Cosell on the good and the not-so-good from Alex Smith’s performance vs. Cardinals

Here is what Greg Cosell said on the Murph and Mac Show Thursday morning about Alex Smith’s game against the Arizona Cardinals last week.

COSELL: “I think he was highly efficient. I think that the majority of his yards came from run-after-catch. That’s not something you can count on for your explosive pass plays on a week-to-week basis.

“The interesting thing about this offense – and it will be very interesting to see as they go forward – in this game, Smith did not throw one pass in the air from the line of scrimmage that went more than 20 yards, and only three passes in the entire game that went more than 10 yards in the air from the line of scrimmage. This game, it worked, and he was highly efficient. The question is can you live like that in your pass game week to week?

“I didn’t watch the tape and say, ‘Oh my God, what an amazing passing performance by the 49ers!’ It was a lot of short, quick throws, which, by the way, is good coaching. That’s what Alex Smith is. For the most part, he’s a plant-and-throw quarterback – the throw must be defined pretty quickly and the ball has to come out. I thought he was terrific with that, and then he got a ton of run-after-catch. Like I said, I don’t think you can live like that every single week.”

Do you think Cosell’s assessment fair? Why or why not?

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