Crabtree: “I’m really ready to play.”

SANTA CLARA — Michael Crabtree spoke in the locker room Friday afternoon. Here is a transcript.

Q: Did you gain anything from watching the games on the sideline?

CRABTREE: It’s always good to be around the game even though I can’t play. I’m learning every day. I’m all in the quarterbacks’ ears, the receivers’ ears. Just learning.

Q: Have you been able to pick up any tips from Anquan Boldin?

CRABTREE: Oh yeah. I’m learning from everybody. Anquan is an old guy, older cat, been in the league for a while. I’d be a fool not to steal something from him. We’re just out here practicing. I’m really ready to play.

Q: Nobody has seen you an Anquan together on the same team on the same field on a Sunday. What can we expect from a Crabtree-Boldin combination?

CRABTREE: Just football. I don’t want to hype nothing up. I just want to go out there and play ball like I do every Sunday I’m out there. It’s going to be good to be out there with everybody, back out there with my offensive line. Those are some of my favorite guys. The D-line, Cowboys. It’s really going to be great to be out there with Anquan, though. Somebody you looked up to. Now I get to play along side him. Last year I had Randy Moss. This year it’s Anquan. Every year they give me somebody.

Q: Is the best-case scenario for when you could come back from this injury?

CRABTREE: Best-case scenario? I wasn’t really thinking about scenarios. I was thinking about just me getting right. Everything happens for a reason. It’s time for me to go. I’m comfortable enough to go out there and play.

Q: How did you feel this week in practice?

CRABTREE: I felt great. I felt real good. They did a good job of putting me in there, letting me spin, letting me do my thing. For the most part, I had fun.

Q: How do you assess where this team is right now and what they’ll need from you?

CRABTREE: We’re just going to need to win. Everybody is going to have to bring it, bring it all. Everybody. Not just me, everybody as a whole, offense, defense and special teams.

Q: What was the biggest thing you had to overcome in your mind in these last four weeks when you’ve been cleared to practice?

CRABTREE: Really just going after it. It’s not overcoming. It’s really just going after it and how you feel. Seeing how much pain you get out of your foot the more you’re running. It’s a day-to-day thing. It wasn’t stressful or anything.

Q: Was there soreness this week?

CRABTREE: That was like two weeks, a week ago. We tried to see how my foot responded going a full day of practice. It responded well, no setbacks. I’m good now.

Q: Watching yourself on film from the practices, do you look like the same guy?

CRABTREE: Yeah, for the most part. That’s what makes me feel comfortable, practicing every day, feeling the ground with my foot, really going out there and playing.

Q: Are you wearing something to keep you comfortable, some support?

CRABTREE: Some shoes.

  1. No way he makes his cuts and accelerates out like the original Mr. Crabs until next year. Just being on the field should make Franks job much easier…..right Grant?

    1. Razor,
      I have a feeling Crabtree will surprise a lot of people. But, Not this game. Look for the Niners to pound the ball on the ground. That was their formula the last time they played the Rams.

  2. Cant wait to see how Crabs moves upon his return. I am trying to keep my expectations low – back in the day that injury was a surefire career killer and its still a terrible blow. Just hoping he stays healthy and somehow rounds into 2013 form in time for the playoffs. 2-3 catches, a chance to stretch out in game conditions and leaving the game healthy would be plenty to see for me.

  3. Another arrow in the quiver.
    I liked the news that he’ll be ready to go; didn’t exactly expect it this week. I really liked how he sounded; his attitude & confidence. I think he chooses his words better now than his 1st couple of years. He’s the same guy but comes across better. He’s serious but having fun; that seems healthy for a baller.

  4. It will take at least 2-3 weeks for Crabtree to fully acclimate himself to the playing field again.

    MC should be back to his true form by late December and January when our offense should be ascending going into the playoffs.

    Does anyone have an update on Q.Patton’ progress?

    1. I heard he’s (QP) been practicing. I make no specific predictions, but MC sounds pretty good. Now I don’t think he’ll really be 100% this year, but I think he’ll contribute.

  5. Great to have Crabtree back. If he can get back to 100% or close to 100% by the time the playoffs role around, this team will be tough to beat.

  6. It’s good to see us getting healthy in time for the playoffs! It’s going to be good to see Crabs back out there. All I’m expecting is that Crabs can draw some attention to create favorable match ups for Vernon & Anquan. Of course, I’m hoping that Crabs explodes back on the scene. The potential is there for him to be very effective because no body can double team him. Our base personnel will consist of Crabs, Boldin, Davis, Gore as primary options with McDonald or Miller as flex options. That makes us very dangerous. Let’s hope things go as planned.

    1. It seems like part of Crabs quickness is not measurable, it’s based on savvy and anticipation. Like an older LB who gets to the spot by anticipation. Even as a rookie he seemed fast and aggressive cuz he’s a gamer, he intends to get it done. If I’ve got that right, then he may be able to partially compensate for his less-than-perfect medical condition.

      1. I agree! I can’t wait to see how the passing offense does against the Rams. They’re a pretty decent defense (despite some injuries) so it should be a good measure of where Crabs is in his recovery as well as the potential of this passing unit.

  7. Agreed NinersRoc,
    Crabtree will need to be accounted for, but I don’t expect any fireworks in his first game back.
    Honestly, I’m happy to see Manningham get stronger with each game and believe that he will have a bigger game than MC tomorrow.

    With Manningham, Crabtree, and Iupati (hopefully soon) coming back at this time we are finally evolving into the team that the Org envisioned at the start of the season.

  8. How much of this is the 49ers simply trying to make the Rams prepare for a player that really isn’t going to play much if at all? I think he’ll line up and run plays but I doubt the ball will go his direction much. Let him run around at full speed and bump into people without taking full contact hits and work him back into it.

    The last thing we need is another repeat of 1997.

    1. C4C,
      Crabtree likely will be targeted early in the game to make the defense respect and account for him. When the defense makes an extra effort to account for MC it will open up other opportunities for the offense.

      I don’t believe that Harbaugh/Roman should even put MC on the field unless they believe that he is capable of playing at about 80% o his ability.
      Having said that, I don’t see Crabtree playing the role of a decoy going forward either.
      MC needs to be integrated into the offense, perhaps slowly, but to me that means about 4-5 catches beginning tomorrow.

  9. Looks like I control my tournament destiny this weekend in Quest4Six. A win and I’m in, a loss and I’m not completely out but it’ll be up to fate if I get a spot. After an 0-5 start I’m just glad to have a shot at it.

  10. 1st time poster long time reader of this blog.

    I think this game will be a good measuring stick for the team. As we saw last year it seems that Fisher coaches well against us and the Rams have improved since the 1st meeting. I do agree with the poster above about Snyder being a concern.

    Also, looking forward to watching what happens with Crabs just being on the field.

    1. Hey 57NINER,
      Fisher is a wily ol’ coach who has seen it all. These guys are a very formidable opponent with an ascending offense now that T.Austin is becoming acclimated to the speed of the game.

      Our defense will need to continue their strong play and the offense will need to score 20-27 point.

      23-13 49ers (actually, i’ll be happy with just a win)

  11. Kind of interesting, we have so many Dr’s on this site, that knows Crabs injury inside and out, maybe your right, I think he is going to play and will surprise many of us.

  12. Neal,
    I don’t see anyone here making any medical references regarding MC’ injury or current health status.

    Speaking for myself, I know that coming back from an injury requires some real-time playing to fully recapture your true abilities.
    The abilities in my opinion (not medical) are a combination of the physical as well as the mental aspects of the game. This may take a few games to acquire since MC has been on the shelf so long.
    I don’t see MC playing at 100% his first game back, do you?

  13. I’m guessing Crabs will get a few targets early ..
    (ya kno … just to announce his return) ..

    then we’ll see him on the sidelines for awhile ..
    (ya kno .. to lull Fisher into a semi-stupor)

    then .. late in the game Crabs comes in and scores a 27 yd TD
    (ya kno .. to REALLY announce his return)

    I know .. none of my predictions ever come true..but
    hey … I just may be getting’ close to gettin’ one right … maybe

    21-10 .. Niners

  14. Wow! Speaking of receiving, when does Alabama’ Amari Cooper come out?
    Been watching the Auburn vs Alabama game and this guy (Cooper) is listed at about 6′ 1″ and 202 lbs. His Alabama bio does not show his 40 yrd speed, but this guy is a flash!

  15. Michael Crabtree sez: I don’t want to hype nothing up.

    Check it out:
    You won’t have no season left to hype if you lose tomorrow.
    (at that point, the playoffs will be out of reach…)
    which means you can relax and work on your English grammar.

    ” I don’t want to hype anything.”
    Don’t be a fool……. go to school.

  16. OldCoach

    The 57 stands for 1957, the 1st season I officially became a Niner fan and one of the Faithful. I followed the team off and on for about 4-5 years prior, but that’s when I got truly into the team. Good season, but a heartbreaker at the end losing to Detroit.

    1. 57Niner i had a feeling that might be it. I was’nt at the game but about 35 of my Dad’s exteneded family were and we had to relive that game every christmas\thanksgiving\christening or birthday for the next 45 years. Welcome aboard it good to have another oldtimer aboard.

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