Coughlin on 49ers: “They run it and they run it and they run it.”

SANTA CLARA – New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin spoke to Bay Area reporters Wednesday morning on a conference call. Here’s what he said about the 49ers.

Q: Earlier today you told the New York writers nobody’s giving you a chance to beat the 49ers. Do you really believe that?

COUGHLIN: That was my first impression earlier in the week. I probably should not have said it but I did.

Q: What do you think of this matchup and how the 49ers are playing right now?

COUGHLIN: I think they’re obviously playing very well. Look at the last two weeks – my goodness. It’s a lot of points on the board and they’ve given up nothing. They’re very strong and they’re playing very well. They’ve been able to capitalize on all phases.

Q: It used to be that defenses could key in on Frank Gore to stop the 49ers’ offense. Is that true anymore?

COUGHLIN: He’s a big part of it, there’s no doubt. Whatever you mean by “key in on it.” Obviously there are other things we look at to get us to the ball. He’s an outstanding player and he’s having a very, very good year. He has an excellent offensive line and they’re doing the things that they want to do. They run it and they run it and they run it.

Q: How about their passing game. Does it similar to the one you faced in the NFC Championship game?

COUGHLIN: There are always nuances created by study and we all do our research in the offseason. You see what has occurred out there because for example Mario Manningham joining the 49ers. He’s an outstanding receiver, very fast, very good along the sideline. So you see what has transpired with his addition for example. So it’s not exactly the same, no.

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