Cosell says Vernon Davis matches up well against Brian Urlacher

NFL Films analyst Greg Cosell spoke on the Murph and Mac Show Thursday morning. Here’s what he said about the Bears defense and Vernon Davis.

Q: What have you seen from the Bears defense?

COSELL: “I think the Bears defense is as fundamentally sound as any defense in the National Football League. They would probably be viewed by coaches as not being that complex to play against, although they do more things than people probably think, but they’re not that complex, particularly in their base defense, which is I think what they’re going to play a lot of against the 49ers.

“The Bears have the deepest defensive line rotation in the NFL. They can run eight players out there who are all NFL-starter quality. Some are terrific, obviously.

“I don’t think Brian Urlacher moves anywhere near as well as he used. He’s still a smart player who knows where to be. I actually think you can take advantage of Urlacher in the pass game, so I’m going to be very anxious to see what the 49ers do.”

Q: Does that mean Vernon Davis could return to the scene?

COSELL: “He seems like the logical player. I don’t think Urlacher sideline-to-sideline and in space is anywhere near the same player he was.”

Do you agree that Davis will catch a lot of passes this week? I don’t. From what I can tell, Roman tends to mostly call pass plays for Michael Crabtree regardless of the matchups.

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