Crabtree: “Anquan pretty much has the most energy on the team.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Michael Crabtree’s Thursday press conference courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


What was your reaction in March when you found out that Anquan Boldin was traded to the 49ers?

“I got some help. You know, a lot of guys left. I am pretty much the only receiver that is back from last year. So that was a plus for us.”


Can you talk about your journey coming back from the injury and what it has been like for you?

“It has been a work in progress. The process has been long. I had to go hard every day. It was just long, you know, over there with Uye (head strength and condition coach Mark Uyeyama) watching the guys practice every day. Playing was on my mind. All I wanted to do was get back on the field. I did what is takes to get back on the field. I am just blessed to be back.”


Your offensive coordinator just told us that there were times when he doubted whether you would make it back this season. Did you ever feel that way?

“Not at all. Not at all. As soon as I got hurt I asked the doctor how long it was going to take. He told me about five months. I didn’t want to tell anybody the dates. I just kept working hard, day by day and we are here now.”


That high ball last week in the second quarter, was that a sign that you are feeling all the way back?

“I am feeling good. Whatever it takes. Wherever the ball is at on the field, I am just trying to make the catch, make the plays. I am feeling good.”


Did you ever wonder whether you would still have the exact same level of play that you had previously?

“You never think about it. You just strive to be back on the field. I feel like my instincts never leave. 40 years old and you are still going to have those instincts. But being back on that field just feels good.”


They are predicting good weather for Seattle this weekend. As a receiver, do kind of like getting defensive backs in a wet situation or would you prefer it like today?

“It doesn’t matter, it’s football. When you are young you play in all types of weather. It is pretty much the same thing now. We’ve been in the coldest of the coldest games. Carolina was cool. I am looking forward to something different. It doesn’t matter to me.”


When a defensive back is talking throughout a game does that motivate you more? Does that affect you? What is the impact of a guy that chirps in your ear the whole game?

“It is competition. If you are playing to that level, and you are talking to the level you are playing, then it is cool. But if you are just out there talking, and you are not really doing (anything) on the field, then that is when you get irritated. The guy is just chirping and he is not really doing (anything). At the end of the day it is football. Guys talk. You’re gonna do your job and he better do his job.”


Is Richard Sherman the best cornerback in the league?

“I don’t know (anything) about the best cornerbacks in the league. I just know teams, you know. We are playing the Seattle Seahawks and hopefully we come out with a win. We are going hard.”


When you line up against a guy, you obviously study them and you know their game. What do you have to do against him and the kind of physical play he brings to the table?

“Well you study him and you study the defense, the overall defense. A lot of guys play coverages, it isn’t just man-to-man the whole game. So you have to study the whole defense, it is not just one guy. It is the entire defense.”


So how does the entire defense rank, in terms of their secondary?

“They move around, they are pretty good, pretty good. They are a good football team. We got some good guys too. So it is going to be a good game.”


What is the most important thing you have learned from Anquan Boldin?

“Patience. You watch him, a lot of those old guys, Randy Moss, Hines Ward, the game has slowed down to them. You look at that and you can learn something from that.”


Anquan talked yesterday about how he enjoys the physical play as a wide receiver and that matchup against a very physical Seattle defense. What about you? What do you enjoy? How do you enjoy playing and where do you stand against this Seattle defense?

“It doesn’t matter to me. I’m one of those types of guys. If you want to play physical, play physical. If you want to play ball, we’ll play ball. If you want some routes I’ll give you some routes. I’m trying to have it all. I’m working every day to reach that point.”


What do you like about how emotional Anquan gets out there?

“It’s funny. It gives us a lot of energy, gives guys a lot of energy on the field. A lot of guys have energy too, but Anquan pretty much has the most energy on the team.”


What’d you learn from Randy Moss last year?

“Same thing. This is probably like the fifth time you guys have asked me about Randy Moss, but it’s cool, that’s my dude. But, we’ve got Anquan Boldin here and we’re going to learn from him right now and we’re going to keep going.”

  1. I just think Boldin is a much better fit for this offense than Moss was. His swagger and energy is contagious. His toughness.

    1. Possession type WRs like Crabtree, Boldin, and Patton seem to be the kind that best fits an offense run by Harbaugh and Roman.

  2. Tell us that these receivers are ready to
    see the backup QB under center and still
    catch the balls and score the points?
    ‘Cause anything can happen and no one
    should be considered indispensible. No one.

    If Colin is the least bit afraid of going out
    with an injury… he will hesitate a little.
    That hesitation, that fear factor, just might
    cost the Niners the game. However, if he
    plays “lights out”… well… someone else may
    get their hand on the light switch first.
    Colin may “suffer the consequences” and
    have to sit out a series or two. Maybe a half.

    So again, I ask: can you fellas make catches
    when the backup QB takes the field? Hope so.

    1. sideline entertainment – I have Alex Smith poster on my walls and found a pair of his dirty socks that i keep close to my face. You are a tool. A complete tool box. Please do yourself a favor and find out if Alex would allow you to move in. GO NINERS

    2. I thought you dissapeared with the chiefs. Lol! How is your bag holding going for Alex Smith. Of course he is “feeling no pressure” now. His coach Harbaw and his real qb replacement are enjoying themselves pretty well. Oh, and us Niner fans arehaving a hell of a time as well. Go get some p***y or something, maybe life would treat you better

      1. This pathetic loser would remind us every week that Alex Smith (had a better win record then CK)… until about the 10th game of the season (lol). That’s about the time he/she started changing their Alex Smith (he’s in the playoffs) line. When the chiefs lost in embarrassing fashion in the playoffs this chameleon changed it’s colors (title) again.

        Hey AS imposter, thanks for providing some comedic moments this season.
        Oh, you say that you weren’t trying to be funny; sorry, but that’s what you’ve become bud.

    3. You’ve been talking the whole year about Kaep getting hurt and him in playing scared. Does it get old for you too? Why don’t you figure out another thing to make up. Oh and practice your math skills. Remember when you thought a 5 yr 25 mil contract equaled 1 mil per year for Harbaugh? You need to brush up on those skills so you can count the millions he will be making. Maybe your new moniker can be Coach Harbaugh… the highest paid coach in the league.

    4. Is this person DS? I try to refrain from responding to this person because I think there is a real mental disorder at work here. I certainly don’t want to pile on but it’s very scary this person gets to vote or do alot of other things in our society. Seek help brother.

      1. Houston, he’s not that pathological, he’s just your run-of-the-mill internet troll (every site-forum has them). And not a very creative one at that. Why Grant let’s him continue to the pollute the site is beyond me.

    5. “What’s your deal?” You write as if you have some inside knowledge, when in reality you aren’t making much sense. All teams have a starting quarterback and all have a backup. All teams prefer their starting quarterback or he wouldn’t be the starting quarterback. Your assertions strain to suggest that you have some special insight, but let’s face it: you have no unique vision and bring nothing new to the discussion. Kaepernick will be well-protected. He will not get “happy feet.” He can take a shot. Sounds like you may have had a few shots.

  3. Robert Quinn, pro bowl DE talked about the key to playing Russel Wilson, and he basically echoed what the Arizona Cardinals said: keep him in the pocket. Quinn gave a good reason; Wilson is short, he has trouble seeing over linemen, and he prefers to move laterally to scan the field.

    Arizona controlled him with a 2 OLBs playing edge contain and 4 D Linemen playing tight inside. This obstructed Wilson’s vision on slant and crossing routes, leading to his low completion % and low number of pass attempts.

    This makes too much sense, can the Niners play this type of D?

    1. Wilson posted a 102 rating Week 17 against the Rams, and a 103 rating Week 14 against the 49ers before his last-second Hail Mary got picked.

      1. The best thing for the Niners is Wilson stays unsure and plays it safe. I’m hoping Vic comes up with something to confuse Wilson. How many more days til kickoff?

      2. Quinn did not have Long rushing from the other side in the week 17 matchup. A better example of what he meant is the earlier St. Louis / Seattle game where Long and Quinn managed to rush Wilson from both sides and kept him in the pocket most of the game. St. Louis nearly won the game without Bradford.

        Arizona kept Wilson in check using the same method, and even New Orleans pretty much contained him in the playoff game.

        The blueprint for containing Wilson is out there. The key to beating Seattle is stopping Lynch.

      3. Arizona game stats – Lynch: 18 carries, 71 yards, Wilson: 11 out of 27 for 108 yards, 1 TD, 1 pick

        The strategy works. Here’s a list of Wilson’s 11 drive-killing third down incompletions in that game. Note that he only threw to the middle of the field one time to his favorite third down target, Zach Miller. The rest of the time he was forced to throw to the sidelines. If Wilson can’t scan the middle, then be becomes a very average QB.
        3-5-SEA 28 (10:08) (Shotgun) 3-R.Wilson pass incomplete deep right to 81-G.Tate (21-P.Peterson) [91-M.Shaughnessy].

        3-3-SEA 18 (7:20) (Shotgun) 3-R.Wilson pass incomplete deep left to 15-J.Kearse.

        3-8-ARI 9 (13:49) (Shotgun) 3-R.Wilson pass incomplete short right to 15-J.Kearse (20-A.Cason).

        3-12-ARI 45 (10:50) (Shotgun) 3-R.Wilson pass incomplete short right to 86-Z.Miller.

        3-1-SEA 35 (1:40) (No Huddle, Shotgun) 3-R.Wilson pass incomplete deep left to 89-D.Baldwin.

        3-1-ARI 1 (:27) 3-R.Wilson pass incomplete short middle to 26-M.Robinson [98-F.Rucker].

        3-8-ARI 40 (13:07) (Shotgun) 3-R.Wilson pass incomplete deep left to 15-J.Kearse (25-J.Powers).

        3-8-ARI 45 (10:20) (Shotgun) 3-R.Wilson pass incomplete deep right [58-D.Washington].

        3-3-SEA 19 (6:46) (Shotgun) 3-R.Wilson pass incomplete deep right.

        3-8-SEA 11 (3:59) (Shotgun) 3-R.Wilson sacked at SEA 4 for -7 yards (93-C.Campbell). Penalty on SEA-77-J.Carpenter, Offensive Holding, declined.

        3-12-SEA 18 (13:28) (Shotgun) 3-R.Wilson sacked at SEA 14 for -4 yards (35-J.Arenas).

        In this game, Wilson only completed 2 third down plays, none to the middle:

        3-2-SEA 29 (3:58) (Shotgun) 3-R.Wilson pass deep right to 15-J.Kearse to SEA 47 for 18 yards (20-A.Cason).

        3-6-ARI 49 (2:01) (Shotgun) 3-R.Wilson pass short left to 83-R.Lockette to ARI 40 for 9 yards (21-P.Peterson).

        time to goto bed…..

      4. Per Greg Cosell on the ARI/SEA game:

        “They (ARI) created rush concepts that … were essentially what we call ‘mush rush’ where you sort of keep Wilson in the pocket and make him throw it to beat you”

        Again, keep Wilson in the pocket.

      5. Grant, you just wrote a whole column about how the Seahawks passing game has deteriorated because of Bevell. Now you point to two games where Wilson played very well sans a late int in the Niner game. Did Wilson play great in spite of Bevell? Maybe Bevell should get more credit?

        1. Wilson played well despite Bevell giving him no viable deep pass plays Week 14 and 17. He posted 102+ ratings moving the ball slowly down the field from the pocket, what some people here say he can’t do.

        1. The Seahawks have gone way too conservative on offense. If they don’t air it out against the 49ers, the Seahawks will lose.

    2. Comments about Wilson from the Saints. Yes, they lost the game due to mistakes, but they played defense very well and had a chance to win or tie in the fourth quarter.

      OLB Junior Galette: “I think that was the first time we really played a quarterback like Russell. I personally didn’t know that he was that small and really that elusive. … You can get to him, but it’s finishing the job. So right now, we’re more concerned about just keeping him in that little pocket and making him play like he’s 5-9 or however tall he is (actually 5-11).”

      DE Cameron Jordan: “Of course, you have to be aware of Russell Wilson and his ability to make plays longer and really get out of the pocket and not even scramble for more yards, but make plays down the field. He’s a great quarterback and we have to be aware of that. … That’s going to primarily be our job, not only keep pressure on him but keep him in the pocket.

      So Grant, most of the defenses that had success against Wilson aim to keep him in the pocket. In the games that you cite, do you have stats on how often Wilson was able to escape the pocket to make completions?

  4. Man I remember when Crabs first came in and everyone was like “prima donna” and a bunch of people hated him (count me in this corner. Some even talked about trading him or not resigning him…but man this dude is becoming one of my fav players. He seriously balls EVERY GAME. Even if he doesn’t get big numbers. He’s trying to make the most of every opportunity. Not to mention that he’s pretty quick witted and straight to the point.

    1. I’m guilty of having jumped on that bandwagon somewhere around his third missed training camp (and to be fair, that’s a lot of training camps to miss!). But I gotta say, here’s a guy who never complains about the many physical struggles he’s had to overcome, and the latest one was a real doozy. I come from the days when great careers were nipped in the bud with this injury (RIBP, Bobby Tolan), and while medical technology has obviously improved, this is still a devastating injury. Crab’s has not complained about it once. That’s a tough guy.

    2. + a bunch, NinersRoc

      IMO, Boldin was the offensive MVP the first half of the season for holding the passing game together. Crabtree the offensive MVP the second half as the passing game was achieved liftoff due to his reappearance.

  5. Think maybe the “X-factor” on offense .. just may
    be .. Quinton Patten … think about it ..
    We’ve seen little “flashes” of him in the playoffs ..
    and for the most part .. he’s taken advantage of the
    opportunities he’s had …

    What are the chances G-ro turns him loose ?

    Show run .. and hit a quick one to Patten …
    rinse and repeat a few times .. and then
    Frank The Tank busts a good one …

    hey … it could happen !

    1. Coach hit on it earlier MW. It’s how well Kaep does with his pre-snap management. A forced timeout could backfire badly in such a critical game and hostile environment.

    2. I tell you what – I think the 9ers have a hidden gem with Patton. I watched him catch 22 or 23 passes against Tx A&M even when they were double teaming him. I wasn’t sure his game would translate to the NFL but the kid is a player. He can be very good.

    3. After the way the kid danced after scoring in the preseason, I’ve been waiting to see what he does the first time he finds the end zone for real. I suspect that may have to wait until next year, but this week would be awesome.

  6. Obviously, this is wishful thinking, but I’m hoping that we get out to quick lead in the early stages of the game in order to quell the crowd noise.

    After looking at the replay of 40ers vs c-hawks game in Seattle I came away thinking that the score did not indicate how close this game was going into the last Qtr.
    We actually moved the ball at will in the opening series of the game but failed to score.

    This game will be won in the trenches, special teams, and turn over battle.
    Also, I certainly pray that the game does not get decided by bad officiating.
    Both offenses are able to provide fireworks on the scoreboard, but our defense can contain the c-hawks in the same way they did Cam, we will punch our ticket to the SP.

    The countdown to Sunday is on!

      1. The 49ers offense was shut down the entire game in week 2. The only reason they were in the red zone for Kaepernick’s interception was a blocked punt. They couldn’t move the ball.

      2. Kinda my point there… It simply does not matter what happened in earlier games. To answer your question, one can only hope, although lately, theres not much difference between Tavaris and Mighty Mouse.

  7. bray,
    I was going to mention the same thing regarding Harbaugh’ record against Carroll. Harbaugh was also 2-1 against Carroll in college.

    But the last two loses at Seattle were not close, especially the loss last year when we got it handed to us. It was these two loses in Seattle that I believe gives them the added swagger and confidence over us.

    We will need to come in and out physical them at their own game, but not in the way that Carolina tried to do against us last week which backfired.

    Unlike the Panthers, we will need to hit them often and hard without the trash talk or extra curricular activity after the whistle.

    The only thing that concerns me about this game is the crowd noise that can cause issues with hearing audibles at the LOS.
    Other then that, I strongly feel that we are the better team with all of our players back.

    1. AES and Bray i do’nt think Harbaugh’s record VS Carroll has any bearing on sundays game, its CK’s record in Seattle that is most worriesome.

      1. I agree. It’s the playoffs where Kaepurnicus has been money. Regular season is irrelevant. This game will be played on it’s own merit.

      2. I don’t think it does either, no effect whatsoever, neither does how many TD scored the last 6 games against SEA. My response was just to illustrate that even though the Niners only scored 1 TD or less in the last 6 games against SEA, yet they won 4 of them. I doesn’t matter how many you score, as long as it’s more than the other team.

        Failure is a tremendous motivator. As Kap stated, the game is it’s own entity.

  8. winding down on 2013/14…

    in a mere 60 hours from now…
    somebody will be cleaning out his locker.

    or else flying home and then
    cleaning out his locker.

    Just go ahead and burn everything, ok?
    Coach Harbaw will take you shopping
    with him at Walmart in the morning.
    (khaki pants on sale)

    1. Just think how much happier you would be if you could lose that wieght, find a job, get a girlfriend. In the meantime hang in there…

  9. The Niners have a path to victory. Turnovers enough said there. The defense needs to pressure Wilson and force him to move to his left or contain him in the pocket. The offense needs to control the ball and score six when in the red zone. I do believe the past two losses at Century Link Field will be motivation for the Niners to overcome the horrors of those losses and become victorious in a higher scoring game then most are predicting. Niners 27, Hawks 17.

  10. Under i believe that keeping Wilson contained in the pocket is far more important then bringing pressure. A four man rush that eventually closes down the pocket will be all the pressure they need. I do’nt see Fangio pulling the trigger on too mant blitzes.

    1. I agree Coach I don’t think dialing up blitzes is the way to go. Containment is uppermost in thwarting Wilson. Hoping McDonald has a huge game and keep Wilson from moving to his left.

  11. Take off your homer hats for a moment. Seattle is a darn good team. Last week they beat the Saints the same way we normally see the 49ers win games. They jumped up on them in the first half 16-0, and let their defense do the work in terrible weather conditions. Sure Wilson didn’t look spectacular, but they didn’t need him to do anything more.

    Before the Panthers game I said that as long as the 49ers played to their potential they would win the game, they were the better team. In Seattle they need to play above their heads.

    1. Seattle and SF are evenly matched. They have a stronger runner in Lynch, and the best defense in the league.

      I see this game as the reverse of the 2011 NFCCG with the Giants. The Niners were the better team, even beat the Giants that year.
      Yes were were two Kyle Williams fumbles from winning, but the fact is the Giants and the championship swagger.
      They knew how to win and make the plays. The Niners needed to learn how to be a champion. Same as last year in the SB.
      So it’s now for the Niners to embrace being “champion.” Much like those hated Cowboys in the 90′s. They came here to the stick and took care of business.
      That’s what I see with this team. Which is amazing since they came so close last year.
      Come on Kaep! Show us what you’ve been hiding all year!

    2. They do not need to play above their heads. They have room to get better in all phases. They just need to play the best game they can possibly play Sunday, and let the chips fall where they may….Now can you quit stalling, and get to the Burning Questions segment of the show?

    3. I think it’s no different than last week, IF they play to their potential, they beat all comers. The problem as you stated has been that the Niners seriously under perform ‘lately’ in SEA. If they can play their game, they win, if they can’t they lose…. unless SEA seriously under performs for a change at home.

    4. Hammer – Yes Seattle is darn good and they are the 2nd best team in NFL behind Niners.
      The Saints are not the same team as 2-3 years ago. They beat an inexperienced Philly team that was not playoff ready.
      SEA vs Saints game was not as close as the score, SEA blew 3 interception chances. Father time has begun to creep in on Drew Brees, he is slowly descending.

    5. Above their heads???? Wow. If my memory is correct, AZ didn’t play above their heads (4 ints) and came out with a win in the Clink.

      I try not to put my homer hat, and this games scares me, but the San Francisco 49ers do not have to play above their heads to beat anyone in the NFL. As a complete team, they are as strong as any in the league. Seattle has the edge in some areas, SF has the edge in others. And, since this is a rivalry, throw out the records. Both teams know those last two games in Seattle don’t mean squat when the whistle blows. Just my two cents.

      1. Ok. You are right. I don’t even know why they are getting on a plane. Sheesh….I hope 3:00pm Sunday gets here quick so you can feel more confident, Jittery Jack. ;-)

    6. Play over their heads? No, they need to play their game without turning the ball over and taking penalties that extend drives which was their undoing in week two. The Niners are playing better offensively than Seattle right now and comparably on defense. Seattle has their crowd noise and a mental edge due to the blowouts in the past two games there. If the Niners play the way they have over the course of the past two months, they will win this game. If they suffer meltdowns with turnovers, they won’t.

      1. The offense hasn’t been good in Seattle but they also haven’t taken advantage of the chances to put points on the board by turning the ball over.

        They beat Seattle at the Stick playing their game and can do it in on the road as long as they don’t make the big mistakes.

      2. Joe Montana played road playoff games in the Meadowlands in 1985 and 86. Niners scored only 3 points both games…..Joe got over it and still won Super Bowls.
        I’m not saying Kap is Montana…..but I would throw out those last 2 games Kap played in Seattle. It’s meaningless now.

      3. The Cardinals won in Seattle 5 weeks ago turning the ball over 4 times. The Niners don’t have to play over their heads to win this game. They have to play good defense and take advantage of their opportunities. That has been the biggest discrepancy in the past 3 games between the two teams.

        From Bill Barnwell’s article on Grantland:

        The biggest difference between these teams in the first three Kaepernick-Wilson matchups has been what they’ve done in the red zone. They’ve each made it to town about as frequently as the other; Seattle has made 11 red zone trips3 in its three games against Kaepernick, while San Francisco has 10 trips in those three games. The difference? Seattle has averaged a whopping 5.9 points per red zone trip, which would be the best red zone scoring rate in football over a full season, thanks to eight touchdowns and three field goals. San Francisco, meanwhile, has put up an average of just 2.6 points across its 10 red zone trips, which would be nearly a point and a half worse than Jacksonville’s league-worst figure of 4.0 points per red zone possession. And that’s without docking the Niners an extra seven points for when they kicked on fourth-and-goal from the 3-yard line in the first half of last year’s game and had Red Bryant block the kick before Richard Sherman took it the length of the field for a fumble return touchdown.4 The 49ers just have to do better in the red zone on both sides of the football to have a good shot at winning this game.

    7. Until they got on their second half roll, the Niners played poorly against *every* good team they faced, away and home.

      But they’ve turned it around since the NO game. I see this game as yet another good team they are facing. If the Niners play as they have in their 8-0 streak, as they have in their 2-0 playoff games on the road, both of those in extremely unfavorable conditions, they win this game. If they revert to their first half of the season play, they won’t. I’m expecting the former.

    8. If holding was actually called, their DBs would be hard-hitters who couldn’t cover anyone. I’ve never seen a team hold so much in the modern era.

  12. “Seattle is a darn good team.”

    Correctomundo, the Niners are also a darn good team. IMO these are the two best teams in football at the moment. Should be a good game. I have to admit I am a homer thru and thru, what can I say.

    1. under,

      I try not to be a homer, but by 3pm Sunday I will have assured myself that there is no way the 49ers lose ; )

  13. From and insider piece by Ron Jaworski today:

    When I look at Wilson on film, I don’t see anything mechanically wrong, but I do see a QB in a slump. When Wilson is at his best, he’s poised and confident, even when he’s flushed from the pocket as he often was earlier in the season. Lately he looks a little more unbalanced, and it’s manifested in some inconsistent accuracy. (And yes, I’ll absolutely take into account the awful weather in Seattle in the Seahawks’ first-round win Saturday, but it was noticeable before the playoffs, as well.) And those misses stand out all the more when he’s attempting about 25 throws per game. Even without Harvin and Rice, we know this offense can generate a timely big play or two, and I think Wilson is going to have to hit on a few of them to prevail Sunday.

    Cosell and Jaws aren’t buying what you’re selling Grant. Neither am I.

    1. “we know this offense can generate a timely big play or two, and I think Wilson is going to have to hit on a few of them to prevail Sunday.”

      Wilson has done that all season long. He did it against New Orleans twice on Sunday. He did it against the 49ers in week 2. He did it against the 49ers in week 14.

    2. Jaworski is just as general and unspecific on this issue as Cosell. It doesn’t seem like they’ve given the issue much thought.

      1. I think Wilson’s size is starting to become an issue! 2 things i noticed when they played the saints:
        I was very surprised that they were running bootlegs, late in the game, with the lead instead of running the ball and therefore the clock.
        My conclusion: Wilson is not good in the pocket, he cant see over the O and D linemen!!!!!!

        Most of his plays come off of bootleg, scrambles or play action….all designed to get him out of the pocket and on the edge where there arent as many body’s obstructing his view!
        Another thing that dawned on me against the Saints…… his clutch completion to Baldwin……Wilson drops backs, determines the vicinity of were that WR will be….and just throws it up! A jump ball!!!!! even if its only 20 yards down field, when it leaves his hand it looks exactly like Brees throwing 40-50 yard bombs! He makes the ball arcs like a rainbow…..and the SEA Wr’s do AN EXCELLENT JOB of going up and getting the ball at the high point!!!!
        You can tell thats exactly how they practice it!!! I used to think it was just luck, but after seeing it time and time again…….i know they do it just like that in practice every day!!! Wilson is by far the worst QB still playing in the play-offs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without an all time great RB and defense…….that guy would be doing 5H!t right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Grant,

      Just because they aren’t pointing out a couple of plays like you did doesn’t mean they aren’t paying attention to detail. If you watch the body of work over the course of the past few weeks it’s not hard to see Wilson is struggling at times out there, especially on 3rd down.

      Jack it isn’t about the big plays Wilson has to hit. It’s about the fact he hasn’t been the same QB the past few weeks and it’s not due to playcalling like Grant was trying to pass off.

      1. He has been the same QB rocket. How many times have we heard that Wilson is lucky, that he throws up rainbows? His game is not pretty, but he just keeps making clutch plays for them.

      2. I didn’t say he wasn’t making some clutch plays at times Jack. I’m saying his play has not been as good the past few weeks and it hasn’t.

        His biggest plays against the Niners and other defenses in general, have been when he breaks containment and finds a receiver downfield on a broken play. That’s why teams are playing contain in their pass rush. If you keep him in the pocket, he’s not as big a threat. Combine that with the fact he’s been off his game the past few weeks and the Niners have a great shot to win this thing as long as they are disciplined in their pass rush and keep their gap control.

      3. Yes he did after having a miserable game up until then. Again Jack I’m not saying he can’t make a play. I’m saying his overall play has dropped off the past few weeks. He’s inconsistent and his 3rd down play especially has dropped. Grant wrote an article blaming the OC which I disagreed with and that is what these posts have been about. It’s not about whether Wilson can throw up a ball and make a play late in a close game; it’s about the fact that for most of the game he struggled and not because his OC is calling bad plays all of a sudden. Grant has pointed out Kap’s struggles previously attributing most if not all of it to Kap himself. I think it’s disingenuous to now give Wilson an excuse when he’s obviously struggling.

      4. Jack, that throw might have been from the pocket, but it was a jump ball!!!!!!! That team has perfected that type of pass!!! Read my comments above

      5. jshaw,

        How many times have we watched Kaepernick throw the ball up for grabs this season? He does it repeatedly to Boldin and Crabtree. He did it to Patton at the end of the Arizona game.

    1. Good read (like always) Jack…..yes to all 5 questions but your prediction is going to haunt you on this blog from 7pm Sunday night until eternity.
      Kap will beat SEA with his legs this game. SEA will over contain outside so Kap will run up middle more if nobody is open. Remember I said it bro.

    2. Good stuff Jack. I think a key to this game may well be how the defense plays in the first half. Keeping Seattle to 3 or 6 points in the first half would be huge, especially if the offense can get some drives going. They can’t do what the Saints did last week and let them get out to a big lead.

    3. Worth the price of admission Hammer. This 49er team has the personnel and plays to adapt to whatever the opponent is trying to do. The Seahawks will be out coached and out played Sunday. 23-20 Niners….

      1. Crab, the only spot Harvin may have an impact would be special teams, in my opinion. He hasn’t taken many more snaps this year than I have. He didn’t look that sharp last week and the 2 times he got dinged up he should’ve made a catch.

      2. Carroll on Harvin being out, “He’ll be back at practice next week… We’ll be thrilled to have him back.”

        Is that a guarantee?

  14. In general when things are not going according plan, the natural thing to do, is too look at the cause. Some are pointing out that Wilson is in a slump, others are pointing out that the play calling sucks, others are saying his line isn’t blocking and on and on it goes. These are the same arguments used with the Niners. In no other sport, is the term TEAM more appropriate then football. If lack of talent is not a reason then one can look at the entire team and I think you will find as with the Niners there are small problems here and there that manifest into a TEAM not looking like they should. I think most reasons/excuses people are using are valid but each individual problem when it stands alone isn’t much at all. Its the culmination of the problems that provide ineptness. Happens to all TEAMS. Niners are hot the Hawks are not, that could change at any time.

  15. Jack,

    I think you might have to decide whether you want to be a journalist or a fan. According to Grant you can’t be both, and the way I see it you can’t EVER pick the hated Seahawks to beat the Niners and still call yourself a Niner fan. GO NINERS!

  16. Sherman’s main job Sunday will be “covering” (aka holding, mugging & interfering with) Crabtree. This will leave Boldin on theater side being held and interfered with by Maxwell. I think Boldin wins enough of those battles to make the kind of plays that were absent during the week 2 game. Just 2-3 big plays (20-30 yard gains early in the game, especially one for 6 points, will take the wind out of all the windbags in the stands!

  17. Greg Cosell (and another radio guy whose name I forget) made a very specific prediction for what the Niners will do in the passing game. I’m sure I understood all of it, but it sounded nice.

    He said that when Niners go base personnel, they can make the Seahawk defense be cover 3. Seahwaks do NOT flop corners, so Sherman stays on the left, and Maxwell will stay right. This allows you to match up anyone you want against Maxwell at the slot on the left side of the formation. This will be an easy one read play for Kaepernick. So do the Niners put Patton in the slot or Boldin? Does this make sense to anyone?

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