Crabtree “should be” ready to play this Sunday

SANTA CLARA — Michael Crabtree still has not formally given an interview this season, but he told the Associated Press’ Janie McCauley that he “should be” ready to play this Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.

The Niners list Joshua Morgan as one starting receiver for week 1, and they list “Ted Ginn Jr. or Braylon Edwards” as the other starting receiver. That should really narrow it down for Seattle.

We know Harbaugh and his staff hates to give other teams injury information, or any information at all for that matter. If Harbaugh intends to play or start Michael Crabtree on Sunday, do you think that’s something he would announce? I don’t,but we’re still learning Harbaugh’s style.

I have no inside information, but I expect Crabtree to start on Sunday, and I expect him to lead the team in receptions this year. The coaching staff always speaks glowingly of him, and I expect Greg Roman to call a ton of passing plays which feature Crabtree as the primary target.


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