Crabtree: “I’m really ready to play.”

SANTA CLARA — Michael Crabtree spoke in the locker room Friday afternoon. Here is a transcript.

Q: Did you gain anything from watching the games on the sideline?

CRABTREE: It’s always good to be around the game even though I can’t play. I’m learning every day. I’m all in the quarterbacks’ ears, the receivers’ ears. Just learning.

Q: Have you been able to pick up any tips from Anquan Boldin?

CRABTREE: Oh yeah. I’m learning from everybody. Anquan is an old guy, older cat, been in the league for a while. I’d be a fool not to steal something from him. We’re just out here practicing. I’m really ready to play.

Q: Nobody has seen you an Anquan together on the same team on the same field on a Sunday. What can we expect from a Crabtree-Boldin combination?

CRABTREE: Just football. I don’t want to hype nothing up. I just want to go out there and play ball like I do every Sunday I’m out there. It’s going to be good to be out there with everybody, back out there with my offensive line. Those are some of my favorite guys. The D-line, Cowboys. It’s really going to be great to be out there with Anquan, though. Somebody you looked up to. Now I get to play along side him. Last year I had Randy Moss. This year it’s Anquan. Every year they give me somebody.

Q: Is the best-case scenario for when you could come back from this injury?

CRABTREE: Best-case scenario? I wasn’t really thinking about scenarios. I was thinking about just me getting right. Everything happens for a reason. It’s time for me to go. I’m comfortable enough to go out there and play.

Q: How did you feel this week in practice?

CRABTREE: I felt great. I felt real good. They did a good job of putting me in there, letting me spin, letting me do my thing. For the most part, I had fun.

Q: How do you assess where this team is right now and what they’ll need from you?

CRABTREE: We’re just going to need to win. Everybody is going to have to bring it, bring it all. Everybody. Not just me, everybody as a whole, offense, defense and special teams.

Q: What was the biggest thing you had to overcome in your mind in these last four weeks when you’ve been cleared to practice?

CRABTREE: Really just going after it. It’s not overcoming. It’s really just going after it and how you feel. Seeing how much pain you get out of your foot the more you’re running. It’s a day-to-day thing. It wasn’t stressful or anything.

Q: Was there soreness this week?

CRABTREE: That was like two weeks, a week ago. We tried to see how my foot responded going a full day of practice. It responded well, no setbacks. I’m good now.

Q: Watching yourself on film from the practices, do you look like the same guy?

CRABTREE: Yeah, for the most part. That’s what makes me feel comfortable, practicing every day, feeling the ground with my foot, really going out there and playing.

Q: Are you wearing something to keep you comfortable, some support?

CRABTREE: Some shoes.

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