Contest: How would you gameplan against the 49ers?

Put yourself in Leslie Frazier’s shoes.

You’re the head coach of the Vikings, you have to play the 49ers this Sunday and you’re probably going to lose.

Your offense doesn’t have one matchup advantage over the Niners’ defense.

What would your game plan be? How would you strategize to pull off the upset?

So I’m proposing a contest to you readers. Write your Vikings game plan in the comment section. The best game plan wins. I determine the winner, and there is no prize.

Please don’t think you’re assisting the enemy by participating in the contest. Anything you can think of, Leslie Frazier and the Vikings’ coaching staff has already thought.

If you’d prefer, pretend you’re Jim Harbaugh instead of Leslie Frazier. Harbaugh tries to predict how his opponent will attack the Niners. It’s part of his job description.

Here’s what I would do if I were the Vikings:

On offense, I would not start the game running the ball. I would spread the 49ers’ defense out with four-wide receiver formations and I attempt to establish the short passing game. I’d target No.4 CB Perrish Cox first.

From there, I’d call play-action passes and throw deep.

After I’ve established the short and deep passes I’d try some runs, maybe a draw or a screen.

On defense, I’d stack the line of scrimmage, double-team Vernon Davis, press the wide receivers and force Alex Smith to complete deep passes.

I’d put eight defenders in the box to try to stop Frank Gore, and I’d blitz on most passing downs. If Alex Smith makes me pay, so be it. The 49ers have proven they can beat the best teams running the ball and completing short passes. If they’re going to beat me, they’re going to have to do it another way.

Anyway, those are my ideas. I don’t think they stand a chance but, remember, this is just a game we’re playing on the blog.

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