Crabtree talks football, Part I

Michael Crabtree met with the media today for the first time since we reported the likelihood that the rookie receiver could start in his NFL debut Sunday against the Texans.


Here is Part I of Crabtree’s group interview session:



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In this part, Crabtree says . . .


–The transition has been faster than he could have imagined. He said he was trying to take it slow and not rush into anything, though.


–During his 71-day contract stalemate, Crabtree said he got prepared by reading defenses and running routes against defense. He said he would visualize defenses, and he also had some friends who would play cover-2 against his routes.


–When I asked if the digit system makes it easier for him to pick up, Crabtree said, “I don’t think anything’s easy.” He said he just has to watch a lot of film to be ready.


–Yesterday was his “first practice as a 49er in the lineup and it was fun.” Yesterday was the first day that Crabtree took part in a full practice with his teammates and ran 49ers plays with quarterback Shaun Hill.


–He said it was great to finally be practicing, and he did the best he could. “Shaun is a good guy and helped me every step I took,” Crabtree said.


–Preparation is the key. He said he’s going hard Wednesdays and Thursdays, so the games on Sunday will be easier.


–Once he gets on the field, Crabtree says, it’s football time. “When lights come on it’s time to play football,” he said.


–“I feel like I need to be a good teammate and have fun in my situation,” he said. He said he received a lot of help from his teammates during the bye week. “I’m surrounded by good players and good teammates.”


And here is Part II of Michael Crabtree talks football.


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