Crabtree surfaces . . . or does he?

Michael Crabtree broke his silence last night. The unsigned 49ers draft pick made an appearance on national TV, seemingly suggesting to Lou Holtz that he is having difficulty with his agent.


On a segment called “Ask Dr. Lou,” Crabtree asks of Lou Holtz: “Dr. Lou, what advice do you give players when dealing with an agent?”


Is this a sign that Crabtree does not agree with agent Eugene Parker’s handling of the contract situation with the 49ers?


The answer: No.


Through video evidence, it appears the segment for the “Ask Dr. Lou” segment was taped before the draft during his visit to the ESPN studios in Bristol, Conn. Notice in this pre-draft segment that Crabtree – a man you won’t see wearing the same threads twice – is wearing the same Ralph Lauren Polo shirt and the same watch.


Here’s the link to the pre-draft segment on ESPN.


And here’s the link to “Ask Dr. Lou,” which aired Thursday night at halftime of the Miami-Georgia Tech.


In other words, that segment with Crabtree appears to be taped five months ago.


* * *


Niners team president Jed York appeared with Murph & Mac on the KNBR Morning Show. He said the 49ers have not reduced the offer to Crabtree — but that’s certainly an option in the future. He said the 49ers want him to be part of what the organization is building. Here’s the podcast.






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