Cosell says match up between 49ers D and Cards O “was men against boys.”

NFL Films analyst Greg Cosell spoke on the Murph and Mac Show Thursday morning. Here’s what Cosell said about the match up between the 49ers defense and the Arizona Cardinals offense last week.

COSELL: “It’s a game the 49ers needed to win. They dominated the game. We haven’t even talked about the other side of the ball, which was just unfair. That side of the ball was probably more like a college game than I’ve ever seen. The Cardinals offense was just not good enough to compete with the 49ers defense. It was like watching Oregon play a Division III school.

Q: What match ups were you seeing just dominated by the 49ers?

COSELL: “Overall, the Cardinals O-line is not arguably, it IS the worst O-line in the NFL. They don’t really have a run game because they can’t run block. Their pass game is not very good because they can’t pass protect. And John Skelton is a poor decision-maker with accuracy issues. So, this game was men against boys on this side of the ball.”


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