Cosell says Kaepernick “has a long way to go”

NFL Films analyst Greg Cosell just spoke on the Murph and Mac Show. Here’s what Cosell said about Colin Kaepernick.

Q: What did you see from Colin Kaepernick? Does he look like he has the goods to become an NFL quarterback, or were there red flags raised right away about his awkward release?

COSELL: It’s not the release, but I think he has a long way to go. It’s funny, because I didn’t know when I watched the tape on Monday whether Alex Smith would play, so I ended up after I watched the tape by saying, “If Kaepernick plays, it’s going to be very interesting to see how Harbaugh manages and controls him, because Kaepernick is very limited his hiss pass-game understanding, he’s not very patient or disciplined in the pocket, he’s a little lost at this point as a drop-back passer with very little sense of reading progressions and where to go with the ball.” That’s what I said after I watched the tape on Monday. I guess Alex is going to go this week.

Q: It’s not 100 percent. He’s in the process of coming back.

COSELL: Let’s put it this way. They’re going to play a team that will play their backup QB, from all reports. I think whether it is Smith or Kaepernick, you’re going to see a very tightly controlled offense. They’re going to feel very good about their defense – although their defense has had a few warts of late which we can certainly discuss – but I think this would be a game they’re going to try to win 13-10, and they’re not going to ask their quarterback, whoever it is, to really do much in this game.

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