Cosell on 49ers offense: “When they cross the line to too much pass, that’s when they have their problems.”

NFL Films analyst Greg Cosell spoke on the Murph and Mac Show Thursday morning. Here’s what Cosell said about the 49ers offense.

Q: Jeff Fisher praised the 49ers offense more than the defense yesterday on a conference call. What do you think of that?

COSELL: It’s coach-speak, but you have to understand what Jeff’s background is. Jeff’s a defensive coach, and defensive coaches always think in terms of not turning the ball over and being efficient. That’s exactly what the 49ers are. They’ve got the most creative run game in the league. It’s a wonderful combination of power and attitude runs and deception and creativity. The pass game works off of that with a wrinkle here and there. It’s not a pass game where you say, “Wow, look at that explosive pass game,” but they make their plays here and there. It’s a very efficient-type offense that needs a certain balance. When they cross the line to too much pass, that’s when they’ll have their problems because that’s not what they do best.

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