Cosell impressed by Crabtree’s explosiveness and short-area quinkness vs. Cards

Here’s what Greg Cosell said on the Murph and Mac Show Thursday Morning about Michael Crabtree’s two-touchdown game against the Arizona Cardinals last week.

COSELL: “[Crabtree] was impressive in this game. The three-yard touchdown was just a great throw and catch. It wasn’t as if he beat Peterson in the corner of the end zone. It was a great throw, incredibly accurate, and Crabtree went up and got it and Peterson was right on him.

“There were two plays where [Crabtree] beat [Peterson] with short-area quickness moves. One was in the middle of the field. It may have been the play that was short of a first down by one yard. And the other was the second touchdown, where [Crabtree] just beat Peterson with great short-area quickness. I thought Crabtree looked very explosive with that short-area quickness and burst.”

Question: Do you think Crabtree can repeat his terrific performance against Cortland Finnegan and the Rams next Sunday?

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