Cosell: “The 49ers play a lot of man coverage. Wilson is more than willing to throw against man coverage.”

This is what Greg Cosell said on KNBR Thursday morning about the 49ers upcoming matchup with the Seahawks.

Q: What makes Seattle’s defense so good?

COSELL: They play a ton of man, and they play press-man. They’re a challenging defense. They don’t give you things. It’s earned yards. There’s a difference between earned yards and easy yards. The Seahawks defense gives you earned yards. You have to work really hard. Now, Browner’s out, Sherman could be out – that could change the personality of this defense. That could change the dynamic of this game.

What it does is it gives the 49ers receivers more than likely free releases off the line of scrimmage. When teams play press-man, what they do is they disrupt the routes off the line of scrimmage. That can disrupt the timing of the pass game.

Q: Who’s got the advantage between the 49ers defense and the Seahawks offense?

COSELL: When they play Week 7 it was very much the 49ers defense, because Wilson was still in the embryonic stages of playing. They were not a high volume offense. They kept it simple. They’re a different offense now. I think they do a lot more. There’s more deception with the read option principles. I think Wilson is a better player. He’s a more confident passer. The 49ers play a lot of man-to-man coverage. One thing I’ve noticed about Wilson is he is more than willing to throw the ball against man coverage, and he’s very accurate down the field.

Q: The Seahawks haven’t seen LaMichael James. How will he affect this game?

COSELL: Kendal Hunter was there Week 7. I think Kendall Hunter and James are not that different in the ways the 49ers use them. James is a smaller back, he weighs less than Hunter. I think they get both guys on the perimeter in similar fashion. I don’t know how different the offense. I think what’s different is the pistol and the running element with the quarterback. That’s something the Seahawks did not have to worry too much about when these teams played Week 7.

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