Cops galore at Candlestick

SAN FRANCISCO – I just drove into Candlestick Park with my dad, and when we exited 101 and drove down 3rd street, we saw eight police officers surrounding a car at a red light. Some of the policemen had their guns drawn, and they were ordering a man out of the driver seat. “Get outside the car.” He stuck his hands out his window and didn’t move.

My dad and I drove past and turned right on Jamestown, and at the corner there was a cop on a motorcycle.

When we pulled into the parking lot, immediately two cops rode down on bicycles and rode from press parking to general parking.

As we walked up the hill to the media entrance, six cops walked behind us toward that entrance.

When we got to the entrance we saw six cops on motorcycles, and then six more highway patrol officers rose past us on motorcycles. This was all within ten minutes.

I get the feeling there an increased police presence at Candlestick today.


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