Crabtree: “I’ve got a chip on my shoulder right now.”

SANTA CLARA – Michael Crabtree spoke at his locker Wednesday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: You struggled in the NFC Championship game last season. It seems like you’ve really blossomed this season. What do you attribute that to?

CRABTREE: It was last year. I don’t really know what happened. We talked about opportunities, I said something about that after the game last year, and I meant it. I’m a football player. This is what I do for a living. I love it. This year is different. I feel like all we have to do is go out there and do our jobs. We should be alright.

Q: Do you feel like this quarterback really looks for you?

CRABTREE: I wouldn’t put it like that. We’re making a lot of plays on Sundays. That’s just been the regular season. Last year we came up short. I’ve got a chip on my shoulder right now. I just can’t wait to get back out there. Big stage. Big game for us. I feel like we should do better than before.

Q: Do you feel more comfortable this time around?

CRABTREE: I wouldn’t say comfortable. I’d say anxious, ready to get out there and really play. I really don’t like talking about it.

Q: You talked about coming up short last year. How much did that drive you and your teammates in the offseason to get back to this point?

CRABTREE: It drove us a lot. I want to win. I want to go to the Super Bowl. I want to do all those things. You’ve got to take it one game at a time. Green Bay is in front of us right now. We’ve got to take care of our business.

Q: Did Randy Moss talk to the team about his playoff experience?

CRABTREE: Randy talks to us all the time. All day every day. We just need to go out there and do our jobs.

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