Cosell on Alex Smith: “To evaluate him totally objectively, I think he’s had an outstanding season.”

Greg Cosell answered one 49ers question this morning on KNBR’s the Murph and Mac show.

Here’s what he said.

Q: One of the fun subplots of this season has been when you’ve evaluated Alex Smith objectively…

COSELL: “To evaluate him totally objectively, I think he’s had an outstanding season. I think he’s matured and improved greatly. When I say he’s not an elite passer, people think I’m ripping Alex Smith, but we talked about Matthew Stafford. He can’t throw the ball like Matthew Stafford. The flipside is Matthew Stafford could come out and throw four picks. Alex Smith is not likely to do that unless the game is such that he has to throw more than Jim Harbaugh would like him to throw, and then that changes the dynamic. But I would say within the context of this 49ers team Alex Smith has played excellent football – clearly matured, no longer makes the kind of mistakes you guys are very familiar with where he’d make a throw and you’d scratch your head and say, ‘Why did he throw that ball?’ I don’t think he’s made two of those throws this season.

“Now, when you watch every play are the plays where I say, ‘That ball I think has got to be thrown.’ Sure there are, but within the context of this team this is the most complete team in the NFC playoffs. Within the context of this team he’s played very, very good football.”

Blog update: I’m heading down to Santa Clara now. There’s locker room availability today and tomorrow, but no coaches will talk this week.

Back at you later today.

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