Cosell says Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks are “the most athletic outside linebacker duo in the NFL.”

Here’s what Greg Cosell said on the Murph and Mac Show Thursday morning about the 49ers outside linebackers – Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks.

COSELL: “I’ve got to tell you, I was talking to my guys about this here at NFL Films – I think with [Aldon] Smith and [Ahmad] Brooks, [the 49ers] have the most athletic outside linebacker duo in a Base 3-4 in the NFL.

“And of course, both those guys stay in on the sub package as well. Those guys are just remarkably athletic. Brooks does not get the national attention he deserves because of other players on that defense, but he is a really good player.”

Here’s a question for the class: Where does Brooks rank on the list of the 49ers most valuable defensive players this season?

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