Costly stay in airport to complete work

Have you ever gone to an airport and demanded a later flight?


Yeah, me neither.


Well, until today. And all it cost me was $196.20.


But I had no other choice. I had to high-tail it to the airport after Raiders coach Tom Cable wrapped up his press conference. The Press Democrat and the Sac Bee were the only two Bay Area newspapers represented at the NFL Scouting Combine, so it was imperative I write an article that contained Cable’s first quotes after being retained.


My dilemma: I had to write an article and email it to the office in a timely fashion so it could get into tomorrow’s newspaper. My computer does not have a great battery. I probably wouldn’t have been able to send the article until I got home, and then it might be too late.


So I asked to be placed on a flight that leaves two hours later. I just finished the article and sent it in. I didn’t know it would be so costly to insist on a flight delay.


* * *


After four days at the combine, I had an opportunity to ask questions of many of the top prospects in the draft. I’ll probably slap together a mock draft before the end of the week.


My initial thoughts are the 49ers would select Russell Okung and Trent Williams, for sure, with the No. 13 pick. They’d probably go with Bryan Bulaga and Anthony Davis, too. Bruce Campbell seems way too risky in the top half of the first round. I’d probably even place Charles Brown ahead of him.


* * *


Hey, they’re calling my flight. I better not miss this one.


* * *

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