problem with Grant is that he thinks the 49ers have all this leverage to pick any GM or coach they want which I hope I’m wrong but I doubt it.

      And your right about the situation that happen with Harbaugh and the 49ers, it badly damaged the 49ers reputation with coaches around the NFL and college. I’m sure this had something to do with David Shaw not even answering Jed and Trents phone calls in 2015 before they hired Tomsula.

        1. And yet it was worse under Eddie DeBartolo and we got Bill Walsh who lost the Rams job, who was ignored by the Raiders, who turned down the Giants and wouldn’t interview with the Bears even though they wanted him. T

          he Browns, with all their toxic, got Holmgren whom most 49er fans were pining for.

          The Steelers, who were the laughing stock of the NFL from the 30’s until the 70’s got Noll in 1969 They’d have ONE playoff appearance from 1933 until 1972.

          They used to call Green Bay vs Tampa the “Bay of Pigs” bowl because they both sucked. Green Bay got Ron Wolfe from the Raiders (and they were a championship team back then). Tampa put in the front office that eventually lead to some **** good teams and, eventually, a Superbowl win.

          And so it goes.

          You really should learn your NFL history. You people and your certainty… It’s just ignorance.

          1. Ignorance is claiming Walsh turned down the Giants job. Brown stabbed Walsh in the back, by dissing him to other potential suitors, because he did not want to lose him.

            When Walsh was passed over for the HC job once Brown retired, he realized that he could not get an NFL head coaching job, so he went to Stanford.

            Ignored by the Raiders? Al Davis gave Walsh his first opportunity to coach in the pros. It was Al Davis who convinced Eddie to hire Walsh, so you need to become more educated before spewing offal.

            If ignorance is bliss, you must be giddy with delight.

      1. No he wouldn’t. I wish the 49ers still had Harbaugh, but even he was unable to stifle what the Yorks and the front office wanted for the viewing public to see and speculate on.

        1. I will not absolve Jed of responsibility for this clusterf**k. However, I think that the health of the organization will vastly improve with an new GM and the absence Baalke. I think that Baalke is toxic and thru his boarder line autistic behavior the organization is poisoned and Jed, for his own health and the health of the organization, needs to shed him.

          1. Personally I think all of you are full of crap. (Not just you. Most of 49er fandom.)

            You, like the press, have really no ****ing clue what’s going on in the front office and you create your myths and believe them to be true. It’s fake news and speculation based on innuedo and hurt fee-fees.

            Right now it’s the myth of “McCloughan” built this team. Yet he was a poorer drafted than Baalke. Just look at his draft futility:

            Smith over Rodgers. Crabtree over Maclin. His bad o-line picks – Rachel and Baas. Drafting Manny Lawson over Santonio Holmes when we desperately needed a WR. All of his WR draft and FA failures.

            His 2008 draft which was close to a complete bust. Same with 2009.

            So while he did hit it with Willis, Davis (good, but not great TE pick), Staley and Gore. He mostly gave us Kyle Williams and Glen Coffee and Mike Singletary as our Head Coach and never produced a winning record.

            Baalke’s made his mistakes. But the Myth of McCloughan or the any other myths fans have about Baalke, the Yorks, DeBartolo are just crappy myths that are, mostly, inaccurate to out-right fantasy.

            1. Mozes, you sound like you have gotten heat stroke after wandering for 40 years in the desert.

              You are so full of it, your eyes are brown.

              Baalke is the problem. He himself admits it. He is taking the blame. He says it is all on him. He says it all falls on his shoulders. Defending Baalke is indefensible, and amply shows how little football knowledge you possess.

              Maybe you should not employ revisionist history. Nolan made the call on Smith over Rodgers.

              McCloughan did not give us Singletary, that was solely John York, and he admitted his mistake just after he fired him.

              Draft futility? McCloughan gave the Niners pro bowlers. Baalke, not so much. Baalke whiffed on an entire draft class. Decent FAs avoided the Niners like the plague, and the Niners were left with a squad that has 50 mil less talent than most other teams, and it showed. Baalke may have doomed the SB season when he drafted AJ Jenkins instead of Alshon Jeffrey.

              Defend Baalke all you want, but I will just counter with this- Baalke is such a horrible GM, he re-signed DEVEY.

            2. McCloughan built the foundation of what would be a Super Bowl team, and Baalke added the exterior trimmings that made it have curb appeal and get it over the top.

              It’s no myth that this roster has been in steady decline since the end of 2011.

              1. This Baalke vs, McLoughan is an imposition of the Cult of the Individual approach whereby one individual is given credit of blame for all major success or failure.

                It’s next to impossible to disentangle the roles of each of them UNLESS one has been in the front-office meetings over the last 10+ years for draft and FA signings.

                We know for sure that Nolan strongly influenced McLoughan’s decisions. In fact, based on reports from sources that I trust (I believe Maiocco during his SRPD days) that Alex’s draft over Rodgers was a Nolan decision. Similarly, the extent of the role of McLoughlan in 2010 draft is uncertain.

                IMO, both McLoughlan and Baalke are far from top GMs. Both show some ability to draft linemen. Both show some ability to pick DBs. McLoughan had better feel for RBs. But both are pretty poor on critical skill positions such as receivers and QBs. Both show little feel for edge rushers.

                The best GMs are judged by their picks in the second half of the rounds.Based on that criterion, I rate McLoughlan slightly higher (mediocre) and give him a pass. But Baalke fails not just because he could not draft successfully at critical positions, he could not get FAs to fill those positions of need. Baalke has not clue about QBs and receivers on FA because he has no offensive philosophy beyond Parcellosauraus ball control.

                I agree with Baalke’s approach of stocking up more picks and draft-and-develop strategy. His problem is that he and his scouts are utterly incapable of picking talent on offense or stocking up with (overpaid) FAs while the draft picks are developing. Baalke also made a big mistake on drafting too many injured players.

                One problem that both McLoughlan and Baalke share is they value the player’s size and athleticism over their football skills and IQ. They both end up drafting a bunch of excellent college players who cannot adjust to the NFL game.

    1. Yup, close resemblance to Denzel (lol).
      Actually saw Coach Boone at Modesto JC back in 2007.
      Nice touch by JH.
      I also remember Harbaugh bringing in the Nature Boy Rick Flair to fire-up the troops before a playoff game against the Panthers.
      Harbaugh may be a pain in the arse to front offices, but he knows how get his players motivated.


    “Sources currently say it slightly bothers them because it doesn’t fit with the rest of their evaluation and gives a questionable feeling about McCaffrey.” Yup. That’s all I said last week. As a GM it would concern me. It’s not a PC opinion so GMs and scouts won’t publicly state it but they are thinking it.

    1. Not even close to buying it. McCaffery was banged up while playing on a weaker Stanford offense, so it really should not shock anyone that he would choose to skip the bowl game in favor of prepping for the draft. It also says a lot when the “sources” blatantly ignores the fact that no one on the Cardinals had a problem with his decision.

      1. I have to believe the opinions on this will be split with the GM’s.
        McCaffery was mostly healthy at the end of the season, so his choice was a pure business decision. I have no problem with this but some GM’s will question his competitive spirit, especially when coupled with his undersized frame. They will want to know if he will play through pain or call it a day if he gets banged up a bit. They will also have to ask will he play with reckless abandon or not to get hurt?
        If even a few teams don’t like his answers he could get pushed down the draft board a bit depending on team need and how they grade him out.
        Additionally, its hard to say that no one on the Stanford team has a problem with this. With such large rosters there are going to be a few that will not like it, even if they rationally understand it. I could especially see some seniors who are playing their final game and want to go out with a win having an issue with it. That does not mean they will state they have a problem with it though as that could lead to an unnecessary distraction.

        1. I hope McCaffrey falls out of the first round into the waiting arms of the SF 49ers.

          His body of work the past 2 years are more indicative of what they want, and what they will get. His production is exactly what the Niners are lacking, and needs.

          1. All depends on who is there. If Vanderbilt’s Zach Cunningham is there I would tend to go with him.
            I honestly have him going in the second. I think his position, size and Reggie Bush will work against him so he may go later than expected.

              1. Why don’t you cry some more about how Ballke ruined Kaps career? Lets start the new year off with some consistency!

              2. Why don’t you bet me and I could be gone forever. And don’t worry about keeping me accountable, the blog will be sure it happens. We can even get Grant to monitor it. Come on big mouth, bet or not? It wont cost you a dime cheapo!

              3. Prime, you are pathetic. Coming back to this betting nonsense.

                OK, since you challenged me, I will set the terms. I will not bet money because I do not need yours, and I will win already if I never give you a dime, so lets get past that, since I think you will welsh on the bet.

                So lets just bet an Avatar. If Baalke stays, I will change my avatar to a clown face. If Baalke goes, you change your avatar to a Bozo the clown face. It should be for the off season, or 6 weeks if you feel like you are going to lose.

              4. No Seb, who cares about Baalke. Its Kap we argue about. If he stays, I’m gone forever. If he goes, you are gone forever. Lets save the blog from this mindless bickering. Deal?

              5. No, Prime, we could save this blog from mindless bickering by having you learn your lesson.

                I am not going anywhere, and since Kaep could very easily leave, especially if Baalke stays, you are trying to have the advantage. I,myself would bet anyone that Kaep will leave if Baalke stays, so you want me to bet against myself. That is a sucker’s bet, and you are a sucker if you think I would take it.

                I offered to bet, but once again, you refused it. So who is the coward, now?

                And please, do not expect me to believe that you would disappear. You like this site too much, and it would be child’s play to circumvent barriers.

                Why would I dare risk leaving this site when part of the favorite time is the draft, and all the speculation? You would miss out on my multi player deals.

              6. Seb that’s fine. Be prepared to be reminded how much Kap is limited and how he left the 49ers or how the 49ers let him walk. The cancer will be gone no 2 ways about it and I’ll be here reminding you daily of it!
                As for the blog, I tried to end this feud but it continues!

        2. I keep seeing McCaffrey getting flak for his business decision, but not Fournette. I do not believe someone should fault one while being okay with the other. Please note I am not referring to anyone on here, but instead what I have seen as the general consensus everywhere.

          1. Injuries play a part. JF says he is only at 85%, so he is making a wise decision.

            I am just wildly speculating, but maybe McCaffrey heard that the other team was going to target him, and try to get multiple hits on him to not injure him, but just to knock him out of the game. That may not be too far fetched, because previous teams made it a point not to let McCaffrey beat them, and everyone ‘s mission was to get a hand on him.

            I also think he may also have a nagging injury, and if he lets it heal fully, he will do better in the combine. It is a business decision, and I am sure glad that 100% of his team mates support him.

            1. Apparently not injured enough to keep him from putting himself in a game during the season though.

              1. No, that’s true. But he has clearly been hampered. I don’t really like his decision either, but I find it more understandable than a guy that showed at the end of the season any injury he had was no longer bothering him.

              2. Disagree Scooter. Both were hampered during the season. Fournette is pretty well guaranteed to be a first round pick even if he injured or still hampered, while it seems that scouts are just trying to find an excuse to skip over McCaffrey who is considered a 1-2 round pick; an injury in the bowl game would just give those scouts another one excuse to use. Quite honestly, I think McCaffrey was in a lose-lose situation, so I think it was smart of him to take the option that could benefit his future more.

              3. Caff got hurt during the season, but he’s fine now. He was dominant the last five games. Fournette was injured all year and clearly hampered to end the season.

  12. I just thought of an odd scenario regarding this.
    Imagine Stanford had an Andrew Luck like qb who decides to play out his final game.
    However, they also have the best LT in all of college football. The LT decides to sit out the game knowing his draft status is secure and not wanting to risk injury.
    In the game, the backup LT blows his assignment and the opposing Outside Linebacker gets an unimpeded sack on the qb, injuring him.
    How do you think the players and fans would then feel about it? Was the qb stupid for playing in a meaningless bowl game? Was the LT selfish for not wanting to play for this team when he could have? Or is that just the breaks and it happens?

      1. Healthy at seasons end.
        I am not trying to compare this to McCaffery. Just wondering if people regard it differently if the scenario were different.

        1. I agree that we should not compare it to McCarthy, but I do need to know if the prospect was struggling with injuries. Is he considered a top 10 draft pick? Would his playing have made a difference in his draft position? What is his previous history in regards to his behavior? I need to know these things and probably more if I am to form an unbiased conclusion on the scenario you have suggested.

    1. This is such a silly non-issue. CMac did what is best for him. I applaud him for his maturity and clear thinking. It has little to do with his injuries earlier this season or anything else. As a fan of Cardinal football, I am grateful to CMac for the 152 quarters of football he gave us instead of mealy-mouthed whining of my fellow Cardinal fans.

      Who cares what Luck would have done? They are different individuals with different priorities playing different positions and different schedules (Luck red-shirted, . CMac played as a true freshmen) CMac was as popular a team leader in his 3 years if not more than Luck. He was responsible for 46% of all Cardinal offense. He has given a lot and it’s time for him to do what’s best for him.

      I have no doubt that CMac has been advised by his Dad Ed on his sitting out of this Bowl. In turn, I do not doubt that Ed has consulted with his deep connections within the NFL front offices through relationships he developed playing 13 years in the NFL. Probably worth more than some guy sitting in his mom’s basement writing for Walterfootball making tall claims about his sources :)

      RJ Abeytia’s article here at the link below sums up CMac’s decision best:

      1. I don’t like it simply because I like guys that play for each other, and sacrifice themselves for the team. Besides, there’s this thing they call insurance where he could be insured for millions if something bad were to happen. I respect the players decision, but I don’t agree with it….

      2. Mood, I was not ripping McCaffery in fact I agree with his decision. But I can easily envision scenarios where GM’s don’t like it or where People could question if he was a team player. Just because we see it one way doesn’t mean others will see it the same. It doesn’t mean we are right or they are wrong. These are very gray areas.., and that’s why I find them interesting.

        1. I apologize if I came across sounding harsh and combative. I was just coming off the Stanford fan board where this issue is threatening to break the record as the longest thread — and so I was a little too, ahem, spirited in my “opinionating”, perhaps ?!

  13. Grant points out that the Niner win is meaningless because it was against the lowly Rams.

    I will counter by saying that these same Rams have defeated the Seahawks and Cards, somethng the Niners have yet to do these past 2 seasons.

    1. I would counter that you are touting a team that dealing with a lacking run game that has started slow for a few years now, and another team that has been plagued with injuries and severely underachieved this season.

      1. True, Seahawks do have vulnerabilities, and hopefully, the Niners can exploit them.

        However, this Rams team held the Seahawks to a field goal, so you have to give them at least a little credit.

        The Seahawks are just a missed extra point from being 10-4-1

        1. No way, you want a change, you root for the Hawks. You swallow your 49er pride and remember, the enemy of my enemy is my friend so the Seattle Seahawks are our friends. Next year if they keep that no good FOOL and that garbage coach, NFC East, AFC South, Chicago, Carolina, rooting hard for every single one of the 10 teams to beat the 49ers and for our division to beat them too until Jed York and his family BEG to want out!

  14. “Personally I think all of you are full of crap.”
    Sermon from the mount, Moses? Hahaha.
    Mount Hamilton?
    Mount Tam?
    Mount Diablo?
    Mount Sutro?
    Mount St. Helena?
    Carve your stuff in stone so we don’t forget, and thanks for the guidance.
    Let’s see……Your opinion (which might possibly be right) is a point of view of other people’s’ opinions and is based on as much fact as the opinions you debunk (none), so it’s just another opinion, right?
    Hint, your opening line is not an effective lead-in to persuading folks to come around to agreeing with your opinion on really anything. It’s a tactic used by some of our more unhinged commenters here. You’re better than that.

    1. It’s a tactic used by some of our more unhinged commenters here. You’re better than that.

      No he isn’t. This guy shows up every once in awhile, spews a lot of nonsense and condescension, then disappears when most of it doesn’t play out the way he said it would. Smash and dash blogging.

  15. I wish to praise the Niner coaches. I have ripped them previously, and they deserved it, but this time, they helped win this game.

    They had the Niners well prepared. It was music to my ears to hear them saying that they prepared for all contingencies, and had a 2 point play ready and waiting, so they all knew beforehand what was going to be run.
    The players executed well, and won the game,but it was the coaching that made it possible.

    I was jumping for joy to hear them setting up the other team, something that I have been imploring them to do from before preseason. They even mentioned Gaps, and sounded like they had heard the term used before. They used misdirection, and rolled Kaep out, so I think they had a brilliant plan. ;p

    They had the team playing disciplined. RR had a couple teachable moments, but they refrained from shooting their foot off.

    They had the team focused and energized. The defense played NINER football.

    They also brought out the best in the players, and they left every ounce of effort on the field. They engendered an environment so leaders could emerge. Kaep became the field general, and seemed to will them to victory. Beadles on the side line became a leader in every sense of the word. His pep talk helped galvanize the O line, and they responded well.

    Chip deserves the most praise, because I think he was the catalyst. His bold decision to go for it, had me leaping to my feet, and I woke up the baby, but his mother understood my emotions.

    This next game is daunting, but if the coaches prepare for the next game as well as they did the last game, they have a chance to win.

    They should go for it, be bold, and go full trickeration. They should target Thomas’ replacement. They should run right at Sherman until he is leaping out of the way. Kaep should not worry about the score and just focus on making third downs and scoring at least 7 times. I do not think they need to roll him out every play, but if they roll out Kaep 15 times, they could win. Above all, do not run into the teeth of the defense.

    I will say it again. The Seahawks will scheme to contain Kaep in the pocket. The logical response is to break containment. I hope they let Kaep continue to be the field general, and am happy the are not all looking to the side lines. I hope to see a lot more of Harris, and maybe move Tartt to ILB, because he seems to take bad angles as a safety. I hope they stop playing favorites and put the best players in their proper position.

    The coaches have a good chance to salvage something of this season. Another win would be a step in the right direction. Something to build on. I still want Baalke gone even if they do win, but may change my mind about the Coordinators if they can help coach this team to victory.

    I hope they can make me even more proud of them. GO NINERS

    1. It was the freaking Rams. The 3rd worst team in the league.

      “they refrained from shooting their foot off.”

      From shooting it off? Yes. But it was hanging by a tendon after the Int and fumble that put the Rams in position for 14 points.

      1. Jack, they did make mistakes. I am not going to deny them, but they made fewer mistakes and it did not cost them the game.

        I do not think I need to refrain from praising them for reducing the unforced errors. Some games, they were so undisciplined, I wondered if they wanted to win the game.

        1. The 49ers had 11 penalties for 100 yards, 9 straight possessions which ended in a punt or turnover. They didn’t do anything we haven’t seen them do all year. The only difference is they were playing against a terrible opponent.

          If you want to crown them, go ahead and crown them. But they are who we thought they were. And the Rams let them off the hook.

          1. They won by one point, but a win is a win, and I will take it.

            I did not anoint them the next 84 Niner team, and yes, they still lack talent, but it was a nice beginning to a winning culture, especially after snapping a 13 game losing streak.

              1. SEB….

                Actually Seb, I think your great! i would pay you for the entertainment value—-I figure I owe you.

                You and TomD……….Oh man, you used to kill me!

              2. Seb–

                This is why I am sure you pull everyone’s chain, and love doing it-it’s YOUR entertainment………………….

                9ers have no chance with Kap at QB of beating the hags, and you keep making out theres a chance. I know you don’t believe that.

  16. Steve Smith announced his next game will be his last. Tremendous player in a small package. Ferocious competitor. One of those guys not on ‘my’ team that’s still a favorite.

      1. Since we’re only pitching quarters on the blog these days, my all-time favorite player per franchise. Not necessarily the best, but the fave:
        Pats- Brady. Giants- Lawrence Taylor
        Bills- Bruce Smith. Eagles-Chuck Bednarik
        Jets- Curtis Martin. Rednecks-Darrel Green
        Fins- Paul Warfield. Cowpukes-Charles Haley (Hah!)
        Jags- ? Bucs- John Lynch
        Titans-McNair. Falcons-Tommy Nobis
        Colts-Unitas (just ahead of Lenny Moore & Mike Curtis)
        Panthers-Steve Smith
        Texans-Watt. Saints-Rickey Jackson
        Browns-Jim Brown. Lions- Barry Sanders
        Ravens-Ed Reed. Bears- Walter Payton
        Steelers-Joe Greene. Packers-Ray Nitchke
        Bengals- Anthony Munoz. Vikings-Alan Page
        Chiefs-Otis Taylor. Seahawks- M. Lynch
        Broncos- Tom Jackson. Rams- Marshall Faulk
        Chargers- Junior Seau. Cardinals-Terry Metcalf
        Raiders-Ken Stabler. 49ers- Ronnie Lott

  17. I think Kap was gone the second Baalke re-did his contract mid season and gave up 49ers leverage over him. Because Jed and Baalke were worried about him getting injured they gave Kap an option to become a free agent in 2017 before they would let him play this year. It was one of the dumbest moves in recent NFL memory.

    Now Kap and Gabbert will both go elsewhere as a free agents. 49ers will have to start 2017 with a rookie QB and whoever they can get to come into this toxic situation as a free agent. Most rookies coming into the league struggle mightily and if you draft the wrong guy (example: Jemarcus Russel, Ryan Leaf, Blaine Gabbert, and maybe Goff) your franchise can be set back five or six years.

    A far better plan would have been to not redo Kap’s contract thus keeping your options to either cut him or keep him in 2017. That way you could have kept Kap as a bridge for a couple of years while you draft and bring along the QB of the future. Now they will almost have to throw in Watson, Kizer, or whoever they draft into the fray before the man is ready and risk failure wrecking his confidence for ever.

    BTW: All of you who are predicting that Kelly will be fired are wrong. Kelly will be back. The fall guy will be Baalke, and maybe O’Neill or Modkins. Book it.

    1. Kaepernick is set to get paid nearly $17 mil if he stays with the 49ers. There’s no way he gets even close to that if he opts out.

      And with the restructuring the 49ers made sure they wouldn’t get stuck for future years should he be injured.

      It was a good deal for the team and Kaepernick.

      1. The injury thing could have been hedged via an insurance policy.

        I agree on the 17 million. Kap will probably not get close to that in the free agent market. However, he will probably get the going rate for a mid level starting QB. About 10 or 12 million with a three or four year deal. He has shown enough in the games he has started this year for someone to give him a shot.

        My guess is he winds up with either the Jets or the Broncos. Unless Harbaugh takes the Rams job in which case Kap will sign with the Lambs.

        1. I would be surprised if Kap received a multi-year deal for starter money at this point. What he has shown in the games this year is that he is still an inconsistent passer who makes more questionable plays than great plays.

          I cannot think of a single team that would make him their unquestioned starter. That does not mean he will not start next year — I think it likely that he will at some point — I just do not think he will receive starter money right now.

      2. “It was a good deal for the team and Kaepernick”

        Yep. Personally, I still think it would have been in both the team’s and the player’s best interest (football wise, not financially) to part ways before the season, but this was likely the best compromise once that did not happen.

        And I also agree with Jack that Kaepernick will not see close to $17 million from any other team. If he hits the market at this point, I suspect he would get about $5 million (+/- $2 million) on a one-year “prove it” deal. Thus, if the 49ers do not cut Kaepernick and Baalke is gone, I think Kaepernick stays. If Baalke stays, then I think Kaepernick is gone regardless of money issues.

        Unlike many of y’all, I do not believe that Kelly will be fired. Now, I would not be surprised if he were; I just do not believe that is what will happen. I am much more unsure about Baalke. I would not be shocked to see him go, but I would not be shocked to see him stay.

        The only two things that I think would really surprise me would be (1) if all three — Baalke, Kelly and Kaepernick — were with the 49ers next year, or (2) if Kelly left and Baalke and Kaepernick stayed. The former probably has at least some chance of happening, albeit a remote chance. The latter probably has zero chance of happening.

        1. The former does have a chance of happening and I’m dreading the possibility. I can live with them keeping Kelly/Kap for another year, but I don’t think I can stomach another season of Baalke.

        2. What will surprise me much more would be Jed, Pop, and Mom hiring a “real” head of football operations and then let that person figure out all the football decisions going forward. Of course they should be ready to announce that appointment for immediate implementation January 2nd, 2017.

    2. Rick,

      I can’t see Kap finding anyone to pay him what the 9ers will if he stays. SF may decide to cut ties with him anyway, but if they keep Kelly and want Kap back, he won’t find a better situation system wise or financially anywhere else.

      1. I said from the start that I think Kaepernick might get a courtesy visit with a team, similar to the way Alex Smith did, and return at a reduced salary. I think the most likely scenario is that he retires….

        1. If Kelly comes back so will Kaepernick. The best thing in that situation is to have him be the starter while developing a draft pick. But that makes too much sense.

        2. He’s not going to retire Razor.

          I agree Jack, that would be the sensible thing to do if they stick with Kelly for another year. As was said above, Taylor would also be an option that could work in a similar way. With this team sensible tends to veer off a cliff though.

          1. “With this team sensible tends to veer off a cliff though.”

            Yep, although Jed does seem rather risk averse (which Baalke is not), and that makes me think that he might opt for some continuity rather than a complete change of Gm, coach and QB.

          2. Like Scooter says, the Bills would be smart to keep TT, because if EJM flames out, their cupboard is bare.

            Even the Niner fans have not come up with many solid FA QBs. Grant touts Glennon, but he is 5-13. I think Ponder is better.

          3. I seriously doubt he’ll get any offers from teams when you consider what they’d be getting as far as bad PR for the kneeling in relation to his skill set. He’s already an activist and has apparently applied for grad school. I could absolutely see a scenario where he becomes a full time student and activist, while partnering with his girlfriend….

            1. Not only that, but his attempted defense of his shirt with Fidel Castro did him no favors either, especially amongst the Cuban Americans.

              1. If Kelly returns I’d try to hold onto Kaepernick. Then use him as a bridge while developing a QB.

                I like Taylor, but $ wise it would play out about the same for similar production.

              2. Well, it’s not like a new quarterback would have to learn a complicated offense. Taylor or whomever should be able to pick it up quite quickly….

              3. Who? Kaepernick?

                I just said I wouldn’t let him go.

                I also wouldn’t redo his contract. I’d leave it as is.

              4. I think that it would probably take about $10m for them to sign Taylor. Add that to the $5m in dead cap from releasing Kaepernick and there’s no real benefit.

        3. After Denver’s season, they may be regretting not pulling the trigger to get Kaep. Elway may regret lowballing Kaep, because now he is out of the playoffs.

          1. Riiiiiiigggghhht. Because it’s Siemian’s fault that they lost 2 games against KC and Tennessee in which he threw for a combined 700 yards, 4 TD’s and had no turnovers.

            1. Its OK Jack. ANY team that just won the SB, then is out of the playoffs will be doing lots of second guessing.

              I will concede that Siemian did well, but he never reminded me of Dak Prescott.There were at least 3 games they could have won with better QB play.

              But like MWD says, the O line was problematic, too.

              1. “he never reminded me of Dak Prescott”

                Maybe not, but Siemian has also been asked to carry a heavier load.

              2. True. Before the season, I thought that Siemian would win the starting job over Sanchez and Lynch. The Broncos had O line troubles, and their RBs seemed to drop like flies. That Raiders game was very winnable.

                Siemian did well for a second year player, but not enough to make the playoffs.

              3. Simian played very good in losses to KC and Tennessee, both of which would have kept them in the playoff race.

  18. A thought on the Raiders. It was unfortunate that Carr went down, and here is one Niner fan who laments the loss, but still think the Raiders can succeed. I will not rejoice to see the Raider hopes dashed, and concede that they are a solid team. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, I wish them well.

    1. I said from the beginning they wouldn’t take anything less than a 1st Round pick for him. I still think the Browns take Garrett, and trade pick 7 for Garoppolo….

      1. Maybe not on Garrett Razor. He just came out and said he would rather not play in a cold weather city.

            1. If I had my choice, I’d rather live in a western, dry climate. Just my preference. In my view, he’s allowed to have the same preference. I don’t see how people make the jump to him planning an Elway for voicing said preference….

              1. I’m not making the leap Razor, but you do have to wonder what the Cleveland front office thinks.

              2. Once I begin to understand how the Cleveland front office thinks, I might start to wonder if I’m coming down with dementia…;>)

    2. So Bellichick is about to pull a fast one over some other desperate, unsuspecting GM. Garoppolo has thrown a grand total of 93 career passes in the NFL. He will packaged as the next coming of Brady. Such are the mind tricks of the Hoodied Master.

      1. I’d get Belichick’ed for sure. That’s a trade I would agree to. I think Garoppolo is better than any QB in the draft.

  19. Notwithstanding whether Kaep stays or goes, the over arching issue is the removal of Baalke. Sounds like he is a dead man walking, and he is sounding kinda resigned by heaping blame upon his shoulders.

    With a 13 game losing streak and records in futility, Jed is on thin ice. He will use Baalke as his fall guy, to save his own skin. Chip was smart to stick to coaching, so Baalke’s fingerprints are all over the crime scene.

    The failure to replace talent through the draft doomed him. Baalke cannot be allowed to whiff on another draft class. The failure to draft an ILB was bad enough, but he had to draft another ACL player, who has disappeared.

    Free agency has been an unmitigated disaster. Cutting Darnell Dockett was very unpopular. Cutting Wright backfired when he became a defensive stalwart on the Ravens. No decent FA would sign and acted like Baalke had the plague. To top it off, Baalke re-signed Devey, the QB Killer.

    Baalke will fall on his sword, and Jed will be nice and kick him into the financials. Gamble will be promoted because he would be the only one who would not blow everything up and start over. Gamble will keep Chip, and Chip will convince Kaep to stay. Gamble will sign some decent FAs. They have enough cap money to buy the best.

    They need a DT, ILBs, OLB, WRs. They should sign FAs to fill all the holes, then draft the BPA for depth.

    They should move back twice to stockpile picks, and let Staley go to a playoff team of his choice for another high pick. The Niners goal should be to draft as many players in the top 100 as they can. They need bodies.

    I hope with Baalke gone, they will stop the ACL strategy, and Chip will have more say in the collaborative selection process.

    1. Oh, I forgot. I also wanted to compliment the coaches on their game management. It was nice to see them use their time outs wisely.

      1. Baalke seems to be rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic, by now extending contracts. However, those could be done in the off season, there is no explicit reason why they have to be done now, except to look busy.

        While Baalke is trying to look in control, the player he signed 2 days previous just broke his clavicle in the very next game after they gave him a fat contract. What wonderful timing. Baalke sure looks smart to have done that.

    1. Mid, I can live with what this writer is predicting. It just seems to me if they fire Baalkie at the end of the season just seems to be another mistake in a long list of mistakes. Baalkie should of been let go many games ago. There is nothing more then I would like to see then Kaep go, I just got this feeling he will be back – ugh!

      1. As Jack wrote, if Kelly stays he should be allowed to keep Kaepernick if that’s what he wants as a bridge to a brave new future.

  20. HT – I feel like Oregon and I are the only Kelly supporters left, if he wants Kaep back so be it. My disdain for Kaep has nothing to do with his inabilities, its purely personal.

      1. You know originally when Kelly was hired I thought so but after watching Kaep it seems his skill set has gone from good to average at best so at this point no. Like I said its personal with Kaep so I really can’t be unbiased, I wish him gone. From the day we drafted him I had questions not about his physical ability but his ability to run a WCO. He has had some great games no doubt but………

        1. And that’s the thing, the BUT. There hasn’t been enough consistency or evolution in his game. Bottom line is he hasn’t shown any growth as a NFL player.
          How do you invest over 15 million in a guy who says he does not need to work on mechanics, just go play. You can’t.

          1. Prime, Kaep does not need to work on his mechanics. They are just fine as is, because if he can throw for 400 yards, there is nothing wrong. He has shown that he can zip it, and also throw with touch. It might help to have better receivers that can get separation and catch the ball, but changing some one’s mechanics is not risk free. They might screw up his mechanics, too, so if it aint broke, dont fix it.

            Last season, some DJ tried to fix his mechanics, and he ended up benched. This season, Chip is harnessing his innate abilities, and last game he threw 28 for 38, 266 yards and 2 TDs. Not bad, especially considering he ran for a TD and ran for the 2 point conversion, too.

              1. The buzz on the streets is that Baalke is gone, so Kaep stays because Chip likes him.

                The team mobbed him in the end zone after he scored that 2 point play, so your screeds about a cancer in the locker room was just more unreasoned hate.

                Better be prepared to be bitterly disappointed.

              2. I hope to God that Kap is gone, but I worry if they fire Baalke, Kap stays and we all fall on the sword like the Hollywood celebrities dying off right now.

  21. “Where is Grant going to get his monster hit blog topics if Kaepernick doesn’t return?”

    Look, there are at most 30 contributors to this mess, many of which know squat about football let alone the NFL. Judging by the 10 or more posts per day, some of you really have no personal life. You just come here day in and day out to bloviate about stuff you at best dimly comprehend. And Heaven help anyone with any hope or positive comments

    This blog was terrific years ago. now it is just pettiness, snarky comments and name calling. The Niners ruined Colin’s career and this blog has ruined Grant’s. What a pathetic bunch of losers some of you are…

    1. This is still a great blog, but people hate to hear from a 49er fan of the past that grew up on Montana, Rice, and other legends. The fan of today cant’ grasp of how terrific the team was as some were not around or some just don’t care and are used to the losing. Not me. I still want Kap gone for no 49er qB HAS ever kissed his bicep, ever knelt during an anthem.

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